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Nick Message Date
TomTom_ [TomTom_!uid45892@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [02:06]
k5_ [k5_!~k5@2001:16b8:2d1f:3900:7977:d89b:cda4:d60b] has joined #java-talk [02:29]
Collaken [Collaken!] has joined #java-talk [02:35]
puppy_za hi [02:48]
AMcBain [AMcBain!] has joined #java-talk [02:53]
Collaken hi puppy_za [03:03]
puppy_za hi Collaken [03:04]
puppy_za how are you? [03:04]
AMcBain "Note: In one customer's case [...]" heh, fun. I wonder if that person knows they got anonymously immortalized in the FAQ for all time. :) [03:08]
sonOfRa morning [03:23]
ricky_clarkson SAP stock types are a single character, say, x means in transit, y means held, or whatever. A single space is the most common, meaning unrestricted. [03:24]
ricky_clarkson Somehow when we model this for our interactions, we're using a string and not an enum. *WFH equivalent of headdesk* [03:25]
ricky_clarkson oh, and SAP sometimes uses a number. I'm betting that number will creep in where we expect the single character. [03:26]
AMcBain Mmm. Code doing that right thing? That's impossible. :P [03:26]
ricky_clarkson One guy: My code doesn't care about stock types, I don't want to redeploy when SAP adds a new one. [03:29]
ricky_clarkson When would that be, in about 20 years? [03:29]
KekSi [KekSi!] has joined #java-talk [03:29]
ricky_clarkson </rant> [03:29]
KekSi hello hellooo [03:29]
puppy_za hey KekSi [03:33]
puppy_za long time no see [03:33]
KekSi yeah just haven't talked a lot in here [03:34]
KekSi mainly busy with work and all that [03:35]
KekSi just returned from italy last night [03:35]
KekSi went on a motorbike vacation throughout the alps -- wanted to do 10 days or so of vacation in tuscany or whereever but on my first morning there i woke up with rain - checked the forecasts and it said it'll rain for the next 10 days straight [03:36]
KekSi so i drove 944.5km back in 12h yesterday :D [03:36]
AMcBain Ah dang. Not that there were any near where I live now but Laser Quest closed due to the pandemic. [03:43]
MikeBux [MikeBux!] has joined #java-talk [03:55]
sonOfRa weee, so much leftover vacation days. Took another week in october, and then I got dec 21st-jan 10th with only 3 of the 2021 vacation days :D [03:58]
db so you had two days leftover? I'm thrilled. [04:06]
sonOfRa db: well it *was* 14. And I had to put them all somewhere so I just picked any random week in october for another week [04:09]
sonOfRa and then more in december than I would usually take [04:10]
sonOfRa I'm not used to having more than like, 20 vacation days! [04:10]
puppy_za that's nice [04:14]
puppy_za KekSi: eish. should've taken a flight :p [04:14]
puppy_za but I guess it's the journey, not the destination that matters [04:15]
db KekSi: wait I don't get it.. you could have driven to sicily or something and stay there for 10 days after your motorbike got stolen on the first evening [04:19]
db and 944km on that thing.. that must hurt [04:20]
db although it probably only took about four hours [04:20]
acidjnk_new2 [acidjnk_new2!] has joined #java-talk [04:32]
puppy_za lol [04:33]
puppy_za you can't reach that speed in Italy :p [04:33]
puppy_za there is no autobahn [04:33]
ricky_clarkson And a lot of the drivers are Italian. [04:42]
k5_ [k5_!~k5@2001:16b8:2d1f:3900:7977:d89b:cda4:d60b] has joined #java-talk [05:05]
acidjnk_new2 [acidjnk_new2!] has joined #java-talk [05:06]