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sonOfRa re: the jobs thing last night: THe question is german was worded not like "are you afraid of the prospects if you would lose your job", but rather "Are you afraid that you would be losing your current job in a near time" [04:16]
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scav afraid? i would welcome it [04:21]
acuzio morning ladies [04:25]
acuzio freeone3000: Ta mate ., I think i mentioned it here , the Tiler is a 30-year veteran doing this work and primarily worked in Greece where they tile everywhere , (mainly due to heat) ; I have to admit i have been lucky with the folks doing the work. In some ways its been a pleasure just watching them take do the work and take pride in it . [04:28]
acuzio The massive showerhead has been installed today , I am excited about that :-D [04:30]
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sonOfRa what the fuck, why is amazon suggesting I buy wall mounted sword holders [04:58]
Faux To go with your wooden keyboard holders? [04:58]
sonOfRa Oh I see, I was looking for a whetstone and a leather strop for my kitchen knives [04:59]
sonOfRa That must mean I have multiple swords and want to hang then on my wall [04:59]
Faux Reasonable inference imo. [05:01]
scav i have to write a new bio for my profile on our $work webpage. its so... i hate it [05:19]
puppy_za just write "I am a Rust programmer" [05:23]
puppy_za that's all they need to know [05:23]
scav but thats a lie, im a wage slave [05:23]
puppy_za fine, "I am a Rust slave" [05:23]
scav but i don't even get paid to write rust now [05:23]
scav my rust code is being rewritten in go [05:23]
puppy_za *gasp* [05:23]
scav because we wanted slower and less maintainable code [05:24]
puppy_za "Bury me now" [05:24]
puppy_za I have been a python programmer for a year now [05:27]
puppy_za it's surprisingly nice [05:27]
puppy_za except the part where I pass the wrong type of object into a function [05:28]
db [06:28]
scav puppy_za: so, not so nice then :D [06:33]
scav lmao db [06:33]
sonOfRa what the shit [06:33]
db It's art. [06:34]
sonOfRa yeah [06:34]
scav crap art [06:35]
sonOfRa pretty shitty, yeah [06:36]
scav wh...what? [07:03]
scav scav's title: "SSD Nodes Cyber Monday 2020 Sale! Huge Savings on VPS Hosting" [07:03]
Maldivia scav: that's one hell of a long cyber Monday 2020 [07:06]
scav yeah,... [07:07]
puppy_za Prince Philips died [07:09]
puppy_za Philip, sorry [07:11]
scav this does not affect my weekend plans at all [07:12]
puppy_za I don't know. Maybe there is butterfly effect. [07:14]
sonOfRa German state of Hesse has found a solution for opening schools [07:56]
sonOfRa All pupils, starting from 1st grade will be supplied with rapid antigen tests that they will self-administer [07:57]
sonOfRa Except if the parents say no, in that case the pupils won't get tested but of course will still be allowed in class [07:57]
acuzio Racist, terminally ill old man dies. Nation loses its head. [08:30]
acuzio More headlines at top of the hour [08:32]
acuzio Side Effect of the news today: The Queen was really dishy in her days [08:35]
Diablo-D3 ... [08:35]
Diablo-D3 what the fuck does that even *mean* [08:35]
acuzio It means she was a looker [08:36]
Diablo-D3 I... guess? does she even qualify has human? [08:36]
acuzio Well in her younger days , definitely , now she and her consort were mainly automatons powered by what i can only guess were nanobots [08:37]
acuzio (you heard it here first) [08:37]
acuzio Actually the Queen also seems to have what the kids now days call - Badonkadonk [08:58]
sonOfRa m( [09:07]
acuzio what ? [09:19]
acuzio I mean admittedly she is the leader of a publicly-funded tax avoiding firm but she has her good qualities like rocking that thing in her youth . [09:21]
acuzio Meanwhile , to no one's surprise [09:21]
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ebullient Prince Phillip was always described in a way that reminded me of my grandfather. [09:53]
ebullient he apparently had a wicked sense of humor, and was pretty nice to be around. [09:54]
acuzio So did your Grandfather also want to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to help solve overpopulation [09:54]
acuzio Lets not get carried away with the old, genial, wickedly humorous cuddly grandfather image ; The guy was a solid 10 on the racism front , if not for the PR he would have been put in an old-people's home and forgotten about (as should have happened) [09:57]
sonOfRa haha these fucking ghouls Meghan Markle killed Philip! [10:10]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Bobby Lewis on Twitter: "Brian Kilmeade cites Piers Morgan to again suggest that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry killed Prince Philip with their Oprah interview. (h/t @tylermonroe7)"" [10:10]
ebullient my dad is the one that thinks the world is over-populated [10:48]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [10:49]
ebullient and anyone that is that old .. well. they are what they are, and changing minds is kind of pointless (even if they did have a change of heart, people would hold their previous 40+ years of existing against them, because we seem not to really accept that people can grow/change). I roll my eyes at some of my aunts.. but focus my efforts on my [10:50]
ebullient generation (my cousins), and their kids. [10:50]
ebullient (and _trying_ to change their minds is kind of pointless.. missed a word) [10:50]
ebullient I can hope my aunts and uncles will change their minds.. but I'm not losing my nose to that grindstone [10:50]
sonOfRa Oof, friend in texas has to buy a new computer [11:18]
sonOfRa Apparently his liquid cooling system got damaged in the freeze [11:18]
Faux Ouch. [11:18]
sonOfRa Nothing noticeable for weeks, but sudden dripping today [11:18]
Faux It's amazing how boring the environment inside houses is. [11:19]
Faux Parents have their house heated to like ~14C (with drafts) and went to visit someone who had their house set to min 22C and insulated / modern windows; they melted. [11:19]
scav i feel the same way [11:21]
scav people heating their houses to 22C needs to stop inviting me over [11:21]
sonOfRa I'm probably around 15-17 usually, anything above 20 is slowly going into meltage [11:22]
scav i guess this is normal for node stuff? npm ERR! node-pre-gyp http 404 status code downloading tarball [11:22]
Faux The tool should try and download it or build it. [11:22]
Faux It might have failed to download it then failed to build it. [11:22]
Faux v88 is apparently node 15 which is like the alpha, go back to 14 (lts) and they'll probably have binaries for you. [11:23]
scav i have no idea why im seeing v88 [11:24]
scav im at v15.12.0 [11:24]
Faux Yeah, don't run even numbered nodes. [11:24]
Faux ODD [11:24]
Faux Do run even numbered nodes. [11:24]
scav oh, i had no idea [11:24]
Faux At least it's slightly less fucked than java. [11:24]
scav i had never built grpc for rust before: 5 min, done [11:25]
scav node? 2 hours and counting [11:25]
deepy why are you building node [11:25]
scav i mean the codegen stuff [11:25]
deepy running it is bad enough [11:25]
Faux I need to understand and care about grpc. :( [11:25]
deepy oh you're doing a npm install and that's building a bunch of stuff? [11:26]
scav im not building node, im not insane [11:26]
Faux She's run npm install and it's decided that he needs a c++ module, yeah. [11:26]
Faux I build node on a regular basis, 'cos it keeps fucking segfaulting on me and I have to work out why. [11:26]
scav we just have a slick restart policy and k8s fixes everything [11:26]
deepy we've got lots of problems with that at work, don't know why it seems like even simple node apps require a ton of native modules [11:27]
Faux Really? Afaik we have basically none that matter, excluding dev deps. [11:27]
scav same [11:27]
deepy no node-sass in there? [11:27]
scav except for grpc [11:27]
scav no [11:27]
deepy lucky [11:27]
Faux That's a dev dep, and I think we use the non-node version. [11:27]
scav i use tailwind [11:28]
scav i assume sass is some css preprocessor processor pre pre processor thing? [11:28]
Faux Yeah. [11:28]
scav webshit is just so great [11:28]
deepy oh wait, I'm confusing things, we're not building node apps, we're building the front-end [11:28]
deepy and it's so slow [11:29]
scav im a pretty well versed node developer, i write my backend and frontend in typescript and has SSR on everything [11:29]
deepy <3 [11:29]
Faux Our >1GB monolith node_modules has dd-trace (disabled in prod 'cos it's shit), fsevents (dev), weak-napi (dev), deasync, and bcrypt. [11:29]
Faux And if someone is actually using deasync I will have a stroke. [11:29]
scav im lying, obviously, i just use node as a proxy + jwt cache + SSR engine [11:29]
scav 1GB? :D [11:29]
scav thats... im... wow [11:30]
Faux Today we're at 1.4GB but I cut 250MB last week. [11:30]
Faux node_modules/vue-jest/lib/compilers/postcss-compiler.js: require('deasync').sleep(100) [11:30]
Faux This is the only use of deasync. [11:30]
Faux This is the funniest thing I have seen in days. [11:31]
sonOfRa I'm sorry [11:31]
deepy ours is just 465M luckily [11:31]
Faux It might be under a gig if there were working workspaces and we had some stuff in sync. [11:31]
scav i don't understand, how does it get this big? [11:32]
sonOfRa All the modules [11:32]
deepy ok ours is 700M [11:33]
scav sonOfRa: thank you. [11:33]
Faux Well, we have like six different versions of the typescript compiler, which is 50MB. [11:33]
sonOfRa I'm so helpful [11:33]
scav WHY [11:33]
Faux 'cos people are bad at versioning. [11:33]
Faux things like this. [11:33]
Faux Faux's title: "feat: declare support for TS 4 by FauxFaux Pull Request #276 pahen/madge GitHub" [11:33]
Faux It was literally easier to rewrite the tool against a different compiler API than to get upstream to specify versions correctly. ( ) [11:34]
Faux Faux's title: "GitHub - FauxFaux/fadge" [11:34]
deepy I love the attitude of "This needs to be fixed elsewhere as well" [11:35]
deepy and then not merging the PR [11:35]
Faux The other places are mostly written by the author too. [11:37]
deepy 'D [11:37]
Faux Just as separate github repos 'cos you have to bloat node_modules. [11:37]
deepy I wonder how much of the node_modules mess is just because everything in npm is a package of its own [11:37]
Faux Nah, it's generally not too bad. npm is relatively smart at deduping, given a chance. [11:38]
deepy that doesn't help if there's separate packages providing the same feature and you getting all of them in the build [11:38]
Faux Yeah, but that's unfixable. [11:39]
Faux We have 22MB of icons and 22MB of date function localisations. [11:39]
Faux Probably 40MB of fonts across various components. [11:39]
Faux Quickly adds up. [11:39]
Faux node_modules/node-notifier/vendor/snoreToast/snoretoast-x64.exe - 2MB for amd64, 2MB for i386, the windows binary you need to show a notification when your tests finish. [11:40]
deepy I kinda like it though [11:41]
Faux Yeah, I like it. [11:41]
deepy I mean I absolutely hate notifications in general, but I like the solution [11:41]
Faux I'm using dunst which puts the tiniest fucking notifications in the corner of the screen. [11:41]
scav you have tests? [11:42]
deepy if it's not using the windows notification api I think you should be happy [11:42]
deepy we put all our tests somewhere else so we don't have to test our thing [11:42]
scav i just got 50.000 lines of TS with "it should run" as the only test [11:42]
deepy gotta justify having manual testers I guess [11:42]
Faux We reserve the "it should run" for python2.7 projects. [11:42]
Faux (jfc) [11:42]
scav lol [11:42]
acuzio ebullient: I take your point but being old is not an excuse for not changing their hateful opinions ; This didnt change his opinions [11:44]
acuzio In any case, here is some _real_ nice tiling with the ginormous showerhead [11:45]
Faux Sick. [11:45]
acuzio As in good sick or bad sick [11:45]
scav thanks Faux , downgrading worked :) [11:45]
deepy being old is the *worst* excuse for hateful opinions, you've had an entire lifetime to grow into a good person [11:46]
Faux acuzio: Yes. [11:46]
acuzio Faux: that fcking bathroom is close to 10K - [11:46]
acuzio Its insane money now that i think about it [11:46]
deepy that's nice :o [11:46]
deepy not the cost, but the bathroom [11:46]
acuzio really ? [11:46]
acuzio The ceiling is not done - its had its first coat of paint only [11:47]
acuzio There is a lighted inset and of course the hand-held is also not done. [11:47]
acuzio My contribution is that freaking ginormous 3-way shower and the insistence on wet floor. [11:47]
acuzio And the skylight - :-) [11:48]
sonOfRa yeah I can imagine getting into that shower and then never leaving again [11:49]
sonOfRa nice job [11:49]
acuzio And its all UFH as well - ; The tiler did a phenomenal job on the tiling ; its some real neat work ; I was happy to see him happy to do it :-) [11:50]
scav deepy: or, you have lived an entire lifetime with ideas that used to be okay [11:52]
acuzio But yeah i like it - ., its some good stuff [11:53]
Faux I keep reading Tiler as the Helm thing and throwing up in my mouth. [11:53]
acuzio Faux: :-D [11:53]
acuzio Thats the showerhead : [11:54]
acuzio acuzio's title: "hansgrohe Overhead showers: Rainmaker Select, 3 spray modes, Item No. 24001400 | hansgrohe UK" [11:54]
acuzio And yes , its fucking insanely expensive [11:55]
Faux Is it? I think it's rather cheap. I paid 4x that for my showerhead. [11:55]
Faux I'm glad the baby is here to give me "why are you lolling now daddy" looks when the wife and mistress are unavailable. [11:56]
deepy scav: even with bad ideas being ok there's still lots of people who grow up fine, but I guess it's more of an attitude thing [11:56]
scav deepy: impossible to say for sure, i would say [11:57]
scav people are just different, it's not always as simple, imo [11:57]
scav i mean look at certain religious people, i don't believe they are inherently evil, even when the ones killing people for their insane god [11:58]
scav also, yes, my english was really on point there [11:58]
whaley dance [12:39]
whaley :D\-< [12:39]
whaley dance [12:39]
whaley :D\-< [12:39]
whaley dance [12:39]
whaley :D/-< [12:39]
whaley dance [12:39]
whaley :D<-< [12:39]
whaley dance [12:39]
whaley :D\-< [12:39]
whaley dance [12:39]
whaley dance [12:39]
whaley dance [12:39]
acuzio the fucks going on with whaley [12:43]
whaley acuzio: fuck you [12:45]
whaley fucking keyboard warrior [12:45]
ron elvisdance [12:45]
ron ?:D\-< [12:45]
ron elvisdance [12:45]
ron ?:D\-< [12:45]
ron elvisdance [12:45]
ron ?:D\-< [12:45]
ron dafaq [12:45]
ron dafaq [12:45]
ron dafaq [12:45]
ron dafaq [12:45]
ron oops [12:45]
ron lol [12:45]
ron elvisdance [12:45]
ron ?:D/-< [12:45]
ron yay! [12:45]
Faux Um, weren't we talking about our lord and saviour node?? [12:53]
sonOfRa You can save my node ;) [12:54]
freeone3000 sonOfRa: Honestly, you should buy a sword. At least one. [01:14]
Diablo-D3 fuck node [01:16]
freeone3000 A Memory Called Empire is just an incredible read. So many plots. So many threads. Such good naming conventions. (The Texicaalacatzlani are named with a number, for luck, and a plant, inanimate object or concept, for hopes for the future. Twelve Azela. Three Seabreeze. Six Direction. Thirty-six All-Terrain Tundra Vehicle.) [01:16]
Diablo-D3 AATTVVV [01:18]
freeone3000 [04:38]
freeone3000 You did! You should have stayed locked down! [04:38]
freeone3000 oh god we're playing jackbox games at work and we are *so bad* at both lying and humor [05:08]
acidjnk_new [acidjnk_new!] has joined #java-talk [05:11]
sonOfRa friggin nerds, man [05:12]
freeone3000 "The wordst combination of two actors that could p;ossibly star in the next season of true detective together? John and Jane OR Bob & Jeff" [05:32]
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JelloUwU [JelloUwU!] has joined #java-talk [07:23]
Maldivia freeone3000: Adam Sandler and Adam Sandler should have been an option [07:26]
whaley Matthew Broderick [07:27]
whaley and Ben Affleck [07:27]
whaley Adam Sandler is at least funny 5% of the time... and he can strum a guitar for the lulz [07:27]
freeone3000 so the issue is that the answers are submitted by users. and we couldn't think of any celebrities. none of us. [07:28]
whaley ... the real answer is probably Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell [07:28]
Maldivia whaley: Paul Reubens and Fran Drescher ? [07:28]
whaley I don't even know who Paul Reubens is, so sure. [07:29]
Maldivia pee wee herman [07:29]
whaley kjasdhfakljsdhflkdjsafhasdkljdfh [07:29]
whaley dies [07:29]
Maldivia walks away from the murder scene [07:32]
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