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Nick Message Date
Faux THE MORNING SKY [12:42]
PastaJuice [PastaJuice!~Pasta@2601:343:201:7e0:cbc:4dd:2af7:58f6] has joined #java-talk [01:33]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined #java-talk [01:37]
puppy_za morning [01:39]
sonOfRa morning [02:49]
sonOfRa Kitchen install people are here. [02:49]
db are they installing a kitchen? [02:51]
sonOfRa Yes [02:51]
puppy_za finally you can make food [03:38]
acidjnk_new [acidjnk_new!] has joined #java-talk [03:59]
freeone3000 Alright, so, my RPi Zero can play back 4K H264 but struggles with 480p DivX. Any suggestions for a set top box that can do both? [04:02]
sonOfRa I'd probably just transcode [04:05]
freeone3000 ...fair. probably won't get any crunchier, but it'll mean I'll have to plan ahead to watch anything released before 2005. [04:06]
acuzio morning ladies [04:09]
acuzio fotato: [04:10]
db sonOfRa: how's the kitchen setup going? [04:12]
sonOfRa Looks good, they're installing the cabinets [04:13]
db good. [04:13]
dec0d3r [dec0d3r!~dec0d3r@2001:8003:4808:9000:5f63:4185:4213:fdf7] has joined #java-talk [04:21]
acuzio sonOfRa: What kitchen ? [04:27]
sonOfRa Kitchen is getting installed today [04:27]
sonOfRa We moved in here in december and there was no kitchent, took a while to get it, install is today. [04:28]
acuzio aah ok , where did you buy the kitchen ? [04:28]
freeone3000 There was *no* kitchen?? [04:30]
freeone3000 Did the previous residents take it with them? [04:30]
sonOfRa acuzio: local business. I think the upstream supplier is Ballerina. Stove and oven are Neff [04:32]
sonOfRa freeone3000: not sure about previous resident, the house was completely renovated. Didn't install a kitchen [04:32]
sonOfRa Previous resident (judging from their name being Adolf on the doorbell), was probably rather old, so the kitchen was thrown out [04:32]
sonOfRa That name is rather out of favor for anyone born after 1945 [04:33]
sonOfRa so for the last 2 months, our "kitchen" was a foldable camping table, and a 2-burner portable electric stove. [04:34]
db in germany it is common to rent a flat without a kitchen. [04:35]
db klingt komisch - is aber so. [04:36]
sonOfRa Usually, you'd put something cheaper in a rental, but we figured we'll be here for 5-10 years and since we both like cooking, we'd actually get something good [04:36]
db sonOfRa: we want cooking pictures [05:00]
sonOfRa I do occasionally post pictures of my food [05:03]
sonOfRa There just wasn't anything worth showing the last 2 months :D [05:03]
Maldivia hmm, what is people's shell-of-choice these days? [05:04]
Faux zsh without god damn oh my fuck zsh. [05:04]
freeone3000 PowerShell. [05:08]
Maldivia powershell is just too foreign for me, never got comfortable with it [05:09]
freeone3000 It helps if you think of it as an interpreter for [05:10]
Faux f [05:11]
Raging_Hog [Raging_Hog!] has joined #java-talk [05:15]
sonOfRa progress! In the bottom right you see the manufacturer having packed the wrong fronts (we ordered all smooth), so they'll be coming over again next week and switching them out :D [05:19]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Shared album - Simon Levermann - Google Photos" [05:19]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [05:22]
freeone3000 Looks nice! [05:51]
sonOfRa Yesss. So happy it's finally being put up [05:52]
freeone3000 [freeone3000!~freeone30@Syncleus/dev/freeone3000] has joined #java-talk [06:07]
freeone3000 I believe the Pi Zero W *may* be *slightly* underpowered to run both a set-top box and an IRC daemon simultaneously. [06:10]
freeone3000 It's a nice change! Usually every computer people have access to is grossly overpowered for any task operating on human scales, and it's nice to see a computer slow enough for that to no longer be true! [06:11]
puppy_za time to celebrate under-achievers :p [06:16]
scav i write my code in Rust, 512mb seems like a total waste of memory [06:48]
scav [06:49]
mbooth weather south yorkshire [07:36]
mbooth Weather for South Yorkshire, UK | 48 F (8 C) | humidity at 81 | overcast clouds | Mon, 22 Feb 2021 12:36:04 GMT [07:36]
acuzio In other news , 3rd year running - Highest Perfoming Team ; made Club again , this time Costa Rica . Cant say i am unhappy about this [07:54]
acuzio If the vaccinations around the world go well , we could be in Costa Rica in November , fingers fucking crossed. [07:55]
Maldivia acuzio: or by then a new strain will be running rampant that the vaccine doesn't protect against [07:55]
acuzio god damn it Maldivia ., i was just about feeling good [07:58]
puppy_za try to get J&J's vaccine :p [07:58]
puppy_za and congrats [07:59]
acuzio +1 [07:59]
acuzio I didnt even know J&J had a vaccine [07:59]
acuzio BTW , i most definitely looking like a homeless person now - its the hair [08:00]
scav acuzio: keep feeling good, the new vaccines are fucking marvels of biotech. instead of 6 months you can basically "upgrade" the platform to new strains within weeks [08:01]
puppy_za because we are starting J&J's vaccine in SA [08:02]
puppy_za it's not even emergency-approved in the US :p [08:02]
sonOfRa acuzio: order electric haircutter on amazon, go to town [08:10]
sonOfRa amazon product images are weird [08:23]
sonOfRa Why is the chocolate not actually flowing down the entire spout [08:23]
mbooth Some dish towels arrived from amazon. On the packaging: "Made in China Politely" [08:32]
mbooth Is that better than "Made in Japan Rudely"? [08:32]
mbooth sonOfRa: Someone made that image and thought to themselves, "yeah that's good enough." I wonder what went wrong in their life. [08:39]
scav weather bergen norway [09:00]
scav Weather for Bergen, Norway | 43 F (6 C) | humidity at 93 | broken clouds | Mon, 22 Feb 2021 15:00:18 +0100 [09:00]
scav our clouds are working just fine, thank you very much... [09:00]
Maldivia sonOfRa: They also forgot to add the filled hearts in the reflection of the pot [09:02]
sonOfRa Done! [09:21]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Shared album - Simon Levermann - Google Photos" [09:21]
Maldivia sonOfRa: do you have a cat? [09:21]
sonOfRa 2, yes [09:22]
Maldivia better turn on kid lock on that stove then :D [09:22]
sonOfRa It's not like they're made of metal and can actually trigger any heating [09:23]
sonOfRa But yeah [09:23]
Maldivia kitty paws can turn on them finger-touch activations thingy [09:23]
sonOfRa They're usually very good at not jumping on things they're not allowed on [09:24]
scav thats fake wood, right? [09:24]
Maldivia sonOfRa: so is our cats... until the second we are not around [09:26]
fotato You?ll forget a pan on it inevitably [09:27]
fotato Is it odd that I kind of like the group of four bevelled drawers? [09:27]
Maldivia or have a pasta sauce simmering on low heat... go someplace for 20 minutes... and then you come back and it's on full heat and burning, because the cat got curious... yep, been there done that :D [09:28]
fotato I was wondering around an appliance store the other day and I saw a gas stove with WiFi [09:29]
Maldivia (ok, not literally burning, but the food got burned) [09:29]
fotato and was just [09:29]
fotato why [09:29]
Maldivia sonOfRa: but regardlessly -- looks really nice; also nice with the easy-to-clean wall ! [09:31]
Maldivia sonOfRa: outlets in the top (next to the light) on the kitchen counter (the one without sink/stove) ? [09:32]
mbooth fotato: My hob can talk to the extraction hood over wireless connection, but it's not wifi, some proprietary radio protocol I assume [09:33]
fotato That?s relatively useful. [09:33]
mbooth Yeah, I used to always forget to turn on extraction [09:33]
fotato Most American kitchens drive me up the wall. [09:34]
fotato The stupid crappy recirculating bullshit in a microwave over the stove [09:34]
fotato the control panel at the back of the stove which gets covered in steam and spatter [09:34]
fotato fkn wot, America. [09:34]
mbooth At the back of the stove? So you have to reach over hot pans? [09:34]
mbooth WCGW? [09:34]
sonOfRa Maldivia: there's outlets hidden behind the oven there [09:35]
sonOfRa The same ones you can see next to the sink [09:35]
fotato The knobs for the burners are usually at the front [09:35]
fotato but all the controls for the oven are there [09:35]
fotato it?s just so bad. [09:35]
Maldivia sonOfRa: ahh, ok -- because otherwise you would get annoyed everytime you would have to use a mixer and have to stand next to the sink :D [09:35]
sonOfRa Separate oven is nice, especially at that height [09:35]
fotato All the euro style appliances are automatically more expensive because m y s t i q u e [09:35]
Maldivia yeah, oven in that height is very nice! [09:36]
sonOfRa Maldivia: yeah, we were considering an extra 3 outlets in the other corner, but I think this works [09:36]
fotato ur an outlet [09:36]
fotato of positivity [09:36]
sonOfRa u 2 bb [09:37]
sonOfRa <3 [09:37]
fotato -3 [09:37]
Maldivia sonOfRa: the kitchen we have here is really annoying in that sense it's like [sink-table-stove-table] -- and then power outlets at each end... so using a mixer on the table space is dragging across the sink, and forget about using it on the stove basically [09:37]
fotato do you have space for a small mobile island thingy [09:37]
fotato IKEA sell a decent narrow solid birch one [09:38]
sonOfRa scav: the wood is fake, yeah. [09:41]
scav sonOfRa: good lol, i was like "HELL YEAH REAL WOOD!" [09:51]
scav now im like "fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck WIPE THAT DROP OF WATER BEFORE IT STAINS!!!!!" [09:52]
Maldivia scav: or the first time someone walk with high heels on your new hard wood floors ? [09:53]
scav Maldivia: lol so painful [09:54]
scav i have just resigned though, i don't care at this point. this is where we live, we have kids, things are going to get messy and i rather they can be creative/play/have fun in their own house than to turn it into some kinda sterile grown ups place [09:55]
scav "do you allow them to paint at the table?" - "yes. its their home as much as ours, every stroke of paint that missed and got onto the table is a memory of us having fun together" [09:56]
Maldivia Day 1: "ahh, nice white walls", day 2: "is that a marker line on the wall?" [09:56]
scav haha 100% [09:56]
acuzio sonOfRa: I dont know how to cut my own hair [09:57]
Maldivia acuzio: just shave it all off [09:57]
acuzio Maldivia: I am ugly as it is [09:57]
scav just let it grow [09:57]
sonOfRa acuzio: set blade to 12mm, and just... do it [09:57]
sonOfRa Have Her do it [09:57]
acuzio sonOfRa: give me a good suggestion for the Electric Haircutter [09:57]
Maldivia 12mm... I set mine to 4mm :D [09:57]
sonOfRa I don't actually own a good one, I own a body hair trimmer and I had to charge it twice in between while doing my head :D [09:58]
scav let it grow, and turn into this hunk [09:58]
scav thats what i did, same hair, a bit longer /fuller beard. im not going back [09:58]
acuzio scav: I am most defnly not like Jason Momoa [09:58]
acuzio I am ugly as sin [09:58]
scav don't be so hard on your self! [09:58]
acuzio you havent seen me have you ;-D [09:59]
mbooth More Hagrid than Aquaman? :-) [09:59]
scav no [09:59]
Maldivia scav: instructions unclear, turned into [09:59]
scav but im totally gay for that guy [09:59]
scav hahaha Maldivia yeah, i bet thats how i ACTUALLY look now as well [09:59]
acuzio I have better hair and worse hair , so there is that [10:01]
Maldivia :D [10:01]
Maldivia Maldivia's title: "Jason Momoa Superbowl Commercial" [10:01]
mbooth Jason Momoa Superb Owl Commercial [10:02]
scav so where is your hair better, and where is it worse, specifically? [10:02]
Maldivia mbooth: if you haven't watched it, do :D [10:02]
scav I CAN'T UNSEE THIS [10:03]
acuzio scav: It has good and bad days ; most days its bad , some days its good , and once in a freaking blue moon its fantastic . so good and that even She goes "Looking sharp there maah dude" [10:05]
scav i feel you [10:05]
scav i stopped using shampoo, my hair looks prefect now after a couple of months without it, smells clean as well (i rinse it heavily after every workout) [10:06]
scav like, its a totally different hair [10:06]
acuzio Workout.. !!! whats that [10:06]
Maldivia work? what's that [10:07]
mbooth work! that's what [10:07]
acuzio I am so fucking bummed without hitting the gym , i fairly sure I have gained at least 10 KG of pure fat [10:08]
mbooth Yoda's workout advice: "Do, or donut. There is no try." [10:09]
mbooth Donuts for me, I'm afraid [10:10]
acuzio Indian and Turkish and Albanian sweets for me ; [10:10]
Maldivia acuzio: like Lokum ? [10:18]
acuzio among others yes [10:19]
Maldivia (in Danish, lokum means outhouse/toilet) [10:20]
acuzio In Turkish , Lokum means great sweet [10:21]
mbooth Sad, Daft Punk are no more [10:22]
acuzio why ,,, what did they do ? [10:25]
Faux Sad. [10:26]
acuzio In continuing "issues" with our Trade.. Philips Expert Color are now not available in the South of England from Trade / wholesalers ... you can still sort of get it at inflated prices from 2 or 3 internet retailers [10:27]
puppy_za maybe life was better before Brexit [10:35]
scav acuzio: get some rubber bands or what ever they call it, and a rower . you should be fine unless you do serious amount of strenght [10:49]
scav s/../ strength [10:49]
scav i usually bring some bands when i go on vacation, its enough to keep things going [10:49]
acuzio What are these bands ? [10:49]
acuzio What do you call them ? [10:49]
acuzio Calendar this week is fucking mental - 7.45 in the morning onwards till about 18.00 hrs.. meetings [10:51]
scav acuzio: resistance bands - loads of different types [10:52]
acuzio great - amazon thinks i am in the US [10:53]
acuzio Fucking hell - there has to be a better way of doing security .. vs VPNs [10:53]
scav use istio [10:54]
scav bonus: nothing will work, 90% of the time, and we all know zero networking is the best security [10:54]
mbooth scav: Well, zero networking or zero users :-p [10:56]
scav mbooth: you can still have APTs and script kiddies even without users :p [10:56]
ron the best way to do security is to not do security [11:14]
Maldivia no code is better than bad code [11:14]
ron another way of doing security is be more like me. be boring enough so that nobody would give a fuck. [11:14]
mbooth promotes ron to Chief Security Wonk [11:14]
ron ???? [11:14]
ron gotta love irish names [11:20]
scav they have bnames? [11:26]
scav fat fingers [11:27]
rodzilla [rodzilla!~rodzilla@] has joined #java-talk [11:28]
ron not just. [11:29]
rodzilla [rodzilla!~rodzilla@] has joined #java-talk [11:43]
nullcone [nullcone!uid11626@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [11:57]
rodzilla1 [rodzilla1!~rodzilla@] has joined #java-talk [12:06]
fotato sonOfRa so what meal are you christening the kitchen with? [12:21]
Faux Takeaway pizza. [12:21]
mbooth Burn some toast to set off the new kitchen alarm. [12:31]
fotato hey toast, your crusts are lame and your crumb is poorly formed. [12:35]
fotato i've seen better browning on donald trump [12:36]
fotato not that kind of burn? oh [12:39]
ron weather fort collins [12:45]
ron Weather for Fort Collins, CO, USA | 46 F (8 C) | humidity at 36 | clear sky | Mon, 22 Feb 2021 10:45:35 -0700 [12:45]
ron almost summer. [12:45]
acuzio I hear the Con in Chief has given a 3 step plan towards some sort of opening up plan - In reality most of the country is basically open - yesterday the parks were full [12:47]
scav man i fucking love how apple just decided to nuke /usr/lib and make it their folder only [12:47]
ron apple is perfect stop complaining [12:48]
scav sorry, you are of course right [12:48]
scav won't happen again [12:48]
fotato yeah, complaining is ron's job. [12:49]
ron right [12:50]
rodzilla1 [rodzilla1!~rodzilla@] has joined #java-talk [12:52]
fotato we do ron ron ron we do ron ron [12:52]
ron a meeting got cancelled [12:56]
ron and now there's a void [12:56]
scav quickly, invite people to a new meeting [12:57]
ron it is too late [12:57]
ron thee's just void [12:57]
ron there's* [12:57]
scav ( [12:59]
ron I have a million things to do and I can't even do one. [01:01]
tang^ fotato++ nice burn [01:01]
tang^ fotato has a karma level of 26, tang^ [01:01]
fotato you could go bust out a couple sets of lifting. [01:10]
ron OH NO DAFT PUNK! ? [01:11]
fotato i am hungry. [01:20]
ron eat. [01:21]
ron next [01:21]
ron Another satisfied customer. Next! [01:21]
fotato maybe. [01:21]
freeone3000 This is your reminder that is a real book. It won the Governor-General's Award, the Canadian equivalent of the National Medal for Literature. NSFW: [01:38]
freeone3000 is an excerpt. Happy Monday! [01:38]
freeone3000 The bear's face is a Certified Good Face. [01:39]
ron adding a NSFW disclaimer to direct image links is not very helpful in modern irc clients. [01:40]
freeone3000 I don't want to *not* disclaim it, and there's no "spoiler" tag on IRC. [01:41]
ron true, but you can link to the book and not its cover ;) [01:42]
freeone3000 Ah, yes. . The first review is great. [01:44]
freeone3000 freeone3000's title: "Bear by Marian Engel" [01:44]
ron ) [01:44]
ron I don't really care because I wfh regardless, just sayin' [01:44]
acuzio scav: They did something similar with dhcp and /etc/resolv.conf ; quietly moved the directories and broke with the standards ; No idea why , just did. Linux does something similar as well but there is documentation for it and its easier to fucking resolve. (pun intended) [01:47]
scav freeone3000: i.. what [02:05]
freeone3000 scav: I mean, it seems fairly self-explanitory. [02:07]
scav freeone3000: yep. [02:07]
scav I am getting my gf this book. She will fucking hate it [02:07]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [02:13]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [02:25]
ron holy shit [02:34]
ron weather fort collins [02:34]
ron We cannot locate fort collins. The weather operation only supports places on Earth; thank you, come again. [02:34]
ron umm [02:35]
ron ok [02:35]
tang^ oh wow [02:35]
tang^ the fort has been destroyed [02:35]
ron looks like [02:35]
ron rip [02:36]
ron weather fort collins [02:36]
ron Weather for Fort Collins, CO, USA | 49 F (9 C) | humidity at 23 | clear sky | Mon, 22 Feb 2021 12:36:05 -0700 [02:36]
ron that's a lie [02:36]
ron it's like 14C [02:36]
ron feels like 18C [02:36]
tang^ noice [02:36]
ron ikr [02:36]
tang^ weather calgary [02:36]
tang^ Weather for Calgary, AB, Canada | 41 F (5 C) | humidity at 39 | few clouds | Mon, 22 Feb 2021 12:36:39 -0700 [02:36]
acuzio weather London [02:37]
acuzio Weather for London, UK | 50 F (10 C) | humidity at 93 | overcast clouds | Mon, 22 Feb 2021 19:37:54 GMT [02:37]
acuzio yup - [02:38]
ron weather harmony, fort collins [02:38]
ron Weather for Harmony, Fort Collins, CO 80525, USA | 53 F (11 C) | humidity at 23 | clear sky | Mon, 22 Feb 2021 12:38:08 -0700 [02:38]
ron meh [02:38]
scav i wish web dev was just "here is an okay language and here is some tooling we have agreed on" [02:43]
tang^ HTML+CSS [02:45]
ron next [02:45]
ron Another satisfied customer. Next! [02:45]
scav thats like saying "JDK+NOTEPAD" [02:47]
tang^ BTDT [02:48]
ron that's nothing like saying JDK+notepad [02:48]
scav we can't all be right, all the time [02:49]
ron yeah but that doesn't mean you should be wrong all the time either [02:49]
acuzio HTML + CSS + JS is what most people it think should be - but then no one has a single idea of what JS lib to use and thats where it all breaks down [02:50]
freeone3000 [freeone3000!~freeone30@Syncleus/dev/freeone3000] has joined #java-talk [02:51]
freeone3000 Okay, I'm miffed. Upgrading to an nvidia shield pro. [02:52]
scav you don't have to share your personal notes with us, ron [02:53]
ron you're right, but I want to. [02:53]
scav acuzio: yeah, also i just want something that glues my shit together. svelte is doing a pretty decent job with that actually, but everyone still has to reinvent every fucking tool at least twice a week [02:53]
ron acuzio: stop whining [02:53]
scav i hope you never stop, ron. when ever i feel my life is shit i come here to see what you are up to [02:54]
ron happy to help [02:55]
scav we both know you are never happy to anything :( [02:58]
IRCMonkey [IRCMonkey!~PhoenixCo@unaffiliated/alien-fx-fiend/x-2870569] has joined #java-talk [03:01]
fotato [03:05]
fotato fotato's title: "NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover on Twitter: "Your front-row seat to my Mars landing is here. Watch how we did it. #CountdownToMars"" [03:05]
acuzio scav: ron 's like the one who would look at a naked hot chick and say "yeah i dont want to disappoint her" [03:13]
freeone3000 I mean, I wouldn't either, so I'd be sure to be attentive and communicative? [03:16]
scav i don't say it, but i do it multiple nights a month [03:17]
scav oh, nice [03:20]
scav access_token in localStorage, i think im done for the night [03:20]
acidjnk_new [acidjnk_new!] has joined #java-talk [03:37]
fotato buuuuuuutttts. [03:43]
sonOfRa fotato: gonna make käsespätzle. But didn't get to do it today because work, and probably not tomorrow either, because work and still have to do some stuff in the old apt. So wednesday is first meal [04:14]
rodzilla1 [rodzilla1!~rodzilla@] has joined #java-talk [04:43]
Diablo-D3 no more daft punk [04:47]
Maldivia [Maldivia!] has joined #java-talk [04:52]
sonOfRa :D [04:53]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "CPAC 2021 on Twitter: "We have just learned that someone we invited to CPAC has expressed reprehensible views that have no home with our conference or our organization. The individual will not be participating at our conference."" [04:53]
sonOfRa This year's CPAC motto: "America uncancelled" [04:53]
sonOfRa Sounds pretty cancelled to me [04:53]
Diablo-D3 sonOfRa: why does this sound fake [05:03]
Diablo-D3 "young pharoh" really? [05:03]
ron- [ron-!~ron@unaffiliated/ron] has joined #java-talk [05:16]
ron omg the responses are great - [06:05]
IRCMonkey [IRCMonkey!~PhoenixCo@unaffiliated/alien-fx-fiend/x-2870569] has joined #java-talk [06:08]
Diablo-D3 wait, hes real? [06:10]
Diablo-D3 what the fuck is a cpac anyways [06:10]
Maldivia trump^H^H^H^H^H conservative party conference [06:11]
tang^ Conservative Political Action Conference [06:11]
Diablo-D3 so wait [06:16]
Diablo-D3 a guy that hates jews [06:16]
Diablo-D3 named young pharoh [06:16]
Diablo-D3 was uninvited [06:17]
Diablo-D3 because of cancel culture [06:17]
IRCMonkey [IRCMonkey!~PhoenixCo@unaffiliated/alien-fx-fiend/x-2870569] has joined #java-talk [06:33]
fotato Anything Ron is affiliated with must be closely scrutinised tbh [06:59]
ricky_clarkson [ricky_clarkson!~rjclarkso@unaffiliated/rickyclarkson/x-000000001] has joined #java-talk [07:24]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [07:36]
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db morning [08:56]
db payment terms requiring payment within 20 days means client pays on day 22. payment terms requiring payment within 45 days means client pays on day 47. [08:59]
db I think we should just start shooting people for late payments, the problem would just go away. [08:59]
db I should look into selling bulk cocaine instead of programming. [09:00]
dec0d3r [dec0d3r!~dec0d3r@2001:8003:4808:9000:5f63:4185:4213:fdf7] has joined #java-talk [10:20]
db also, I ordered a pair of loudspeakers. I asked the shop before ordering "do you have this in stock" and they said (sic) "hello bro yes we have it in stock" [10:26]
db I'm not your bro, mate. anyway so I ordered it on saturday and for some reason they're yet to ship it out yet. maybe they're still looking for it in the warehouse. [10:27]
db -yet [10:27]
db or the guy said "hello bro" to someone and ended up in the hospital. or he payed a bill late and was shot. [10:31]
fotato I?ve had someone call me ?brah? in a store before. [10:35]
fotato To be fair it was a snowboard shop. Kinda comes with the territory. [10:35]
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db hehe. yes. [10:42]
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