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Nick Message Date
db I just found out that I can order an actual sauna from Finland here. [01:26]
db db's title: "Thailand Sauna Shop ? Buy a Finnish sauna in Thailand or build a custom sauna room" [01:26]
db sweats in anticipation [01:40]
ricky_clarkson In Thailand don't you sweat during everything? [02:01]
puppy_za yeah but not up to 90C [02:12]
puppy_za and, morning [02:13]
acidjnk_new [acidjnk_new!] has joined #java-talk [02:20]
db ricky_clarkson: no. you get used to the climate. actually I'd guess the weather in parts of Argentina isn't hugely different than in Thailand? [03:01]
db never been there though. south america is uncharted land for me. [03:01]
db I'm thinking cocaine, arrow poison and indiana jones. [03:02]
db oh and retired nazis. [03:02]
puppy_za lol [03:13]
puppy_za they also export beef and soccer players [03:13]
db oh argentina in particular, yes, I was picturing the whole continent. [03:14]
puppy_za oh [03:14]
puppy_za it's too big to be summorised as a land of cocaine and Aztec, though :p [03:24]
db especially because the Aztecs were in north america [03:47]
Raging_Hog [Raging_Hog!] has joined #java-talk [06:09]
scav morning [06:25]
Faux Astrazechs. [06:29]
mbooth Aztec -> Amazon Tech; Bezos worshipped by ancient Americans confirmed? [06:35]
scav sonOfRa: damn whats up with german productions on netflix? first Dark, now Tribes of Europe` [06:40]
sonOfRa we're all doomed, people are refusing to be vaccinated with the AZ vaccine on a massive scale in germany [07:19]
sonOfRa 3800 appointments in one vaccination center, only 200 people actually showed up [07:19]
sonOfRa "I'd rather die than be vaccinated with the slightly worse vaccination"# [07:19]
puppy_za uh [07:27]
puppy_za what about Pfizer vaccine? [07:27]
sonOfRa That's the one they want; they're refusing to get vaccinated now with AZ [07:27]
puppy_za well, I guess one can get both? :p [07:28]
sonOfRa Yes, but AZ is more available right now; and because the studies don't have enough data on old people being vaccinated with AZ, old people are being prioritized with the biontech/pfizer mrna vaccine; younger people are getting AZ for now. But thousands of people are just refusing to get the jab at all now [07:29]
sonOfRa It's a fucking tragedy [07:29]
puppy_za you know I would get AZ now if I can, even if it's not as effective as Pfizer one [07:31]
sonOfRa yes [07:32]
sonOfRa Also, there's literally nothing stopping you from getting the mrna vaccine on top once more of it is available [07:32]
sonOfRa It's just absolutely fucking stupid to not get vaccinated with what's available right now [07:32]
puppy_za (and I am saying it while AZ vaccine is only 22% effective for SA variant for light symptoms) [07:33]
puppy_za oh well [07:33]
puppy_za you can only save so many people [07:33]
sonOfRa Yes, but by refusing the vaccine when you could get it, you are making a conscious choice to endanger other people [07:34]
puppy_za that's true [07:34]
puppy_za public health to be doomed [07:34]
puppy_za funny that a German friend has turned into a complete anti-vaxxer [07:34]
puppy_za who are those people trying to eliminate Germans? :p [07:35]
puppy_za what's DE government's plan then? [07:37]
puppy_za more ... education? [07:37]
Faux Today in justworks, it's randomly drawing matrix green crap all over the screen for multiple people. [07:38]
sonOfRa puppy_za: well the plan is to just reopen more stuff every 2 weeks [07:39]
sonOfRa The original plan was to do reopenings of certain things below 35, below 20, below 10 incidence rate [07:39]
sonOfRa But they scrapped that plan, and now it's "we'll just reopen stuff every 2 weeks if it's under 35" [07:39]
sonOfRa I suspect 4 weeks from now it'll be "we'll reopen most things while under 50" [07:39]
sonOfRa And then we go back to full lockdown 2 months later [07:39]
sonOfRa Rinse and repeat ad infinitum [07:39]
puppy_za well, I know what summer means to northern europeans [07:40]
puppy_za but yeah. not wise right now [07:41]
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waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [08:51]
acuzio morning ladies [09:18]
acuzio This is becoming untenable now - ., I had a situation where I had to take a call while eating as in between mouthfulls ; [09:19]
acuzio I fucking hate this [09:19]
mbooth Was it urgent? [09:21]
acuzio I didnt know when i had the call on the calendar ., i made the mistake of not blocking my calendar ; post-call turns out they needed me for a 10 minute introduction to understand the context and the issue and then they just proceeded to talk among themselves by which time i disconnected but it completely ruined my mood . Its been like this for 2 weeks [09:23]
acuzio Constant meetings and talk [09:24]
acuzio Lets make a plan, its got to be strategic , lets generate loads of paper work ; and then 3 months later lets forget about it [09:24]
acuzio My take on this is especially when you are resource constrained and are not sure in which direction to move is to have a lodestar , a clear identifiable goal and then keep the rest fluid. Dont fucking define "solid" ideal state scenarios that you simply cannot keep up [09:27]
acuzio And in other nonsense - Philips MV 97% CRI 6.2 W bulbs are now N.A ; Reason : "Its the B-word" ; One tile shop assistant (old, white male (this is relevant for later)) said : "We are out of stock on quite a few items and management is blaming this on Brexit. But its not like we can never get this , its just that instead of 2 to 3 days , we have to wait for 2 to 3 weeks , its not like its end of [09:32]
acuzio the world." Before I could respond , She ushered me out of the place . (It was Porcelanosa, for the record). [09:32]
acuzio (We were selecting tiles for the bathroom, when i say we, She was and i was pretending to be interested ) [09:33]
lawid [lawid!] has joined #java-talk [09:47]
ron weather fort collins [10:53]
ron Weather for Fort Collins, CO, USA | 38 F (3 C) | humidity at 60 | broken clouds | Tue, 23 Feb 2021 08:53:25 -0700 [10:53]
ron huh? [10:53]
ron ok, I guess it "feels llke" 3C [10:54]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [10:54]
db your clouds are broken. [11:06]
mbooth db: Fortunately the cloud is just vapourware [11:10]
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rodzilla2 [rodzilla2!~rodzilla@] has joined #java-talk [11:22]
acuzio Today 5.30 tools down [11:28]
acuzio I am so fucking tired [11:28]
kingargon [kingargon!] has joined #java-talk [11:33]
acuzio Its actually quite good weather today - [11:34]
scav weather bergen norway [11:34]
scav Weather for Bergen, Norway | 47 F (8 C) | humidity at 46 | broken clouds | Tue, 23 Feb 2021 17:34:30 +0100 [11:34]
acuzio weather London, UK [11:34]
acuzio Weather for London, UK | 55 F (13 C) | humidity at 51 | overcast clouds | Tue, 23 Feb 2021 16:34:41 GMT [11:34]
scav living the dream here, 3-4 degrees higher and we have july weather [11:34]
acuzio scav: Thats summer isnt it [11:42]
mbooth Summer, sum aren't [11:43]
scav acuzio: yes [11:44]
tang^ hah [11:45]
sonOfRa Faux is this what talking to your wife is like [11:50]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Gryffix ?? ?? on Twitter: "French is a fucking scam"" [11:50]
Faux Not really significantly worse than [11:52]
Faux Or other classics like "Wouldn't the sentence 'I want to put a hyphen between the words Fish and And and And and Chips in my Fish-And-Chips sign' have been clearer if quotation marks had been placed before Fish, and between Fish and and, and and and And, and And and and, and and and And, and And and and, and and and Chips, as well as after Chips?" [11:52]
sonOfRa D [11:53]
Faux The problem with the wife is that the French she speaks is absolutely not the same as the French she teaches. [11:53]
sonOfRa oh dear [11:54]
acuzio Faux: French women are weird [11:54]
sonOfRa Though I suppose no language is actually being spoken as taught [11:54]
acuzio (In general) [11:54]
sonOfRa Which is ENDLESSLY FRUSTRATING [11:54]
Faux I only hear her talk to her family and closest friends, never to e.g. businesses. [11:54]
Faux In the same way that, instead of referring to acuzio as "Dearest Sir,", I would refer to him as "Oi, cunt,", and you would be expected to infer from that that we are indeed better friends than Dearest Sirs. [11:55]
tang^ I find that with Ukrainian... different words used socially than in business [11:55]
sonOfRa Ah yes, in england, where you call your mates cunts, and where you call a cunt mate in the pub [11:55]
Faux Still laughing at trying to read the Fish and And and And and Chips sentence outloud. [11:56]
sonOfRa I tried too [11:56]
sonOfRa Wife is worried [11:56]
sonOfRa absolutely cackling [11:57]
acuzio sonOfRa: first time i heard this ., i was seriously surprised ; In the UK the best mate is generally referred to us cunt ; In the US "cunt" would cause a fight in the bar [11:57]
Faux <3 [11:57]
acuzio my Aussie mates add this with "Good cunt" [11:57]
IRCMonkey [IRCMonkey!~PhoenixCo@unaffiliated/alien-fx-fiend/x-2870569] has joined #java-talk [12:02]
fotato mbooth: i lied about my stove, the control knobs for the burner are on the back panel [12:05]
fotato for some reason i forgot. i've only lived here 6 months, dont hurt me [12:05]
ron ur a back panel [12:05]
fotato nou [12:05]
sonOfRa Can I have access to your back panel ;) [12:07]
fotato er [12:08]
fotato i think your wife might have some words. [12:08]
sonOfRa I like that that is the first reason you come up with :D [12:09]
fotato \_(?)_/ [12:09]
ron YOU GOT MARRIED?! [12:10]
fotato dude it was the talk of the chan for ages. [12:10]
fotato i think? [12:10]
fotato i dunno i'm pretending to be up to date [12:10]
sonOfRa No we've been engaged for a year and a half but not married [12:10]
fotato acuzio: literally nobody i know in the uK calls their best friend 'cunt' - that's australia. [12:10]
ron because you know we expect an invite to the wedding [12:10]
fotato i would totally turn up [12:11]
fotato with my +1, ron [12:11]
ron unlike SOME PEOPLE who did not care enough to invite us [12:11]
ron he got infected by the FRENCH [12:11]
fotato to any one of the three weddings he had. [12:11]
sonOfRa I just might [12:11]
fotato or was it five? i stopped counting [12:11]
sonOfRa damn he has 3 wives now? [12:12]
fotato no he just had three weddings [12:12]
fotato because weddings are stressful so what better way to manage the stress than by organising multiple ones [12:12]
ron and we were invited to none?! [12:13]
fotato i dont think we fell into any of the carefully curated subsets of guests to avoid drama. [12:13]
ron pfft [12:13]
ron he just doesn't like us [12:14]
sonOfRa "Who are those people?" "Oh those are the internet weirdos I talk to" [12:14]
fotato i'm almost certainly glossing over nuance for the sake of comedy. [12:14]
fotato i'm like, an actual friend! [12:14]
fotato we worked together! [12:14]
fotato we've met up for drinks _after_ working together! [12:14]
ron yes fotato is here because of him [12:14]
fotato i'm sorry about that. [12:14]
ron he should be sorry about that [12:15]
sonOfRa The main problem with inviting you to the wedding is that it's going to be literally impossible to hold a party in germany for the next 20 years at the current vaccination rate [12:15]
fotato set up zoombots [12:15]
ron pleasedont [12:15]
fotato ive always wanted to control a zoombot [12:16]
ron nash control [12:16]
fotato "black excellence month" panel at work. honestly i dont understand how such a new country can have some of the biggest racial baggage. [12:17]
fotato i mean i kinda do [12:18]
acuzio fotato: May be Aussie pubs [12:18]
fotato acuzio: yeah so [12:18]
fotato do you see the proble,? [12:18]
fotato problem* [12:18]
acuzio well , i mean who cares [12:18]
fotato aussie pubs are not an accurate representation of the UK. [12:19]
fotato because [12:19]
ron stop being a cunt fotato [12:19]
fotato you're the statistician here, do i need to explain sample bias [12:19]
acuzio nope [12:19]
fotato good [12:19]
acuzio I am tired and dont give a fuck - [12:19]
acuzio cunt [12:19]
fotato i'd argue that in the UK 'mate' has much more nuance. [12:19]
fotato you can use it aggressively and in a friendly way [12:19]
fotato perhaps you should stop trying to buy things the tradespeople you hired were responsible for, but got sick of your micromanaging [12:20]
Alien_FX_Fiend [Alien_FX_Fiend!~PhoenixCo@unaffiliated/alien-fx-fiend/x-2870569] has joined #java-talk [12:32]
acuzio dude i am honestly not micromanaging it [12:41]
acuzio I am buying stuff I am responsible for [12:42]
acuzio and its all over the place- in every building project the split is everything inside the wall the builder buys , rest we buy [12:42]
acuzio (in my case , i have just been curious about things like piping, UFH, plumbing etc.) however doesnt mean i am buying it ; Builder suggests standard CRI bulbs - i dont want that [12:43]
acuzio So i have to source and buy it on my own [12:44]
acuzio he has pointed out a few shops that might have it but in the end i am responsible for it - thats just standard mate [12:45]
tang^ it is? never heard that before [12:52]
tang^ builder handles everything [12:52]
acuzio tang^: Hmmm , no , I enquired here and while the builder will happily give you suggestions for things like spotlights, ceramics, showerheads, doors , windows etc etc . You are responsible for sourcing them - he is not. You can get other material that is available but I am specific about stuff [12:55]
acuzio Its not like nothing is avbl. I am quite specific though [12:56]
ron wait tang^ are you not ignoring him? [01:07]
tang^ ron: it was amusing to see everybody so frustrated, but I wanted to see what the frustration was about [01:07]
ron lol [01:08]
tang^ the urge to re-add him to /ignore has been pretty high... I can only handle so much cursing and stupidity [01:09]
ron hey, he may be stupid but he's rich [01:12]
acuzio I didnt know i was on ignore ., I guess that shows the level of stupid i am [01:14]
ron acuzio: don't worry, you don't need to work hard to prove to us how stupid you are. [01:17]
Faux Imagine if the author of the ORM had the slightest idea what they were doing. [01:20]
acuzio ron: yes thank you [01:26]
ron anytime bb [01:26]
acuzio Faux: I hear from people in the know that the new ORM's are not completely brain-dead [01:26]
Faux Unlikely. [01:37]
acuzio Oh ye of little faith [01:54]
ron weather fort collins [02:03]
ron Weather for Fort Collins, CO, USA | 49 F (9 C) | humidity at 17 | clear sky | Tue, 23 Feb 2021 12:03:28 -0700 [02:03]
ron lies [02:03]
sonOfRa weather bremen germany [02:15]
sonOfRa Weather for Bremen, Germany | 53 F (11 C) | humidity at 82 | clear sky | Tue, 23 Feb 2021 20:15:11 +0100 [02:15]
sonOfRa so warm lately! [02:15]
sonOfRa The sudden jump by almost 30C is concerning, though :D [02:15]
acuzio Global Warming [02:21]
sonOfRa nuh uh [02:21]
sonOfRa That don't exist [02:21]
fotato everything is shit. including orms. [02:23]
Faux Amen. [02:23]
fotato sigh i dont feel well. [02:24]
Faux Me either. [02:24]
fotato Have you tried making the baby sleep [02:25]
acuzio Is that an euphemism ? [02:28]
sonOfRa probably not [02:29]
acuzio I forgot - Faux has Fauxlets isnt it [02:29]
acuzio or at least most defnly a Fauxlet [02:29]
sonOfRa One fauxlet, as far as anyone here knows [02:29]
sonOfRa I bet Faux has like 20 children all over the world, he's a ladies man [02:30]
acuzio bum chicka woww wowww [02:30]
Faux I can assure you that nobody of sound mind (typo: mound) has twenty children. [02:31]
sonOfRa Faux: well not children you actually *know*. [02:32]
Faux I believe I have only slept with people I follow on twitter. [02:32]
sonOfRa hah [02:32]
fotato Faux is about as opposite of ladies man as you can get tbh [02:33]
fotato I mean he?s not as bad as me I guess. [02:33]
fotato Accidental glassing of female colleague vs actual sexual harassment. [02:33]
fotato Sort of actual [02:34]
fotato ish [02:34]
fotato (I feel my words imply the wrong people involved here) [02:34]
sonOfRa Oh dear. [02:34]
fotato It?s ok nobody was hurt and nobody?s husband found out. [02:34]
fotato And no HR complaints were filed [02:35]
fotato in that instance. [02:35]
sonOfRa Oh dear. [02:35]
fotato That I?m aware of. [02:37]
Faux [02:38]
fotato gg [02:39]
Faux So today's ORM bug is that it tries to skip writes if the object hasn't changed, but returns the fields by reference, so if you update a complex object, it sees it as unchanged (as the internal value you updated by accident is the same as the passed in one). [02:49]
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kamoricks [kamoricks!18ca4943@Syncleus/dev/freeone3000] has joined #java-talk [03:22]
kamoricks Pi is getting reimaged with Raspbian and will never be asked to run a GUI again, it's absolutely incapable. Media center duties now fall to the Nvidia Shield. [03:24]
fotato Two people with pi issues. Interesting. [03:32]
kamoricks I don't know about "issues"; it's simply underpowered to try to run a user interface and an IRC bouncer, so it ends up crashing constantly when I try to also watch anime from before 2007 on it. [03:37]
kamoricks Who's the other person running Pi stuff? [03:39]
fotato Dude doing filthy SDR stuff in his attic. You don?t know him. [03:40]
fotato He?s having USB bandwidth issues [03:41]
kamoricks no shit, it's USB 1.0 [03:41]
fotato the 4? [03:41]
kamoricks oh, that's USB 2.0 [03:41]
kamoricks 480 Mbit if you do hax and put it in ... monoplex? is that the word? [03:41]
kamoricks "half duplex" sounds wrong [03:42]
fotato I put one of those $99 IKEA Sonos speakers in my bathroom and let me tell you. This was a good purchase. [03:42]
fotato Half duplex is the correct term. [03:42]
fotato Engineers aren?t the best at taxonomy. [03:42]
fotato I think most SDRs operate in half duplex mode anyway [03:43]
fotato so this may be worth pointing out. [03:43]
kamoricks yeah, but it's not. linear. you only get 100Mbit on full duplex with usb, since it actually runs it in half duplex each way with signaling to switch over periodically [03:43]
fotato I?m conflating radio tx/rx with usb tx/rx but they?re almost certainly related. [03:44]
kamoricks the linux driver has to do usb hackery to actually force it to half duplex, where it should read at full speed. look at external hard drive drivers for an example, they swap it over to half-duplex after sending the sata command, then switch it back once the read completes. [03:44]
fotato Computers are awful. [03:45]
kamoricks it's a serial bus, what were you expecting? :P [03:45]
fotato Universal serial means it?s serial in all directions right [03:45]
fotato pokerface [03:46]
kamoricks Speaking computers: rust doesn't work on i386. [03:51]
kamoricks kamoricks's title: "#973414 - rustc: produces non-baseline opcodes for compiler_builtins::int::udiv::__udivmoddi4 on i386 - Debian Bug report logs" [03:51]
kamoricks we don't just mean atom machines from 2013. this dude is running it on an AMD Geode from 2002. [03:52]
fotato Maybe he should try updating his everything. [03:53]
ricky_clarkson People have been complaining that it doesn't work on their Amiga 500 too. [04:00]
ricky_clarkson possibly the same thread [04:00]
fotato What about my speak n spell? [04:02]
kamoricks I think the worst part is that he's right. i386 has been a moving target, but he's using the i586 target and it's still emitting SIGILLs. [04:02]
kamoricks he does, in fact, have a i586. sse and pae should be disabled for it, and they aren't. [04:02]
r0bby [r0bby!sid699@guifications/user/r0bby] has joined #java-talk [04:02]
ricky_clarkson fotato: I expect you'll be up to that level soon, maybe try letter magnets on the fridge first. [04:03]
fotato Oof. Well played. [04:04]
Faux I had a similar problem with GCC a while ago fwiw. [04:09]
Faux Turns out that if you don't test stuff because nobody gives a shit, it breaks. [04:09]
fotato If nobody gives a shit why is the code there [04:10]
fotato just delete the code. [04:10]
fotato next [04:10]
fotato Another satisfied customer. Next! [04:10]
kamoricks It has to be a concious decision. Simply deciding to no longer maintain grub for an i386 baseline for Debian isn't triggering until the next LTS. [04:11]
Faux But won't somebody please think of the children. [04:12]
kamoricks heck, linux is thinking about dropping Itanium support in the next kernel and people are mad about it. [04:12]
kamoricks (just as a note, linux was never actually tuned for itanium, they used gcc's x86->itanium instruction converter and it sucked.) [04:13]
Faux Someone was angry about s390 recently. No, not the s390x that people actually use. Actual original s390. [04:13]
Faux I hate people. [04:14]
kamoricks the s390 is still supported on z15 [04:14]
Faux Surely intel dumped a load of money into trying to convince people they could understand software transactional memory on Linux too? [04:14]
kamoricks Intel didn't actually drop tooling for any OS. [04:15]
kamoricks Microsoft figured it out, and there's big ol' kernel chunks that are written in assembler behind an Itanium #ifdef because our compiler couldn't figure it out either. [04:15]
Faux D [04:15]
kamoricks ( is a bit of info on the Itanium instruction format, for those unfamiliar.) [04:19]
kamoricks kamoricks's title: "The Itanium processor, part 2: Instruction encoding, templates, and stops | The Old New Thing" [04:19]
dec0d3r [dec0d3r!~dec0d3r@2001:8003:4808:9000:5f63:4185:4213:fdf7] has joined #java-talk [04:52]
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Samian hello [05:39]
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scav my face when File::create puts my file outside of the running docker container [06:08]
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ron scav: uglyy? [06:21]
scav okaaaay [06:31]
dodobrain [dodobrain!~dodobrain@unaffiliated/freakabcd] has joined #java-talk [06:48]
dodobrain guys, have you had an occasion where any of the jetbrains ide starts up and shows the splash screen and then shows nothing? [07:35]
dodobrain there isn't even a window i can alt-tab to! windows task manager shows it as running though [07:36]
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