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selckin often watch english shows with subtitles, because. now watching a german show dubbed in english with english subtitles, and they subtitles don't match the dub, so now its tripple akward </random> [07:16]
Faux Sometimes we watch French stuff with English subtitles and the wife forgets that the subtitles are for me and will like stand in front of the TV, or send me to the kitchen, etc. [07:19]
sonOfRa sounds like you need to git gud at french [07:19]
selckin dub="i'm being harassed", sub="i'm being mobbed" [07:21]
selckin what [07:21]
sonOfRa Mobbing is an english word we use in german to mean "bullying" [07:22]
acuzio morning ladies [07:29]
Faux OH NO [07:29]
acuzio Faux: what ? [07:29]
Faux ACUZIO IS HERE [07:29]
acuzio thats a good sign ?? [07:29]
acuzio dear lord - the theoretical guy is freeone3000 right ? [07:30]
acuzio and why are you shouting ? [07:30]
Faux I'm afraid. [07:30]
acuzio of freeone3000 ? [07:30]
Faux No. [07:31]
sonOfRa Of the dark? [07:31]
Faux I'm a card-carrying conservative voter, of course I'm afraid of the darki... oh, never mind. [07:31]
acuzio facepalms [07:31]
acuzio Labour is never going to win a seat outside the main metropolitan areas till they decide to tackle Brexit headon [07:33]
acuzio till that happens its moot [07:33]
acuzio everything is moot till that happens . Its the exact same thing that happened back home till the Dems explicitly said "We are against White racism and the Repubs are for it" ., there was no distinction between the 2 parties. Thats the biggest problem right now . Labour is Tory-lite and that makes no fucking sense in this environment [07:35]
selckin and all you needed was a national id card [07:35]
Faux There we go, we set him off. Good work team. [07:35]
scav Hey guys, what did I miss? [08:17]
selckin vidceo of chopper flying on mars with audio [08:22]
scav yeah, i did not miss that [08:26]
dec0d3r [dec0d3r!~dec0d3r@2001:8003:4860:b200:2e33:764e:2cb7:eba5] has joined #java-talk [08:44]
db should I watch it? [08:45]
scav depends, did you enjoy black hawk down? [08:50]
scav if yes, then probably not [08:50]
selckin has a piece of the first wright brothers plane on it [09:32]
selckin scientists so sentimental [09:33]
acidjnk_new2 [acidjnk_new2!] has joined #java-talk [10:36]
acuzio Zoom is such a piece of shit [11:31]
acuzio I cant believe Skype is better for screen sharing especially text in comparison ot Zom [11:32]
acuzio to zoom [11:32]
acuzio its insane [11:32]
acuzio How clear is the screen ? [11:35]
acuzio Is this clear ? [11:36]
Faux Never noticed any problems. Is it different on pro accounts? [11:36]
Faux No, it is not. [11:37]
acuzio wait .., [11:37]
Faux I'm waiting. [11:38]
acuzio stop waiting ., its not going to happen now [11:39]
Faux Okay. [11:39]
acuzio I am trying to a screen via a second camera and its going to happen [11:40]
Faux Haha, I guessed that might be what you were trying to do. [11:40]
Faux No, you can't do that. [11:40]
Faux Absolutely 100% classic acuzio. [11:40]
acuzio -D [11:40]
Faux "I'm trying to screenshare" "Oh, not using the screensharing stuff, using something else, didn't I mention?" [11:40]
acuzio well , ok what i am trying to do is a_ Using OBS b_ outputting to NDI c_ converting NDI -> HDMI d_ feeding HDMI into a capture card e_ using capture card as a second camera in zoom [11:42]
Faux Why not just use OBS with a virtual camera, which is how we do all our zoom lulz? [11:42]
acuzio Faux: Sound sync [11:43]
Faux But yeah, it won't work; zoom won't prioritise non-presenters so you get shit codecs. [11:43]
Faux I bet OBS can do virtual mic too, it definitely already supports desktop audio and mic mixing. [11:44]
acuzio OBS can do virtual mic - its called "monitor" and you can do that . I have tried it. Its fucking beyond complicated. [11:45]
acuzio So my setup works for PPTs and such like , cause they are quite large fonts .. cause well they are presentations. For smaller fonts and doing screen-based stuff its pretty bad [11:46]
sonOfRa I don't get why you wouldn't just... use the screensharing that's built in [11:47]
sonOfRa Because this is what we call in german "von hinten durch die Brust ins Auge" [11:47]
Faux You can't trust everyone to have multi-monitor mode turned on and the default experience for screensharing for participants, when a participant is speaking, is pretty bad. [11:47]
acuzio ^^^ [11:47]
Faux I wanted to share my IDE with PIP my face, and then let zoom decide whether to show me or not. [11:48]
Faux Which is a trivial OBS operation, except zoom blurs it. [11:48]
acuzio Yup [11:48]
acuzio Thats the reason why i want to do something where I have share-screen -> second camera -> "composited" screen with PIP face . [11:49]
acuzio Many a times you really want to be able to talk to the audience (even if its just camera) by emphasising points, non verbal communication etc. [11:50]
acuzio This is simply impossible with Zoom [11:50]
acuzio or rather "default" zoom [11:50]
Faux Well, it's not. You could share screen and mpv your camera. [11:50]
acuzio how do you mean mpv ? [11:50]
Faux Literally mpv /dev/video0 and float it over your powerpoint. [11:51]
acuzio or do you mean switch camera on _and_ share screen ? [11:51]
Faux Don't let zoom have your camera at all. [11:51]
acuzio oh hello - wait [11:51]
Faux Or, if you wanted it to actually be good, you could run [11:52]
Faux Faux's title: "Jonty Wareing on Twitter: "I sincerely regret creating this"" [11:52]