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TomTom [TomTom!uid45892@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [01:52]
puppy_za hi db [01:58]
db hi [02:13]
puppy_za how's it? [02:15]
db uh. good. weird how I am annoyed by work these days. [02:22]
puppy_za is a lockdown there? [02:23]
puppy_za I mean, you always work remote [02:23]
KekSi 'morning [02:29]
puppy_za hey KekSi [02:37]
puppy_za how's it? [02:37]
KekSi alright [02:39]
KekSi gone for lots of bike rides [02:39]
KekSi while we're still allowed to do that [02:39]
db I wouldn't know! [02:40]
db jk [02:40]
db yes, curfew 10pm to 4am, bars, gyms, theaters etc closed, only food shops open, temperature checks on entrances, have to wear masks etc [02:41]
puppy_za well germany might get a lockdown soon if this continues :p [02:41]
puppy_za db: oh so basically similar to our (but stricter) [02:41]
[twisti] db: bavaria ? [02:46]
db [twisti]: Chiang Mai, Thailand [02:47]
[twisti] oh okay [02:47]
[twisti] i thought those sounded a bit draconic for germanyland [02:47]
db oh yeah and crossing province boarders requires proof of residence for foreigners and quarantine [02:47]
db *borders [02:47]
puppy_za I see [02:47]
puppy_za well, it's a challenging time [02:48]
puppy_za our lockdown is set to end on 16/April [02:49]
puppy_za but it may or may not be extended [02:49]
db many tourists stuck here now. and many "long term tourists" who were doing "visa runs" to renew their tourist visa in Laos, Vietnam etc can't do that now because the borders of those countries are closed. [02:49]
db apparently there are already people stuck in between countries on airports because they can't come in and can't go back [02:50]
[twisti] i saw that movie! [02:50]
db yeah, right? [02:50]
puppy_za some south africans are trapped in Doha like that [02:51]
puppy_za we actually sent some a charted plane to pick them up [02:52]
puppy_za but yeah you can only extract so many people in this situation [02:52]
db I live next to the airport, it's nice and quiet there :-) [02:52]
db seven arrivals today. [02:52]
puppy_za wouldn't airport annoy you in the normal time? [02:53]
db no not really tbh [02:53]
db I live about 600m west of the north end of the runway so I would have some noise when airplanes are starting, that's all. [02:54]
db it's much worse when you live *under* the flight path :) [02:54]
db *are taking off. [02:55]
puppy_za oh ok [02:58]
puppy_za I live under one and it's annoying [02:58]
selckin was listening to someone on a 3month bike ride in africa somewhere on a podcast, and he was trying to get a plane back, has to coordinate with like .be/fr/nl/de embassies, and last he said the plan for an empty to plane to fly over there, and then there are like 40 ppl to come back to eu, and they have to split the cost between them (!) both ways [02:59]
db well just ride your f*in bike back ;) [03:07]
db you came for the adventure after all [03:07]
selckin he's afraid to leave his airbnb, things got a bit hairy [03:08]
ricky_clarkson It could be scary to look obviously foreign in some countries these days. [03:09]
ricky_clarkson (if it wasn't already) [03:09]
ricky_clarkson Some Argentine or Chilean was walking from the tip of South America to the tip of the north, and had to give up at the US Canada border.. [03:10]
sonOfRa morning [03:16]
puppy_za riding in normal time is a bit different from riding in the lockdown [03:16]
puppy_za many African countries have locked down their border, and hotels can't take any tourist [03:17]
ntonjeta [ntonjeta!] has joined #java-talk [03:27]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined #java-talk [04:33]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined #java-talk [04:39]
royal_screwup21 [royal_screwup21!] has joined #java-talk [05:13]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined #java-talk [05:23]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined #java-talk [05:32]
royal_screwup21 [royal_screwup21!] has joined #java-talk [05:34]
Faux > To close the loop - we are trying to avoid using [an existing service instead of NIHing the shit out of everything] altogether given the overhead of devops. we will update here if there's any change... [05:35]
sonOfRa All praise NIH [05:36]
sonOfRa I actually managed to convince work to use android firebase to run our android device tests, rather than running a gitlab runner on a host that supports KVM [05:36]
sonOfRa It's probably actually cheaper, too! [05:36]
Faux Wow! [05:38]
sonOfRa Looks like Boris isn't doing so well. [05:47]
Faux It's routine! ROUTINE. Keep saying it and it will become true. [05:49]
sonOfRa Routine oxygen supplementation! [05:49]
Faux Routine tests! [05:50]
royal_screwup21 [royal_screwup21!] has joined #java-talk [05:55]
royal_screwup21 [royal_screwup21!] has joined #java-talk [06:10]
kupi [kupi!uid212005@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [06:12]
selckin death from covid is fairly routine these days [06:21]
DrFockIt [DrFockIt!] has joined #java-talk [06:39]
selckin dedicated server delivery in 120seconds! [06:43]
selckin still waiting after 3 hours [06:43]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined #java-talk [06:48]
royal_screwup21 [royal_screwup21!] has joined #java-talk [06:49]
[twisti] im having a super fun time adapting a confusing ansible code base written with the idea that 'database server' means an actual pc/vm that runs an sql server, as opposed to 'database server' meaning a specific instance of an sql server, of which there may be one or more per actual pc [06:55]
[twisti] now we have db_server_servers, and i just want to go on a vacation [06:55]
db Balkonien. [06:56]
[twisti] if onlz [06:56]
[twisti] ffs [06:56]
surial Just invent a new word, that'll help make this more legible. Let's call your 'database-server, the vm/pc' 'Doohickeys' and 'database-server, the instance of postgres or whatever' 'Tchotchkes'. [06:57]
[twisti] im so fucking glad i checked our backups today before running a potentially destructive op [07:00]
[twisti] havent worked since feb 18th [07:00]
surial backups borken? That's their usual state, you know. [07:00]
[twisti] and they still got reported as working, because what we did was write a script per database server (see above) that backs up, and after succeeding sends a success message [07:01]
[twisti] but because of the above confusion, the script was called '', and reported that backups for doohickey-#1 ran fine [07:02]
[twisti] but during the auto generation, one script per tchotchke was generated ... but ... with the name [07:02]
[twisti] so the last tchotchke would always overwrite all previous tchotchke backup scripts, and because it used doohickey as the name, it looked like all doohickey scripts ran fine [07:02]
surial [twisti]: technically entirely plausible, but, boy that'd be a bunch of people who felt very bad / got very fucking chewed out if the lack of backups ended up being a problem. [07:04]
[twisti] is running the backup now and is not telling anyone [07:05]
surial let sleeping dogs lie I think. But maybe you can spend some timing cleaning up the names if you are challenged, you have one hell of an ace up your sleeve. [07:05]
[twisti] because he knows perfectly well who wrote this terrible script and then half assedly adjusted it for additional tchotchkes roughly two months ago [07:05]
surial NB: What if dbserver-the-pc/vm becomes 'dbhost'? [07:05]
surial and if you want to go with psql naming, dbserver-the-psqlinstance could become 'cluster'? [07:06]
surial now you know any mention of server anywhere is [A] old, and [B] therefore needs some research to figure out whether that means cluster or host. [07:06]
[twisti] im not touching it anymore until its done backing up things, then after lunch break ill think about it some more [07:06]
[twisti] would not the thing containing multiple db instances be a cluster ? [07:07]
surial If I run 'lscluster' on a server with a whole bunch of psqls installed, it lists 1 line per running postgres daemon (you can name them, and there can be different versions). I admit the name would suggest 'more than one', so perhaps it is not suitable. [07:08]
[twisti] you know, the fun thing is, our sql servers are mostly mysql instances, that also call their schemas 'databases' [07:09]
[twisti] db_db_db [07:09]
surial facepalms [07:09]
[twisti] oh wow [07:10]
[twisti] sounds like a bunch of animals in the nyc zoo got infected with corona [07:10]
[twisti] if they now can infect humans, we are well and truly fucked [07:10]
selckin our news went from don't believe facebook, you cat can't be infected don't believe facebook/whatsapp 2 weeks ago, to day, cat infected! [07:11]
selckin ) [07:11]
[twisti] same with ibuprofene [07:11]
surial Seriously? That sounds somewhat hard to believe. viruses as a rule cannot hop so easily. [07:11]
surial the weird shit with this covid crap just keeps coming. [07:12]
[twisti] there was a fake news sounding whatsapp voice message being spread a few weeks ago, and now they are officially saying to avoid ibuprofen [07:12]
selckin Er zijn wereldwijd momenteel drie gevallen bekend waarbij dieren het coronavirus hadden opgelopen. Het gaat om twee honden in Hongkong en één kat in België [07:12]
selckin cat owner was sick, cat got sick and better, no tests no infections! [07:13]
surial who is 'they', and have they going through at least a semblance of steps (propose a plausible mechanism by which ibu would interact badly with covid or cov-2, and then show some initial work that suggests the outcome suggested by the hypothesis holds, OR, a larger study, properly controlled, with 3-sigma or higher reliability that somehow ibu and covid or cov-2 interact badly)? [07:14]
surial selckin: we're trusting belgians now? [07:14]
[twisti] surial: university in vienna, so i would assume its not bullshit [07:14]
surial these are the same fucks whose official policy is 'biking is okay, but no skateboarding'. [07:14]
selckin surial: don't trust anything anymore really [07:14]
[twisti] its kind of hard to ask for too much proof right now since we dont really have time to wait for everything to be perfectly confirmed [07:15]
selckin you know, boy who cried wolf story, have that feeling with the everything the world for years [07:15]
surial [twisti]: normally you need the larger study period. [07:15]
surial [twisti]: I'm willing to forego it, but then I need a plausible mechanism, otherwise anytime anybody finds 10 people whose stats went down as they take ibu results in a global fucking scare, and let's not go down that crazy route. [07:16]
[twisti] selckin: thats basically where extremism/conspricay theorism/trump advocacy starts :( [07:16]
surial whomever is saying this is either a panic mongering fuckhead, or has something solid to base this on; I'm guessing its the later, would be interested in what it is. [07:16]
selckin well if some small study showed it, then you use paracetamol till supply runs out, then back to ibu, while someone else does a bigger test [07:17]
selckin best of both worlds you know [07:17]
[twisti] im pretty sure the WHO also advised against ibuprofen, however much that is worth [07:19]
selckin too many absolutes, which erodes the trust imo [07:19]
selckin just saw, we don't know about cats & dogs, but ofc that is then seen as fear mongering, so they say, its impossible, then few months later, nobody believe you now [07:19]
selckin just say no real evidence on ibu, under investigation, ppl can handle it [07:20]
[twisti] "people can handle it" ? you sure thats where you want to plant your flag ? :D [07:20]
selckin but media needs their click, and then frame it like its coming from WHO [07:20]
selckin and they take all the trust away [07:21]
[twisti] i find it soothing to remember that as much as one would wish for a perfect press, humans are fallible [07:24]
selckin we are still predators [07:25]
selckin just pretend not to be [07:25]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [08:01]
sonOfRa Cloud Tool Results API has not been used in project <snip> before or it is disabled. Enable it by visiting<snip> then retry. If you enabled this API recently, wait a few minutes for the action to propagate to our systems and retry. Anyone know how long "a few minutes" really takes? :D [08:01]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Google Cloud Platform" [08:01]
sonOfRa It's been like 10 minutes now and I can't tell if there's still something wrong with the config or if their settings just propagate very slowly [08:03]
selckin my 120s is now over 5 hours, so i'd say a few minutes is till tomorro [08:06]
sonOfRa Also on google cloud stuff? :D [08:06]
sonOfRa Cloud's closed due to COVID! [08:06]
[twisti] is the pool closed too ? [08:08]
sonOfRa pool's been closed for *years* [08:08]
sonOfRa Not due to covid, though [08:08]
sonOfRa Oooh, the error changed to something else now. Guess that particular thing worked, now to fix the next error! [08:11]
TimeTrap [TimeTrap!~TimeTrap@2601:44:c280:def:906b:ae68:9a5d:fbb6] has joined #java-talk [08:32]
acuzio morning ladies [08:44]
acuzio If anyone says bluetooth on linux works -... [08:45]
acuzio well,. they lie [08:45]
Faux Pretty sure I warned you. [08:45]
waz kind of like wifi [08:45]
waz it does sometimes [08:45]
Faux Nah, bluetooth actually never works. Wifi works most of the time. [08:45]
acuzio This ^^ [08:45]
Faux There are odd cases where bluetooth sometimes seems to be working, but then you wake up and it was a nightmare. [08:45]
selckin bluetooth works pritty good [08:46]
selckin just don't use the gui apps [08:46]
Faux selckin is the demon in the nightmare. [08:47]
acuzio selckin:i am using bluetoothctl and modprobed and fucked around with the best of it [08:47]
acuzio And what i found was in the end is , a_ bluetooth headphones are dependent on the right magical invocation of pulseaudio(must happen after bluetooth is started) b_ my headphone (audio technica) gives off 2 names for the same MAC address so bluetooth daemon connects once and then finds the second name and disconnects (dont ask me why) c_ if you have intel cards that have both wifi and bluetooth [08:50]
acuzio on them, good luck d_ its taken me 6 hrs and i have not got anywhere with it. [08:50]
selckin only way i broke it was with trying to uninstall gnome and all its friends [08:53]
selckin ) [08:53]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [08:54]
acuzio I dont have Gnome and literally did not use any gui tools [08:55]
selckin install ubuntu-minimal and it might magically work [08:55]
selckin (not a positive thing for linux, but such is life) [08:56]
acuzio SO for WiFi, graphics card and in the distant past network card i used to do this where i would really look for specific chipsets, specific makes (no broadcom , yes to 3Com, yes to intel etc. One would have thought this would not be a problem anymore [08:58]
acuzio Its 2020 after all [08:59]
surial acuzio: I assume this isn't a specifically-made-for-linux device (such as from Purism or System76)? [09:00]
dreamreal acuzio: note that audio in linux is *completely* mangled [09:02]
dreamreal One of OSX' best features is CoreAudio - not only did they build an audio stream on a POSIX framework, but it's freaking awesome, just works, handles composition fantastically, etc [09:03]
dreamreal pulseaudio and jack, by comparison, might as well be a drill bit combined with glass and razor blades and served with rancid roe [09:03]
Faux ..and those aren't even the bits of linux audio that are problematic. [09:04]
dreamreal ^^^ [09:04]
selckin acuzio: don't forget clearing the paired devices from the headphones and laptop and starting over [09:04]
dreamreal When I took my synth on the road using Linux as a sound device, I would have to reconfigure *every time* I started up. DIdn't matter how it was wired, whether it was a sleeping OS, clean boot, nothing. Just every time: complete reset. [09:05]
selckin who is crazy enough to expect sleeping to work :) [09:05]
dreamreal (and yes, I know: it was a *controller,* not a synth, but to 98% of the people looking at it, the difference was unclear) [09:06]
dreamreal selckin: I was just trying to figure out SOME way that the system wouldn't completely mangle everything. I tried everything I could think of. [09:06]
dreamreal Finally resigned myself to making sure my setup time included reconfiguring the audio until it worked again. [09:07]
scav I really enjoy reading about your struggles, acuzio. Know what my biggest issue with my macbook as been lately? [09:07]
selckin acuzio: the gnome thing, was some authentication issue btw, some software it installs that gives it access though some x11 session to add the bluetooth device [09:07]
dreamreal ... and then enduring hundreds of people playing nintendo themes over and over again [09:07]
selckin (i just rememebered) [09:08]
selckin so if you get authentication error stacktraces! [09:08]
surial scav: the keyboard, surely. [09:08]
selckin it would link, audio would work, then disconnect [09:08]
surial acuzio: mind telling me if this is sys76 or purism hardware or something else? From time to time I do look at those laptops and go: Maybe that's for me... [09:08]
dreamreal surial: I know someone who has a system76 and is pleased as punch with it [09:09]
scav surial: not really. it took some getting used to, and I don't like it, but as long as it accepts input you know? [09:09]
selckin some oldskool thing like adding your user to pulse-access and bluetooth groups can also help in that case [09:12]
selckin when i was young i'd read all the docs and know how it works, but no more [09:12]
surial scav: 'but as long as it accepts input you know?' oh sure. and mine accepts input. In fact, if I type a v or a b, it's so happy to accept my input, it tends to accept it twice! [09:21]
surial But that's a lot of effort, so it usually accepts this a few milliseonds after I've released the key, and generally after I already typed something else. [09:21]
surial So, if I'm on the keyboard of the laptop itself, I tend to write evvry instead of very for example. [09:21]
surial I'm going to buy a new one and then get the keyboard replaced under the extended warranty thing, but christ this laptop was a fucking dog. What a disaster. Battery issues too all of a sudden. If the next macbook is similarly shit that's it. Fortunately the new air looks allright, but this (fixing the shit line) took way too long and made me realize I kinda need a viable alternative or I'm beholden to apple releasing good [09:23]
surial hardware, which, as has been proven, is no guarantee. [09:23]
selckin but your audio works, can't have it all! [09:23]
selckin on my 2nd dell xps now, super happy with them [09:24]
surial heh, well, yeah. If I buy a sys76 or purism device and then the trackpad is jittery as shit, sleep doesn't work properly / it drains in like 24 hours if slept instead of shut down, bluetooth audio never connects, the wifi is flaky, and from time to time the CPU fans just take off for no discernible reason.. that's no improvement obviously. [09:24]
selckin everything worked out of the box [09:24]
selckin well till i tried to remove gnome [09:25]
selckin well and opengl [09:25]
surial I don't give a fuck about performance. Couldn't give two shits; laptops have been fast enough for years already. I want a case that doesn't creak, a hinge that feels nice and doesn't slam shut if I hold it up at a weird angle, a really nice trackpad, battery life that lasts, efficient space (I'm okay with a larger machine but I want something tangible in trade. i.e. I have never and would NEVER buy a laptop with a DVD drive [09:25]
surial in it. Even when it was almost impossible to buy them without), etc. I'm not entirely certain yet that sys76/purism can deliver, and here in EU I haven't found a place to test them. It also looks like if I order one and change my mind, I'm still going to be fucked out of 21% for the taxman. [09:25]
surial or at least going to have a fucking hell of a time getting that back. [09:25]
surial selckin: so, dell XPS with linux you mean? [09:25]
selckin yeah [09:26]
selckin now replaced with (basicly the same as xps, but someone wanted bigger video card) [09:28]
selckin selckin's titles: "Dell XPS 15 9550-3628 - Kenmerken - Tweakers" | "Precision 5540 CAD workstation laptop met 9e generatie Intel | Dell België" [09:28]
surial Oof. I'd have to thoroughly readjust what I find acceptable on style. What an ugly thing. But I'll take a functioning keyboard in trade for an ugly case. [09:31]
selckin have no issue with the keyboard, feels fine [09:31]
selckin its just black with a screen, and more do you need [09:32]
surial Sticking a plastic cover on a metal base on a 15" laptop is a fantastic way to ensure that if you pick it up by the side, it creaks like an old farmhouse, and that's getting into 'no, sorry, not for me' territory. [09:32]
surial selckin: a big trackpad. That functions PROPERLY (about 90% of what the local mediamarkt has on display has a non-functioning trackpad. In the sense that it is immediately obvious that it is jittery, inaccurate, and doesn't deal with either scrolling or rightclicking well), a case that doesn't creak, a hinge that holds up even at weird angles, so much more. [09:33]
scav just stay with the mac then [09:33]
surial add linux to the mix and my fears on how the trackpad driver and trackpad hardware interacts goes up considerably. [09:33]
selckin trackpad just works, but never really use it so don't know [09:34]
dreamreal surial: my MBP's battery life is *awesome* as long as I monitor the screen brightness [09:34]
dreamreal but it's horribly overpriced [09:34]
selckin 2 finger scrolling etc, all out of the box [09:35]
selckin but don't know about reliability, and throwing it around, usually just go desk to desk [09:35]
scav dreamreal: is it really overpriced, though? i mean if you compare the total package of the product [09:35]
scav expensive? sure. a premium car is also expensive, all though I would argue it basically provides the same service as a cheaper car [09:35]
dreamreal scav: well, the MAIN value comes from integration with OSX, IMO - you can get equivalent hardware in a slightly less convenient form factor for a LOT less [09:38]
dreamreal I mean, to me it's worth it, I bought my own out of pocket [09:39]
scav true, true [09:39]
dreamreal and since I do audio stuff, core audio is TEH BOMB [09:39]
dreamreal but when you look at the specs, and if OSX isn't compelling for you... yeah, it's vastly overpriced [09:40]
scav but like i said, i prefer to compare the entire package, not just the hardware on it's own because having used linux for years i also know that high end specs is not going to solve all my problems [09:40]
sonOfRa Jesus. Apparently Louisiana is currently furloughing all public defenders. I wonder if they are also furloughing prosecutors for the time being [09:40]
dreamreal probably [09:40]
sonOfRa Otherwise, I guess, "you have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, tough shit" [09:40]
scav but i dunno, i get them from work for free anyway. pretty sure i would be a bit reluctant if i had to pay for a 4000 euro laptop on my own ... [09:41]
selckin well they probably postponing the trials too [09:41]
sonOfRa Are they postponing *arrests*, too? [09:41]
dreamreal sonOfRa: although... that might be a FANTASTIC way to get a whole slew of disadvantaged criminals off on a constitutional technicality [09:41]
Faux sonOfRa: In any reasonable country, that would probably mean you got an automatic not guilty. :p [09:41]
dreamreal sonOfRa: a lot of places are, yes [09:41]
sonOfRa Because if you can still get arrested, but can't get a defender, that seems like a wee bit of a problem [09:41]
selckin tv tells me they can be released on bail [09:42]
dreamreal sonOfRa: In many places the police are trying to focus on what's more important lately [09:42]
selckin set it at 1 eur, (don't want virus spreading in jail/prison anyway) [09:42]
sonOfRa selckin: yes. Bail is often set so that rich people get out of jail and poor people don't [09:43]
sonOfRa Sit in jail while waiting for trial, lose your job because you can't show up, go for a plea deal because you can't afford being out of a job even longer! [09:43]
scav Just don't get caught [09:44]
selckin well they voted for trumps, so no helping them [09:44]
selckin no compassion [09:44]
scav that system was broken before trump, though [09:44]
selckin indeed, but that just showed there was no hope at all [09:44]
scav yep [09:45]
acuzio surial:This is X1Carbon and modprobe reports this as btusb module. Happy to get into details if that helps [09:47]
[twisti] that scary moment when a windows update needs you to reboot your work pc that you only access remotely via vpn thats physically sitting in the corona infested office [09:47]
surial acuzio: can I summarize your experienced as: "X1Carbon with linux on it is... a formula for pain if you like stuff like bluetooth and wifi and audio to be stable under normal use"? [09:48]
Faux ^ a situation in which I would allow users to defer updates. [09:48]
[twisti] at least this isnt last year, where a perceived 80% of windows updates would get stuck/freeze at like 30% during the next boot and sit there until someone physically hit reset [09:49]
surial scav: I paid about ?2000,- for my current MBP13 (late 2016). If I trade it in with apple itself, they'd give me 680 for it. [09:50]
acuzio surial:I would rephrase that as "X1c with Linux does not work with bluetooth, the rest just works." So one of the new things that has happened is that BIOS is now updatable from within Linux . This was not possible when i bought the thing [09:50]
surial In other words, this thing has cost me ?330,- a year if I don't bother to get a better value than that on ebay or whatnot (I'm pretty sure I could easily get ?1000). [09:50]
surial in USD, that'd be like $360 or some such. [09:51]
surial That seems more than fair for something you use that much. Even plonking down ?4000,- on something like this seems allright to me, with that in mind (trade-in value + it'll last 4 years). [09:51]
surial acuzio: ah, okay, so as long as bt isn't involved, no real audio issues? [09:51]
scav surial: second hand market is nice for macbooks, indeed. [09:51]
selckin i even made bluetooth audio work on my desktop with a 5? usb adaptor [09:52]
surial And I now realize my whinging about my battery (which is mostly fine, but it has lost enough of its initial capacity that my battery menu now warns me I should service this battery. If I close down all webbrowsers / only have basic pages open on safari, because ff and especially chrome drain the battery like there's no tomorrow), I 'only' get about 4 hours. [09:52]
acuzio surial:Audio works , even with a Dock (which was not the case before) and the graphics card is powerful enough to manage 2*5K displayes [09:52]
surial it's supposed to be 6. [09:52]
surial but, after 4 years? Eh, that's.. really fine. [09:53]
selckin disabling hardware accel in chrome probably good for battery [09:53]
scav My assumption is that they don't save money by using shitty components [09:53]
surial so then we're back to: Christ this keyboard fucking SUCKS, and the gfx card in this thing is not really enough to drive a 5k ultrafine; things like dragging an editor window in eclipse to the sid eto split it takes a fraction of a second, it's noticable. If I'm on a low-res display or on the laptop's own display (still like 3k pixels across or what not) it is _INSTANT_. [09:53]
scav Yeah, I think only the Pro has a second graphics card? I could be wrong... [09:54]
scav Mine (2017 15" pro) has a Radeon Pro 560 [09:55]
selckin i like big memory tho, last time the max was 16gb on the macs, so wasn't even an option [09:55]
surial scav: they mostly don't, but some of their hardware engineering is a little iffy; more for size purposes than cheapness purposes. For example, these MBPs do have some wonky choices for the power circuit; it's possible to blow some caps if you use cheap usb-c chargers with em. That could have been easily avoided, AND if you do blow out those caps, well, apple'd charge you well north of $500 to fix it, as it's all one giant [09:55]
surial mobo. There are shops that'll take your mbp apart, desolder the blown cap and solder a better one into place, but apple neither performs nor sanctions such repairs. [09:55]
acuzio Honestly for the cost of what Apple charges , some of their components are cheap as fuck [09:56]
scav But damn do we have audio and bluetooth! :D [09:56]
acuzio (I have a 2017 MBP) [09:56]
surial for example, if you blow out that cap, already bad, but the way they set it up, the power than goes unattenuated to some pricier chips instead of being shunted away. So instead of a dead mbp where all you need to do is replace that cap, you now have a dead mbp with a broken cap and a few broken chips. [09:56]
acuzio Audio works - BT headphone doesnt scav :-) [09:57]
scav Business savvy [09:57]
scav surial: i had no idea, but then again, i don't think i will ever use a non-apple charger for my macbooks [09:57]
acuzio I am fucking convinced that if someone came and made a really sexy, high-end clean Laptop with good components , not OS X specific , it will be a fucking big seller [09:58]
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