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Faux sonOfRa: \o/ and the 2018-12 patch. Up to date for the first time ever. ANDROID ONE [02:29]
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fotato I AM DRUNK [03:02]
Faux Wrong channel, fotato. [03:05]
fotato IS IT THO [03:06]
fotato YOU CUNT [03:06]
Faux gettin' eaten [03:07]
fotato I was on the 212 [03:07]
Faux Know I love her even if I never say the words. [03:14]
Stooge [Stooge!~stooge@unaffiliated/stooge] has joined #java-talk [03:34]
sonOfRa morning [03:49]
sonOfRa Faux: \o/ [03:49]
Stooge morning [03:50]
sonOfRa Faux: also, MOOG Prime Minister soon? [03:50]
Faux sonOfRa: It's amazing that he's in the same league as some of the other candidates. [03:53]
fotato Why are you all awake oh shit it?s morning [03:53]
sonOfRa So they're dethroning may tonight, what's the process? [03:53]
sonOfRa fotato: go to bed you're (probably) drunk if you're awake right now [03:54]
fotato Can we cancel brexit [03:54]
fotato sonOfRa: so drunk. [03:54]
sonOfRa nope, may kind of tried, and she's getting no-confidenced tonight [03:54]
fotato So. So drunk [03:54]
Faux The party is still in control; they just get to internally declare a new leader. Normally it takes two weeks, and normally they would call an election to maintain legitimacy. [03:54]
fotato But I?m pooping. [03:54]
Faux Neither of those will happen. (I don't think she'll lose. Maybe.) [03:54]
fotato So later. [03:54]
Faux Technically the queen might get to veto the candidate or something, not sure. [03:55]
fotato If there?s ever an opportunity for the queen to say ?stop being fucking tarded? [04:01]
gdrc [gdrc!~gdrc@unaffiliated/under] has joined #java-talk [04:20]
selckin hah openjdk maintianers agree damn isn't a "swear" word </useless info> [04:47]
Faux | [04:49]
selckin star trek saved it [04:50]
sonOfRa Huh, apparently null != null in H2 [04:50]
selckin was a quote from a startrek movie and so MPAA rated it not a swear word [04:50]
sonOfRa I accidentally didn't assign a value to a thing in my test, and the unique constraint that contained (among others) the null field, didn't catch it [04:50]
Faux postgres=# select (null != null) is null; [04:51]
Faux -[ RECORD 1 ] [04:51]
Faux ?column? | t [04:51]
sonOfRa Huh [04:51]
sonOfRa That's fucking stupid [04:51]
sonOfRa So if you have an optional field [04:51]
sonOfRa You can't use it as part of a constraint? [04:52]
Faux The wording in the SQL98 standard is: "You can't use = and != with null and get what you expect." [04:52]
sonOfRa Because (null, 1, 2), and then inserting (null, 1, 2) again will not trigger the unique constraint? [04:52]
sonOfRa I didn't even actively compare it [04:52]
sonOfRa Jesus. [04:52]
selckin welcome to nosql success story [04:52]
Faux Tbh I would expect `null` to count as distinct from other things in unique constraints. [04:52]
Faux > When an index is declared unique, multiple table rows with equal indexed values are not allowed. Null values are not considered equal. [04:53]
sonOfRa WHY [04:53]
Faux Boolean algebra. [04:53]
sonOfRa Fucking stupid [04:54]
Faux Disagree with MATHS? You should move to Australia. [04:54]
sonOfRa I know what I'm gonna do [04:54]
sonOfRa I'm gonna make all my nullable columns varchar [04:54]
Faux 'null' [04:54]
sonOfRa and insert "null" [04:54]
Faux D [04:55]
sonOfRa FUCK YOU SQL [04:55]
Faux I am amused by your quoting. [04:55]
sonOfRa I don't believe in SQL. [04:55]
selckin thats when people with the last name null post funny errors on reddit [04:55]
sonOfRa Those people can get fucked [04:56]
mohsen_1 [mohsen_1!uid289573@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [04:56]
sonOfRa lolling [04:58]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "David Schneider on Twitter: "Listen, Tories. You had a vote on Theresa May in 2016. How dare you ask for a second vote just because now you can see how shit everything is and her promises were lies? She won. Thats democracy, get over it! #peoplesvote"" [04:58]
selckin advertising for his movies [04:59]
[twisti] sonOfRa, KekSi, either of you know enough german tax law to help me with a question of buying both a desktop and a laptop ? [05:00]
sonOfRa not me [05:00]
enoq [enoq!~enoq@2a02:8388:6a87:b080:3f30:9f7d:611e:7eef] has joined #java-talk [05:01]
sonOfRa what the fuck [05:37]
sonOfRa whatsapp web no longer working in chromium, just in chrome [05:38]
Faux * sonOfRa goes to beg for his ldap job back. [05:38]
sonOfRa god no [05:38]
sonOfRa I finally turned in my keys and laptop monday [05:38]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [05:38]
selckin can't zero out the disks anymore with ssds :( [05:38]
Faux blkdiscard /dev/sdx [05:39]
selckin that works? making a note [05:39]
Faux Depends on your aim. It's probably less secure than zeroing out the disc. [05:40]
Faux fsvo "secure" [05:40]
selckin depends on the disks probably aswel if the firmare implements it, but i'm happy if it requires physical manipulation to get to the data [05:41]
selckin Perform a secure discard. A secure discard is the same as a regular discard except that all copies of the discarded blocks that were possibly created by garbage collection must also be erased. This requires support from the device. [05:41]
selckin my entire life/privacy/passwords is accessible from my work pc really (because got it straight from dell, so no company spyware) [05:42]
selckin if you get it pre installed from employer you can never log into personal accounts [05:43]
Faux Zeroing the disc would require physical access to recover, no? [05:43]
selckin think i've read stories where you can dump the cache/ram even and all kinds of things that made me paranoid, but i'd to have research it, filled it as never secure to share ssd in my mind [05:44]
Faux Pretty sure a discard/format/discard/power off for an hour cycle is pretty good. [05:45]
Faux On my last day of an old job I walked up to someone's desk (luckily they weren't there), crawled underneath, and yanked the power cable out of a machine they didn't know was there. [05:46]
Faux And left. \o/ [05:46]
selckin diabolical [05:51]
[twisti] that reminds me of a big raid on a german dark web hoster i read about [06:06]
[twisti] he hosted the server at home to prevent ISPs realizing it, and in germany, its common for ISPs to disrupt your connection once a day, usually during the night [06:06]
[twisti] and they tracked him by comparing the times the server wasnt reachable on the dark net with ISP records of forced disconnects [06:07]
[twisti] and then they set up this whole drama with a fake criminal that supposedly found an exploit on his server, and made him chat with the undercover cop where he pretended to explain about the exploit, just so that when they simultaneously breached his physical apartment, the computers would be guaranteed to be unlocked [06:08]
[twisti] and it all worked out, they got the motherlode, the entrie server was unlocked, and they got to access all the data [06:08]
[twisti] until one of the cops accidentally unplugged the server :D [06:09]
Faux ... [06:09]
Faux MOLE [06:09]
[twisti] thats what i thought [06:09]
Faux I lock my machine when I hear a noise outside. :| [06:09]
[twisti] i set my machine up to not even need a password to log in after boot [06:10]
Faux Local machine, yeah. Need a password for ssh keys, and servers need a password after boot. [06:10]
[twisti] yeah all my passwords are in a keepass database, all my sensitive data is in a truecrypt volume, and honestly i dont really do anything objectionable [06:11]
Faux ME EITHER [06:12]
Faux NODS LOUDLY. [06:12]
[twisti] the worst thing i do, from a legal standpoint, is stream porn, and i do that in a truecrypted VM [06:12]
Faux You pirate. [06:12]
[twisti] \_(?)_/ [06:12]
selckin thats mostly legal even here, so! [06:14]
[twisti] i honestly do it more because i dont want random family members, friends or my gf to see my fetishes [06:14]
Faux wants to get caught. [06:14]
selckin don't worry, google & facebook have it linked with your ip and goverment will soon be hacked to expose it [06:15]
[twisti] i got a solution for that too [06:15]
[twisti] i just browse SO MUCH disturbing porn that itll be impossible to nail down which ones i actually get off to [06:15]
selckin doesn't matter for your social points [06:16]
selckin your insurance will go up [06:16]
Faux high-fives [twisti]. [06:16]
selckin and your potential landlord and employer will enter your name in 15 companies removed from facebook AI/ML OMG startup and figure they should charge you more & reject your application [06:18]
Faux I still giggle that Chrome has worked this out: (text) [06:18]
sonOfRa hah, that's why you use a porn browser for porn, and a regular browser for regular things! [06:18]
Faux Nope. [06:18]
sonOfRa Porn tabs are dumb, because then you can't find your porn [06:18]
whaley ... [06:19]
sonOfRa And I don't want my porn searches in my regular browser [06:19]
Faux Nah, I just use my main browser. [06:19]
Faux Yolo. [06:19]
Faux Also, I have a live demo to 20+ people in 11 minutes. [06:19]
sonOfRa good morning whaley [06:19]
sonOfRa How do YOU use porn? Separate browser? Porn tabs? [06:19]
Faux removes that screenshot from his clipboard. [06:19]
sonOfRa Faux: coward [06:19]
whaley separate account on the machine, firefox, private tabs [06:19]
Faux Gonna use the same browser. though. [06:19]
Faux "por" suggests which is a strong offer. [06:20]
whaley the separate account bit requires me to log out or to at least switch users, which means that I'm less likely to do it if I have shit to get done. I use this same account for video games and other tomfoolery [06:20]
sonOfRa whaley: and how do you make sure you find stuff again? Or do you subscribe to the philosophy of "watching the same porn twice is basically marrying"? [06:20]
Faux <3 <3 the audio [06:21]
sonOfRa Faux: hahahaha that title :D [06:21]
sonOfRa working from home is the best [06:21]
sonOfRa NOTHING is nsfw! [06:21]
whaley shrugs [06:21]
whaley sonOfRa: my porn watching is nowhere near complex enough that I've even thought about that [06:21]
Faux /r/randabsoluteunit [06:22]
selckin new layout is gonna cure me from reddit soon [06:23]
sonOfRa still can't do nsfw searches in new reddit for some reason [06:23]
sonOfRa Even with all the checkboxes checked [06:23]
[twisti] Faux: can you paste a link to the factorio one ? [06:23]
Faux It's from a really old game version so not super useful anymore. [06:24]
[twisti] also, A+ for the title of that pornhub video [06:24]
[twisti] ah lame [06:24]
selckin google ceo did some i assume important testimony and all i know is that he had to explain iphone is made by another company [06:24]
selckin modern news! [06:24]
[twisti] planning on starting a new factorio game tomorrow [06:24]
[twisti] selckin: to be fair, that was a REALLY REALLY dumb thing [06:25]
[twisti] if you read up on it, the question actually gets even dumber than the headline suggests [06:25]
whaley [06:26]
whaley whaley's title: "Factory mishap paves street with chocolate in Germany" [06:26]
Faux I actually dunno if their seeding is stable across releases. [06:26]
[twisti] no pics :( [06:36]
selckin hunspell file format is so confusing [06:43]
whaley IntelliJ Idea finally supports multiline //TODO: comments [06:46]
whaley \o/ [06:46]
whaley dance [06:46]
whaley :D/-< [06:46]
selckin todo is compile error here [06:46]
selckin its alias for will never be done in my experience [06:46]
whaley I try to keep them out of the master/reference branch, but I tend to have them on my feature/local branches while I'm working [06:48]
Faux I use TODOs heavily because I don't believe in branches. If it compiles and the tests pass, fuck it, ship it. [06:55]
selckin also don't use branches, but todos go into external files about the feature or just random vim file or bugs, comments are hidden in the code never to be seen again [07:05]
[twisti] we use yellow postit notes [07:06]
Faux @Ignore("TODO: not a comment lol") [07:07]
[twisti] the cleaning people throw them away every other week so it works about as well [07:07]
selckin wanted to remove our jira we haven't used in 4 years and some managemnet type objected [07:09]
selckin while him being the one refusing to use it that is the reason everyone stopped [07:09]
selckin but still didn't want to take any responsability for it being gone [07:10]
selckin lalalalalalaa [07:10]
Faux "People. What a bunch of bastards." [07:10]
[twisti] bastard filled bastards with delivious bastard coating [07:12]
whaley Faux: is theresa going to get sacked today? [07:29]
Faux I don't think so. Maybe 25% chance. World is pretty equally grim either way, though, so it doesn't matter too much. [07:30]
waz hopefully she gets out of her car ok.... [07:34]
Lengsdorfer2 [Lengsdorfer2!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [07:34]
whaley hahaah [07:35]
sonOfRa Oh and it looks like Macron is getting a vote of no confidence tomorrow! [07:35]
whaley at least Angela didn't get wet while waiting [07:35]
whaley perhaps they can all meetup with Rajoy for sangrias [07:36]
whaley also, we really should use the word "sacked" more often when it comes to people being removed from their position [07:38]
Faux "black bagged" [07:38]
whaley I just need to move to England [07:38]
whaley jumps the queue [07:38]
[twisti] i approve of black bagging! [07:47]
acuzio morning ladies [07:48]
slamzy [slamzy!~slamzy@gateway/tor-sasl/slamzy] has joined #java-talk [07:53]
Faux acuzio. [07:54]
dreamreal [twisti]: don't be racist [08:04]
sonOfRa lolling [08:05]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "A tale of 132 e's" [08:05]
redbison [redbison!redbison@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/redbison] has joined #java-talk [08:09]
Faux > Someone asked ?what it is supposed to represent that an employee of a large company is making such a garbage repository? as if my employment at a massive dystopian megacorporation quickly taking over the world has anything to do with this. [08:10]
fotato Black bagging sounds simultaneously racist and weirdly rapey [08:45]
fotato (Morning) [08:45]
sonOfRa jeez it's been like 4 hours since you left [08:47]
Faux Jeez. [08:52]
acuzio Faux: [08:55]
Faux Deez. [08:56]
acuzio whats hap;pening ?? [08:56]
Faux We're having a vote about whether the person who didn't have a vote should have had the vote and lost, or should lose this vote instead! [08:56]
acuzio oh god brexit [08:57]
fotato Hello acuzio. [08:58]
acuzio fotato: [08:59]
fotato I should get out of bed and stand stoic and naked under running water [08:59]
fotato (Oh god I think I?m still drunk) [08:59]
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sonOfRa waking up and being still drunk is the worst [10:14]