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Matthijs [Matthijs!] has joined #java-talk [02:38]
selckin do people like really edit azure ARM files by hand? [02:55]
rcoote [rcoote!~rcoote@2a02:908:692:81c0:4b2f:3f96:5f71:de91] has joined #java-talk [02:57]
selckin whats the simplest(least things to learn) way with azure to like automate starting a private network, launch 4 servers, with some persistent storage etc, that can talk to each other, 1 accessible from outside, what they run maybe from docker, or open to anything really [03:01]
selckin have like the ARM stufff, the fabric, the raw container groups, the full on kubernetes [03:01]
selckin terraform [03:02]
Samian freeone3000 does this dialogue make sense to you? [03:18]
acidjnk_new [acidjnk_new!] has joined #java-talk [03:21]
[twisti] Samian: thats a terrible way to debug in any language that has things like GCs and optimizers, and even with modern CPU optimization [03:27]
[twisti] to benchmark* [03:27]
[twisti] other than that i guess it looks like a normal work exchange [03:27]
Samian What's a terrible way to benchmark? [03:28]
[twisti] start-stop/x [03:28]
[twisti] languages and programs have startup costs, jit optimizations and garbage collection(s) [03:28]
[twisti] im sure python has better benchmarking tools than 'whatever just look at a clock lol' [03:29]
freeone3000 selckin: Nobody writes ARM. We don't even write ARM. If you want to automate you do it with terraform or ansible-cloud [03:30]
freeone3000 selckin: ARM is programming-by-template. You build the cloud you want through portal or cli, then ARM lets you do "more like this" or "make this again" [03:30]
Samian My understanding of the dialogue is that there's a neural net architecture called XLM-R-XL. One implmenetation of it is provided in Fairseq. There's another implementation in [some_fb_link]/ The implementation in uses NVFasterTransformerEncoder. I'm supposed to compare the Fairseq implementation with another one identical to or similar to ? (Dialogue states "xlarge variation") [03:31]
freeone3000 dude if your boss you shit that isn't clear ask your boss lol [03:34]
Samian manager also adds "We also need to benchmark the same thing on other platforms, eg. NNPI, AWS Inferentia." ... If that's so, maybe I can't use the fairseq implementation. Maybe I'll need to code the neural net from the pytorch level? I'll need to read more about aws inferentia. Maybe I can convert the fairseq model file -> ONNX -> whatever needed to run on Intel NNPI and AWS Inferentia [03:34]
Samian freeone3000 but that's the thing. Maybe it's just not clear to me because I'm dumb. That's the paranoia I have because I don't think I'm that smart [03:35]
Samian imposter syndrome [03:35]
puppy_za well, if you don't ask and fail to do the work, that would make you an imposter :P [03:39]
puppy_za so get that clarification or direction [03:39]
freeone3000 [twisti]: Epoch timings are measured in minutes or hours. Profiling is a bit overkill, usually. :) [03:42]
sonOfRa good morning [03:44]
puppy_za morning [03:44]
sonOfRa freeone3000: I convinced them that the timestamps are bad! The next open release cycle for it is december :D [03:44]
freeone3000 sonOfRa: Awesome. [03:45]
[twisti] freeone3000: what are epoch timings ? [03:45]
selckin wallclock [03:45]
freeone3000 [twisti]: What he's going to be measuring. [03:46]
[twisti] ah, okay. fair enough [03:46]
sonOfRa So, we're going to end up just making a best guess effort as to what the indices mean until then, and when they deploy the change, *then* we can use real timezones [03:46]
Maldivia ponders... isn't all timing technically epoch timing [03:46]
[twisti] is 'epoch timing' even a real thing [03:47]
[twisti] google is very quiet about it [03:47]
Maldivia well, if you are measuring time between A and B; then by definition A would be the epoch of that timing, right? [03:48]
[twisti] sure [03:49]
freeone3000 ml training is divided into epochs, which are subsets of a training run on batches of data [03:49]
[twisti] alright [03:50]
Samian [twisti] the significance of an epoch exists only when there's a validation. Otherwise there's no difference between many epochs and 1 epoch, as both would be a sequence of gradient steps and you could simply set 1 epoch to be the same # of gradient descent steps as N epochs. When there is a validation set, 1 epoch is the number of gradient descent steps per round that's followed by validation. This is important because validation set metrics are [03:51]
Samian used as a check. If performed too infrequently, maybe the model already overfitted by the time validation is performed. If too frequently, then bias can trigger an early stop of training if validation is used to autostop training. (It often is.) [03:51]
Samian Actually, no, if the validation set is a good set (balanced, diverse, good examples etc), then performing validation too often would merely slow down the time to train the neural network. [03:54]
selckin as a clueless person i like the autocomplete comparision with like gpt-3 and github copilot [03:55]
[twisti] calling that epoch timing seems like a poor choice considering epoch time has an established meaning for 99.9999% of IT [03:55]
selckin do they actually do more then that? [03:55]
selckin thats its just fancy compression [03:56]
Samian [twisti] yeah, as in time from 1970 something? unix time? [03:56]
Samian [03:57]
[twisti] right [03:57]
[twisti] that is generally known as 'epoch time', so calling something unrelated 'epoch timing' seems somewhat misleading [03:57]
Samian equivocation sure sucks. I hate it [03:58]
Samian I would've picked the word "phase" instead of "epoch" [03:59]
Samian or "training round" [03:59]
[twisti] selckin: thanks for pointing out gh copilot, looks like an exciting project, and one more reason for me to try vs code for java dev [03:59]
freeone3000 selckin: the training data doesn't fit in RAM all at once, so, you gotta do something [04:02]
georgios [georgios!~georgios@2a02:587:a018:e1f8:3de:b0d7:7016:11e4] has joined #java-talk [04:03]
[twisti] damn, youve got to love compression for well compressible things like log files. we had a serious of 3gb log files, and they all compressed down to less than 40mb each, which even for text files is a great ratio [04:03]
freeone3000 so you serialize over the time domain, except gradient descent has a round factor (sometimes used in several places), so you've got to realign your backprop in several spots, and... yeah. [04:04]
[twisti] talk like that is why nobody likes ML people [04:06]
puppy_za lol [04:07]
Samian [twisti] by epoch timing, freeone3000 meant the how long N number of gradient descent steps took where N is the chosen # of steps per "epoch", which each "epoch" followed by a validation set run. [04:08]
Samian s/took/takes [04:09]
Samian [twisti] I did a Google search, and the articles I read are incorrect. They state an epoch is one complete pass through all the training data. That's not true for many reasons. For one, Stochastic Gradient Descent means it's possible by random chance to constantly miss training a particular example. Like if you have 100 examples and you repeatedly randomly select 16 to train on at a time, it's possible to constantly miss a particular example. [04:38]
Samian shows the parameter "steps_per_epoch" which makes clear that epoch == # of grad descent steps, *not* one "complete" pass through the "training set". This idea of a fixed training set ignores that you can have very dynamic training that's much more creative, like a drifting changing set. [04:38]
Samian Samian's title: "tf.keras.Model | TensorFlow Core v2.5.0" [04:38]
freeone3000 should do your data partitioning ahead of time [04:43]
Samian for certain problems yes. There are problems where input-to-output ground truth pairs are not static but changes over time. Meaning, yesterday's ground truth is no longer today's ground truth. [04:46]
Samian even so, the traininset would likely just be updated.. hmm The only cases I can think of where there wouldn't be a golden training set are RL problems. [04:50]
freeone3000 deep rl is weird. [05:05]
georgios [georgios!~georgios@2a02:587:a018:e1f8:3de:b0d7:7016:11e4] has joined #java-talk [06:14]
whaley [whaley!] has joined #java-talk [06:27]
acuzio morning ladies [06:27]
waz [waz!] has joined #java-talk [06:30]
acuzio In some news , we have photographers coming in End-August. Hopefully by then we have got the house externals completed as well . [06:31]
selckin for the xmas cards? [06:32]
acuzio Hmm no , they are there to take photos of the house and going on some magazine or something. She is managing it [06:32]
Faux Trying the new intellij again. Hope they've improved the indexing by at least two orders of magnitude since my last attempt. [07:12]
selckin not had any issues with it yet [07:14]
selckin and i use it in quite an evil way [07:15]
Faux It started in under a minute on work's largest project, which is a big step forwards. They haven't fixed the bug that was annoying me though, so ugh. [07:16]
Faux has flashbacks remembering selckin's intellij setup. [07:18]
selckin first thing i did when i saw shared indexes was disable all that, no way i trust that works [07:18]
selckin i force it to use the config & system dir for every version, which it sometimes doesn't like [07:19]
selckin and have a single pom for all 50+ projects, with <module>../project-x</module>, and i comment & uncomment those at will to have everything int he same window [07:20]
selckin which is the best thing ever [07:21]
selckin i want to reset my tiktik recommendation engine to 3 months ago, i fucked it up [07:26]
selckin always happyness back then [07:26]
sonOfRa Faux: they changed the icon to look like some kind of 3d gem! [07:33]
sonOfRa Important steps forward :D [07:33]
Faux Icon? [07:33]
Faux What is this heresy. [07:34]
sonOfRa [07:34]
Faux Do enjoy this conversation at work. "Why is your computer 10x faster than anyone else's?" followed by "What window manager is that?" with my replying "i3, it's primary goal is to have less than 3MB or binary, memory footprint or video ram footprint". [07:35]
sonOfRa I'm too much of a coward to learn weird window managers [07:35]
[twisti] what are the things chips are made from called ? the word for those teensy silicon entities isnt still transistor, is it ? [07:37]
selckin /etc/default/grub:GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash mitigations=off" [07:39]
selckin thats how oyu make your computer 10x faster [07:39]
acuzio mitigations=OFF :-D [07:40]
[twisti] sometimes it seems like 90% of IT resources are wasted on preventing people from being bastards [07:41]
acuzio [twisti]: And usually the Bastards win [07:42]
[twisti] exactly, and then its 91% [07:42]
selckin guess i'm learning terraform then this weekend [08:09]
selckin #latetothepart [08:09]
[twisti] im on the road to learning k8, so at least you wont be alone at the party [08:10]
deepy [deepy!deepy@user/deepy] has joined #java-talk [08:24]
[twisti-alt] [[twisti-alt]!] has joined #java-talk [08:25]
Faux [twisti-alt]: Yes, they're still transistors. [08:26]
Faux But it's reasonably meaningless, it's like saying computers are made of wires. [08:26]
selckin SAND [08:26]
Uetzwurst [Uetzwurst!] has joined #java-talk [08:35]
acuzio 1qaZXsw2 [08:39]
sonOfRa acuzio: again? Shame! [08:39]
Faux ^ password for acuzio's seventh vpn of 19. [08:39]
sonOfRa And you didn't even change it! [08:39]
Faux Haha, it's been ten days at least. [08:40]
selckin all the hipsters are using public passwords with hidden email accounts now [08:40]
Faux If I ident as acuzio, will nickserv tell me my email address? [08:41]
acuzio sonOfRa: Faux : Thats an internal password , so it doesnt matter. [08:41]
Faux You got GHOSTed using said password before. [08:42]
sonOfRa ^ [08:42]
selckin its liek azertyuiop but down & up [08:42]
Faux I'm sure you don't remember though, what with your multiple personality / memory problems. [08:42]
acuzio Yup [twisti-alt] ghosted me , he didnt need to . but I am glad he did. You can try and ident as me using that password. [08:42]
acuzio There were 2 places where I used that pwd : When logging into an internal VPN that connects to an external server that then connects to IRC . And the irc password itself ., the irc password i changed. (it was an artifact from before really) [08:43]
Faux Haha, VPN. [08:44]
acuzio I know its not the best but I dont know any other way [08:44]
Faux Why don't you use ssh? (serious question) [08:44]
acuzio I originally started using VPN's to overcome the GFW circa 2014 and its sort of gone on from there , with VPNs strewn across. [08:44]
acuzio Faux: I use ssh [08:45]
acuzio (as well) [08:45]
acuzio The GFW is actually quite smart and you need to layer it else it knows that you are VPN'ing out [08:45]
acuzio So a VPN thats a thin layer "designed to be broken" ., underneath it you create a ssh tunnel and then connect to a VPN from which you jump out. [08:46]
selckin when does the police come [08:47]
acuzio To make it more realistic ., on the "designed to be broken" layer you specifically add random real looking activity. So not just a `ssh tunnel` ., this sort of mechanism was required till about 2019. I havent been back since then [08:47]
acuzio Unless you go to Shenzhen and stay in hotels where the internet connection goes directly via HK [08:48]
acuzio selckin:I think for the UK you need to VPN out to watch pr0n [08:50]
acuzio Or anyway specific types of porn [08:50]
selckin remember some kind of rediculous news like that from a few years ago, didn't think they'd actually do it [08:51]
Faux They made it kinda illegal. They didn't actually bother to enforce it. They ask the US companies to not show stuff to UK residents, and they have a go to some extent. [08:53]
georgios [georgios!~georgios@2a02:587:a018:e1f8:3de:b0d7:7016:11e4] has joined #java-talk [08:55]
selckin some twitch streamers are banned in germany for showing some things like gambling or some such too [08:56]
selckin so the features to do that exist at least :/ [08:57]
Faux I suspect the conversation is quite boring. "X is illegal here, if you show too much X to our citizens, we'll tell Mastercard you can't have any money." [08:57]
sonOfRa German youth protection is currently working on banning porn in Germany [08:58]
Faux Then Amazon/MindGeek/etc. say "yessir". [08:58]
sonOfRa Or rather, require you to log in to every porn site you visit with your federal ID card [08:58]
sonOfRa Where porn site is every site that could potentially host things that might be pornographic, like reddit [08:58]
acuzio I now just use VPN(s) as a default whenever and wherever i connect [08:59]
Faux Snort. [08:59]
selckin kinda agree there is a problem, but no good solution either :/ [09:00]
Faux I don't think it's worth stigmatising the majority of society to make it ever so slightly harder for children to view boobies. [09:01]
Faux They're doing it because they hate liberals, not because they give two shits about children. [09:02]
selckin think the bookies are the least of the problems [09:02]
selckin like all the toddler youtube videos with 2min ads every 3min, that have the biggest views on the planet, all the gambling, and yes being exposed to superduper hardcode porn from 12 year old i'm sure had bad effects too [09:03]
Faux Wife shows our bean the cartoons on the tv; which isn't signed into google, and I use mostly to watch power tool reviews. It gets the best adverts. Kids show, then some half naked women rubbing herself over a jackhammer, then back to kids cartoons. [09:04]
Faux literally exactly like this. [09:04]
Faux Faux's title: "Benny Benassi - Satisfaction - YouTube" [09:04]
selckin the ads can even be for kids toys, it just bad [09:04]
selckin the entire mobile game ecosystem is super duper bad [09:05]
selckin just teacher gambling and throwing money away [09:05]
db YouTube is ad free. If you pay for it [09:07]
Faux And it doesn't log you out every ten minutes. [09:07]
cheeser youtube has ads?!? [09:07]
selckin twitch found a way to bypass the adblock, only place i see ads now, its so annoying [09:08]
selckin wouldn't even be so bad if it actually showed different ones, but the same one 10 times, and always at the start of opening a stream .. like the worst time ever for the user [09:10]
selckin also should make it illegal for a video add to be more then 7 seconds [09:10]
selckin you're not gonan convince me not to have you in the rest of those 23 seconds [09:11]
cheeser it should just a 3 second display of the logo and move on. [09:12]
selckin this website has a "drag files here to upload" [09:19]
selckin with no button, and my leenox setup isn't capable of dragging files [09:19]
cheeser "why isn't this working?!?" *suddenly remembers the System.exit() he added to reduce the log output* [09:27]
selckin reminds me of when xom added a System.gc() in a point release, making everything 20x slower [09:28]
cheeser haha. oops. [09:28]
sonOfRa Actually got to program something today for the first time in weeks. This is what they actually hired me for, I enjoy this much more. [09:58]
acuzio sonOfRa: I am desperately trying to get there - I thought i had been hired for programming . , apparently not. [10:00]
acuzio In 4 years I have written code for 2 months cumulative. , scary part : That code is still being freaking used and as examples [10:00]
Faux HAR HAR HAR [10:05]
acuzio Indeed [10:05]
acuzio I am sort of impressed that Faux has the video not just bookmarked but also time stamped. [10:12]
Faux I didn't even link the SILX version. [10:12]
acuzio not clicking that [10:13]
Faux Good choice. [10:13]
acuzio We have folks coming to measure blackouts / curtains / roller blinds etc . This the 3rd guy coming in and almost all of them are like "Thats fantastic, we will give you a lower price if we can take photos and advertise it" . [10:14]
Faux Cool! [10:15]
acuzio I am not sure if this has suddenly started happening or i have just started noticing. She handles that side of it [10:15]
Faux The guys who cut down a dead tree at my parents' asked if they could drone it, in exchange for the footage. [10:15]
acuzio She and The Kid. The Kid asks them "remove shoes please" [10:15]
selckin renamed some tables, intellij does not like all the JOOQ code not existing anymore [10:27]
selckin remember an intellij developer twetting at lucas "what are you diing to me" in jest, and people getting upset [10:29]
acuzio reboot time [10:57]
selckin brian wants 'new AbstractFoo(args) & RedFoo { ... }' hmmz [10:58]
cheeser i was just reading that. :) [10:59]
acuzio [acuzio!~acuzio@user/acuzio] has joined #java-talk [11:01]
acuzio ping [11:01]
acuzio pong. Pong. PONG Already! What do you people want?! What will it take to finally get some peace and quiet around here!?! [11:01]
acuzio I am quite chuffed that both selckin and Faux tried logging in like me :-) [11:01]
cheeser he really is overworked. [11:01]
acuzio the bot ? [11:02]
cheeser yeah. never gets a day off. [11:02]
selckin acuzio: gotta try :D [11:03]
acuzio well of course [11:03]
acuzio I am sort of surprised that you thought to would be so easy to login to my account :-) [11:03]
acuzio But of course needs to try [11:03]
selckin was just a ghost [11:03]
selckin my mvn wrapper that copies the entire tree and runs maven there, so i can continue working in ide is so handy [11:05]
KekSi [KekSi!] has joined #java-talk [11:08]
acuzio Let me do something a bit different - Logging out and then back it. [11:08]
acuzio [acuzio!~acuzio@user/acuzio] has joined #java-talk [11:08]
acuzio ping [11:09]
acuzio The machine that goes 'pong' has arrived. [11:09]
acuzio So , now tor-enabled SASL login [11:09]
acuzio Dont ask me why please :-) [11:09]
selckin but why [11:11]
rcoote [rcoote!~rcoote@2a02:908:692:81c0:116c:f35b:7cdf:62cd] has joined #java-talk [11:51]
acuzio <--------- resisting the urge to talk about multi-hop VPN's , password protection and just plain weirdness [12:10]
selckin its fun as a hobby, but why [12:11]
whaley [whaley!] has joined #java-talk [12:34]
whaley acuzio: I mean this in the nicest way possible, please go fuck yourself [12:40]
Diablo-D3 good luck, hes behind seven proxies [12:41]
acuzio selckin: ON a serious note , it started with me travelling extensively and I started dropping VPNs for specific locations cause I liked the local TV content and couldnt find it elsewhere. This then translated to simply hiding in certain regions (China, Disputed Iraq/ Kurdistan , Russia, etc.) And then at some point I started running a tor node and also a seedbox (documents mainly during the [01:28]
acuzio Egypt uprising) and then its just continued from there [01:28]
acuzio I actually also used VPNs back home when i was sitting in Airports helping lawyers process "unwanted" migrants coming in during the previous regime. The previous regime was so bad that we have forgotten so many atrocities [01:36]
Samian [Samian!~Sami@2620:10d:c091:480::1:4df9] has joined #java-talk [02:43]
freeone3000 oh, hey, we get Monday off! [02:48]
freeone3000 Hurray for Ontario's August Civic Holiday! [02:48]
Uetzwurst [Uetzwurst!] has joined #java-talk [02:52]
ricky_clarkson new AbstractFoo(args) & RedFoo { .. } seems slightly useful, I know I've looked for it before, but possibly not worth an actual change. [02:54]
ricky_clarkson Since lambdas I don't really find myself using anonymous classes much. [02:55]
cheeser i like the follow up better. [02:55]
cheeser the garden path discussion [02:55]
cheeser in general, i feel like if you need *that* much ceremony around your AIC, just make it a named class. [02:56]
sonOfRa wat [03:11]
sonOfRa The UK didn't rollout widespread chickenpox vaccines?! [03:11]
freeone3000 "this article is more than two months old" Mate if it was 30 years old that'd be one thing. [03:18]
sonOfRa Like, Germany only started *recommending* the vaccine in *2004* which is insane (I did get chickenpox as a kid, though not at a party, my parents were more sensible than to purposefully infect their kids with diseases) [03:19]
sonOfRa "The basic reproduction number (R0) of varicella ranged between 3.7 and 5.0" [03:20]
sonOfRa Holy shit. [03:20]
freeone3000 yeah, it's pretty universal. pox parties make sense because the younger you are when you get it, the less-bad the symptoms are. and natural immunity lasts for forty years. so it makes sense to infect your 8 mo old with chickenpox to prevent them from getting it when they're 3 years [03:22]
sonOfRa And only a small percentage of your 8 year olds are gonna die of meningitis! [03:23]
freeone3000 herd immunity the 16th century way. [03:23]
sonOfRa 8 month olds [03:23]
freeone3000 smaller than if they had it when they're 3. [03:23]
freeone3000 with an R0 of fucking *five* it's basically 100% you're-gonna-catch-it-at-some-point [03:23]
sonOfRa Even smaller if they'd gotten a vaccine that has been available for like 30 years! [03:23]
ricky_clarkson For similar reasons I always give peanuts to babies. [03:23]
freeone3000 yeah, that's... that's the thing. I had a pox party, and I was the last one in my family, because the year *after* I caught it they introduced the vaccine. [03:24]
freeone3000 so if you're reading any article up until 1991, deliberate exposure of infants makes sense! then suddenly it's dumb! [03:24]
sonOfRa For some reason Germany took rather long to officially recommend it, and it is in fact not in my vaccine book (I was born in '93) [03:25]
sonOfRa Doctor who vaccinated me was fascinated that I was born "that long ago" but still had an intact first yellow booklet. Apparently that is a rare thing and most people just don't have theirs [03:27]
freeone3000 gotta love when a guy with 14 years of schooling makes you feel old [03:27]
sonOfRa She was older than me! [03:28]
sonOfRa It *is* quite beat up though because I kept it in my passport, and since I didn't have any other ID, I always had my passport on me day-to-day for like a year in the US [03:28]
sonOfRa And the thing slightly sticks out [03:28]
cheeser i rarely carry my passport on me when i'm abroad. at conferences it's slightly different as it lives in my backpack but at night when we're out for dinner and such i almost never have it on me. [03:30]
sonOfRa It might be a german thing. Technically you're supposed to have identification on you - every German starting at age 14 (or 16?) has to have an ID. Technically you don't have to have it on you, but if you don't, a grumpy cop can hold you to "ascertain your identity" [03:32]
sonOfRa With my complexion, hair, and eye color, I'm not particularly susceptible to grumpy cops, but you never know [03:32]
sonOfRa Not sure about the US, since it's been so long, but if you're there on a visa, aren't you basically required to have the visa stuff on you? [03:35]
ron I think it's a bit complicated as it could be a federal requirement but officers may not actually be aware of it. [03:38]
cheeser yeah. every country has that rule for the most part but I've literally never had it come up in dozens of trips abroad [03:38]
ron technically, I'm supposed to carry my green card with me at all times, even if I have a state id. [03:39]
cheeser generally, police officers aren't allowed to ask about immigration status. you need *some* form of ID, generally, but it's pretty loose. [03:39]
ron can't think of a situation where I needed to show my passport while traveling other than for 'official' reasons. [03:40]
sonOfRa Oh yeah I never once had to show it [03:40]
sonOfRa But ZE GERMANS do thinks by the rules, even if the rules are stupid [03:41]
cheeser ron: hotel checkins are the only time I can think of [03:41]
ron cheeser: and border control ;) [03:41]
cheeser well yeah :) [03:41]
ron cheeser: but even at hotels you can technically show them a driver license afaik [03:42]
ron I think I use the passport mostly because it's very reachable as it's the next step after border control (getting to the hotel to check in) [03:43]
Maldivia I know, when I was in the US, I would carry a photocopy of my passport in my wallet, since carrying around your actual passport is not adviceable [03:46]
Maldivia advisable* [03:46]
Maldivia at least it was the advise we got from the embassy [03:49]
freeone3000 nobody is gonna accept a photocopy. but that's okay, because in the US, less than half the population has a passport, so you don't really need one. [03:51]
freeone3000 you need it for border control, and... ... yeah. [03:51]
Maldivia well, to be used together with other photo id [04:11]
Maldivia and I've used a photo of passport on a few occasions actually, when I needed an ID, and didn't have other on me, but nothing serious, mostly like picking up a package at post office etc [04:12]
Maldivia also used it to pick up a package for my partner... we look nothing alike, but hey, covid times, wearing a mask, no one cares there anyway ;) [04:13]
sonOfRa Oh no. Chris Chan is trending on twitter, and I hate that past me was interested in this kind of thing and I looked and... dear god. If you do not know who chris chan is, I recommend not finding out [04:16]
Maldivia so why mention it? [04:19]
Maldivia but yeah, no idea who it is; probably some sports guy, with Olympics? [04:20]
sonOfRa Not even sure why. But, you're way off, and that's probably a good thing! [04:20]
ricky_clarkson No idea, not going to look it up, unsure why I'm even here. [04:21]
Maldivia I was thinking the rape-accused guy, whose tram mates are trying to keep him away from girls while they play kn Tokyo [04:21]
Maldivia team* [04:21]
ron going to see my doctor in a bit, anyone needs anything? [04:22]
ricky_clarkson Looks like we'll be allowed to use Java 11 language features in about a week. Roll on 2018. [04:22]
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Faux > Heizölrückstoßabdämpfung (= fuel oil recoil absorber) (jqvwxy missing, but all non-ASCII letters in one word) [05:40]
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ricky_clarkson I don't see the Spanish enye (n with a squiggle on top) or the cedilla from French and Portuguese. Do you mean all non-ASCII letters used by German? [05:48]
Faux I think that's what it means, yes. [05:49]
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