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AMcBain Looks like a very close by pot shop is opening up and people are pissed. Turns out they found a lot that was in the county but abutted one of the local cities. heh. and the preschool it's near is not a "restricted entity" according to the state licensing board. Will be interesting to see how this goes down. (I'm more interested in the fight itself than that it's a pot shop. :P) [12:29]
AMcBain All the local towns refused to allow licensed dispensaries within city limits when the state "legalized" it (as much as they're able with the federal laws still in force) Kind of odd considering they'd benefit from the sales tax and that the number of "druggies" wouldn't go up (the people mostly opposed are the kind who would use those words; I know this area a little). [12:31]
AMcBain Seems some are opposed because it might increase the traffic and if shit happened the local police would have to deal instead of the county police even though it's on county land. (That I can see.) [12:32]
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AMcBain and Weird Al is getting a Hollywood Star (those are mostly people who buy them and or get enough money/petitions from fans) [01:31]
AMcBain (Walk of Fame Star) [01:31]
dtrott Snoopy got a star recently, don?t know if he bought his ? [01:32]
AMcBain Snoopy the Peanuts character? or? If that, then probably bought by Schultz estate or funded by profits from movies, etc. [02:37]
AMcBain It's a little sad it's a commercial enterprise but whatever. I believe the current fee is $25,000 so I can understand why some stars might not care to have one, especially if the shortest path is to put your own hat in (which could be seen as an ego thing). [02:38]
AMcBain Both of those things together are probably why Weird Al only got one due to effectively crowd funding. [02:39]
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dtrott parted the channel: [03:22]
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grug asdasdaf [03:53]
grug how are we? [03:53]
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Faux Last day of my holiday, then I go back to being unemployed. It's a hard life. [04:24]
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grug Faux: it's a tough life isn't it [04:38]
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Faux Yeah. carmuseum today. [05:44]
Faux Faux's title: "Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet" [05:44]
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sonOfRa yay cars [06:26]
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acuzio morning ladies [07:16]
acuzio I am on severe painkillers [07:16]
acuzio At least its not raining [07:17]
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sl33k Sorry acuzio. do get well soon! [07:18]
sl33k I?m away on a week?s leave: would be hitting the gym, driving lessons, and annoyingly reading the new Cracking the coding interview book. Kinda annoying I have to succumb to the latter. [07:19]
acuzio sl33k: ta [07:20]
Stummi acuzio, what happened? [07:20]
sl33k It?s almost like university all over again where depending on how determined you are, you can prepare to beat and game the system. RE: Coding Interviews! [07:20]
waz he's in the US for a visit, opioid use is a given [07:22]
sl33k haha [07:22]
acuzio Stummi: I have a soleus muscle tear and basically it means i cant run, stand, or even walk for a long time - it doesnt help that i am travelling [07:22]
acuzio YEs thank you waz [07:22]
waz ouch, how long of a recovery is that? [07:22]
Stummi ow, that sucks. Get well soon [07:23]
miha_S7 [miha_S7!~miha@] has joined #java-talk [07:23]
acuzio takes about 4 weeks to get back., [07:23]
acuzio if you are not doing anything physical - ., i am not doing anything physical - but i do have to stand or sit for longer periods of time [07:24]
acuzio And oh Faux I finally met a BREXIT voter - a 72 year old White Man driving a cab who had been in the Police for 33 years. His overarching theme was "We were better before" , he talked about bringing back Milkmen, High Quality plumbers,bricklayers etc. His claim to fame : "I have never touched a computer". [07:29]
Stummi isn't that what we already know about brexit? White old man fuck up the country for the next generation [07:30]
acuzio He said and i quote "Nigel Farrage never said that we dont want immigration , he said we want controlled immigration". I asked him "How is that different from whats happening now?" , He took a detour to China winning! [07:31]
Stummi maybe the whole magnitude of the decission will hit when most of them are gone [07:31]
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miha_S7 [miha_S7!~miha@] has joined #java-talk [07:33]
acuzio Stummi: Honestly , i had never met a real live BREXIT supporter, someone who is not just frothing in the mouth but could articulate a few things. He simply did not understand how the economy works or how perception is reality.. - His entire world view boiled down to "We were better before". I just listened , got down at the airport and said "Thank you for that sir, very interesting". Made a note of his [07:33]
acuzio name so i dont have to come with him next time. [07:34]
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Faux acuzio: Exactly how I picture you, yesm [07:34]
Stummi "we were better before" is what a lot of people are thinking because of selective perception [07:35]
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acuzio And oh , his point about Milkmen was "Grocery stores like TESCO bring sub-standard milk from Europe and have put milkmen out of work" ., i asked "what about for people who are not milkmen?" - answer : "I was paying more for milk before and will do so again" . Me: "What stops you now?". NO answer. [07:43]
scav Morning guys [07:51]
liste they still have milkmen in UK? [07:51]
acuzio i havent seen one [07:52]
scav i wish i grew up in those days, seems so nice to have a guy come deliver fresh milk at your door [07:52]
scav as an added bonus: almost no computer related jobs. [07:52]
liste ...and fuck your wife [07:52]
scav acuzio could have been a full time creep, and i could have been an artist! [07:53]
liste nah, computer jobs those days involved white lab coats [07:53]
liste 10000% cooler than 2017 [07:53]
scav wat [07:53]
scav i just said less jobs like that, meaning probably none of us would be in that business considering we are all morons [07:54]
deepy\lettuce Over here the grocery stores usually have a local milk that people buy [07:58]
deepy\lettuce and by local I mean one produced in this half of the country [07:58]
Faux My parents get milkmen. [07:59]
Faux acuzio: Milk point sounds like "This trade agreement is hurting British interests", which is a valid, if horrendously short sighted point. [07:59]
miha_S7 [miha_S7!~miha@] has joined #java-talk [08:00]
foddo We stopped paying a milkman when I was about 12. [08:12]
foddo Also. I am the milkman. My milk is delicious. [08:12]
foddo acuzio: there's still a local milk depot (with electric floats!) local to my house. [08:13]
foddo And I hear them doing their rounds early in the morning. [08:14]
foddo Heard. [08:14]
cyberz [cyberz!~a.leofred@] has joined #java-talk [08:19]
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grug fod the milkman [08:23]
foddo Has nobody played psychonauts [08:23]
grug what dat? [08:26]
scav no, we are not nerds like you [08:26]
foddo Stfu scav psychonauts is a seminal game. [08:28]
scav it consists of semen? i don't get it [08:28]
foddo Low level troll. [08:29]
foddo scav: [08:30]
scav funny [08:30]
scav it is also fine to use your body to break down a wall in norway, because free health care! [08:31]
scav but in all honestly, amazing image. i am stealing that :D [08:31]
yottabyte [yottabyte!48008896@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #java-talk [08:55]
acuzio right , time to get on train - [09:04]
acuzio I know Milkmen existed - sort of , I have never really used them as a primary source of milk - Disclosure: i dont drink milk , i usually take Almond Milk if at all and take Coffee black. After She started coming over, i have actually started noticing Blue and Green colored cap milk bottles at home [09:09]
scav train? where is the private chauffeur? [09:11]
scav also, this "she" thing you have going, is really confusing. [09:11]
scav and seeing as i live my life through you, i prefer to not be confused [09:11]
acuzio [acuzio!~acuzio@unaffiliated/acuzio] has joined #java-talk [09:14]
acuzio ping [09:14]
acuzio [09:14]
foddo scav: allow me to make things simpler for you. Every time acuzio types 'she' with a capital S, he is actually referring to the Elvis Costello song. [09:17]
foddo acuzio: milk is a great source of protein and if you're not lactose intolerant I suggest you start drinking it. [09:17]
scav foddo oooh. that makes a lot more sense. thank you, you are a real friend. [09:18]
acuzio log [09:27]
acuzio acuzio, logging is the recording of various events that happen in an application. Java's had logging built-in since 1.4, which is kinda cute. You should use java.util.logging right before gnawing off your own neck. Use other libraries first, starting with SLF4J: ~slf4j, ~logback, ~commons-logging, and ~log4j if you're archaic. [09:27]
acuzio Where are the local logs ? [09:27]
acuzio channel logging [09:27]
acuzio acuzio, what does that even *mean*? [09:27]
Faux logs [09:28]
Faux channel logs can be found at (Select the channel from the list on the left-hand side.) [09:28]
acuzio scav: She refers to the grilfriend [09:29]
acuzio Fun fact: I am sitting next to the ex- Electron Team Lead on the train [09:30]
acuzio Electron as in this : [09:31]
acuzio acuzio's title: "GitHub - electron/electron: Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS" [09:31]
acuzio And the TL is a bonafide female. This is already turning out to be interesting [09:32]
scav I find foddo's explanation more plausible, or at least more entertaining [09:37]
acuzio sounds true [09:38]
scav conflicted about whether to find you offensive or funny, acuzio [09:40]
foddo He won't meet me for drinks so I will never be able to report that. [09:42]
scav he obviously only meet girls, girls he can later objectify on irc [09:43]
acuzio scav: I am not sure how i am being offensive [09:44]
foddo Pfft, so narrow minded. [09:44]
foddo AN ACTUAL FEMALE [09:44]
scav i like where this conversation is heading [09:45]
acuzio I am actually pleasantly surprised , even if i am saying it in a very sexist manner. [09:45]
acuzio (i am not trying to be sexist at least intentionally) [09:46]
scav i don't care acuzio, i find it funny any way [09:47]
scav like, im not trying to call it out or anything, its just funny how you give us constant updates on the female situation around you [09:48]
acuzio There are literally 3 Females i know in senior engineering positions at name-value companies so this is a good, pleasant surprise [09:48]
acuzio And i have worked for 14 years professionally [09:48]
waz I got a friends sister interested in coding years ago, she went and got her CS degree. A few years ago she became CIO of PNC Bank [09:50]
acuzio the fact that you remember and comment on it waz proves my point - its not common [09:51]
waz 1 - she's a good friend, 2 - Anyone I've helped in their career I remember [09:52]
waz so if you say females in tech she's first to mind just because I was around for her full journey from first looking at code to being CIO [09:52]
waz I have 2 female friends that have had similar success (one not in tech, she's CEO Intercontinental Hotels Europe). Bunch of male friends that are successful but none to the level of those 2. [09:53]
acuzio My point was simply , women in tech in hard-core positions are few and far between and i am lucky to be sitting next to one. [09:55]
leolrrj [leolrrj!] has joined #java-talk [09:55]
scav electron is the tech Slack is built on [09:56]
acuzio And github [09:56]
scav wat [09:56]
acuzio Atom [09:57]
Faux acuzio would hire the *shit* out of her. [09:58]
scav i have no idea what you are talking about [09:58]
scav im pretty sure github was not built ON electron or a text editor? [09:59]
scav s/hire/fuck [10:00]
acuzio scav: aargh., Atom is a text editor made by github and that uses Electron made by github [10:00]
Faux THAT'S THE JOKE [10:00]
acuzio And Faux no i am not going to "hire" or whatever her [10:00]
acuzio she is a kid [10:00]
scav acuzio yes. i know. [10:00]
Faux hot [10:01]
scav that should be even hotter for you, acuzio [10:01]
acuzio facepalms [10:01]
scav i love abstractions [10:01]
scav 10 classes down, and im still not at the point where i can see what queries are actually being done on cassandra [10:02]
scav s/on/to? [10:02]
Faux Probably 'on'. [10:03]
scav ill go with 'on', as you probably know english better than i do [10:04]
Faux I might go with 'sent to' or 'executed by' just to be complicated. [10:05]
whaley_ balls [10:08]
waz acuzio my point was I'm the exception, I have 4 friends that have hit c level in large corps, 2 are women and one in tech. Crazy actually. [10:15]
foddo lol, a product manager just said to me "im beginning to think that spaghetti is a legit engineering term, people keep using it" [10:18]
foddo i linked her to [10:18]
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acuzio waz: fair point [10:20]
scav sounds a lot like OO [10:20]
waz That and I'm quite proud of getting her interesting in development [10:20]
waz interested [10:20]
acuzio I am trying to get my niece interested in Development using Scratch [10:21]
grug the male/female dev split here is definitely the closest to being equal that i've seen soemwhere with > 100 devs [10:29]
grug i think we have about 120 devs and i think about 53 are female [10:29]
foddo <acuzio> how many of them are actual women tho [10:30]
acuzio foddo: sorry what ? [10:30]
acuzio facepalms [10:40]
acuzio I just came to know about the tweets of the Orange head... [10:41]
ron morning [10:44]
foddo OMG RON [10:46]
foddo i used bulgarian bags in my workout today [10:46]
foddo my hands are all 'bruhh' [10:46]
grug i bet you're fuckin swole now fod [10:46]
grug you're at the gym 6 times a day [10:46]
ron I feel like shit [10:46]
whaley foddo: next time do Indian Clubs [10:47]
foddo grug: i went once all last week. [10:47]
foddo and i go 3 times a week [10:47]
foddo my shoulder's still fucked, too [10:47]
Faux That's infinity times more than me. [10:48]
whaley looking at videos of bulgarian bags. Looks like an even better way to injury yourself than crossfit! [10:49]
foddo nah, it's fine. [10:49]
grug that's what crossfitters say [10:49]
foddo sandbag workouts are actually pretty good in terms of injury [10:49]
foddo i'm not a fucking crossfitter. [10:49]
Faux sandbagging [10:49]
foddo whaley: i was using a 20lb bag, pretty light [10:50]
foddo but still a good workout [10:50]
whaley *nod* really looks like you could fuck your wrist up or screw with shoulder/thoracic spine with bad technique [10:51]
grug foddo is definitely a crossfitter [10:51]
foddo shut up. [10:52]
whaley ... and as always, yes, good technique means everything is fine, but in what little I've seen it looks like you are supposed to use these things to exhaustion and doing it at a fast pace... which is when technique turns to shit [10:52]
foddo you're definitely not supposed to do anything to that leve. [10:52]
foddo well, not involving weights. [10:52]
foddo fuck crossfit. [10:52]
foddo stop as soon as your form goes. [10:53]
foddo that _is_ the exhaustion point. [10:53]
grug nah [10:53]
grug dont be a bitch [10:53]
grug dont stop til you're on the floor, passed out [10:53]
acuzio I am essentially just eating garbage and drinking and am on naproxen 500 * 3 [10:54]
Faux For ED, or..? [10:54]
foddo yeah, then you get to be this guy [10:54]
foddo foddo's title: "Crossfit Teacher Paralyzed By Falling Barbell | Gruesome Gym Injury Caught On Video" [10:54]
acuzio Faux: for muscle tear [10:55]
Faux That's some serious ED. [10:55]
grug i deadlifted your mother's snatch [10:55]
foddo dont thrust as vigorously next time, acuzio [10:55]
acuzio thank you foddo [10:55]
foddo grug: almost a passable weightlifting joke [10:58]
omnipot [omnipot!] has joined #java-talk [11:03]
whaley [11:13]
whaley whaley's title: "Fighting crime with Slack Several People Are TypingThe Official Slack Blog" [11:13]
grug foddo: nah dont give me credit for that [11:24]
grug it was poor [11:24]
grug foddo: have you got a good ice cream recommendation for london [11:24]
grug in fact, does anyone? [11:24]
grug i can't find good ice cream anywhere [11:24]
Maldivia whaley: that's pretty cool :) [11:25]
foddo umm [11:28]
foddo i never really bought ice cream [11:28]
grug ffs [11:29]
foddo you mean a place to go get icecream or do you mean just a tub for home [11:30]
foddo because if you just wanna buy ice cream, that GELATO place is good [11:32]
foddo uh, gelupo [11:32]
foddo [11:33]
foddo foddo's title: "Gelupo The finest artisan gelato this side of the Alps" [11:33]
foddo as for ice cream, i generally bought a clotted cream brand i forget the name of [11:33]
foddo grug: [11:34]
foddo foddo's title: "Mackie's of Scotland Luxury Ice Cream Traditional Dairy Vanilla 1L | Sainsbury's" [11:34]
grug i just got gelupo today [11:36]
grug and it was okay... [11:36]
foddo hmm, you may be more of an aficionado than i am [11:41]
foddo Scoop on brewer st is ok too [11:42]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [11:45]
acuzio grug: get Cornish Ice Cream at Waitrose. End of Story [11:46]
acuzio weather nyc [11:47]
acuzio Weather for New York, NY | 73 F (23 C) | humidity at 42% | Clear | 11:47 AM [11:47]
acuzio weather london [11:47]
acuzio Weather for London, United Kingdom | 68 F (20 C) | humidity at 40% | Clear | 4:47 PM [11:47]
acuzio why is not raining in LDN ? [11:47]
ron because its happy you're not there [11:47]
acuzio makes sense [11:47]
acuzio NaProxen hits you a bit later ... , i havent timed it right [11:48]
codecutter [codecutter!~Anonymous@] has joined #java-talk [12:21]
codecutter have to tell ya [12:22]
codecutter doing absolutely fantastic!! [12:22]
codecutter winning absolutely everywhere :) [12:22]
codecutter haha [12:22]
foddo good for you! [12:25]
waz you're clearly in the wrong room then [12:29]
acuzio whats he on about ? [12:30]
codecutter nvm [12:31]
codecutter just a random tump-like outburst [12:31]
whaley [12:32]
codecutter just testing how strict this room is [12:32]
codecutter ) [12:32]
acuzio codecutter: its very strict. . , well except this one guy ron - he is very nice you should PM him [12:47]
codecutter not nice, not at all! [12:47]
acuzio why ? did you try and talk to him [12:48]
codecutter i don't know [12:48]
codecutter sounds of things, he is a miserable s.o.b [12:48]
acuzio he is actually a great guy [12:48]
codecutter that great, hih! [12:49]
codecutter huh* [12:49]
foddo ron: we have a new friend for you [12:49]
codecutter surely, he can't be that great. [12:49]
foddo give him the traditional #java-talk welcome. [12:49]
codecutter foddo: oi [12:49]
codecutter don't do that [12:49]
codecutter i see the usual suspects have a presence here [12:51]
foddo i feel you're not a cultural fit for #java-talk [12:52]
codecutter why, hello yawkat [12:52]
codecutter foddo: what do you want me to do, cry? [12:52]
foddo i'm pretty sure that's at least two members' fetish. [12:52]
codecutter heh [12:52]
sonOfRa ( ? ?? ?) [12:53]
codecutter i know a few like that over at ##java [12:53]
acuzio you are not part of the zeitgeist till you say hello to ron [12:55]
codecutter consider me an outlaw! [12:56]
foddo ron: can you believe the nerve on this guy [12:56]
codecutter foddo we happen to know each other very well [12:57]
codecutter good people! [12:57]
codecutter ) [12:57]
foddo i'm sorry codecutter do i know you [12:57]
codecutter i don't think so [12:58]
codecutter lets keep it that way, shall we [12:58]
foddo har. [12:58]
codecutter humbug [12:59]
whaley foddo: stop being so ____ist [01:19]
foddo blankist? [01:19]
sonOfRa whaley: suggesting someone is ____ist is pretty ____ist yourself [01:19]
foddo how could you say that, i love all blanks [01:19]
foddo some of my best friends are blanks. [01:20]
sonOfRa s/love/shoot [01:20]
sonOfRa burn! [01:20]
whaley impressive [01:20]
foddo some of my best friends are also blankets. [01:21]
acuzio note to self : Kate is good at note taking , it autofills a tonne of stuff [01:40]
k5_ [k5_!] has joined #java-talk [01:44]
yawkat i use yawkate myself. [01:49]
acuzio well done yawkat [01:51]
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doop [doop!] has joined #java-talk [02:35]
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tang^ oh man, coworker has the ICQ (?) "uh oh" alert on his phone for messages [04:17]