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KekSi 'morning [02:06]
Jantz [Jantz!~IceChat9@2407:7000:8d04:100:9534:8076:8f79:280b] has joined #java-talk [02:10]
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Faux Ayyyyyyyyy. [02:41]
selckin [02:45]
selckin selckin's title: "Multiple emails - Microsoft Community" [02:45]
selckin been driving me crazy all month, why simple things always so hard [02:45]
Faux Had a good giggle at #42 on here, as I know someone who deals with that all day every day. [02:46]
Faux Faux's title: "Siguza on Twitter: "Coding task complexity: 1. Output 2. Basic IO 3. Sorting an array 4. Sorting a linked list ... 8. iOS kernel exploit ... 15. TLS 16. KTRR bypass ... 23. Secure Enclave exploit ... 42. Email-compatible HTML ... 98. Post-quantum crypto ... 215. Fixing IOHIDFamily ... 666. Printers"" [02:46]
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sonOfRa apparently I'm devops now [04:30]
Faux SONOPS [04:30]
KekSi oh no-no-nooo, devops is something you buy [04:32]
Faux They did buy sonOfRa. [04:33]
Faux Strong purchasing decision imo. [04:33]
KekSi ^ [04:34]
deepy sonOfRa: congratulations, how does it feel? [04:39]
sonOfRa A great disturbance in the force, like a million voices suddenly cried out in terror [04:39]
deepy I felt the same way when I realized how little ops the devops team I am in is [04:41]
Faux Are you saying, perhaps, that they rebranded you to devops to make you sound cool, without actually changing anything? [04:42]
KekSi in india it was the other way round -- all of them were 0% developer & 50% ops person -- no idea what else [04:42]
deepy Well the team I joined already existed, but yes, they rebranded them from 'tools' to 'devops' [04:43]
deepy really glad that name change went through before I joined [04:43]
KekSi lmao "tools" [05:16]
[twisti] i keep getting offers from the american version of amazon on my google feed, and none from the german version. i cant buy any of the american offers due to region lockout, so thats super annoying. anyone got an idea how to fix that ? [05:56]
selckin ublock origin [05:58]
[twisti] a) on android b) i dont want to block ads, i want proper regional offers [05:58]
[twisti] those arent technically ads anyways [05:58]
[twisti] its (probably sponsored) articles [05:59]
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scav omg adds [06:47]
scav fotato works with adds - he is the devil! [06:48]
acuzio [acuzio!~acuzio@unaffiliated/acuzio] has joined #java-talk [06:48]
acuzio morning ladies [06:48]
[twisti] addddds [06:49]
nxt [nxt!] has joined #java-talk [06:58]
Faux Can't believe how many clicks the jetbrains toolbox just loses. Want to open four projects? Good fucking luck. [07:03]
Faux "Thinking about it... nah, fuck you." [07:03]
Faux What would you think clicking here would do, given that it's greyed the background and turned the cursor into a hand (doesn't show up on the screenshot)? Spoilers: it does fuck all, because the click area is just where the text is. [07:05]
sonOfRa just works [07:18]
acuzio Faux: PEBCAK [07:19]
bobek [bobek!~bobek@unaffiliated/bobek] has joined #java-talk [07:38]
tyx [tyx!~tyx@] has joined #java-talk [07:47]
surial Faux: intellij built their shit on swing, right? [07:47]
surial you'd think that, given swing's rather deplorable API and peculiar look, they have some sort of in-house intermediate layer. Which makes fucking this up even more bizarre. Possibly this toolbox thingamajig is written without the benefits of that intermediate layer and they promptly fuck it up. [07:48]
surial Faux: anyway, yeah, this is a UX bug, and a bad one. [07:48]
sonOfRa I think toolbox isn't even java [07:49]
sonOfRa At least ps aux | grep java shows no running java processes when toolbox is running [07:49]
sonOfRa probably Qt [07:50]
sonOfRa Which makes this even worse, because with Qt you can actually properly write shit that looks and feels native [07:50]
surial huh. Yup, it's QT. [07:51]
Faux I had assumed it was Java, as it's a 85MB fat binary to do fuck all. [07:51]
sonOfRa also \o/ weekend [07:51]
Faux It downloads files, extracts zips, and executes shell scripts. [07:51]
surial It's not java so that you don't need java to execute it? [07:51]
surial They should look into jilink :P [07:51]
Faux bin-visio isn't very complimentary of it not being a packer with some other app inside: [07:58]
sonOfRa Man, not lying on time tracking sheets is great [07:59]
sonOfRa Only 9 hours of work remaining this month! [07:59]
Faux [shilling] haha, that java8 graph. [08:01]
Maldivia Faux: a big middle finger? :D [08:03]
Faux Pretty much. Good to see 7 ahead of everything post-8, too. [08:03]
waz sonOfRa if you lied you'd be done already! [08:17]
sonOfRa So far, lying on those sheets always ended up screwing *me* over [08:17]
sonOfRa there was maybe one or two months where I worked *less* but I generally just worked more [08:17]
waz yeah [08:17]
waz I'm the same way [08:18]