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Nick Message Date
freeone3000 Grumble grumble I now have to buy a new Razer orbweaver and all the new ones are, in some way, crap. [12:06]
freeone3000 Used ones are twice the price of a new one. [12:06]
freeone3000 Bought a used one. Fuck it, whatever. [12:54]
yawkat db: the site gnomes dont have to work sundays [03:48]
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acuzio morning ladies [08:30]
Faux acuzio is a site gnome and has to work Sundays. [08:30]
acuzio yes thank you Faux [08:30]
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acuzio hey Faux how are your zoom skills ? [09:03]
Faux Zoom is in my "work with the technology" bucket, which means I have okay workarounds for things, and my expectations are low. [09:03]
Faux Do tell me how and why you want to work against the technology, and why you hate yourself, and why you're doing this on a Sunday, though! [09:04]
acuzio Fair enough Faux ., but I am quite keen to see if you have had good performance with 4K Zoom share (i know Zoom downscales it to 1080p) And a mpv stream of your camera ? [09:05]
Faux I don't have any 4k capable devices at all because I am poor. [09:05]
Faux No camera, no screens, no gpu. [09:05]
Faux No internet. [09:05]
Faux Oh, the TV can probably play 4k if we could buy any. [09:05]
acuzio I am being serious dude [09:06]
Faux Same. [09:06]
acuzio fuck [09:08]
acuzio Major presentation tomorrow 10 EST., need to get it right [09:09]
Faux It's not a porno acuzio, nobody really cares if it's 4k. [09:10]
acuzio Its not the 4K Faux . , like i said Zoom already downscales it to 1080p . Its the mpv video bit thats important to me Faux ., i am sharing a 4K screen with a PPT + a mpv video and dont quite know how well it will come to [09:11]
acuzio The mpv video is important due to me used to being expressive on video [09:13]
Faux s/res/en/ [09:15]
Faux Can I help? I don't think I can help. [09:15]
acuzio I thought you had a 4K screen share and had some experience with it [09:16]
Faux Nope. Too poor. [09:16]
Faux Currently shopping for KARNDEAN flooring apparently. [09:17]
acuzio KARNDEAN ??? [09:17]
acuzio dont [09:17]
Faux Fancy lino. [09:17]
acuzio yes i checked it out as well [09:17]
acuzio Just dont [09:17]
Faux Wife wants hard floors and I refuse to have actual wood. [09:17]
Faux Gotta be wipe clean. [09:18]
acuzio There is something called "Engineered Wood" - use that [09:18]
Faux The hallway has some kind of wood effect tile, looked pretty good. [09:19]
acuzio For halls ., yes [09:20]
Faux Engineered Wood it still wood. If it scratches when you look at it it's useless. [09:20]
acuzio For bedroom , Engineered Wood. They are less susceptible to scratches , easier to clean and most imptly. cheaper. [09:20]
acuzio Dont go for Wood Tile effect shit [09:20]
acuzio Its the same cost ., get proper tiles instead [09:21]
Faux I'm hoping the plastic is softer. I spend a lot of time on my knees. [09:21]
Faux Anyway, it's bloody expensive is what it is, need to deliberate for a bit more first. [09:21]
Faux To be clear, the place we're moving doesn't have floors, this isn't an upgrade. [09:22]
Faux [09:22]
acuzio I dont know what that means [09:23]
acuzio In any case , how can you move to a place that has like "no floors" - thats not a thing . I can recommend Tiles *for communal areas* and real or Engineered wood for bedrooms etc [09:23]
Faux It's being built. It has no floors installed. [09:24]
acuzio Wait you are moving to a brand new apartment ... ? [09:24]
acuzio (forgot where you are moving to) [09:24]
Faux Yes, yes we are. [09:24]
Faux We've already discussed the location and whether it's an apartment or a mid-teraace. [09:25]
acuzio ITs Fuckstone , Kent right [09:25]
Faux There we go! [09:25]
acuzio So you are moving there [09:28]
acuzio This sounds like a _bad_ idea [09:29]
acuzio Who the fuck goes to fucking Kent ? [09:29]
acuzio Except well old, white, .... wait . wait . yes you will fit right in there , dont tell anyone your Mrs is French [09:30]
acuzio IN some other news , there are a bunch of really good channels that are run by Indians (primarily around Tech and food) ., only problem is the fucking accent. I cant hear a thing without either laughing or being completely bewildered [09:38]
acuzio (Meant as a real feedback not being racist) [09:38]
Maldivia [11:14]
Maldivia Maldivia's title: "Marco Heimeshoff on Twitter: "Croudsourcing might be the solution, finally!"" [11:14]
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[twisti] talking to a bunch of people you can be relatively certain none of which are a specific race, telling them that you are laughing at that races language/accent definitely feels like constructive feedback to me too [02:13]
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acuzio I dont know if [twisti] is being sarcastic or not ., i suspect he is being [04:54]
[twisti] i am [04:55]
acuzio My antennae are working [04:55]
[twisti] your statement was clearly eracist [04:55]
acuzio Really [04:55]
[twisti] yes [04:56]
acuzio My bank is FirstDirect and their call center is in Scotland and I have said this to them as well [04:56]
[twisti] its not the horrible kind of racism where you shoot poor black kids in the back, but since you brought it up, its definitely racism [04:56]
acuzio What happens if you cant actually understand what they are saying ., how do you specify that without being racist ? [04:57]
acuzio I genuinely am not able to understand it [05:00]
acuzio I once just called First Direct and said "Please ask someone else to call me back because I cant understand you". She moved the call to someone else. [05:00]
acuzio BTW , in news that no one is surprised by, The clearest and best indicator of a non-vaxxed person is to ask them "Who you voted for?" Trump voters are most likely to be vaxxed. This is a good thing. Easy and simple to find . Easier to cull. [05:05]
cheeser whut? [05:06]
cheeser they're most likely to be *not* vaxxed. [05:07]
acuzio *not* vaxxed yes [05:07]
acuzio Oh wait , i missed the "not" - thanks cheeser [05:07]
cheeser whew! i know we're well in to bizzaro world but i thought i'd lost track there for a second. [05:09]
AMcBain They did get a "vaccine" it was a placebo shot of that body-safe bleach stuff from Bob on the corner over there. [05:11]
AMcBain P [05:11]
AMcBain "We don't know what's in it!" Yet perfectly happy to buy some random drug (hydroxycholorwhatever) to take... [05:12]
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freeone3000 We do know what's in it? There's a list of ingredients? [05:31]
freeone3000 It's under patent? You can just read the patent? [05:31]
sonOfRa What I read recently: The people who think the vaccine is gonna change their genes should see that as an opportunity, not a problem. [05:32]
AMcBain freeone3000, yeah but they don't seem to think so or they read the list and assume the worst. [05:34]
AMcBain It's funny how these people go "mercury!" but would also go "Well duh beer battered X has no alcohol in it." Same thing, but somehow they got different conclusions. [05:34]
ricky_clarkson Self-inflicted genocide. [05:35]
freeone3000 AMcBain: It's like, two glycols, two buffer agents, an encapsulator, the mRNA, and a volume of saline. [05:35]
AMcBain Yup. [05:35]
AMcBain The mercury complaint is from thimerisol which isn't in all of them. [05:36]
freeone3000 Nothing in there even sounds scary. [05:36]
freeone3000 It's not in any of them. It hasn't been in anything since 1993. [05:36]
AMcBain I know. "I don't understand it, so it must be bad!" [05:36]
AMcBain Yeeesss, but that doesnt' stop them using it as a fearmongering point. [05:36]
AMcBain None of the arguments for anti-vax etc. are even remotely recent. They're all old. [05:39]
AMcBain "It wasn't tested enough!" (we always hold trials) "It's not been officially approved!" (there's processes for that) "But the side effects!" (You read a database that anyone can submit anything to that they may have had after they got the shot whether it's related or not), etc. [05:40]
AMcBain It's the same points over and over again for years. [05:40]
AMcBain I may have said already, I got a two shot one and already have both. If there's a third one needed I will get it too. [05:42]
AMcBain I did stop masking for a bit ago but I have resumed masking for stores when I go out. [05:43]
AMcBain My area is a hotspot :( [05:43]
AMcBain I don't live in Florida though, thankgoodness. [05:43]
freeone3000 Masking is still required here. [05:45]
cheeser AMcBain: same here on all points. :) [05:45]
cheeser anti-maskers/vaxxers are fucking stupid. [05:45]
AMcBain freeone3000, they reinstituted it for schools but not generally. Since the state followed the (dumb) CDC guidance for removing masks if unvaccinated now that they've changed back (again) I hope we follow. I'd love it if some local stores would require proof of vax to get in, but nobody will do it since it would lose them money and probably make the news in the local paper (there's a reason we're a hotspot) [05:47]
sonOfRa I had a school friend explain to me how masks don't help because the viruses are too small to be caught by it, while at the same time they're dangerous because they're not letting enough oxygen through [05:47]
sonOfRa Viruses; smaller than O2 molecules, apparently! [05:48]
AMcBain Though despite the conservative bent to the local paper, they actually had some opinion/editorial pages not-quite-screaming at people to go get vaccinated which was nice. [05:48]
AMcBain sonOfRa, heh :( [05:48]
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freeone3000 I'm eating a meal of stuffed olives and bread spread with cheese. I've gone native. :( [09:45]
cheeser yum [09:48]
db native? like the Canadian natives, growing olives in the, err, arid plains of Newfoundland? [09:55]
db yesterday I had bread spread with cheese - and pickles. [09:56]
db I do own a jar of stuffed olives though. [09:56]
cheeser stuffed with what, though? olives stuffed with garlic are yum [09:57]
db piemento peppers [10:05]
cheeser how pedestrian. :) [10:06]
db I would totally buy garlic-stuffed ones if I found them [10:10]
freeone3000 Native, as in, this is a very French meal. [10:16]
freeone3000 Some of these olives are garlic stuffed! Some others are jalapeno, and some are chorizo. [10:16]
Samian Anyone here ever try traveling abroad while working remotely? How did it go? [11:43]
cheeser i have. went swimmingly. [11:43]
Samian I'm very productive when working at restaurants. Fork in right hand. Coding with left hand. The reason is that it looks cooler if people see me coding than if they see me playing chess or goofing around some other way. So the ego works in my favor in encouraging real work. [11:45]
Samian I'm not proud of that though. I need to feed my desire to show-off to get work done? not cool [11:46]
Samian cheeser if only I had a waterproof laptop :-D [11:47]
db traveling abroad while working remotely.. idk. I work remotely from abroad. does that count? [11:47]
Samian but you're working from your house probably [11:49]
db yes [11:55]
db hauling a multi-screen setup and standing desk to a restaurant seems inconvenient, also I'm easily distracted by people and noises, which is why I prefer to work alone in a private room. [11:57]
cheeser i like to work from coffee shops. or at least I did pre-covid [11:58]