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Nick Message Date
AMcBain [AMcBain!] has joined #java-talk [01:23]
AMcBain Goddammit. Government shutdown. I apologize if it was already brought up. I won't say anything further. [02:40]
RajRajRaj I dont have anyone to talk to [03:59]
RajRajRaj Right after being rejected by a girl [03:59]
RajRajRaj My situation couldnt be more miserable [04:06]
AMcBain I'm not much help, but if the internet is any indication that's a lot like sending out your resume. Many received, but few return calls. [04:06]
AMcBain So I wouldn't worry about it too much. [04:06]
RajRajRaj Yeah man it hurts when no one returns call [04:07]
RajRajRaj Coz i m way too much different [04:07]
AMcBain Nah. Unless you're an admitted psychopath. Everyone's weird. Normal is just something people think everyone else is. [04:08]
RajRajRaj I dont know if i m psychopath [04:09]
RajRajRaj But i do have some psychological problems [04:09]
AMcBain facepalms. [04:09]
AMcBain You're probably not. [04:09]
RajRajRaj How could you know that [04:09]
AMcBain Statistics. [04:10]
RajRajRaj Elaborate please? [04:10]
AMcBain Most people are not. The actual numbers, were I to look them up, are likely tiny over huge. 1/xxxxxx. My point wasn't about psychopaths. [04:11]
AMcBain You're reading too much into a joke so lame it needed a crutch. [04:11]
RajRajRaj Ok [04:11]
RajRajRaj But i am serious that if i have psychological problem then i wanna live my life differently [04:12]
RajRajRaj Its not like i will suicide i would rather do something without worrying about [04:13]
RajRajRaj I worry because i am not sure currently [04:13]
RajRajRaj Anyway [04:13]
AMcBain Getting rejected by a girl does not mean you have mental issues. [04:13]
RajRajRaj I have physical issues too [04:13]
RajRajRaj I am short and i look bad than average [04:13]
AMcBain Everyone is their own worst critic. [04:14]
RajRajRaj ? [04:14]
RajRajRaj I got bowed legs too [04:14]
AMcBain If you ask programmers, artists, whatever to make something and you don't set conditions for being done or a deadline, they might futz with it forever. Even if they do stop, there'll always be something "wrong" with i t. [04:15]
RajRajRaj I got a big jaw like terry davis [04:15]
AMcBain Even if nobody else sees it. [04:15]
AMcBain Having a big jaw doesn't disqualify you from anything. [04:15]
AMcBain Look, I'll be blunt. If you can't like you, it's a lot harder to convince someone else to like you. [04:15]
AMcBain Start with you. [04:16]
RajRajRaj Yeah thats the thing [04:16]
RajRajRaj I have been changed physically a lot in past 3 years [04:16]
RajRajRaj And i never looked into mirror [04:16]
RajRajRaj I always vision myself as that 6 years old pic [04:16]
RajRajRaj Or 3 years old pic [04:17]
RajRajRaj That is a passport size pic [04:17]
AMcBain Well unless you're a vampire, mirrors won't... well, nevermind. Most mirrors aren't silver backed these days anyway. [04:17]
RajRajRaj When i look at my current pic i always think, seriously why am i looking so bad [04:17]
RajRajRaj Being myself is worse [04:18]
RajRajRaj I wanna be something similar to what i was 3 years ago [04:18]
AMcBain Step 1: Realize time only goes in one direction. Step 2: Accept that. Step 3: [well, "Profit..." usually goes here, but something else might be more apt] [04:20]
RajRajRaj Apt? [04:21]
RajRajRaj Couldn't understand step 3 [04:22]
AMcBain Insert anything you want. (Mostly.) [04:22]
RajRajRaj ? [04:23]
AMcBain I'm getting a lot of *woosh* tonight. (This will also be a "woosh".) [04:28]
AMcBain Maybe try joining some group of people who don't care? Like a board gaming group or role-playing game group. Seriously, all sorts of weird people come to ours on occasion. Though if you do find a D&D group needing another player, do a whiff test first. [04:29]
AMcBain (Unless I'm confusing them with the trading card game players. Not all are bad. Just a few...) [04:29]
mohsen_ [mohsen_!~Mohsen@] has joined #java-talk [04:39]
AMcBain Alright, enough vaguely bad(?) advice. I am off to sleep. Though as a last bit: nobody knows what you look like on the internet unless you let them. [04:41]
sonOfRa Wait, there's a government shutdown, despite there being a republican president, and both senate and house being under republican control? [05:07]
sonOfRa HOW? [05:08]
RajRajRaj sonOfRa: isnt that normal [05:12]
sonOfRa friends recommending you, sure [05:13]
RajRajRaj Hen u get referred by a friend you get the job easily [05:13]
sonOfRa But friends lying about your skills, no [05:13]
sonOfRa I've got referred to a job by a friend before *because they knew I was good* [05:13]
sonOfRa never *despite me being not good* [05:13]
RajRajRaj He knew i was good [05:13]
RajRajRaj Its just that i am not good [05:13]
RajRajRaj I was though [05:13]
RajRajRaj So yeah little bit cheat [05:14]
RajRajRaj I dont wanna get fired [05:14]
RajRajRaj However i wanna find a new job which is as per my skills [05:14]
Borw3 [Borw3!69150022@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #java-talk [05:14]
RajRajRaj Borw3: hi [05:14]
Borw3 LOL, hi [05:15]
RajRajRaj I didnt lie to girls [05:15]
RajRajRaj They always reject me [05:15]
Borw3 This place is more quiet than Java side :( [05:16]
RajRajRaj I made my friend lie to manager i got the job [05:16]
RajRajRaj Today morning i had a rejection [05:16]
RajRajRaj Its not hurting now because i m on irc [05:17]
RajRajRaj Otherwise it really starts hurting [05:17]
RajRajRaj Also i wasnt much interested in jer [05:18]
RajRajRaj Her [05:18]
RajRajRaj But i made my mind to kinda like her [05:18]
RajRajRaj Guess what i got rejected [05:18]
Borw3 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [05:18]
RajRajRaj Interestingly i told her a similar story [05:18]
Borw3 Life is funny, sometimes I think the universe favours the liars. [05:19]
RajRajRaj I told her that three HR women rejected me coz i lied to them that i liked the company and they had sensed it in the last round [05:19]
RajRajRaj It was long back [05:20]
RajRajRaj I also told her that i hate HR [05:20]
Borw3 LOL [05:20]
RajRajRaj Turns out she was HR for a year [05:20]
RajRajRaj I was like oh snap. [05:20]
RajRajRaj I tried my best to make comment positive but failed [05:21]
RajRajRaj Reason: [05:21]
RajRajRaj I m desperate to get a gf [05:21]
Borw3 LOL!!! [05:21]
RajRajRaj And i never liked any girl completely [05:21]
RajRajRaj Always found flaws first [05:22]
RajRajRaj So i decided to not take out flaw in this girl [05:22]
Borw3 You learn to love the flaws. :D [05:22]
RajRajRaj Yeah man my life sucks [05:22]
RajRajRaj I know but tgese girls are way too much literal [05:23]
RajRajRaj Even i am [05:23]
RajRajRaj Suck it [05:23]
sonOfRa okay this is fucking surreal [05:23]
RajRajRaj Specially HR [05:23]
RajRajRaj "Did you say depression" [05:23]
RajRajRaj Idiot you are focusing on a word [05:24]
RajRajRaj And dismissing the whole story [05:24]
RajRajRaj I hate them [05:24]
RajRajRaj Freaking HR ppl [05:24]
Borw3 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! [05:24]
RajRajRaj Yeah man why do they even exist [05:25]
Borw3 You tried dating HR to get a job there? [05:25]
RajRajRaj No [05:25]
RajRajRaj I tried to impress a girl [05:25]
whaley hahaha [05:25]
RajRajRaj Who was HR for a year [05:25]
whaley really need to get the ##java people stop redirection random shit to #java-talk [05:25]
whaley *redirecting [05:25]
Borw3 LOL [05:26]
RajRajRaj And she disclosed it after i had told her i hate HR ppl [05:26]
Borw3 Guys #java say this is the group for random shit. [05:26]
RajRajRaj Its not random [05:26]
RajRajRaj Its about my real life [05:26]
whaley RajRajRaj: I'd say that qualifies as completely random to anyone who has no awareness of you before this point in time [05:27]
RajRajRaj I believe this channel is for ppl who love java and wanna talk about something [05:27]
whaley RajRajRaj: no, this channel is for jokes about pr0n and rust [05:27]
RajRajRaj No its not [05:27]
Borw3 whaley: LOL [05:28]
whaley the two things are also more correlated than you think [05:28]
whaley yalla RUST! [05:28]
whaley yalla RUST! [05:28]
whaley yalla RUST! [05:28]
RajRajRaj Lol stop [05:28]
Borw3 LOL! [05:28]
whaley ROFL THAT IS FUNNY [05:28]
RajRajRaj For god sake i hated java [05:28]
RajRajRaj In past days [05:29]
Borw3 And loved C++ [05:29]
Borw3 And loved C++? [05:29]
RajRajRaj Yes [05:29]
RajRajRaj Now its become opposite [05:29]
RajRajRaj All because of ppl working in both platform [05:30]
RajRajRaj C++ guys are like sick [05:30]
RajRajRaj They have no respect for reusability at all [05:30]
RajRajRaj Yay you made a string class of your own [05:31]
RajRajRaj Let me do it too [05:31]
RajRajRaj Wth [05:31]
RajRajRaj I m sick all of reinventing the wheel tbh [05:31]
Borw3 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [05:32]
RajRajRaj I hope i dont end up hating programming [05:32]
Borw3 RajRajRaj: I am sure its just your work place :D [05:33]
Borw3 Too many nerds [05:33]
RajRajRaj I have been to two large companies [05:33]
RajRajRaj Same culture [05:33]
sonOfRa whaley: is this real life? [05:33]
RajRajRaj sonOfRa: its my real life [05:33]
RajRajRaj freeone3000: hi [05:33]
RajRajRaj freeone3000: you guys work in c++ a lot i believe. Prove me wrong [05:34]
whaley sonOfRa: I took advantage of my irc client's ability to ignore by nick+channel, so I'm oblivious to what is going on now [05:34]
Borw3 LOL! its aa game story line he is working on. [05:34]
RajRajRaj Borw3: what [05:34]
Borw3 LOL! [05:35]
RajRajRaj I don't dislike u ppl [05:36]
RajRajRaj Because u have laughed on me [05:36]
RajRajRaj If it was c++,i would have been abused/hated/insulted [05:36]
Borw3 LOL!! [05:36]
RajRajRaj Yeah try that ##C++-social [05:37]
sonOfRa lol [05:37]
sonOfRa [05:37]
RajRajRaj Java ppl built a career [05:37]
Borw3 lol [05:37]
Borw3 [05:37]
RajRajRaj C++ is not bad its just i have had hard time to deal with them [05:38]
RajRajRaj Them = c++ ppl [05:38]
RajRajRaj Anyway coming back to my could be girl [05:39]
RajRajRaj What do i do now [05:39]
RajRajRaj I am like i dont have anything to do [05:39]
Borw3 There is only 3 people in c++-social :( [05:39]
RajRajRaj I planned to talk to her all day long [05:39]
RajRajRaj Borw3: did you join with ## and not # [05:39]
RajRajRaj Borw3: u must find me.there [05:40]
[twisti] how about you two just use pm [05:40]
Borw3 [twisti]: I thought this group was for trolling? [05:41]
Borw3 D [05:41]
RajRajRaj How about [twisti] join us [05:41]
RajRajRaj Borw3: no one is trolling [05:41]
Borw3 RajRajRaj: You sure? [05:41]
RajRajRaj Yes [05:41]
RajRajRaj This is like usa vs uk [05:41]
RajRajRaj Both will survive [05:42]
RajRajRaj But the who cant make a choice between them [05:42]
RajRajRaj Dies [05:42]
RajRajRaj Miserably [05:42]
RajRajRaj And i am that sort of a person [05:43]
RajRajRaj I cant choose between c++ and java [05:43]
Borw3 Let me go actually learn some shits. :D [05:44]
Borw3 parted the channel: [05:45]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [07:03]
waz [waz!~waz@pdpc/supporter/active/waz] has joined #java-talk [07:12]
acuzio morning ladies [07:27]
acuzio holy.... whats with this guy RajRajRaj ? [07:28]
dreamreal RajRajRaj: please choose C++ [07:47]
dreamreal I've told you that before and you didn't listen [07:47]
Bombe Also, please choose to whine somewhere else, we already have an acuzio. [07:48]
dreamreal and other people trying to be acuzio [07:49]
RajRajRaj dreamreal: i am having some sort of panic right now [07:50]
RajRajRaj when i was 18 [07:50]
RajRajRaj I had a mobile which i loved [07:50]
dreamreal well, stop it. C++ is your choice. [07:50]
RajRajRaj Its not a choice sir [07:51]
dreamreal well, shut up about it then. [07:51]
RajRajRaj Its about my miserable life [07:51]
dreamreal Is complaining about it going to change a single thing? [07:51]
dreamreal Will it make anyone else want to help you in any way? [07:51]
RajRajRaj I wanna do phd [07:51]
RajRajRaj Not because i love research [07:52]
dreamreal How is that relevant? [07:52]
RajRajRaj Because i dont wanna do any job and build some reputation [07:52]
RajRajRaj I am perceived as a dumb guy which i am but i wasnt [07:53]
RajRajRaj I am probably* [07:53]
dreamreal "which I am but wasn't" - so you BECAME a dumb guy after having been perceived as one? [07:53]
dreamreal Who did THAT? Let's find them and convince them that Trump's a decent person [07:53]
dreamreal then maybe he'll become one [07:53]
RajRajRaj I became dumb because i didnt care about studies for a long time [07:54]
RajRajRaj For 6 years [07:54]
RajRajRaj 5.5 to be exact [07:54]
dreamreal sighs [07:55]
dreamreal exactly 5.5? Not 5.4, not 5.6? [07:55]
RajRajRaj dreamreal: can u please help me [07:55]
dreamreal no [07:55]
sonOfRa this is why I hate putting people on /ignore [07:55]
sonOfRa The one-sided ghost conversations [07:55]
dreamreal sonOfRa: I never do that, no matter how I'm tempted [07:55]
dreamreal my /ignore is my force of will! [07:55]
RajRajRaj dreamreal: you are smart [07:55]
sonOfRa Currently have 2 people on ignore, after carrying around IRC client config for like 4 years [07:56]
RajRajRaj And socially intelligent too [07:56]
RajRajRaj For sure you can help [07:56]
dreamreal RajRajRaj: You continue to astound me with your observational skill [07:56]
RajRajRaj But you don't want to help me [07:56]
dreamreal it's like... you see something and work hard to get it wrong [07:56]
dreamreal I have told you MULTIPLE times I'm not particularly smart; I meant it every freaking time. [07:57]
dreamreal Socially intelligent... that's ... amazingly incorrect [07:57]
RajRajRaj I dont know why but i feel like u can help me [07:57]
RajRajRaj U seems smart to me and socially intelligent is all [07:58]
dreamreal I can be incredibly difficult to like because I don't care about people [07:58]
dreamreal RajRajRaj: here's a question for you: how am I supposed to help you? [08:00]
RajRajRaj dreamreal: guide me for phd [08:01]
RajRajRaj I want to phd from iisc Bangalore [08:02]
dreamreal Can't do that, don't have one, no idea how to get one besides going to a college and having someone guide me... and even then I'm in the USA, India may have different rules [08:02]
RajRajRaj Because thats the place i want to get settled down at [08:02]
dreamreal so now that we've shot THAT down quite successfully, I'm off the hook [08:02]
dreamreal RajRajRaj: I have a high school diploma, and nothing more. [08:02]
RajRajRaj High respect for you still [08:03]
RajRajRaj I have masters and i am perceived as dumb guy [08:03]
dreamreal appreciated but irrelevant and unnecessary [08:03]
RajRajRaj A loser [08:03]
dreamreal makes the sad trombone sound [08:04]
RajRajRaj dreamreal: you are an inspiration [08:04]
dreamreal then be inspired and shut up [08:04]
RajRajRaj Cant [08:04]
RajRajRaj I am in india [08:04]
RajRajRaj Had it been usa i would have never whined [08:05]
dreamreal well, maybe this is why people think you're dumb? [08:05]
dreamreal I dunno, I don't care [08:05]
dreamreal you've said stuff like this before, it's not something anyone else can change [08:05]
Bombe I don?t have anyone on ignore but this conversation is still very one-sided. [08:06]
dreamreal Bombe: I'm losing, aren't I [08:07]
Bombe dreamreal, basically: yes. [08:07]
dreamreal I knew it [08:07]
Bombe Guess you?re smart after all. [08:08]
dreamreal I knew I shouldn't have gotten involved, but I was trying to put off responding to an email that I really want to respond to but I'm not sure how yet [08:08]
Bombe Ah, good old procrastination? [08:10]
dreamreal keeps on meaning to look up what that word means [08:11]
acuzio hey dreamreal what did i do ? WHo is trying to be me ? [08:20]
RajRajRaj Acuzio hi [08:23]
RajRajRaj Bombe: hi [08:26]
RajRajRaj dreamreal: thanks for listening to me [08:26]
RajRajRaj Thanks for being there when i needed u [08:27]
dreamreal I didn't do anything or say anything relevant, so... [08:28]
acuzio like normal then [08:29]
RajRajRaj I don't wanna do phd [08:30]
RajRajRaj Life is pushing mefor it [08:30]
RajRajRaj Actually i need to be known for something [08:31]
RajRajRaj Yet i dont know what that is [08:31]
RajRajRaj Phd is just an excuse to get away from this place [08:31]
RajRajRaj And from these ppl [08:32]
RajRajRaj If i had continued java none of this would have happened ever [08:33]
waz blog [08:36]
waz ##java is not your personal blog. Take it back to your tumblr, where your ideas will be read by thousands of hungry followers. The next revolution will be led by YOU! Just like the last one. [08:36]
acuzio RajRajRaj: Hi [08:43]
selckin can't believe apple uses the security questions, arg [09:03]
foddo acuzio: don?t poke the bear. [09:09]
nxt [nxt!] has joined #java-talk [09:14]
acuzio foddo: fair [09:37]
acuzio I am way too relaxed today ., had a smoke last night , 3 puffs and slept till 11 AM., 10 hours of sleep [09:38]
bomb i believe you gotta drink some water quick [10:04]
acuzio drank a litre of water [10:17]
acuzio not high , just mellow - nice mellow [11:48]
Collaken [Collaken!] has joined #java-talk [11:48]
foddo I just got out of bed. [11:55]
foddo It?s 12pm. [11:55]
YottaByte [YottaByte!~YottaByte@unaffiliated/yottabyte] has joined #java-talk [11:56]
Faux Morning. [11:59]
sonOfRa Morning foddo [12:01]
acuzio foddo: [12:01]
acuzio won 2 chess games , back to back [12:02]
sonOfRa scav: well, I opened my cobble case and it was a shitty UMP [12:05]
Psybur [Psybur!~broheim@unaffiliated/psybur] has joined #java-talk [12:11]
Psybur_ [Psybur_!] has joined #java-talk [12:11]
foddo Hi. [12:16]
foddo Christ I?m starving. [12:16]
foddo Time to make some blunchfast [12:17]
sonOfRa foddo: come have some potato salad [12:18]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Shared album - Simon Levermann - Google Photos" [12:18]
foddo That?s a lot of brotatoes [12:29]
sonOfRa Have like 25 people coming over later [12:30]
foddo Nice. [12:30]
foddo I?ll be there in like 9 hours k [12:30]
sonOfRa There *might* be some left [12:30]
sonOfRa If you hurry [12:31]
sonOfRa Just tell the plane to fly a bit faster [12:31]
foddo Heh [12:31]
foddo They?re making an sr72 [12:31]
foddo It?ll be capable of flying anywhere within like 90 minutes. [12:32]
sonOfRa If you take that, there's definitely going to be some left [12:32]
sonOfRa However if you *try* there might be nothing left of *you* [12:32]
acuzio "anywhere".. ? [12:32]
acuzio HOw is that possible ? [12:32]
sonOfRa acuzio: that plane goes really really fast [12:33]
foddo ^ [12:33]
acuzio I know SR-72 stories.. [12:33]
foddo It will hit Mach 5 [12:33]
foddo No you don?t. [12:33]
acuzio I am only intrigued by the anywhere.... [12:33]
foddo You know sr-71 stories [12:33]
acuzio Ok SR-71 ., Chuck Yeager was it ? [12:33]
acuzio anywhere is what intrigues me... [12:34]
foddo Obviously [12:34]
sonOfRa acuzio: well, not really anywhere, anywhere with an airport [12:34]
foddo ?On the planet? is implied [12:34]
sonOfRa Though I suppose you could eject? [12:34]
sonOfRa Though maybe ejecting at mach 5 might not be the best of ideas [12:34]
foddo Pretty sure the craft is capable of slowing down. [12:34]
acuzio Even on the planet... - I mean it will be incredible to see something fly from say LA to SYD in fucking 90 minutes.. [12:34]
foddo What part of ?it flies at nearly five thousand miles an hour? do you not understand. [12:35]
acuzio In 5000 miles/hour it cant fucking reach SYD from LA [12:36]
sonOfRa That's 7500 miles [12:36]
sonOfRa One hour for the first 5000 miles [12:36]
sonOfRa Then 30 minutes for the last 2500 [12:36]
sonOfRa 7500 [12:36]
sonOfRa IN 90 minutes [12:36]
foddo Well ok fine I?m exaggerating slightly. [12:37]
sonOfRa I wonder if they'll paint flames on it [12:37]
acuzio sonOfRa: you clearly have no idea how planes fly in terms of fuking flight patterns and such like [12:37]
foddo But yes. Mach 6. Capable of TRAVERSING any continent in an hour. [12:37]
sonOfRa They should [12:37]
foddo sonOfRa: pretty sure the paint would fuck with the fuselage. [12:37]
foddo It gets hot. [12:37]
sonOfRa acuzio: this kind of plane goes up to nearly space and doesn't give a shit about flight patterns [12:37]
acuzio shakes his head.. [12:37]
sonOfRa sure, it has to ascend and descend to that, but it doesn't fly anywhere in commercial airspace [12:38]
acuzio No its not as simple as that .. doofus [12:38]
foddo acuzio: seriously tho. The sr71 flew in straight lines. [12:38]
foddo Everyone got out of their way. [12:38]
foddo It also flew a lot. Lot higher. [12:38]
foddo Pilots had to wear pressurised suits. [12:38]
acuzio Yeah i know ., [12:40]
acuzio Playing chess can be quite hard [12:40]
sonOfRa acuzio: I was under the impression that it works exactly like that due to them being military and not commercial [12:40]
acuzio Hmmm ., no ascend and descend on Military Aircrafts are still fucking hard [12:40]
foddo What was the sr71 even used for [12:41]
foddo I don?t recall it carried weapons. [12:41]
foddo Surveillance? We have satellites. [12:41]
acuzio Surveillance [12:41]
foddo Transferring vips? Not bloody likely. [12:41]
acuzio We didnt have complete overview of the world at that time ., so if we had to get somewhere real quick - SR-71 [12:42]
foddo Which raises the question [12:42]
foddo Why sr72 [12:42]
acuzio Research [12:42]
sonOfRa Probably for when you need better pictures than satellites [12:42]
sonOfRa Or better data transmission rates than satellites [12:42]
acuzio And Proof of Concept [12:43]
foddo Oh shit even better, the sr72 is gonna be unmanned [12:43]
acuzio In the future the one with the better Drones will win [12:43]
foddo > t is also suspected that the SR-72?s hypersonic engine tech ? some kind of hybrid scramjet ? will find its way into the US military?s High Speed Strike Weapon (HSSW), a missile that can theoretically strike anywhere on Earth in just a few minutes. [12:44]
sonOfRa That way, when we detect missile launches, we can kill them all before we die, and then die, rather than dying and *then* killing them! [12:44]
Collaken thats lovely [12:45]
Collaken but dont mess up with wrong alerts [12:45]
foddo sonOfRa: you jest but that?s the thrust of nuclear warfar tactics. You should read command and control [12:46]
foddo *warfare [12:46]
acuzio its called Mutually Assured Destruction [12:48]
acuzio There is something about Chess ., the good players always seem to have so much space on the board - [12:48]
acuzio Its insane [12:48]
acuzio players like me are struggling with finding where to put the pieces - the good ones are fucking killing it [12:49]
acuzio Great ., i now have AMZN recommending "Women's Clothing" to me [12:53]
acuzio Nivea Luscious Lips is there.. I am clearly not using that [12:54]
foddo acuzio: that?s only part of it. [12:55]
foddo I do recommend that book. It?s pretty awesome. [12:55]
sonOfRa acuzio: I know about mutually assured destruction [01:00]
sonOfRa But what I was joking about is that it doesn't matter [01:00]
sonOfRa If the missiles actually start flying, it really doesn't matter if you die *before* the other guy dies if you know that you're both dying for sure [01:00]
waz Flight distance: 7,496 miles or 12063 km LAX - SYD [01:06]
acuzio thats not happening in 90 minutes mate [01:26]
sonOfRa So maybe 2 hours or something if the plane actually does go up to mach 5 [01:29]
waz ONE YEAR AGO TODAY: Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. [01:34]
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sonOfRa Wooo [01:48]
sonOfRa 7 years to go [01:48]
waz but the 25 amendment! [01:53]
sonOfRa Oh, then maybe a few more years of trump and then president pence [01:56]
sonOfRa That ought to be even more hilarious [01:56]
acuzio I have an even bet that next 7 more years its him and then Ivanka [01:57]
acuzio Ivanka i am not so sure ., its 7 more years of him for sure [01:59]
acuzio All the BlueMidTerm hoopla is just that , its nonsense [02:00]
acuzio and exactly after 1 year , the Govt. has shut down. There are so many scandals that hush money paid to a Porn Star from Campaign Funds .. does not even count [02:01]
acuzio Its not the fact that he slept or got spanked by a porn star ., thats fine - thats not the scandal. Its that he used Campaign funds to hush her up paid through his own lawyer via another company. Or as Steve Bannon said , there are 100's of them that were hushed. [02:05]
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k5_ [k5_!~k5@2001:16b8:2d3a:e500:f8f9:b974:b8ee:2067] has joined #java-talk [02:11]
waz Midterm will be close I bet [02:14]
waz 25 amendment won't happen [02:14]
waz wet dream [02:14]
acuzio 25th Amendment is never happening ., irrespective of whatever else happens [02:14]
waz yeah, those that are hoping for it don't even understand it [02:15]
acuzio Muller probe will go on for another 2 years before the Repubs will close it down for whatever reason. Even if its conclusively proven that Trump Campaign knew about the money flowing in from Russian sources, wikileaks, almost anything else and even if there is conclusive proof, absolutely nothing will happen [02:16]
acuzio Mid-Term will _not_ be close., all this talk about Senate or House flipping is just nonsense [02:18]
acuzio Or may be i have seen too many numbers from PHX, AZ and NC and WY and places like that [02:21]
acuzio Any one here using the MDR-ZX220BT [02:23]
waz I'm not [02:26]
waz well, I have no idea what it is [02:26]
waz so I doubt it [02:26]
acuzio -d [02:26]
acuzio Its a headphone dude ., wireless Sony [02:26]
acuzio And in other news ., this is not even news anymore [02:36]
acuzio By holding the event at his own club, Trump will be able to collect tens of thousands of dollars in fees for food, ballroom rental and other costs. In effect, he will have transformed his supporters? political donations into revenue for his business. [02:36]
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acuzio Again. [02:37]
waz that's happened what 100 times in the last year [02:41]
waz [02:41]
waz waz's title: "'Trump Was Merely Sharing The Gospel With That Porn Star,' Explains Jim Bakker" [02:41]
acuzio waz: Possibly yeah ., my point was more on the lines of - it doesnt even register anymore. Thats what is astonishing [02:44]
acuzio And the Evangelicals ., the less said the better. [02:46]
acuzio I was in PHX a few weeks ago and near Old SCottsDale there is a road that has like 5 churches and at least 3 of them had signs around "Praise The Lord, Pray for Our President" or words to that effect., this in a place where almost all of the "lesser" paid jobs are done by immigrants. [02:48]
acuzio Every conversation you had with a Cab Driver would end with "The Whites here want a White nation" or something close to that [02:50]
waz everyone eh [03:01]
acuzio well ., mostly [03:01]
waz last 2 lyft drivers I had were anti illegal immigration [03:02]
waz the last one was from africa and taking his citizen test that night. [03:02]
waz super nervous about passing the test [03:02]
waz gave him the biggest tip I've even given a cab driver [03:03]
acuzio I am against illegal immigration ., and so is most of the country. [03:03]
acuzio And especially people who have come in legally [03:03]
waz here's something that may surprise you, maybe not [03:03]
acuzio Go on then [03:03]
waz been in a committed relationship for over three months (that may be surprising too) and it wasn't until last weekend I found out who she voted for in the last presidential election. And that was only because it was a key part of a story she was telling me. [03:04]
acuzio Please tell me she voted for Jill Stein or that other guy [03:06]
waz didn't matter to me [03:06]
waz still doesn't [03:06]
waz she's an amazing woman outside of political beliefs [03:06]
acuzio it would matter to me ., however que-sera-sera [03:09]
waz I never talk politics or ask [03:09]
waz here I just research claims that seem interesting to me and comment [03:09]
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acuzio In my case , We dont talk politics ., we do talk religion sometimes and She just goes "You are going to hell, and i will pray for you" [03:11]
waz we all knew that anyway [03:12]
acuzio -) [03:13]
acuzio I just needle Her around the virgins thing [03:13]
YottaByte [YottaByte!~YottaByte@unaffiliated/yottabyte] has joined #java-talk [03:14]
acuzio The conversation usually goes : "Do i get virgins ? " She goes : "You wont know what to do with them, just be glad i am here to show you what to do" [03:14]
waz haha [03:16]
foddo Wait, if she is showing you what to do, and you won?t know what to do... is she showing you wrong? [03:29]
acuzio I have to ask Her [03:30]
acuzio She is cooking btw [03:30]
acuzio right now , She is just cooking [03:33]
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