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Nick Message Date
Samian hi [12:09]
Samian db [12:09]
Samian sup [12:09]
Samian db do we know each other? [12:09]
db I don't think so [12:09]
db but you said hey hey! [12:09]
db if you ever declare a variable of type List and name it "list", in any other scenario than example code which specifically revolves around this variable being a list, you should immediately be promoted to management. [12:25]
db my next favorite thing is pointless comments: serialDAO.lock(serialNumber); // lock serial number [12:44]
db thanks, fellow developer, for informing me [12:44]
surial db: anything else to contribute? Perhaps something about yellow snow would be worthwhile here. [12:51]
db surial: never eat yellow snow. [12:52]
db surial: see, I'm working remote, and I have to complain to SOMEONE [12:53]
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sonOfRa morning [03:51]
Jantz [Jantz!~IceChat9@2407:7000:8d04:100:ad7c:76b6:43fd:10e4] has joined #java-talk [04:04]
Addax morning [04:20]
surial morning [05:03]
db morning [05:09]
Faux morning [05:09]
sonOfRa Faux: the spotify snap randomly freezes and stops playback for a few seconds here :D [05:21]
Faux That's going to be hell to diagnose, lucky you! [05:21]
sonOfRa Also, I think *that* may be what was eating all my memory [05:21]
sonOfRa Because now chrome isn't even running, and I have yesterday's problem of all my ram being used again, but no process using it according to ps [05:22]
sonOfRa UI is super slow and unresponsive [05:22]
Faux | [05:23]
sonOfRa Going back to the segfaulting package! [05:25]
sonOfRa After starting it a few times, it doesn't segfault anymore (only segfaults again when I click exit) [05:25]
sonOfRa Computers! I love them! [05:25]
Faux Year of non-free software on the desktop. [05:26]
Addax I'm concerned about the state of music players in the next few years [05:28]
Addax I have *everything* in play music, but that's going away [05:28]
Addax and itunes is changing as well [05:28]
Addax it's *probably* not a big deal - hopefully google with transfer everything to youtube music without an issue [05:29]
Faux Have they announced Play Music going away, or are you inferring from Youtube Music? [05:29]
Faux Jinx. [05:29]
Addax I think they've announced that play music was going to be migrated to youtube music [05:29]
Addax but I don't know what that looks like yet [05:29]
Faux Quite boggling how much money I've given Spotify vs. how much I used to spend on CDs. [05:30]
Addax I don't think I've ever used spotify or pandora or... wasn't there a third such service? [05:31]
Faux >8 years at >100/yr. [05:31]
Faux Wife is on deeznuts. [05:31]
Addax I might have *tried* pandora a bit, I don't remember well enough, if I did it made little enough of an impression that it wasn't relevant [05:31]
Faux I used to be in the "qqq music service doesn't have X by Y so it's useless" but the list is so small it's not even relevant. ~8 albums for me. Just have them on my phone as files. [05:32]
sonOfRa I was on google music for a while but went back to spotify because it had nicer discovery options [05:32]
Addax I usually know what music I want to listen to, and discovery is via FOAF :) [05:33]
sonOfRa Spotify generates nice autoplaylists based on what I've been listening to and I've found quite a few nice things [05:33]
sonOfRa Oooh, new Sabaton song. [05:34]
Addax Sabaton's difficult for me to listen to [05:35]
Addax They're interesting, but so... downbeat driven that it's like Wagner on meth [05:35]
sonOfRa They are rather predictable [05:35]
Addax Pauldron, though... [05:35]
Addax (if you don't get that joke, I'll explain, it's not THAT funny but...) [05:35]
sonOfRa I prefer cuirass. [05:36]
Addax sonOfRa ++ [05:36]
Addax sonofra has a karma level of 163, Addax [05:36]
Addax I guess you're a breast man... [05:37]
Addax ba-dum *donk* [05:37]
Faux Spotify live playlists work really well for me now. [05:37]
Faux Of the 25 tracks organised for the radio right now, I remember 2 artists from before I started letting Spotify pick my music taste, and recognise ~10 of the tracks by name (probably more/all by sound). [05:39]
Addax do they use something other than the music genome project? [05:39]
Faux Probably use other user playlists. [05:39]
Faux Since I got headphones with a "skip track" button on, my concern for radio accuracy went down a lot. [05:39]
Addax Do they even expose genome data for users? [05:40]
Faux Don't believe so, never really looked though. [05:40]
Addax hmm [05:40]
Addax it'd be interesting to see which tags show up most in the stuff I listen to [05:41]
Faux I never like/ban anything on Spotify, so it's going purely on listening history (although a craptonne of it). [05:42]
sonOfRa lolling [05:45]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "UPDATED: How to: Reset C by GE Light Bulbs - YouTube" [05:45]
surial sonOfRa: holy cow. I wonder how close the timing has to be. [05:50]
surial also, the neighbours are gonna go: WTF??? [05:50]
Faux So good. [05:50]
Faux My favourite is how they did it with video editing, because nobody could be bothered to actually film it. [05:51]
acuzio morning ladies [06:01]
db I wonder how they came up with that reset procedure [06:08]
surial a mix of [A] giving the lamp's firmware enough time to at least realize what's going on, [B] a sequence which is sufficiently obscure you'd never do it by accident, and [C] something that a human can follow. [06:09]
surial Which they mixed up and.. probably got wrong. Fucking hell. Make a button or something. [06:09]
Faux That sequence can at least be done remotely, which might be a design goal. [06:11]
db right [06:12]
sonOfRa Ah yes, just days after a nazi gets arrested for murdering a CDU politician, another CDU politician is quoted: "Once again, we have to reconcile the social with the national" [06:31]
sonOfRa Also suggests opening CDU for coalitions with AfD. [06:31]
surial with all due respect to merkel, can y'all just vote for FDP and the greens for a bit? [06:33]
surial The CDU is putting in some uncanny effort for my theory that ANY entity in power longer than 15 years goes a bit power mad. [06:34]
sonOfRa I've been voting Die PARTEI, they managed to get 2 seats instead of 1 this EU election. Progress! [06:35]
sonOfRa FDP, while also socially liberal, is a bit batshit about economic policy [06:35]
[twisti] time to give oxygen not included another shot [06:45]
[twisti] i last played it pretty early in the dev process [06:46]
Faux \o/ [06:46]
Faux Did they launch yet? No. [06:46]
Faux Played: 217 hours. [06:46]
Faux Just skipped a track on that radio station for the first time since we were talking about it earlier. [06:47]
Faux So two interactions with spotify in ~4h today. [06:48]
Faux Now it's going to apologise by playing me some BANGERS. [06:48]
Addax oxygen not included sounds like an awful game, you people are nerds [07:01]
Addax dweebs, even [07:01]
Addax possibly even geeks [07:01]
selckin distracts [twisti] [07:02]
Faux Currently playing Rise to Ruins, then moving on to Kingdoms & Castles. It's TLA season. [07:06]
[twisti] Addax: do you feel uncomfortable just knowing people play games like that ? [07:12]
Addax [twisti]: YES IT IS AWFUL [07:13]
Addax HORRIBLE [07:13]
Addax (note that I usually enjoy playing games like that, if I have the time, which I rarely do) [07:13]
Addax (in other words: the existence of such games, AND knowing people ACTUALLY PLAY them, bothers me almost but not quite 0%, with the implication that it bothers me less than 0%) [07:15]
Faux I play them while the wife is commuting. WFH FTW. [07:16]
Addax Right now I tend to play SupCom1, Elite:Dangerous, or Nethack [07:16]
Addax Sadly, SupCom1 takes the least time investment :/ [07:17]
sonOfRa Oh nice, the german traffic/infrastructure minister has come up with a plan for more organ donations [07:27]
sonOfRa Make the regular "car-license" also valid for riding motorcycles up to 125cc [07:28]
sonOfRa Instead of that requiring extra lessons and extra exams [07:28]
Addax you have to admit, that's a positive outcome! [07:32]
Addax less pollution, too [07:32]
selckin do electric bycycles fall into that category? [07:36]
selckin here you need a license plate, and drivers license for those electric bicycles up to 45km/h, which is different from motorcycles [07:38]
sonOfRa Only very powerful ones do, and *those* fall into a category that is already included in a regular car license [07:38]
Faux Viewing your driving license entitelements requires more private information than viewing your tax or medical records here. _ [07:41]
selckin strange, does it even have any information except adress etc [07:44]
Faux No. I think it's because you can issue an id certification (allowing you to rent a weapon), whereas the tax/medical things only let you view public-ish data (e.g. allergies, prescriptions) or pay my taxes, which I don't care about. [07:45]
Jantz [Jantz!~IceChat9@2407:7000:8d04:100:ad7c:76b6:43fd:10e4] has joined #java-talk [07:46]
Faux I found my wallet, easier. [07:48]
Faux I swear we changed our rules but apparently there are so many rule changes I can't find the thing I'm thinking of. [07:50]
scav morning" [07:54]
sonOfRa "Customernumber varchar(255)" doesn't even store numerical values in the varchar, just strings. Augh. [07:57]
surial sonOfRa: ??? [07:58]
surial wha? [07:58]
sonOfRa Yes, that is exactly my thought [07:58]
sonOfRa No idea what the point of this column is [07:58]
sonOfRa There si also name in the customer table [07:59]
sonOfRa customernumber seems to be all-lowercase, no spaces from the few data points I have. Maybe some kind of login name. Who knows why it's called what it's called [07:59]
surial sonOfRa: the 255 is an obvious sign of a fucking idiot. [08:00]
sonOfRa Everything is just 255 by default in this one [08:00]
surial but separate from that, naming a string-based ID key 'number' can happen; it's the domain slang problem. [08:00]
sonOfRa mysql, obviously [08:00]
scav then it doesnt matter [08:00]
surial For example, in my line of work, lots of tools, specs, and most importantly perhaps USERS refer to the IDs associated with groupings of GP actions sent to insurers as 'factuur nummers'. As in, bill numbers. [08:00]
surial These are non-numeric. [08:00]
scav mysql is awesome at casting, silently [08:00]
surial So, what do I call this in my table? 'bill_id'? 'factuur_id'? 'factuur_nummer'? [08:01]
surial I could go for bill_id but there's more slang out there where a translation is not readily obvious. [08:01]
sonOfRa surial: but I guess those "numbers" are... numeric in *nature* [08:01]
surial perhaps not even 'bill_id' here, it's not really a bill. [08:01]
sonOfRa Not a standard numeric data type, but kinda-numeric [08:01]
surial sonOfRa: yes, usually they are actual numbers or sometimes some letter prefix followed by numbers. [08:02]
sonOfRa This is just... the customer's name, stripped down, without spaces [08:02]
surial F001, F002, or F2019050001 (first bill of may 2019). [08:02]
scav do any of these customer numbers start with a 0? [08:02]
surial scav: they do for me, which is fucking annoying. [08:02]
scav because we had the other problem in a mysql (not that relevant in this case) base here, where someone wanted to "fix the db", and turned the varchar into a number, which killed a bunch of users [08:03]
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fotato The game I played last night was called ?fotato sucks at guitar? [08:54]
fotato And then ?fotato is unreasonably tired for this time of day so he will sleep? [08:54]
Faux If you bought a better guitar you would be better at it. [09:19]
sonOfRa I don't think that's how it works [09:25]
fotato i think he's taking the piss out of things i say, even though i have never said anything remotely like that. (see me talking keksi down from spending ungodly amounts on new cameras) [09:38]
fotato but that's okay. [09:38]
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acuzio is anyone else thinking that Hope Hicks is hot ? [12:13]
acuzio or is that just me ? [12:13]
Faux I'm expecting the most basic traditional white bitch look. [12:14]
Faux Yes. [12:14]
Faux Yes acuzio, traditionally hot women are hot. [12:14]
Faux Even if they have resting bitchface. [12:14]
acuzio so , the answer is yes then [12:16]
fotato is acuzio just horny all the time [12:17]
fotato that seems really tiring [12:17]
acuzio i am not horny all the time ., i just like to see her walking along with her tight skirts [12:18]
acuzio its a thing [12:18]
fotato,d_placeholder_euli9k,h_1687,w_2998,x_0,y_0/dpr_1.5/c_limit,w_1044/fl_lossy,q_auto/v1561007803/190620-carlson-hope-hicks-hero_duqoou that pic reminds me of that subreddit which does things to lips. Faux knows it. [12:19]
acuzio wheres the pic ? [12:20]
fotato uh [12:21]
fotato that link doesn't load? [12:21]
fotato i took the image url from [12:21]
Faux IT LOADS [12:22]
fotato awaiting confirmation that Faux knows exactly what i'm talking about. [12:22]
Faux I have seen everything. [12:23]
nullcone [nullcone!uid11626@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [12:23]
acuzio shes not in tight skirts fotato [12:23]
acuzio or walking [12:23]
fotato regardless, she's doing something with her face that is making me horny and Faux understands entirely. [12:23]
fotato huurrrr [12:25]
fotato i mean you're missing out an key element there [12:26]
acuzio aah the lip thing [12:35]