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freeone3000 We just don't do points. Things are done when they're done, and if it's a ship requirement, we hear about the deadline from product. [12:28]
freeone3000 I don't know the exact timeline, but, I'm guessing for Windows 11, in 2018 with the new Bitlocker somebody decided they could do a new security-based OS, and that it should launch on 20#1 along with what was then called 21M6 [12:30]
freeone3000 And whatever got done shipped. I don't think I can go back to any other form of project management. They all seem like they run on lies and guesswork. [12:31]
db well they do. [12:36]
db it is a way to make project management think they know what's going on, I guess :-) [12:37]
AMcBain Yeah [12:37]
db they can make "burn down charts" and such. [12:38]
AMcBain "It's done when it's done." 'I don't like that.' "Uh, OK. It's, uh, 3 points." 'How long is that?' "Oh I don't know, I mean it's like a couple days but it could run into unforeseen issues." 'I'll take it.' [12:38]
AMcBain Oh and my favorite: the burnup chart. [12:38]
AMcBain Caused by people adding stuff to the sprint after it starts. [12:39]
sonOfRa You know what's scary? When you hit deploy on a possibly breaking change and then production goes down [03:04]
sonOfRa But actually, akamai had a problem, it wasn't our fault! [03:04]
puppy_za did you have a heart attack? :p [03:09]
puppy_za "NOOOOOOOO oh wait" [03:09]
sonOfRa Yeah because it actually took down the central web shop component, which is like BIG BAD. [03:10]
Faux We have (afaik) an identical akamai setup in prod and our three other main environments, and we lost all three of the non-prod ones but prod was fine. [03:11]
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ricky_clarkson Another team gave a PM in my area some story point list and he just made frustrated noises when I told him it can't be converted to time, as if the thing were written in Martian or something. [03:34]
ricky_clarkson the 'what is this shit?' meme template [03:35]
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Faux I think y'all being a lil' negative. [03:41]
ricky_clarkson We're in the beginnings of our group's move from Oracle to SAP. Apparently, and on the theme of being negative, it's impossible to do partial rollouts and everything needs to stop for multiple days. [03:44]
acuzio morning ladies [04:23]
acuzio In some news , I met a mate of mine after a long time , he is now with a girl who cant hear but does lip reading. Thats not the main thing, she is absolute model class., just incredibly beautiful. He met her at a dance class. [04:29]
acuzio I kept tr [04:29]
acuzio I kept trying to talk louder to her , Yasmeen had to knock some sense into me [04:29]
sonOfRa D [04:30]
Faux < acuzio> I kept trying to talk to her but I didn't realise you have to angle your head towards her face for her to lip read, and my face was angled towards her RACK. [04:30]
acuzio No no it was just me talking louder. Yasmeen is like "if she can see your lips she can hear you , you idiot" I being me , immediately started thinking of Seinfeld scenarios and wanting to "use her" for spying purposes. [04:32]
[twisti] Faux: lmftfy [04:32]
acuzio I am glad the girl had a great sense oh humor [04:32]
[twisti] acuzio> I kept trying to talk to her but I didn't realise you have to angle your head towards her face for her to lip read ..,.,. and my face was angled towards her RACK. [04:32]
[twisti] but yeah, ive done that too, getting louder when talking to deaf people [04:33]
[twisti] on the bright side, they dont notice, on account of being deaf [04:33]
Faux I am British so I have it even worse, I also do it when I encounter foreigners, even if their English is better than mine. [04:33]
acuzio I was also gesticulating doing a poor impression of Sign Language [04:34]
sonOfRa imagines acuzio shouting "HOW WAS YOUR DAY" while signing "MY HOVERCRAFT IS FULL OF EELS" [04:34]
acuzio Something like that :-) [04:34]
[twisti] where DOES that hovercraft full of eels thing come from ? seen it a few times [04:34]
Faux acuzio's sign language. [04:34]
sonOfRa [twisti]: monty python skit [04:35]
sonOfRa [04:35]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Monty Python: Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook - YouTube" [04:35]
[twisti] and i used to dream of learning sign language until i realized theres like 300 languages out there [04:35]
[twisti] sonOfRa: in the office today, ill bookmark it for tomorrow [04:35]
Faux You're supposed to teach your baby sign language, because it enables them to reply before they gain the "speech" perk. [04:35]
Faux And there's multiple different variants of that, so you get to argue with other mums about which language you're teaching your baby. [04:35]
acuzio I actually did ask my mate , "What about you know naughty talk? how does that work?" He laughed and said "I forgot how weird you are" [04:36]
acuzio I thought it was a proper question really. [04:36]
sonOfRa I mean that *is* a good question [04:38]
sonOfRa But also a weird one, yes [04:38]
acuzio Is it weird. I once asked gay neighbours "who is on top mostly?" .... that didnt go down well as well. [04:39]
acuzio (I dont just rock up to anyone and ask those questions , these are people i know well) [04:39]
Faux Fun fact, acuzio asked me and we haven't even met. [04:39]
[twisti] well, would you ask a straight couple how often the girl takes it up the ass ? [04:39]
Faux [twisti]: Girl? [04:40]
acuzio ba dummmmmmmmmmm tisssssssssssssssssssssh [04:40]
[twisti] Faux: generally one of the parties of a straight couple is female, yes [04:40]
sonOfRa ( ? ?? ?) [04:40]
acuzio ladies and gents, Faux , here this week. Try the veal. [04:40]
[twisti] oh, i see [04:40]
[twisti] my minds not in the gutter enough [04:40]
acuzio [twisti]: Its not the same thing dude ., i mean asking a gay couple who is the "top" is a fair question [04:41]
Faux I absolutely do not think that is the case. [04:41]
[twisti] i think many gay couples would disagree strongly [04:41]
Faux Simply use your gaydar to determine it, acuzio, unless you're an autistic retart. [04:41]
acuzio <-------------- waiting for the penny to drop [04:42]
[twisti] generally, despite what comedy may want to make you think, homosexual couples, whether men or women, do not have a strict and comedic separation of 'whos the dude/chick in the relationship' [04:42]
acuzio Really ? [04:43]
acuzio I thought you chose a side and stuck with it , like side of the bed [04:43]
[twisti] really. there are tendencies of course, but rarely its a clear cut case, and id say more often than not, differs for different areas of life (i.e. who is more butch in their clothing may not be the man in the bedroom, and the more feminine in conversation isnt neccessarily the house wife at home) [04:44]
[twisti] its not even that clear cut for straight couples unless both are ultra conservative conformists to societies roles [04:44]
acuzio Actually i know for straight couples its not necessarily clear cut r/facesitting sort of proves it [04:46]
Faux hnnnnnnng [04:47]
[twisti] the fuck did my vscode suddenly decide i want windows powershell as my default console for wsl [04:47]
[twisti] who would ever want windows powershell to be the default for anything ? [04:47]
Faux Those people who think Windows works and makes advances probably think it's an advance. [04:48]
sonOfRa hnnnnnng indeed [04:50]
[twisti] windows is fine, but powershell is terrible, and using powershell for a unix is just idiotic [04:50]
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acuzio Imagine Trump won second term, increased his margin in the House and The Senate, managed to create a border between California and the rest of the country, introduced tariffs for all imports from Canada and then said "Nope, that didnt happen" . Thats exactly where England is. [12:56]
cheeser nods. [12:59]
acuzio There is a Sea border between the UK and NI , no really, there is. There is a checkpoint for all trucks entering Kent before they leave to mainland Europe (another internal border). There are also severe shortages on manpower across hauliers, service sectors, nurses and almost every sector that depended on free flow of people from Mainland Europe (which is most sectors). And there is no sign of [01:00]
acuzio Boris losing any election for the next 12 years at least. [01:00]
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acuzio So yes , England is currently _much_ more retarded than the US. [01:01]
acuzio (Its also the worst performing economy among the G7 , highest mortality rate / capita for a pop. > 20M, And all of this is without looking at after-effects of Brexit that has simply not been counted as yet. As a datapoint , due to deep cuts in social care, England already had higher infant mortality than Romania by 2017 , a leading indicator of where the health of the country) [01:09]
cheeser yeah. brexit was and remains (haha?) profoundly stupid. [01:10]
acuzio its impossible to hear any mainstream newspaper actually say that (Even The Guardian doesnt directly say it). Also, imagine if Steve Bannon came to CBS or NBC and said "Donald Trump is a really bad choice for a President , someone like him or me are profoundly unsuitable for any elected or unelected post" and it never even hits the news headline. Thats exactly whats been happening in England. [01:14]
acuzio The architect of Brexit and the person who arguably was the prime "thinker" behind the Boris Govt., has been saying exactly that and it didnt even move the needle an inch. [01:14]
cheeser didn't one of the big pushers of it move to europe? [01:14]
cheeser sorry, to the EU? :D [01:15]
acuzio "one" ... Almost all of them did. Each and every one of the main pushers from the Industry side , either moved to the EU or outside to Asia. They also moved their factories. The main architects of Brexit the ones who spoke most about it almost all have secondary passports (incld. Boris). [01:16]
acuzio And Nigel . [01:16]
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acuzio Strangely, when i lose the emotion over this . Philosophically speaking, it must do something to the people of a country when the majority wills itself to believe in something thats entirely made up. "The shelves are empty" . "No they are not" . This cannot be right. "We have the EU by the balls" , "No, instead you have to follow the EU rules just to send milk to another part of your country" [01:19]
acuzio . "No we dont". This cannot be healthy. [01:19]
AMcBain It's easier for people to believe things that aren't true when they're abstracter concepts or things they can't see directly. They may know what their own area looks like, but like "vague" stuff such as "EU rules affect us negatively!" blah blah they have no idea what those are and aren't going to go look them up. [01:29]
AMcBain and heck even if they did find them, nobody's going to read a bill in full and understand all of it. [01:29]
AMcBain Plus people can set off other people too. We had a toilet paper panic early pandemic. Why? No reason other than because other people were doing it. [01:30]
AMcBain still has a few Toilet Paper Brigade stickers leftover he made around/after that... [01:31]
acuzio I hear you. I understand some of this is vague. But , take a look at this guy : . Majority of his staff came from the EU, his products come from the EU, he still voted to leave. Why ? (answer is he wanted less Brown people in his eye line) ., but when i see people like him I have no sympathy. None. I actively wish them harm. the slower and more [01:33]
acuzio acuzio's title: "Byline TV on Twitter: ""I wouldn't vote Brexit ever again" John owns a major nightclub in Manchester and is having a nightmare. All his EU bar staff have left the UK due to Brexit. He has no beer to sell because the lorry drivers also lef..." [01:33]
acuzio painful it is the better [01:33]
acuzio And this guy : [01:34]
acuzio acuzio's title: "??I Regret Voting Brexit? - Fish Industry in Ruins - YouTube" [01:34]
acuzio And this guy : [01:34]
acuzio acuzio's title: "Post-Brexit: Businesses hit by labour shortages call for Brexit rules to be relaxed - YouTube" [01:34]
acuzio And .... and and .... [01:35]
AMcBain I think the issue here is what I said above but also as you point out not enough people think through their decisions. They don't understand the consequences of things outside of their single-issue-vote. It's the same in the US, in some ways. People single issue vote on abortion, some asshole gets into office, and they go "Oh no!" and it's like well... maybe if you'd looked outside that single issue you'd have realized that person is completely the [01:37]
AMcBain opposite of what you like. [01:37]
ricky_clarkson On the earlier lipreading topic, at one point I realised I was trying to lipread people more than listen; I couldn't understand people who moved their heads around. [01:38]
acuzio I agree with you but this is not single issue , these people all work in this area, they actively voted to hurt their colleagues cause those were foreign. This is different. Do i want to live with these people ? Fuck no. Do I want my taxes to go to the NHS so some of these fuckers can get treated ? Hell No. I will from next year actively make moves to reduce and hide my taxes cause it will go [01:38]
acuzio to these people . ANd i wish harm on these people , (the slower and more painful the better) [01:38]
acuzio AMcBain:^^ [01:38]
AMcBain No, no, I mean single issue from the point of view of "foreigners out." kind of thing, because it could all be summed up as that, no? They don't have nuance on things below that. All the stuff you pointed out would be consequences of that. [01:40]
acuzio Its racism in its purest, distilled form. [01:40]
AMcBain Well, yeah. [01:40]
acuzio If only She would understand it ., I wouldnt have spent 450K on a house on this god forsaken racist littered place. [01:41]
acuzio 450K (to do it up) - [01:41]
ricky_clarkson I don't think it's foreigners out, it's more about said foreigners' skin colour or lack of coolness. [01:49]
acuzio Its skin color. [01:50]
ricky_clarkson Australians are fine, they're white and cool. Polish, white and uncool. Africans, wrong skin colour. [01:50]
ricky_clarkson apart from sith ifricans of course, which are just funny-talking australians at heart [01:50]
acuzio Re : Lack of Coolness . No "current" Brit is cool . The last cool Brit was Keith Richards who is like a million years old and is possibly an animated corpse to boot. [01:51]
ricky_clarkson You can go for a drink with a random brit. [01:51]
acuzio No you cannot. [01:51]
ricky_clarkson Oh yes you can. Oh no you can't. It's behind you. [01:52]
acuzio The average random Brit would piss on your shoes, talk about this "bird" that he shagged, most probly puke on you and then ask you to buy him a kebab. [01:52]
ricky_clarkson Don't go on holiday with a random brit, then you'll find out that a brit in Malaga is like a yank in Mexico [01:52]
acuzio With worse teeth and bad hygiene but yeah [01:53]
ricky_clarkson Maybe you're influenced by being in the south, but at least up north I never had that. [01:53]
ricky_clarkson I even spilled beer on someone in Newcastle and got a hug for my trouble [01:54]
acuzio Due to lack of said teeth ? [01:54]
acuzio Outside Zone 2 its a fucking nightmare [01:54]
acuzio I am right now in a house thats surrounded by lily-old-white people , most of whom i reckon have been here since King George V and can probly trace their lineage to the Roman Tribes. I have a hankering for getting some of my cooler friends to my house and blast acid house till the wee hours of the morning , just to ensure that they dont sleep and if i am lucky perhaps one of them would die due [01:56]
acuzio to a heart condition or something [01:56]
acuzio BTW, its a Tory county (of course) that voted Remain (surprise) [01:57]
AMcBain OK, now I have two postal services I get to be unhappy at. :P Thanks PostNL. [02:12]
AMcBain acuzio, just acid house? Needs more jungle. :P [02:15]
acuzio Jungle is on the agenda :-) [02:16]
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Diablo-D3 A C I D H O U S E [02:23]
sonOfRa Bought a new steel+steel cocktail shaker to replace my glass+steel one, and my god it's so much better to handle [02:29]
sonOfRa Actually comes apart after shaking because both parts are deformable when you slap them! [02:30]
ron sonOfRa: sexy [02:31]
sonOfRa so sexy. [02:31]
acuzio ACIDHOUSE - old skool [02:32]
ron got a message on linkedin [02:32]
ron "Hey Ron, not sure if this is an area you are looking for support in, but I own a sales consulting firm. We help b2b business owners automate and scale their outbound sales efforts without having to outsource or add more staff to their team. Would you be open to chatting about what you are currently doing to see if there is a fit, and learning about a few lesser known ideas we developed that could potentially help?" [02:33]
ron my reply: "Umm... I'm unemployed." [02:33]
ron ? [02:33]
ron in his defense, he did look at my profile first where it says " Looking for my next role " [02:34]
Diablo-D3 makes bzz sounds while changing mouth shape [02:36]
AMcBain ron, they tried. They get half of a gold star. [02:54]
ricky_clarkson Maybe you need to wrap up the 'unemployed' a bit [02:55]
ricky_clarkson "I'm working on some open source projects [link if true] and learning language X and framework Y, while looking for challenging roles" [02:57]
ricky_clarkson ok, that's all the BS I can muster for the day, I'm exhausted [02:57]
Faux I guess you have go near it and that's against the rules. [02:57]
AMcBain I am currently sending electrons into the depths of the greater internet in search of adventure! Maybe you can help me in that endeavor by showing me coordinates to the nearest ... yeah I dunno. [02:58]
Faux Jfc what is happening, keep sending stuff to the wrong window. [02:58]
ricky_clarkson I'm just scared shitless of the 'Apply' button [02:59]
AMcBain For job opportunities or something else? [02:59]
ricky_clarkson Job opportunities, looking for an internal role+team change [02:59]
ricky_clarkson My current role is Application Engineer, it basically exists because SWEs leave when you force them to work on crap like Salesforce and SAP, and because people qualified to work on those don't pass SWE interviews. [03:00]
ricky_clarkson The day-to-day isn't so bad, almost indistinguishable from a SWE team at the technical level, but the structure is.. not what I'd like to be in [03:01]
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freeone3000 sonOfRa: I have a 2020 Shield. It works, but, you have to rollback the "Android TV" app to factory. I do not recommend a 2021 shield, or any other android TV device, due to the presence of advertising. [03:32]
ron happy birthday textual [03:34]
ron websites that require you to sign up before you can explore them should die [03:45]
AMcBain You can defeat some by just using reader view in the browser if it's an article. Also a lot of paywalls are done terribly and you can remove them with add-ons like Stylus that let you add styles to websites. [03:51]
AMcBain I believe the latter can be used to allow scrolling in Pinterest (if that's your thing; I don't care so I never bothered), Quora, and more. [03:51]
cheeser i use the dev tools to drop css attributes on a lot of them. the content is there. it's just styled away. [03:55]
cheeser amateurs. :) [03:55]
AMcBain Yup. Stylus just lets you automate that for ones visited frequently. Some do the overlay thing but then truncate the content so they know. [03:56]
cheeser stylus is a great tip. just installed a couple of paywall blockers. :) [04:11]
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sonOfRa freeone3000: do they inject it into things when I'm trying to watch stuff on plex? [04:35]
sonOfRa Because that's probably going to be the main use case, plus maybe a bit of netflix and prime video [04:36]
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sonOfRa FED CON :D [06:30]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "DEF CON on Twitter: "We're excited to welcome @SecMayorkas from @DHSgov as a #defcon29 keynote speaker on Friday, Aug 6! He brings a wealth of experience from a career in public service, including leadership on #cyber as former DHS Deputy ..." [06:30]
AMcBain [06:33]
AMcBain AMcBain's title: "Ian Coldwater ?? on Twitter: "@defcon @SecMayorkas @DHSgov As a main stage speaker this year I can't say I'm terribly excited to be sharing a stage with this man. What were y'all thinking? I'm so disappointed in you"" [06:33]
AMcBain XD [06:34]
AMcBain AMcBain's title: "xXx_ANT1F4_5C3N3_QU33N_xXx on Twitter: "@defcon @SecMayorkas @DHSgov spotted the fed..."" [06:34]
sonOfRa I think they've done *former* feds before, but... the head of homeland security? As a keynote speaker? What the hell. [06:42]
AMcBain Yup. [06:58]
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freeone3000 sonOfRa: home screen, top row. [11:23]
freeone3000 DEFCON is like made of suits now. [11:29]
freeone3000 Like it's on my approved conference list [11:30]
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