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puppy_za morning [02:36]
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scav left won the election [03:38]
scav but, finally we can get free dental service, free kindergarten and after school care, no queues for health services and no care for people with addiction (finally some proper conservatives in government who just don't give a fuck) [03:40]
acuzio morning ladies [03:43]
puppy_za wait, no care for addicts? [04:15]
puppy_za time to return the socialist card :P [04:17]
ricky_clarkson The addicts can get jobs in those newly-bolstered industries. I don't see any problem there. [04:17]
puppy_za what industries are these? :P [04:19]
puppy_za "Kids, Don't buy drugs! Become a rock star and they give it to you for free" [04:20]
scav puppy_za: the "workers party" are super conservative. we had a new bill frontend by the right wing parties and some far left ones, but the majority of the center/left parties voted no [04:23]
scav so basically, we are still prosecuting, imprisoning and fining one of the weakest group in our society today, in norway, because... fuck if i know [04:24]
puppy_za I don't know why but I read this in Eurovision presenter's voice "Norway has spoken! Jonas Gahr Støre?s Labour Party (Ap) wins the Norwegian parliamentary election, giving him the PM job if he can strike the expected deal with the Socialist Left (SV) and the Centre party (Sp)." [04:24]
scav ricky_clarkson: which industries? the new we will fund by increasing taxes even more? [04:24]
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sonOfRa <3 prod outage [05:07]
sonOfRa root cause analysis: The cron job that pulls all our docker images every night so ops doesn't delete them apparently didn't pull all the images, and ops restarted the kubernetes cluster and now a few images are gone [05:08]
sonOfRa Becase the only reason that you wouldn't pull an image for 2 weeks is because noone needs it at all anymore! [05:08]
scav wat [05:14]
scav they delete images from your registry if its running in prod? [05:14]
puppy_za customer support is having a hectic day then [05:22]
sonOfRa scav: they don't know if it's running in prod! [05:22]
sonOfRa They just delete all images that haven't been pulled in 14 days, every midnight [05:22]
sonOfRa Disk space is precious [05:23]
sonOfRa developer time however, is not. [05:23]
puppy_za clearly [05:23]
sonOfRa It's not a terrible outage, because it hit a system that is not really in prod yet, everyone is still testing it in staging [05:23]
sonOfRa But it's happened on prod before [05:24]
sonOfRa And the answer is "just make sure you pull your images regularly" [05:24]
puppy_za maybe your devops hate the devs :P [05:24]
puppy_za the solution would be - get bigger quota / disk [05:24]
sonOfRa I mean, I get the problem [05:25]
sonOfRa The images are huge [05:25]
sonOfRa Because they're forcing us to use huge base image with a bunch of debugging tool for ops [05:25]
sonOfRa like, 2-3G for a spring boot service that would otherwise be... 150M? [05:25]
puppy_za are the ops using the tools? [05:26]
sonOfRa Probably not [05:26]
sonOfRa But they might have to, some day! [05:27]
puppy_za you and I know that someday is never :P [05:27]
puppy_za can't recall who complained about the isnull() thing here last week [05:28]
puppy_za a whole library just for it [05:28]
sonOfRa I am not happy about having to use these big images [05:29]
sonOfRa It's pointless [05:29]
sonOfRa But because we have huge images, we also have disk space problems on nexus, and that lead to "yeah we're just gonna delete everything good luck" [05:29]
puppy_za ops need to justify the addition of the tools, surely [05:29]
puppy_za a comprise would be to whitelist the images that can be deleted [05:30]
scav sonOfRa: thats... insane. [06:06]
sonOfRa ¯\_(?)_/¯ [06:06]
[twisti] [06:15]
[twisti] that election is tomorrow, right ? [06:16]
[twisti] because that site already says that Gavin Newsom won, and that they have proof he won through fraud [06:16]
Maldivia what did you expect? [06:20]
acuzio ^^^ exactly [06:21]
acuzio If the Repubs played by the rules then other than TX and AL they wouldnt be in power anywhere [06:21]
acuzio may be AK [06:25]
Maldivia hmm, is it time to start suggest that QAnon is actually Queer Anonymous... a support group for queer people still in the closet? [06:27]
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sonOfRa [twisti]: gonna be fun when AfD starts copying this trick after they don't get as much as they hoped for at the end of september [06:35]
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Diablo-D3 [Diablo-D3!] has joined #java-talk [06:50]
scav so the new elected government in norway is going to go after "anything that smells of luxury in peoples homes such as location, if it has a pool, neighbourhood, price and such" [07:01]
scav like what the fuck. [07:02]
Maldivia "go after", in what sense? [07:03]
scav taxes, taxes, taxes [07:05]
scav you have a poo? TAX [07:05]
scav you happen to live in a nice neighbourhood? TAX [07:05]
scav you have spent time and energy maintaining your home so its value has increased? TAX BITCH [07:05]
db Who else are they gonna tax? [07:19]
scav the rich [07:27]
scav meaning everyone who is above the median income [07:28]
scav we are now the enemy, 47% income tax is just simply not enough [07:28]
db Oh, 47% [07:36]
db How's VAT? [07:37]
db Ah, 25% [07:40]
db That's something ;) [07:40]
scav thats not all [07:50]
scav there is also tax on property (your home) and it is adjusted based on some fiction of market value [07:51]
db And tax on alcoholic beverage [07:51]
acuzio Its fucking insane , whenever i do some exercise , the next 2 days I have a solid high [07:56]
acuzio Its just so fucking obvious ; I sleep well , i eat well, i am just positive overall. The only problem : My calendar is packed beyond belief [07:56]
Faux > the priorities are right as long as we definitely do the bottom priority. [08:03]
Faux scav: The property tax here is based on the value of your house in 1991. I have never owned a house that existed in 1991. They make one up, though. [08:04]
Faux Also, I lolled. > you have a poo? TAX [08:04]
freeone3000 Honestly a reassessment is probably in order [08:38]
scav Faux: taxes for everything [08:38]
freeone3000 I pay property tax based on 1% of my houses appraised value, which is $300,000. I bought the house for $717500. The city apparently doesn't care? And revised their estimate of its value to $313000. [08:38]
freeone3000 So I have no idea whose ass they're pulling numbers out of. [08:40]
acuzio WTF [08:42]
acuzio dude ., what ? [08:42]
acuzio you are in ... wait where are you in freeone3000 ? [08:42]
scav freeone3000: we have that as well, but they want to add more components to it now, to squeeze you even more [08:46]
freeone3000 Acuzio: montreal [09:04]
freeone3000 No, I'm fine with 1%, I'm just wondering why it's based on a number other than what I paid for it, aka "the value" [09:04]
acuzio freeone3000:Montreal ... dude thats a fucking expensive region [09:05]
freeone3000 The city is apparently saying my house sold for over twice its "value", which is weird because it sold for below market [09:05]
freeone3000 Acuzio: no shit, my house is $717500 [09:05]
acuzio Victoria BC is probably the other one. but yeah i hear that this is even more expensive than Toronto. [09:06]
freeone3000 Semidetached. In Little Italy / Rosemont-Petite-Patrie / Mile-Ex. So, not downtown, but I'm three blocks from Jean-Talon Metro. [09:06]
acuzio I dont know Montreal (except its full of Frenchies who are not Frenchies) [09:07]
acuzio And no one likes Frenchies even the Frenchies dont like Frenchies [09:07]
freeone3000 There's also a lot of frenchies [09:07]
freeone3000 You should visit it'll be fun [09:07]
acuzio I want to - I cant fucking travel anywhere [09:08]
acuzio You forget , I am in Covid Island [09:08]
scav damn i love this game, ive been taking huge losses on a stock for weeks now, it just fucking exploded and im in the green just like i predicted [09:09]
scav well, not actually "taking" them, just it locked up a load of money i could have used elsewhere, but damn, its payday [09:09]
scav i think someEFTs are buing green stocks like crazy now [09:10]
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acuzio ETF;s [09:13]
scav ? [09:19]
acuzio Its ETF [09:27]
sonOfRa :D [09:29]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "The Travis CI Blog: Security Bulletin" [09:29]
sonOfRa context: [09:30]
sonOfRa tl;dr making a pull request to a public repo apparently allowed you to exfiltrate all the secret env vars of that repo [09:30]
puppy_za gees [09:31]
scav acuzio: anyone but you would probably understand that was fat fingers [09:32]
acuzio its pedantic sorry - scav [09:33]
acuzio yeah - well , to absolutely no ones surprise [09:37]
scav acuzio: no worries, just annoying because clearly i had not noticed my typo so it i assumed you were going to go "lol ETFs" [09:38]
scav i just can't read this shit anymore, im so happy norway has almost 100% vaccination rates amongst health professionals and *most* adults are vaccinated now [09:40]
acuzio Denmark is there as well - 100% vaccinated and ready to go [09:43]
acuzio And here we are - [09:43]
yawkat balloon that hit a substation in dresden and killed power for 300k residents [09:49]
Faux Oops. [09:50]
yawkat just glad it works as advertised [09:51]
freeone3000 82% in Quebec. Probably where we're going to stall. [09:55]
acidjnk_new3 [acidjnk_new3!] has joined #java-talk [10:02]
scav fuck ballons [10:08]
scav that warning though, if teen me read that i would probably be like "really? i had no idea... guys, you wanna go for a ride?" [10:09]
acuzio I fucking dont understand the people who simultaneously argue that Vaccines are bad, Covid is not real _and_ Trump created the Vaccine and is not being credited for it. These are all the same people [10:11]
acuzio Its fucking un fucking believable [10:11]
cheeser trumpsters are stupid. full stop. [10:13]
freeone3000 it's not about truth or correctness of any individual statement, it's about "winning" [10:16]
scav owning libs? [10:17]
scav one dead child at the time [10:17]
acuzio ^^ its really just this. Just say something that works for that minute and then quickly move forward with no context ; Its incredible. I also dont really know if they are performing" [10:19]
acuzio a role or do they genuinely believe this shit [10:19]
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acuzio Holy fuck [10:50]
acuzio MOst of my customers are on JDK 11 and some are on JDK 8 [10:50]
sonOfRa 17 is the next LTS [10:51]
acuzio oh thats good to know [10:51]
sonOfRa so people will slowly move to that and stay there until 23 hits in 3 years for the next LTS [10:51]
sonOfRa Oh apparently, Oracle is moving that schedule up, 2 years instead of 3, so 21 for next LTS [10:52]
sonOfRa [10:52]
cheeser it's a proposal afaik [10:52]
cheeser yeah. very first sentence. [10:53]
cheeser it doesn't entirely matter because LTS is meaningless outside a specific distribution. this would only apply to oracle's distro. [10:53]
cheeser RH has it's own set up and Azul has MTS releases as well. [10:53]
sonOfRa Yeah but it *will* matter to managers [10:53]
whaley only the dumb ones [10:54]
sonOfRa We're not even using oracle releases, but we're only allowed to use versions that oracle calls LTS! [10:54]
cheeser nods. [10:54]
whaley the obvious solution is to maintain your own JDK [10:54]
cheeser you should probably only use those that your distro calls an LTS and you're paying for support for. [10:54]
sonOfRa hah [10:54]
freeone3000 wish I could use java at work. I've only got c# :( [10:55]
yawkat What a mess it would be if other vendors wouldn't match oracle's lts schedule. [10:57]
cheeser possibly. but otoh, if you're paying for support who cares, right? [10:57]
cheeser want to camp out on 16? then pay bellsoft for the next 5 years for that support, e.g. [10:58]
cheeser LTS is just a label. each version is production ready. and so long as you're getting patches and the like, use what you pay for. [10:59]
ron yawn [01:06]
whaley fart [01:28]
whaley ugh, the Switch OLEDs are already sold out [01:28]
ron sad [01:49]
sonOfRa [02:58]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Multi-Dimensional Analog Literals in C++" [02:58]
sonOfRa The best C++ ever written by anyone [02:58]
Maldivia .... but why [03:08]
sonOfRa yes [03:11]
ricky_clarkson scav: The industries you mentioned, dental, kindergarten, after school care. [03:11]
ricky_clarkson Perfect for junkies. [03:12]
ricky_clarkson Watching House of Cards in its original Spanish, it took me ~10 seconds to decipher 'jonquis' to 'junkies' [03:12]
ricky_clarkson freeone3000: Would the smaller ecosystem be the main problem in C# vs Java? [03:14]
ron house of cards or "paper house"? [03:23]
ricky_clarkson Whoops, probably paper house. Casa de papel [03:29]
ricky_clarkson Money Heist [03:29]
sonOfRa :D [03:33]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Do Chairs Exist? - YouTube" [03:33]
ron yes, house of cards is a different show ;) [03:37]
ron i've seen the first two seasons of money heist... can't really get myself to watch the rest. [03:37]
ron sonOfRa: I hate you [03:39]
sonOfRa same [03:39]
acidjnk_new [acidjnk_new!] has joined #java-talk [03:39]
ron you hate yourself? [03:43]
sonOfRa Ocassionaly [03:47]
sonOfRa Occasionally [03:47]
sonOfRa Ocasionaly? [03:48]
sonOfRa English. [03:48]
ron no, german. [03:52]
AMcBain Occasionally was correct. [04:02]
whaley where did foddo go? [04:02]
whaley seen fotato [04:02]
whaley whaley, fotato was last seen at 2021-03-30 09:49 with the following entry: fotato parted the channel: "The Lounge -" [04:02]
ron porksoda: why not kosher [04:25]
freeone3000 Ricky_clarkson: yeah. Smaller ecosystem is a bit of an understatement. There is one major vendor of libraries, and that is Microsoft. (There used to be Newton soft as well, but, well, they were Borged.) [04:31]
sonOfRa ooohhh, new nilered video Cotton Balls to cotton candy [04:34]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Turning cotton balls into cotton candy - YouTube" [04:34]
sonOfRa Just add chemistry! [04:34]
ron sonOfRa: why [04:39]
sonOfRa Because this canadian nerd is extremely bored and has a chemistry lab [04:40]
sonOfRa He also turned rubber gloves into grape soda [04:40]
freeone3000 starch to sugar isn't even a complex reaction! I remember doing this in high school chem. Great title for a video though [04:42]
freeone3000 (we also made thermite in high school chem. or we tried, and got the ratios wrong, so the teacher helped.) [04:42]
sonOfRa He did it before with cellulase, (and made moonshine from toilet paper) [04:42]
sonOfRa But this time he went a different route to get the sugar from the cellulose [04:42]
ron why [04:42]
sonOfRa [22:40:10] sonOfRa: Because this canadian nerd is extremely bored and has a chemistry lab [04:42]
ron can't he cure aids or something intead [04:42]
sonOfRa Ah and we mustn't forget the world's most expensive carbonated water [04:43]
sonOfRa Burning diamonds to make CO2 and then using that CO2 to carbonate the water [04:43]
freeone3000 aids is gonna be cured by moderna [04:43]
ron plenty of other things to be cured [04:43]
sonOfRa Malaria! [04:43]
freeone3000 we already have a cure for malaria [04:43]
ron no? [04:44]
sonOfRa We're gonna wipe out the mosquitos responsible for it, but apparently people are resistant to wiping out species? [04:44]
cheeser it's called "stay at home if you're scared" [04:44]
cheeser oh, sorry. that's the cure for covid. [04:44]
ron malaria is... not fun. [04:44]
freeone3000 chloroquinine? and artemenesin for the quinine-resistant? [04:44]
ron take it as a personal recommendation - if you can avoid malaria, please do. [04:45]
cheeser by staying at home! [04:45]
ron actually that doesn't help [04:45]
freeone3000 unless you live in the tropics [04:45]
freeone3000 in which case, go to canada [04:45]
sonOfRa Wiping out Malaria is... probably one of the biggest things for making humanity better in a dollar spent per unit of making things better [04:45]
ron wiping out malaria is challenging given the amount of strains it has [04:46]
freeone3000 just kill all of the mosquitos [04:46]
ron that would be an ecological nightmare [04:46]
sonOfRa We [04:46]
freeone3000 ...would it? [04:46]
sonOfRa We [04:46]
ron yes [04:46]
sonOfRa what the fuck [04:46]
ron mock sonOfRa [04:46]
javabot points at sonOfRa and laughs [04:46]
freeone3000 what fucking nightmare beast depends on having its blood sucked [04:46]
sonOfRa It might actually not be as much a problem [04:46]
freeone3000 i think we can deal without those fuckers too [04:46]
freeone3000 if one even exists, which I don't think it does [04:47]
ron one fucker? [04:47]
freeone3000 one species dependant on mosquitos [04:47]
ron [04:48]
freeone3000 OTHER FUCKING MOSQUITOS [04:48]
freeone3000 ron: that looks like it was written by an 8th grader copying from wikipedia [04:48]
ron yes, judge an NPO for lack of resources [04:48]
sonOfRa Seriously though, wiping out the speicifc kinds of mosquitos that carry malaria would likely be a net good thing [04:49]
ron malaria was a good excuse to not donate blood though [04:49]
sonOfRa It's what, 200 million cases and 400k deaths every year? [04:49]
freeone3000 the mosquitos that drink blood aren't even the same mosquitos that pollinate flowers! [04:49]
ron now I'm just a coward instead [04:49]
freeone3000 they're *predators* of the ones that pollinate flowers! [04:49]
sonOfRa And 2/3 of the deaths are children aged <5 [04:50]
freeone3000 the stupid bity thing is to drain the blood of other mosquitos and they fucking lucked into the whole mammal thing! [04:50]
ron we can't wipe out covid, you want to wipe out mosquitos? [04:50]
freeone3000 yes [04:50]
sonOfRa Absolutely [04:50]
ron gluck with that [04:50]
freeone3000 we got smallpox. we're going to get polio. (we may have already gotten it except it's persisting in pakistan) [04:51]
freeone3000 we can get little stingy bois [04:51]
ron mhmm [04:51]
sonOfRa We've successfully tested genetic modification of mosquitoes that wipes out populations in somewhere between 7 and 11 generations [04:52]
freeone3000 even if we fuck it up and don't get as many mosquitos there's still gonna be fewer mosquitos [04:53]
sonOfRa And it's rather unlikely that the consequences of wiping out the fuckers is going to be net worse than malaria [04:53]
sonOfRa 270k dead children younger than 5 *every year* is a lot of death [04:54]
ron the best way to cure malaria is to make it widespread in europe and NA [04:54]
ron ok, time to read a boring document. [05:02]
puppy_za uh [05:09]
freeone3000 ARE YOU KIDDING ME [05:10]
freeone3000 freeone3000's title: "Cisco BGPStream on Twitter: "BGP,HJ,hijacked prefix AS8075, MICROSOFT-CORP-MSN-AS-BLOCK, US,-,By AS43727 KVANT-TELECOM, RU,"" [05:10]
puppy_za why do I see Microsoft in this thing that looks like a modem code [05:11]
freeone3000 ok so bgp is how ips are routed to asns [05:11]
puppy_za also, I hate mosquitos and malaria as humanly as possible. But many other insects and animals live on mosquitos. We wipe their food out then they die [05:11]
freeone3000 in the postal system metaphor for packets, the IP address is the zip code and the asn is the regional distribution center [05:12]
freeone3000 so what happens is KVANT-TELECOM, from RU, announced that IT is the preferred destination for packets in the block [05:13]
puppy_za I did do network at university but i forgot most things that's below application layer [05:13]
puppy_za all your packets are belong to RU? [05:14]
freeone3000 so everyone trying to hit a packet in that block,, notably includuing ** which may not be memorable one for you BUT IS FOR ME [05:14]
freeone3000 is gonna be routed to kvant telecom [05:14]
freeone3000 instead of to AUTH.MICROSOFT.COM [05:14]
sonOfRa Isn't it fun how the entire internet is built on everyone being nice and not doing bgp hijacks which are just... [05:14]
puppy_za shocking... [05:14]
sonOfRa Easy? [05:15]
freeone3000 you can do bgp hijacks by *accident* [05:15]
freeone3000 the security is basically "if you know how to do a bgp announce we assume you're competent enough to not screw it up" [05:15]
sonOfRa Just put a wrong number in a config file, hit deploy, boom! [05:15]
freeone3000 hurricane electric *screws it up all the time* [05:15]
freeone3000 normally we have protections against things like this. our domains are on a secret "do not fuck with" list that every CA and every domain registrar has [05:17]
freeone3000 like if you try to issue a cert for on godaddy not only will it not go through, you will get a phone call [05:17]
ron oh no a phone call [05:18]
freeone3000 (I was on the receiving end of this once...) [05:18]
freeone3000 ron: It's sort of a friendly warning. Y'know, we see what you're doing, we know where you live, this is illegal, so be careful. Y'know? [05:18]
freeone3000 but frickin' BGP *has no security* AUGH [05:18]
freeone3000 tomorrow is gonna be a fun meeting [05:19]
sonOfRa It's the kind of thing in society where we just quietly hope on the societal contract not to degrade too far [05:19]
sonOfRa *so many things* that you can do with so little effort that do extreme amounts of harm quickly and we just kinda hope noone does it [05:19]
ron like wearing a mask [05:20]
puppy_za if you think about it, the painted line on the road is supposed to "protect" us [05:20]
puppy_za mmm, I remember reading that some Russian internet provider was almost DDOSed. So I guess it's kvant telecom? [05:29]
freeone3000 It's not a ddos if you do it to yourself [05:34]
freeone3000 1.2 billion users hit that server. It's how you log into Windows. [05:34]
cheeser dumb denial of service then? [05:35]
puppy_za oh I completely forgot the Apple product day [05:38]
puppy_za and it's Yandex not kvant telecom being "Hit With Biggest DDoS Attack Ever" [05:41]
ron done reading yay [06:04]
Rainier [Rainier!~AMcBain@user/amcbain] has joined #java-talk [07:45]
Rainier Well that was weird. Lights dimmed twice, PC reset, rear case fan pegged to full, PC didn't boot. Hard power off, boot, and it works again but it changed the monitor scaling to really tiny (native 4k I guess)... [07:46]
Diablo-D3 Rainier: PSU probably tripped due to undervoltage [07:47]
Diablo-D3 browned just enough to do that, probably should unplug the monitor for 30s as well [07:47]
Rainier Oh monitors were off for at least that. [07:47]
Rainier Yeah I figure line sag or something, but I don't get why it attempted to reboot then pegged the fan while doing (almost) nothing. [07:47]
Diablo-D3 SoC got confused [07:48]
Rainier First time living out here we've had this, usually goes all the way out even if it's a quick blip, but outages themselves are somewhat rare. [07:48]
Diablo-D3 Ive done it to my x570 before, surprised its still an issue [07:48]
Diablo-D3 like, we live in the future, why is this an issue still [07:48]
Rainier because people still drive like idiots and crash into power poles? :P I dunno. No idea why this happened. [07:49]
Diablo-D3 no I mean [07:50]
Diablo-D3 why can it fail to boot the cpu in early startup [07:50]
Rainier Ah, that, I dunno. All I know is the fan was going far faster than it does during a normal boot. Something was stuck. [07:51]
Diablo-D3 it does catch itself eventually, but dear god its fucking annoying [07:51]
Diablo-D3 my x570 pegs all fans at 100%, I think all do, for that split second it takes to boot the cpu [07:51]
Diablo-D3 if Im actively fucking with it, every so often it'll just get stuck there for 30s, watchdog, reboot again, and continue [07:52]
Diablo-D3 but it means the entire box is just WRRRRRRRR for 30s [07:52]
Rainier I should really get a second UPS for my main desktop is what it is. I have one on a bunch of other equipment elsewhere. [07:52]
Rainier I don't expect it to last very long, but would be enough that I might be able to save stuff or put the PC to hibernate. [07:53]
Diablo-D3 I recommend getting one thats strictly always online and double converting [07:59]
Diablo-D3 you won't always need the UPS part, and hopefully, never [07:59]
Diablo-D3 you want it to just be a full ham filter [07:59]
Diablo-D3 it isn't cheap, but at least your investment does something [07:59]
Diablo-D3 Ive basically fucked with every brand over the years, least shitty is the 9sx series (which is the grandchild of whats under my desk now) [08:00]
Diablo-D3 (and they basically havent changed, they just keep making them look fancier, same fucking guts otherwise) [08:00]
Diablo-D3 Rainier: btw, if you're in the US, get from provantage [08:10]
Diablo-D3 I dont know what they do, but they seem to carry UPSes at prices more close to what I'd negotiate from a rep, instead of msrp [08:10]
Diablo-D3 but no matter what you get, do *not* get non-enterprise gear [08:13]
Diablo-D3 its all bad, every brand [08:13]
Diablo-D3 also avoid the lithium ones, they're still charging an insane price premium + using custom hard to source cells (you'd think it'd be a brick of 18650s, and it aint on some of them) [08:14]
Diablo-D3 (they use ultra-safe non-spicy chemistries, which means special cell shapes instead of common ones) [08:14]
Diablo-D3 9sx still uses the same generic boring gel lead acids, won't leak, won't off-gas, ages like a dream [08:14]
Rainier Existing one is already lead acid, iirc. [08:17]
Rainier Though to be honest I didn't think it'd be anything else, since that's what most I knew of used. [08:19]
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Diablo-D3 well people are fucking retards [08:37]
Diablo-D3 and sometimes you have to make products for fucking retards or go under [08:37]
Diablo-D3 function > form, period [08:37]
Diablo-D3 but people are like BUT ITS A GIGANTIC FUCKING BRICK UNDER MY DESK [08:37]
Diablo-D3 fuck you, buy a bigger desk [08:37]
Rainier Erm... that's uh, I'd be nicer about it. I bet most people looking for a UPS know enough to not worry about how it looks. [08:37]
Diablo-D3 nope [08:38]
Diablo-D3 go look at like, some of the cheesy APC stuff for consumers [08:38]
Rainier and anyone who doesn't will be asking if you meant the package delivery company. [08:38]
Rainier Oh, the ones that look like bulky powerstrips? [08:38]
Diablo-D3 they have like, fancy overmolding on them [08:39]
Diablo-D3 instead of just being square and black [08:39]
Rainier ...and? [08:39]
Diablo-D3 theres like 2-3 inch gap under that overmolding [08:39]
Diablo-D3 *it could be smaller*, nope, gotta be pretty [08:39]
Rainier You're not the one buying it, so why do you care? [08:40]
Diablo-D3 because its the way of things [08:40]
Diablo-D3 eventually they'll all be that way [08:40]
Rainier Enterprise customers are a thing, so I doubt it. [08:40]
Diablo-D3 dunno man, Ive seen some pretty loopy shit in racks [08:40]
Diablo-D3 not even from this decade, classic ibm and sun rackmounts looked pretty in the 90s [08:41]
db morning [08:41]
Rainier Hey don't hate on me just because I want to RGBify my rack. Why do desktops get all the fun? [08:41]
Diablo-D3 plzdont. [08:41]
Rainier But blinkenlights are pretty. [08:42]
Rainier "RGBify my rack" I guess also could be taken the other way, if I had one. Maybe I need to eat more pizza... :P [08:45]
Diablo-D3 man you're nothing until you have your SAS card send the drive cage indicator light commands [08:45]
Diablo-D3 to just make one giant like 20x15 "monitor" [08:45]
Rainier Yessss, PacMan in 42U. [08:46]
Rainier Some day maybe I'll work out if I want to pay for the electricity to run long WS2812B or whatever RGB LEDs under the front eaves of my house controlled from the garage or something so I can do automated patterns during the holidays like that. [08:48]
Rainier long strips of* [08:48]
Rainier 13s might be the ones that are more resistant to breakages, so perhaps those instead. [08:49]
Rainier Whichever one does 12V. (12Bs do, at least.) [08:50]
Diablo-D3 one of them does 12v, one of them does 5v [08:51]
Diablo-D3 and theres one that does 24v too [08:51]
Diablo-D3 uses the same shitty protocol :P [08:51]
Rainier I've only seen up to 12V. Don't want 5V because of the distance I'd have to cover. More consistent lighting levels across it all, though I still might have to run a second power line for the second half or something, depending on how much I do. [08:53]
Rainier Also you like to crap on a lot of stuff. [08:53]
Rainier Another thing is if I stick to 12V I can use a decent but cheap PSU to power it all, and on some there's a 5V rail so I can power some reprogrammable dev board that runs at 5V. [08:54]
Rainier I've played around with these before, just nothing long enough to do the front of a house. [08:56]
Diablo-D3 someone I know did ridiculous stuff with those programmable RGBs [08:56]
Diablo-D3 found 24v ones for sale [08:56]
Diablo-D3 ended up having to do 3 strings of 1000 anyways [08:56]
Rainier Well, yeah, depends on distance covered. [08:56]
Diablo-D3 yeah, like, a mile of wiring behind this panel [08:57]
Diablo-D3 was of the US, each airport had a led [08:57]
Rainier I'd do the real math before I took a ladder up. [08:57]
Rainier Ooo, that's nifty. [08:57]
Diablo-D3 gave realtime status of if that airport was on time or had conditions going on or whatever [08:58]
Diablo-D3 did it for the control center of some huge airport out west [08:58]
Diablo-D3 I helped him put together what power supply to actually run it, which was the easiest part [08:58]
Rainier I just want to have something cooler than the neighbors across and over one who have these spherical lights that just do a random pattern (they might even be single color LEDs, I forget) and nothing really special. but I'm not a huge "one-upping" kinda person so the project is something I may never get to. More important stuff needs to get done first. [08:59]
Rainier I figure with strips of WS28XX stuff if it's properly weather shielded I can just put it up so it stays up all year round. Just not always on. [09:00]
Diablo-D3 I... dont think so? that sounds dangerous [09:01]
Rainier and I'm certainly not wrapping the house with it, just the front. Too much work to go all the way around, and I don't really want to know what that would cost me to DIY. :) [09:01]
Diablo-D3 but maybe they make better stuff now [09:01]
Rainier How is it dangerous? [09:01]
Diablo-D3 as in, you'll fry it [09:01]
Rainier Huh? [09:01]
Diablo-D3 its only 12v, worst it'd do is short out and pop a circuit [09:01]
Rainier Fry what how? [09:01]
Diablo-D3 contact with the outside weather [09:01]
db Rainier's neighbor's house [09:02]
db db's title: "2020 Full Christmas Show - YouTube" [09:02]
Rainier Er, that's why I said "properly weather shielded." You do know they make flexible plastic covers for these things and you can easily seal off the ends of those. [09:02]
Rainier I wouldn't staple up raw flex circuit strips of LEDs. I'm not that stupid. [09:02]
Rainier db, hah, yeah that's way too much effort for me. I also don't have a second storey. :P [09:03]
Diablo-D3 those plastic tubes or w/e seem to UV rot [09:03]
Rainier Well, maybe eventually, but also these are going under the eaves, not on the front of or in direct sunlight. [09:04]
Rainier db, I wonder if their neighbors dislike them... :D [09:05]
Rainier That is super bright. [09:06]
Rainier Oh, that's fun. They use a focused light to turn off the streetlight by triggering the light sensor. [09:08]
db hehe [09:10]
db depends on whether they're running it all night. [09:11]
Rainier I'd guess they just host shows at fixed times maybe on a weekend or something and let the neighbors know. [09:12]
Rainier Seems like the spotlights at the top stay up all year round: Probably a pain to do it every year so that kinda makes sense. [09:14]
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