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Faux nodebois' attempt to have a scheduler that runs jobs during the allowed window. [03:09]
[twisti] what is the DSA, freeone3000 ? [03:10]
scav Faux: they give it six good attempts, and then went "fuck it" [03:28]
Faux This is the service we used to restart every 8 minutes, because it used to hang quite frequently after that amount of tmie. [03:29]
scav i wish we had problems like that [03:30]
scav at least my days would be interesting [03:30]
scav but we dont collect metrics so we will never know [03:30]
db what kind of problems do YOU have? [03:35]
scav zero insight, zero problems baby! [03:35]
[twisti] german engineering. our corona tracking app has a new feature; scan in QR codes to get your test results in the app. awesome, right ? only the app is apparently designed primarily by 70 year old men, so in order to actually get your result into the app, you have to literally print out the email with your test results and then aim your camera at it [03:35]
[twisti] because thats the age we live in. where the default case is that people print out their emails. [03:36]
db why can you not scan it from the screen? [03:37]
db why is it not just in the email? [03:37]
[twisti] my phones camera doesnt detach, so itd be hard to aim it at the screen [03:38]
[twisti] maybe in a mirror, but even then if you open the camera, it will overlay the image from the email [03:39]
ricky_clarkson I pay my mortgage with a cheque each month. My bank and my lender have never gotten a physical check from me, I scan it on a mobile app each time. [03:39]
[twisti] the code is in the email (well, in a pdf the email links to), but the app doesnt let you select a picture, so unless you have two devices, and can send it to the other and then scan it off of that devices screen, youll have to print it out [03:39]
db [twisti]: typically you can scan a code from a screenshot (although that, too, is clumsy) [03:40]
db oh the app can't do it.. ok [03:40]
db they should just send a link in the email I guess [03:40]
db [twisti]: or get a second phone! [03:43]
ricky_clarkson A somewhat confused comment about nullability I think: [03:44]
ricky_clarkson ricky_clarkson's title: "collection/collection/src/main/java/androidx/collection/ - platform/frameworks/support - Git at Google" [03:44]
ricky_clarkson It completely ignores that a SimpleArrayMap can store nulls, so it doesn't matter if your default parameter is nullable or not, the result is still bloody nullable. [03:45]
ricky_clarkson probably a few years too late but imo that should be a null-hostile type [03:48]
ricky_clarkson anyhoo, g'night [03:48]
scav good night, ricky_clarkson :) [04:00]
scav oh WASM Day is starting [04:00]
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acuzio morning ladies [07:46]
acuzio [07:55]
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KekSi the fuck took em so long? [08:03]
acuzio Yeah honestly it seems such an obvious thing to do [08:03]
KekSi tbh i expected that to be what they're doing for >5 years [08:04]
Diablo-D3 not so obvious [08:04]
KekSi since google has been doing custom silicon for ages [08:04]
Diablo-D3 really hard to get an extensible chip that isnt good for one codec [08:04]
KekSi custom datacenters, custom mainboards, semi-custom CPUs (intels though) [08:04]
Diablo-D3 they have several x264 wizards on staff [08:04]
acuzio They are concentrating on a newer codec [08:05]
acuzio It will come to me shortly ; they have moved on from x264 [08:06]
Diablo-D3 yeah, which *might* explain this [08:06]
Diablo-D3 but nobody in the tech news is drawing the obvious conclusion [08:07]
acuzio which is ? [08:07]
Diablo-D3 its for av1, since their early compilers are shit [08:07]
acuzio thats it av1 - thats the one i was talking about ; [08:07]
Diablo-D3 av1 is fucking amazing, but dear god early adoption paaaaaaains [08:07]
acuzio They are doing AV1 based hardware i think its sort of like a step-change in comparison to what has come before [08:07]
Diablo-D3 you can't even buy an off the shelf encoder for it yet, and neither ampere nor rdna2 have one [08:08]
acuzio Yup [08:08]
acuzio I did some research on it a whole while back and found myself unable to actually "get" anything in hardware to be making this useful. [08:09]
Diablo-D3 although amd will very much have one slotted in by the time they refresh the soc for xsx2 and ps5 pros [08:09]
Diablo-D3 h265 adoption as been a fucking trainwreck and isnt even that much better, its basically "yeah, we looked at what all the cutting edge piracy groups did with out of spec x264 abuse, and copied them" [08:09]
acuzio In other news, the amount of time i am spending doing "weekly reports, people evaluation, bonus calculation ,etc etc." is just draining me [08:10]
acuzio Its just fucking admin work on which i have no control [08:11]
KekSi get an assistant..? [08:15]
KekSi i feel more and more of this bs busywork flowing my way and i hate it [08:15]
acuzio I _hate_ it. [08:16]
KekSi it's a fucking pointless wasted of my brainpower [08:16]
acuzio And i dont know what else to do . I cant have an assistant to do weekly reports or people evaluation or fucking deal sheets. Couple all of this with the hassle of having a house built and i am really at the end of my tether. I am really getting close to the edge. [08:17]
KekSi i really hate that something like "management" exists in the first place.. it's 90% pointless bullshit and superbly overpaid [08:17]
acuzio She has asked me to stay away from the entire house work thing. Just concentrate on work She says. [08:17]
KekSi so no home life at all then..? just work and no influence on what else is going on in your life? [08:20]
acuzio That sounds about right [08:20]
acuzio On the plus side , I have started hitting the gym again , so there is that. [08:20]
KekSi i've worked out twice a week and kept that up during the 'rona times [08:21]
KekSi but i've gained like 18 fucking kilos in the last 15 months.. 5 in the last 2 weeks alone [08:22]
KekSi i fucking hate it.. can't go on vacation, can't do shit, no restaurants, no bars, no pubs, no nightclubs, no movement at all [08:22]
KekSi the last 2 weeks i was forcefully quarantined because my idiot of a best friend brougth the 'rona along and decided testing the day *AFTER* hanging out with the rest of us is a good idea instead of doing it before [08:23]
db Eighteen [08:26]
scav i just updated my macbook last night, and now they managed to fuck it up again, jesus christ apple [08:26]
acuzio KekSi:that fucking sucks really [08:27]
scav RIIR [08:27]
acuzio Somedays are just bad - everything seems to weigh you at the same time [08:29]
db Especially your body fat. [08:29]
acuzio ladies and gents db ., here all this week . [08:29]
KekSi yes, that comes from lack of movement and shit diet [08:30]
KekSi lock me in and i'm going for stupid snacks and sugar and all that crap [08:30]
acuzio Yup [08:30]
scav weak [08:31]
acuzio same here ; i tend to "snack" at all odd hours [08:31]
KekSi can't do shit outside because the weather is garbage, we have idiotic curfews, there's nothing to do except go for walks... i'm just fed up with all of it [08:31]
scav workout? [08:31]
scav order some rubber bands and stuff and get to it [08:31]
KekSi i do, twice a week [08:31]
scav do it more then [08:32]
scav i do it every day, if not im going to lose my mind [08:32]
acuzio We have gyms opening up and i have to say .. its been a godsend [08:32]
acuzio I really do enjoy it [08:32]
db Gyms are closed again here (I'm in a "red zone" now) but I still go running 3 times a week [08:32]
KekSi only have a 24kg kettlebell at home and do my regular crossfit things on mondays and thursday.. gym has been shut since.. september i think [08:32]
KekSi nightclubs since... march [08:33]
scav KekSi: rubber bands! [08:33]
acuzio Meanwhile, [08:34]
acuzio acuzio's title: "Bill and Melinda Gates to divorce after 27 years of marriage | Bill Gates | The Guardian" [08:34]
acuzio Even Billionaire's cant survive a lockdown together [08:34]
acuzio It has to be said that the re-invention of Bill Gates is total . He has been a force for good in the last 10+ years. Young people coming in have no idea about how he was evil incarnate in the 90's [08:41]
db But it's bill gates, he MADE the pandemic [08:41]
acuzio db: I know you are kidding but for the sake of Christ in heaven dont say this out loud in public there are people who think this is true [08:43]
db What do you mean I'm kidding ;-) [08:44]
acuzio You are the in Thailand right ? [08:46]
db Yes [08:48]
acuzio I really would love to just go to a resort in Turkey , sit down in the corner , eat fresh grilled fish , watch the ocean , just bask in the sunlight [08:48]
acuzio Or failing that , go to Amsterdam , eat a cookie , sit in the corner of the street , eating one of the really high calorie deserts they have on display with very spicy chinese noodles and just watch people cycling around [08:49]
KekSi ... get on my bike and just ride.. somewhere with good weather [08:52]
scav none of which is never going to be possible again [08:52]
acuzio by the looks of it scav yeah [08:52]
KekSi ride all day, have great food by the ocean, have a couple of beers and just relax [08:52]
db It was possible last week here before Chiang Mai was declared a "red zone". [08:53]
KekSi well.. i have a colleague who flew to teneriffa [08:53]
KekSi and worked from there for the last 6 weeks [08:53]
sonOfRa How red is red zone? [08:53]
sonOfRa Like Germany, where we only shut down anything if 300 people die every day? [08:53]
KekSi milder climate and more to do after work [08:53]
acuzio CDC came out yesterday stating that while we are doing well , the rest of the world is not (they meant India) and the virus is mutating faster than we are vaccinating people so .. yeah [08:53]
scav we should just close all borders [08:54]
db sonOfRa: no. [08:54]
scav its hilarious to me, how big hits the economy is taking, while we at the same time are unwilling to do these things "because of the economy" [08:54]
db sonOfRa: we did a proper lockdown early on and then it was mostly easy going until four weeks ago or so [08:55]
acuzio scav: Isnt Norway doing better than like other countries ... [08:55]
KekSi but you can't travel to thailand [08:55]
KekSi mostly anyhow [08:55]
scav acuzio: i don't know [08:55]
db Two weeks quarantine on entry [08:55]
KekSi otherwise i would've been there for 4 weeks or possibly longer [08:56]
KekSi yeah no, 2 weeks quarantine is sort-of a no-go [08:56]
db For tourists, mostly, it is [08:56]
acuzio yeah and its 2 weeks on your own [08:56]
acuzio as in on your own money [08:56]
[twisti] i dont understand why more countries havent set up some cheap quarantine housing at their borders yet for emergency migration [08:56]
scav "emergency migration"? [08:56]
acuzio ^^^ yeah what the fuck is that [08:57]
[twisti] like those exiled australians [08:57]
acuzio Exiled Australians ? [08:57]
scav they exile people from australia? wtf am i missing [08:57]
scav D [08:57]
acuzio You mean the ones who are in India and cannot return [twisti] ? [08:57]
[twisti] australia basically shut down their borders last year and told australians on vacations that they can fuck off [08:57]
scav oh, that [08:57]
[twisti] theres like 50k aussies still stuck abroad after a year [08:58]
acuzio I havent understood what happens if their visa runs out and the host country goes "ok, you are in breach" ... I dont quite know [08:58]
[twisti] and people move countries permanently or close to permanently, and while i agree with blocking tourism and shit, if you were about to move somewhere for work or family or whatever, it seems like a year into this shit we ought to do better than just say no [08:59]
db acuzio: Thailand had that problem in the beginning, tourists were getting emergency visa extensions in that case [09:00]
db They made it very easy, you could just extend your tourist visa again and again [09:01]
db The so called "covid extension" [09:01]
acuzio Some countries and Thailand is one of them are just sane countries [09:01]
acuzio Some countries and the UK is one of them are just insane countries [09:03]
KekSi germany isn't either - just huuuuuuugely incompetent the last year or so [09:04]
KekSi and corrupt [09:04]
acuzio mate , Germany is a _lot_ better than the UK , so no [09:05]
KekSi i signed up to get vaccinated but it's easily going to be another month or two [09:06]
[twisti] i should sign up too, ive been getting into running again, and my BMI is falling towards 30 quickly, and i think once i drop below 30.0, i go down a priority group [09:06]
db They announced here that there will be no private vaccination deals but foreigners in the country will get vaccinated for free. I'm expecting to wait a couple months more, they just started vaccinating old and sick people [09:10]
db They might change their mind again though [09:11]
acuzio yeah sane country [09:11]
[twisti] Your signup code is aknesh-pasagh-gar-urlio [09:22]
[twisti] pretty sure im about to summon a demon [09:22]
db From the orcish phrase book [09:25]
acuzio [twisti]:signup code for?> [09:32]
[twisti] a website i just signed up an entered my credit card info in plain text on, [09:32]
[twisti] please dont use my code though [09:32]
acuzio ??? [09:42]
freeone3000 woo, mandatory privacy training [09:50]
acuzio I am now getting diversity training, privacy training, improving influence training (from fucking Bain and Co. this) , "techniques for manmanagement" and then i have my day job as well [09:53]
acuzio wait ,. am i now like a manager.. [09:54]
freeone3000 dude you have direct reports [09:56]
acuzio yup , i have had that for 3 years but now i have like global reports ., 17 in total [09:58]
acuzio I am creating a layered structure [09:59]
acuzio fuck .. i am a manager now isnt it [09:59]
puppy_za acuzio the manager [10:01]
freeone3000 you were a manager after the *first* report [10:01]
freeone3000 technically, in our org, the second, because internships. [10:01]
freeone3000 but uh, yeah. to recap, you've been a manager for three years, common-law married for two, and you are absolutely helping raise that kid. [10:02]
puppy_za the unexpected journey of acuzio [10:02]
yottabyte [yottabyte!uid195082@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [10:03]
acuzio when you put it like that ., its ... scary [10:13]
scav so current talk in cloud native wasm day: WebAssembly: The future of distributed computing [10:15]
scav i have to admit, this is kind cool [10:15]
freeone3000 can't wait until we have command-line wasm hosts [10:15]
ron don't wait [10:15]
ron just do itt [10:16]
acuzio Well some good news , my team got > 100% quota achievement over Q1. (this is the EMEA + US team) ., i am fighting like hell to not change the quota for Q2 [10:34]
acuzio VPs have this idea that we can simply increase quota by 20% and thats their job donme [10:34]
ron of course they can [10:35]
ron if you went over the quota that means yyou can do more [10:36]
ron so the quota has to be increased [10:36]
ron it's a known thiing [10:36]
[twisti] spending works the same, just the other way around [10:36]
acuzio [11:07]
db sensible chuckle [11:15]
Diablo-D3 acuzio: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo [11:16]
freeone3000 unfortunately, bill gates is catholic. [11:18]
acuzio i mean a playa has gotta play [11:19]
sonOfRa freeone3000: conversion is an option! [11:20]
db acuzio: forbidden love? [11:22]
db err, freeone3000 [11:22]
db He could have been jewish. [11:22]
tang^ [tang^!~tang^@2604:3d09:47c:f970:12:b240:1bb4:a10f] has joined #java-talk [11:30]
acuzio freeone3000:do you remember the name of the equivalent of NumPy, SciPy etc that our NVidia had modified to be GPU specific.. there are a bunch of these libs [11:34]
freeone3000 it still uses numpy, scipy etc but with a different blas lib, instead of libblas it uses cublas [11:35]
acuzio cublas [11:35]
acuzio thats it [11:35]
freeone3000 bah. the employee morale gift is an xbox series s, not an x. I should just get the switch. [11:51]
acuzio The Kid is waiting for some retro BotW series game thats coming on the Switch in July [11:52]
freeone3000 "the Xbox Series X has a large 1TB SSD that can store, on average, around 16 games while the Xbox Series S has a 512GB SSD that only stores around four to five" what the fuck is wrong with modern games [11:52]
freeone3000 shenzhen IO is 45 megabytes. MEGABYTES. [11:53]
tang^ yeah, kid wants a bigger disk for his computer [11:53]
Faux 44MB of shaders, 1MB of textures, 0MB of game code or logic. [11:53]
tang^ reason: CoD is nearly 600GB [11:53]
acuzio tang^: Kid meant Skyward Sword . , which is being released for the Switch in July [11:54]
tang^ acuzio: ok? [11:54]
freeone3000 shenzhen io is like. 2MB of JPEGs. 14MB of music. 1MB of solitaire. 3MB of puzzle test benches. and the rest is game code and rendering libs. [11:54]
freeone3000 oh, and 9MB of manual, because it's a PDF [11:55]
acuzio Anyone remembers the old "Prince of Persia" - the 2D platformer ? That used to come in a fucking floppy disk [11:55]
freeone3000 WHY IS COD SO BIG there is no reason for that to be that big [11:55]
sonOfRa gotta have those 4k textures for the battle royale [11:55]
freeone3000 fucking kkreiger was a full fps, for windows xp, that fit in 800 kilobytes. [11:55]
acuzio Yup - [11:56]
tang^ probably loads of poorly compressed live textures to make the game locations look exactly like the real world [11:56]
freeone3000 oh. sorry. 96 kilobytes. [11:56]
tang^ and "disk is cheap. go buy some more" [11:56]
freeone3000 yeah, it's looking like the series s doesn't do anything my pc already doesn't do. not even any exclusives. so no reason to buy one. [11:57]
freeone3000 oculous quest is out, because facebook sucks and I already have a vive, which is literally better. [11:57]
freeone3000 so I guess I'm getting a switch [11:58]
freeone3000 even though I already have a switch lite. just add in a regular switch. [11:58]
tang^ pass that back to the morale team [11:58]
tang^ "your offer has made me choose nintendo" [11:58]
acuzio ah crap .... [11:59]
acuzio another fucking managementy problem [11:59]
acuzio I was about to start "real" work ... [12:00]
tang^ managers are not allowed real work [12:00]
tang^ it's in the contract [12:00]
Faux I'm in a postmortem review wherein we hadn't done any of the actions since last time it happened, and we are pretending to be surprised that it happened again. [12:01]
acuzio This is about "dress-code" . [12:02]
acuzio someone in HR asked a solutions engineer to dress "properly" in her profile photo ; engineer complained ; now for some fucking reason i am involved in it. [12:04]
acuzio dont know how else to say this , engineer is good looking and young ,in her profile photo her bra strap is clearly visible and its a thin top ; fuck knows whats wrong with it. HR has no fucking work [12:06]
ricky_clarkson My sister in law's work profile photo was her in a strapless dress, but cropped to just her shoulders and head, i.e., no evidence of clothing. It took her a while to understand the problem I saw with it.. [12:32]
sonOfRa acuzio: wait but someone complained about it? Or *she* complained about HR complaining? [12:35]
acuzio sonOfRa:she complained about HR complaining or rather about a slack flunkie who is part of the Slack HR police complaining [12:39]
sonOfRa right [12:39]
acuzio My point is ---- why the fuck does this need me to be there ? [12:40]
freeone3000 are you her manager? [12:41]
acuzio I am a peer of her manager , her manager is in India and is out of commission. Its quickly becoming an HR issue which is why everyone is on this call. [12:42]
sonOfRa *more than 1 person* is on a call because of a bra strap in a profile picture [12:43]
sonOfRa Who the fuck do you work for, the catholic church? [12:43]
freeone3000 an american company [12:43]
tang^ quite repressive those [12:44]
sonOfRa My colleague's profile pic in teams and jira is the FSM [12:44]
sonOfRa I wonder how fast that would result in a call with HR in an american company [12:44]
tang^ we have all kinds of profile pics [12:45]
freeone3000 *that* is an expression of religious beliefs, and HR won't touch it with a 10-foot-pole [12:45]
sonOfRa Oh [12:45]
freeone3000 it's really fun when that runs into, say, the Quebec prohibition against public expression of religion [12:47]
acuzio its a bra strap and i think there are a few more pictures ,, slightly risque but my point is why the fuck am i on this garbage nonsense [12:49]
sonOfRa You know if I was her I would start using pictures of a potato sack as a pfp from then on [12:49]
freeone3000 because her manager is in India and you're the substitute manager [12:49]
freeone3000 HR basically has no options -- they can fire her, or do nothing. everything else, from compensation to reduced bonuses to performative changes to wheedling, is on her people manager. who is in India, so you're covering for them. [12:50]
freeone3000 so HR is going to try to convince you of the gravity of the situation, and you get to tell them to fuck off. [12:51]
acuzio I just told them "this is a non-issue , we are adults , leave her alone" ;; other guys are quite honestly just listening [12:56]
acuzio They are talking about "Company Reputation" and so on -- fucking nonsense [12:59]
DoofusCanadensis so the company now has a reputation of worrying how its staff "looks"? [01:00]
DoofusCanadensis also, those profiles are public, huh? [01:00]
acuzio Its on company slack thats open to the public in certain cases. The same profile is also used when hosting webinars etc [01:01]
Faux Some people at work refuse to set avatars and it makes me angry; find it hard enough to remember who the hell anyone is. [01:01]
acuzio anyway, that was that - 45 minute of nonsense [01:02]
acuzio I am like "I dont care what she wears she is a great solutions engineer (i have never worked with her) and she doesnt have to adhere to some regulation about dress code. Lay off her". And thats it [01:03]
acuzio Slack funkie is not going to be happy with me [01:03]
Diablo-D3 acuzio: just tell them you're severely autistic and have trouble remembering faces, especially since you dont see their faces anymore [01:05]
DoofusCanadensis acuzio++ acting like an actual adult [01:07]
DoofusCanadensis acuzio has a karma level of 52, DoofusCanadensis [01:07]
acuzio I am sort of more concerned that i will spend all my time shit like this [01:09]
freeone3000 yes, that's what being a manager is [01:11]
freeone3000 also, vacation requests, sick days, and figuring out what to do when the morale gifts are sold out in canada [01:11]
ricky_clarkson I like that I can tell which Indian names I need to pay attention to, because the ones I don't HAVE THEIR NAMES IN ALLCAPS WHEREVER POSSIBLE [01:11]
acuzio yes thank you freeone3000 [01:12]
ricky_clarkson and I get to Google random bits of the name to tell whether I'm looking at a forename or surname [01:12]
DoofusCanadensis I've noticed European names tend to get the surname in ALLCAPS [01:19]
acuzio oh no - [01:49]
acuzio acuzio's title: "Christopher Steele Made 2nd Dossier on Trump During Presidency: Report" [01:49]
ricky_clarkson What happened to all those lawsuits that were going to sink Trump as soon as he got out of office? [02:00]
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r0bby [r0bby!sid699@guifications/user/r0bby] has joined #java-talk [02:02]
acuzio ricky_clarkson: well most of the witnesses were pardoned so there is that [02:09]
freeone3000 ricky_clarkson: ongoing? his lawyer's office(!) just got searched by the police last week. [02:21]
freeone3000 resolution will probably happen sometime during the first or second romney terms [02:21]
acuzio and of course nothing is going to happen [02:21]
freeone3000 honestly I'm betting the most likely outcome is dismissal due to death of the defendant [02:22]
acuzio I mean this is the US , rich men dont get convicted of anything [02:23]
ron note to self: acuzio will never get convicted [02:24]
ron someone please shoot me [02:51]
DoofusCanadensis ron: bang! [02:52]
ron you missed, idiot [02:52]
DoofusCanadensis well, I am a doofus [02:52]
ron k [02:52]
DoofusCanadensis out of curiosity, why are you wanting to be shot again? [03:06]
freeone3000 "Using teams helps contribute to a diverse and inclusive culture" I think my workplace has too high of expectations of a chat client. [03:09]
ron because I'm tired of internal politics and power struggles. [03:13]
ron I shall lunch now. [03:13]
DoofusCanadensis fair 'nuff [03:13]
whaley [whaley!] has joined #java-talk [03:39]
freeone3000 you know, now that I'm waiting on another team to accomplish a task, I wonder if work simply generates non-important work in order to busy us during times like these [04:19]
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db sometimes, specs remind me of this [10:08]
db db's title: "Klaatu Varada Nikto (Army of Darkness - 1992) - YouTube" [10:08]
db like they somehow skipped over the one complicated detail which is essential for the implementation. [10:09]
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