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Spawns_Carpeting [Spawns_Carpeting!~pi@] has joined #java-talk [12:08]
Faux morning [01:16]
puppy_za morning [02:06]
puppy_za what's new in the world? [02:13]
puppy_za dont want to get acuzio excited but CNN: "The UK is already stretched to breaking point. Boris Johnson's pile of scandals isn't helping matters" [02:16]
Faux Alas, the public still support him, relative to other options (e.g. survation, not even yougov). [02:46]
Diablo-D3 the public supports its government [02:47]
Diablo-D3 not specifically him [02:47]
Diablo-D3 we had the same issues with trump here, people that were too middle-of-the-road that refused to understand that half the population is literally retarded, as in, a vastly below average intelligence, and believed anything anyone told them [02:48]
Diablo-D3 as in, the orange man was clearly abusing millions of susceptible Americans, in the sense that abuse and exploration of people with developmental disabilities fits the definition of what the gop does [02:49]
puppy_za it's kind of weird to have no alternative in an election. I mean, in Africa they will be called dictators [02:52]
Diablo-D3 yes [02:52]
Diablo-D3 and in america [02:52]
Diablo-D3 we called him a dick-tator. [02:52]
Diablo-D3 the chodemander in chief [02:52]
Diablo-D3 a king among people who drove pavement princesses [02:53]
Diablo-D3 but people were like "but he's the president" [02:54]
Diablo-D3 so what? you respect the office, mot the man, and he don't respect the office, so I don't respect the man [02:54]
puppy_za time to find a catchy name for Scotland Independence [02:56]
Diablo-D3 how the fuck did this even take so long [02:57]
Diablo-D3 I'm half Irish, half German, born American, and will gladly shit on the British until my end of days [02:57]
Diablo-D3 its in my fucking blood [02:58]
Diablo-D3 along with the cocaine [02:58]
Faux The alternative is viable (~40% of people would accept it), but it needs to be >>50% for an election to be meaningful. [02:59]
Diablo-D3 yeah, but gotta be careful with those numbers [02:59]
puppy_za maybe they should hold up for a bit and wait for the Irish re-unification. [03:00]
Diablo-D3 what a thing to unite over [03:00]
Diablo-D3 hating the british [03:00]
Faux The islanders hurl away their vote for PM in our elections so I'm excluding them. [03:01]
Faux Apparently 0.7% of people voted for a party that could win (if we had a reasonable voting system, which we don't). [03:02]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [03:52]
scav morning [04:43]
scav cloud native rust day today, been looking forward to this, nice intro to kubecon [04:43]
Faux I'm trying to rewrite a JS application so it doesn't run out of memory because js developers doen't understand backpressure. [04:44]
scav BUT NODE IS ASYNC [04:44]
Faux If only node itself was actually async, or async fixed this problem. [04:48]
acidjnk_new2 [acidjnk_new2!] has joined #java-talk [04:53]
freeone3000 Async makes back pressure completely invisible! [07:39]
scav And invincible [07:50]
sonOfRa Faux: seems like they've uncovered a case of w3w actually sending emergency services to the wrong location due to a plural mixup [08:03]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Russ Garrett on Twitter: "Could this actually have been a case of confused words? ///disbanded.measures.snapper - on the path between Green Gable and Base Brown ///disbanded.measure.snapper - next to the A66 near Braithwaite cc @cybergi..." [08:03]
sonOfRa actually managed to show up for work this morning, only for my colleagues to tell me I'm on vacation :( [08:05]
db "im Urlaub" oder "Beurlaubt" ? ;-) [08:06]
sonOfRa im Urlaub [08:06]
dec0d3r [dec0d3r!~dec0d3r@2001:8003:4860:b200:2e33:764e:2cb7:eba5] has joined #java-talk [08:20]
acuzio morning ladies [09:32]
Faux OH GOD. RUN. [09:32]
acuzio Faux: I cant run , my legs are hurting [09:33]
Faux Too little running? [09:33]
acuzio indeed [09:33]
freeone3000 scav: and bad (like the movie attack of the clones) [09:35]
acuzio Faux:I overate on Friday and yesterday and thats put the whole thing into a tizzy . I couldnt sleep so no exercise ., however just went for a 60-minute 6 KM walk ., [09:36]
scav freeone3000: so bad, while still mildly interesting then? [09:36]
freeone3000 ah. yeah, I guess. [09:37]
TimeTrap [TimeTrap!~TimeTrap@2601:44:c280:def:81e2:8e38:8a0:d7f2] has joined #java-talk [10:25]
acuzio In some other news, i ate a whole carrot cake with cream yesterday - ... and when i say whole , i fear you heard a slice or even 2 slices , no i mean "a whole" cake [10:27]
Faux D [10:27]
Faux A friend's husband's birthday ritual is to buy an entire black forest gateau for twelve people, and eat it over 4-7 days, feeling very, very sick in the process. [10:28]
acuzio I am talking home-made, full butter and cream "topping" carrot cake with walnuts which was originally for 6 people. [10:30]
Faux Probably why your legs hurt. DVT can be caused by cholesterol. [10:30]
acuzio Thank you Faux this is very re-assuring; I was also imbibing Beer and watching Bojack Horseman as i was doing this. [10:31]
Faux I made it up. [10:31]
acuzio She was not at home , She came , took 1 look and said "Ok, so this has happened". and proceeded to bake another cake [10:32]
acuzio Late at night as i attempted to engage in my usual hap-hazard pawing actions , She just turned around and said "Dude, seriously, you can hardly move" . She was right. [10:34]
acuzio hence my effort to be a bit more mobile today , i felt like "that character in Starwars who has Leia chained in a gold bikin" [10:36]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [11:12]
scav vscode is becoming more and more interesting as an alternative to jetbrains products for me now [11:27]
ron yay [11:27]
Faux I try it every time intellij break indexing then I realise it doesn't have working indexing so it's also useless. [11:30]
Faux I love how acuzio managed to remember only the sexual parts of an important scene. [11:31]
acuzio Faux: I dont know the "scene" but yeah ., i mean half-drunk, drunkenly pawing the GF is sort of my goto move. I am constantly surprised that She still prefers to stay/sleep with me. [11:33]
scav Faux: it breaks all the fucking time now though, its horrible [11:35]
acuzio I have the "Enterprise" edition and its ok - i suspect it also depends on how many files you have open or so [11:36]
scav i have one rust file open... [11:37]
scav ONE [11:37]
acuzio really ? [11:37]
scav its sloppy, it doesn't actually do what it used to do just a week ago [11:37]
scav and their plugins for Svelte and Deno are horrible [11:38]
acuzio BTW , in some "alarming" news , I am now seeing people with Java and SQL skills being considered as "uber-alle" hackers. Java and SQL !!! [11:38]
scav both of which i use a lot [11:38]
scav compared to gophers they... are? [11:38]
acuzio I think people are simply thinking "throw-away" Python code and going "yeah, anything beyond that is hackersville" . I wrote a fucking toy Kafka Streaming App in Java , (the code was a bit dense , with inner classes etc.) but really it wasnt anything.. and it fucking surprised me the number of people who looked at it and went "Oh , yeah Java, thats Engineering" . I am like what the fuck [11:40]
acuzio People are so fucking corrupted by numpy, scipy and one-line hacky solutions that anything remotely resembling some level of coherent, put together, stuff is now "High Engineering" or "Professional Services" work . Its fucking neither. [11:41]
acuzio Same with SQL Joins ., people will recreate the entire fucking cursor inside a Python program - dude it comes built-in with fucking SQL . just fucking use it [11:42]
freeone3000 but everyone in SQL land will tell you cursors are bad! and you should instead be using aggregate grouping and windowing functions. [11:47]
Faux Someone was implementing paging at work without windows and I was like LOOK AT MY COCK LOOK AT IT. [11:47]
acuzio freeone3000: For OLTP use-cases it is arguably "bad" . , for Datawarehousing , fuck no. I suspect simply because this is "old-tech" people go "lets do this in fucking , fancy ways , badly" [11:49]
freeone3000 it's bad in both cases because a cursor requires the worst-case performance whenever used. [11:50]
acuzio freeone3000: Again , in most datawarehousing cases , it doesnt matter. The use-case is "Run a report now , come back tomorrow morning for the answer" . Its long-running, large amounts of data consumed in a batch fashion use-case [11:51]
freeone3000 what you really want to do is rephrase your thinking from an iterative approach to a data-transformational approach, and then flavor that relationally. [11:51]
acuzio What the fuck are you talking about ? [11:51]
Faux Databases. [11:51]
acuzio Its almost as bad as "Lets find synergies" [11:51]
freeone3000 except my words have defined meanings? [11:51]
freeone3000 like. think of your program as, instead of a series of steps to be taken, as a series of transforms applied to your data. [11:52]
Faux The meaning is that freeone3000 went to university and acuzio went to the school of hard knocks. [11:52]
acuzio Faux++ [11:52]
acuzio faux has a karma level of 120, acuzio [11:52]
freeone3000 Hey, I also did a lot of on-the-job learning! (In an industrial research lab. Surrounded by PhDs. And a professor's office hours.) [11:53]
freeone3000 Faux++ [11:53]
freeone3000 faux has a karma level of 121, freeone3000 [11:53]
acuzio I suppose freeone3000 is saying the same thing as me just in a way that makes sense in his world. [11:53]
freeone3000 I'm trying to argue with you -- you don't need a cursor, and performance *does* matter. [11:53]
acuzio freeone3000: [11:53]
freeone3000 The report taking 16 hours is fine, but 17 hours is not fine. [11:53]
Faux (I also went to university and studied under Hugh Darwen. [11:53]
freeone3000 Faux: Nice! [11:54]
acuzio You dont have to tell Performance matters , I used to work in fucking e-FX trading but my broader point was .. Use the tool that does the fucking job . ,. [11:54]
acuzio And for the most part , Cursors are fucking 10 times more performant than writing the whole thing in fucking "latest language fad ass toolkit" [11:55]
freeone3000 windowing functions are also an SQL feature. you have access to them as well. they work like group by aggregate, but on subsections of data [11:56]
acuzio yes i know [11:56]
acuzio jesus christ [11:56]
freeone3000 you seem to be arguing against a point other than the one I'm making, then. [11:57]
freeone3000 fine. [11:57]
scav i think freeone3000 is a functional programmer [12:02]
Faux I don't think any programmers are functional. [12:03]
tang^ [tang^!~tang^@2604:3d09:47c:f970:292f:473c:3c76:b879] has joined #java-talk [12:11]
ricky_clarkson I haven't had a side effect for a little while now. [12:13]
freeone3000 My company has responded to the increasing incidence of COVID-19 in India, and the government's inability to deal with the situation, by setting up a Wellness Centre for acute treatment for the company's employees and their families. This is so cyberpunk. [12:27]
tang^ noice [12:27]
tang^ but yes [12:27]
ricky_clarkson I think our group's response will be to designate somebody in the US as another owner for everything the India team currently own [12:46]
acuzio ricky_clarkson: yeah we did the same , we are also raising money and some folks (senior ones) are matching donations across the board [01:11]
acuzio I am exposed to a few Whatsapp groups from India, the sheer amount of nonsense around vaccines, drugs , placebos , etc. is just appalling. It is most defnly Trump on Steroids with no effective end date [01:27]
ron did you get the vaccine acuzio [01:34]
acuzio ron: First round , out of turn , yes . [01:37]
ron which one [01:37]
acuzio Havent been called for the second round and suspect it will be a while before i get it. [01:38]
acuzio ron:AZ [01:38]
ron is that the one that kills 90% of the people who take it? [01:38]
acuzio yup the same [01:38]
ron cool cool [01:38]
tang^ right on [01:38]
acuzio indeed [01:42]
ricky_clarkson I got my second Pfizer shot two days ago. Yesterday wasn't a lot of fun, but ibuprofen helped. [01:43]
tang^ how was the first shot? [01:44]
ricky_clarkson Fine, a slightly sore shoulder for a day or so. [01:44]
tang^ I'm scheduled to get mine in a couple weeks. pfizer or moderna [01:44]
ricky_clarkson I had chills and a headache mostly. It took 45 minutes in full sun to get my hands up to the same temperature as the rest of me [01:45]
acuzio with AZ i felt like *news alert* i had a flu .. for 3 days and then that was it [01:45]
tang^ gonna book the day after off for both shots, just in case [01:46]
acuzio yup good move [01:46]
ricky_clarkson I probably could have worked, but I'd have been intolerant to meetings [01:46]
ricky_clarkson slightly more than usual anyway [01:47]
tang^ and if it doesn't affect me? hey, days off [01:47]
acuzio I have 3 days off this week ., this day off malarkey is getting less true as days go on [01:48]
acuzio and now with being "manager" .. , its fucking almost completely useless [01:49]
sonOfRa Damn, a high ranking german general got his home searched in a long running scandal about missing ammunition in the german special forces [01:49]
sonOfRa Basically, he told his guys "if you just give back the ammo right now, we'll take it, no questions asked" [01:49]
ron the day after the second dose was pretty bad for me, but meh, all better now [01:49]
sonOfRa However, that is... not a thing he is authorized to do, because stealing the ammo in the first place is a crime, and him giving amnesty like that is obstruction of justice [01:50]
tang^ dang [01:51]
tang^ days off need to be enforced [01:51]
acuzio sonOfRa: how cute ., we have a fucking ex-President still disputing the Election results that happened 150 days ago. We are pretending its completely normal [01:51]
ron who cares [01:52]
acuzio no one does [01:55]
acuzio thats the point [01:55]
tang^ then why bring it up? [01:55]
ron exactly [01:55]
acuzio i am pointing to sonOfRa that local police commissioners being corrupt is almost quaint and cute by comparison [01:56]
sonOfRa Local police commissioner? [01:57]
sonOfRa This guy is the General in charge of the german army's special forces [01:57]
acuzio compared to the US President , he is well you know , a local police commissioner [01:58]
ron acuzio is being an idiot again [01:58]
acuzio "again" . I didnt realise i had stopped being one [01:58]
acuzio In some more other news , my thinkpad X1 Carbon screen has started flickering , the screen has flex in the center , just exactly 4 days after the fucking warranty expired. [01:59]
acuzio Its fucking annoying as fuck [01:59]
ron why don't you get a computer that isn't spying on you? [02:00]
acuzio and which one is that - (please dont say macbook) [02:00]
ron macbook [02:02]
acuzio this is now becoming unusable - i have to check and find a repair shop - i have never actually gotten a laptop repaired [02:03]
ron or pretty much anything that' not lenovo [02:03]
acuzio ron: dude you know that is fucking not true right - [02:03]
ron it literally is [02:04]
acuzio it literally isnt [02:04]
ron for a paranoid person, you're paranoid over the wrong things [02:04]
acuzio no i am not paranoid and no i am not paranoid over the "wrong" things [02:05]
ron not that it matters because you're going to die from the AZ 'vaccine' [02:05]
acuzio true is [02:05]
ron you are so paranoid it's painful [02:05]
ricky_clarkson ron: What's the lenovo issue? [02:05]
ron if you're not paranoid, why don't you give us a link to your linkedin profile? [02:05]
ron ricky_clarkson: where to start [02:05]
acuzio i bet he wil talk about Superfish [02:05]
ron paranoid. [02:07]
acuzio ron: you can find me on google ., why LinkedIN [02:08]
acuzio Search for me by name . Jeremy, Ron [02:08]
ron see, paranoid [02:08]
acuzio gives up [02:09]
acuzio How is that paranoid ? you asked for me , i gave you my name [02:09]
tang^ isn't linkedin where all the cool manager types hang out? [02:09]
acuzio yup [02:09]
ron because it's not your name [02:09]
acuzio I told ron to search for me and he wouldnt agree [02:10]
ron because it's not your name [02:10]
acuzio ron: Search for R J Elliott [02:10]
acuzio Or rather R J David Elliott , if you want the complete name [02:10]
ron mhmm [02:14]
tang^ does the RJ stand for Ron Jeremy? [02:14]
acuzio Well i see you are a man of taste ., of course it does [02:15]
ron tang^: you realize that ron jeremy's fulll name, and acuzio is paranoid af about us ever finding out who he really is.. [02:16]
freeone3000 ron jeremy should be a full name [02:16]
ron should [02:16]
ron so? [02:16]
scav i know who acuzio is, its not really a big deal [02:16]
ron of course you do [02:17]
freeone3000 ricky_clarkson: Lenovo ran a spyware rootkit on their consumer line for a few years. Thinkpads were unaffected. [02:23]
ricky_clarkson Nice. You and I have the same Lenovo gaming laptop iirc, is that affected? [02:24]
freeone3000 Nah, they stopped last year after europe got mad. [02:24]
freeone3000 "last year" meaning 2016. [02:25]
acuzio ron: ^^^ [02:26]
ricky_clarkson ron: Do you have any more current objections to Lenovo? [02:27]
acuzio Honestly , i would be more worried about the Google, FB, Apple, etc. rather than a hardware vendor [02:27]
sonOfRa new spotify looks weird [02:27]
ron acuzio: yes? what? [02:27]
acuzio ron: what freeone3000 said [02:27]
ricky_clarkson Asking as I already have two Lenovo machines (1 personal, 1 work) and am looking at adding one more for work [02:27]
ron acuzio: how does that prove you're not paranoid? [02:27]
ron ricky_clarkson: nothing worth mentioning. [02:28]
freeone3000 I would definitely be more worried about a hardware vendor. [02:28]
ron Google, FB and Apple are all hardware vendors. [02:29]
freeone3000 So don't buy hardware from them! [02:29]
ron but I'm not worried about some of them? [02:30]
ricky_clarkson Google is also a hardware vendor, fwiw [02:30]
ricky_clarkson waits for the chuckles to die down [02:31]
ron is there an echo in this room? [02:31]
acuzio Google is everything [02:31]
acuzio I for one, am very comfortable with Google knowing everything about me [02:31]
acuzio I mean , they already know so its not like i can do anything about it [02:31]
ricky_clarkson I am more comfortable with that since joining Google. [02:31]
ricky_clarkson In theory Google knows everything but that's like saying that air or water knows everything. [02:32]
ricky_clarkson It would be very hard or impossible to really do much that's nefarious with the data that Google has on you. Not impossible, if it passes privacy reviews then it can definitely happen, but it takes a coordinated effort rather than a single malicious person. [02:33]
acuzio ricky_clarkson: thats my understanding as well .. [02:33]
ricky_clarkson the data is mostly disconnected, and deliberately hard to access or join [02:34]
acuzio Here is another "fun" fact : I have worked with Vic and that was one of the key "things" he wanted to change., separation of concern between various parts of the Google Borg. It didnt go down well is what i understand [02:35]
freeone3000 yeah, that sort of means "nefarious" in the sense that "stuff that google as a company doesn't want to do". stuff that google as a company *does* want to do, like sell me ads, or services, or decrease data portability, or enforce android feature lock-in, aren't "nefarious" because they're line-of-business activities. [02:37]
freeone3000 google ads didn't scan my emails, until one day, it did. google chrome didn't use my browsing history to sell me ads, until one day in the near future, it will. [02:37]
acuzio I for one welcome our Google overlords [02:40]
acuzio or Apple [02:40]
acuzio or Facebook [02:40]
tang^ I prefer Apple to the others [02:40]
acuzio or <insert nameofcompany> Overlords [02:40]
acuzio Amazon ., i forgot Amazon [02:40]
tang^ Amazon showed me it's seedy tentacles already [02:41]
freeone3000 acuzio ... forget anyone else? the basis of desktop computing in the corporate world, say? [02:41]
tang^ right, Ubuntu [02:41]
acuzio nonsense , ArchLinux [02:41]
freeone3000 <3 [02:41]
tang^ Oracle? [02:42]
tang^ Adobe? [02:42]
puppy_za lol [02:50]
puppy_za he's still not comfortable with that company, perhaps [02:50]
tang^ who, acuzio? not surprised [02:51]
scav acuzio: do you think you guys stock will go since the "leak" yesterday? [02:53]
sonOfRa Best thing about getting new board games? Popping all the paper tokens out of the boards! [02:55]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Shared album - Simon Levermann - Google Photos" [02:55]
ricky_clarkson freeone3000: Sure. The other side of that is where Google internally approves shady stuff, there'll be enough employees complaining about it that either you'll find out or it will be cancelled. [03:21]
ricky_clarkson Project Maven for instance [03:21]
ron sonOfRa: first read 'pooping' [03:42]
sonOfRa D [03:42]
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[twisti] what leak did i miss ? [04:42]
ron the one acuzio had last time he needed to pee [04:43]
sonOfRa haha. Does anyone else read this as an admission by Ted Cruz, that up until now, he was a corrupt politician and accepted about 3 million in bribes in exchange for political favours for corporations? [04:59]
[twisti] i find the recent trend in america to talk about the 'radical left' as if their left is more than a moderate center by european or in fact their own standards a few decades ago disturbing [05:02]
sonOfRa Not just in America, though. AfD has paved the way for that here, and CDU/CSU are getting married to that idea as well [05:09]
[twisti] frueher war alles rechter [05:15]
dec0d3r [dec0d3r!~dec0d3r@2001:8003:4860:b200:2e33:764e:2cb7:eba5] has joined #java-talk [06:35]
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freeone3000 It's winning the DSA a surprising amount of positions, though. If you're going to call centrist neolibs "socialists", "Marxists", etc., what do you do when actual Trotskites show up? [08:09]
freeone3000 (local seats, granted) [08:09]
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