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2021-09-26 »

Nick Message Date
freeone3000 Okay so I messaged that coworker and it turns out he's uninterested in networking char because he *retired* [12:46]
freeone3000 Can you do that? Just take your million dollars and peace out? Live on dividends and interest? [12:47]
freeone3000 Like okay you can but [12:47]
freeone3000 Jesus [12:47]
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puppy_za clearly programming took a lot out of him :P [03:33]
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Maldivia found his 10000 Bitcoin stash he'd forgotten he bought 15 years ago? [04:11]
Faux freeone3000: 1M isn't quite enough to retire at 40 here, so probably not, depending on other assets, area, expectations, etc. [04:24]
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acuzio morning ladies [05:31]
Faux acuzio. [05:32]
acuzio I stumbled upon a 4K ASMR Walking tour ., thru some villages in India ., its weird and wonderful [05:33]
acuzio Faux: [05:33]
acuzio No talking just normal walking thru the "street" [05:33]
Faux Yeah. Night driving is popular too. [05:34]
acuzio I can imagine yeah., [05:35]
acuzio I didnt know i needed this [05:37]
acuzio Just a GoPro and Zoom HJn recorder , no cuts, no nothing , just sounds and raw visuals [05:39]
acuzio H2n Recorder [05:39]
acuzio ANd it goes without saying that India is a lot more noisy and colorful than any other country I have been to [05:42]
acuzio Including China, perhaps not including HK (Nathan Road., specifically) [05:44]
acuzio Faux: Are you in Fuckstone now ? [06:01]
Faux Yes. [06:01]
Faux I appreciate your dedication to the joke. [06:01]
acuzio (I actually dont remember the name of the place) [06:01]
acuzio IN my head its Fuckstone [06:02]
acuzio IN other news, the Tilers didnt make it today after all (one of them has to come from the other side of M25 and is stuck) - the outdoor painter etc guys are in however [06:03]
Faux They just can't afford the spot pricing on the fuel. [06:06]
sonOfRa Got myself a mouse bungee. It really is a night and day difference on a wired mouse [06:08]
acuzio Faux: I dont know ., i didnt ask . My approach is "We are inside the house , most work is done, the other stuff I will give them some leeway to finish" - and so thats that [06:09]
acuzio <-------------- Googles Mouse Bungee [06:09]
sonOfRa Mostly for video games where you have to do quick sudden movements, but it effectively turns your wired mouse into a wireless one, because you're no longer pulling the cable across the edge of the table etc [06:10]
sonOfRa So it's smooth in all directions, and the same force moves it the same amount in all directions [06:10]
acuzio So not for me [06:10]
acuzio I dont game anymore [06:10]
acuzio (too old for it) [06:10]
Faux I have a hybrid mouse, so you can use it like an adult most of the time, then unplug it for gaming. [06:11]
sonOfRa I think we have the same mouse, but I forget to charge it when gaming sometimes and then it runs out and then I get sad [06:11]
sonOfRa Also it's being replaced, probably today, because the M1 button is fucked [06:11]
sonOfRa Sometimes stops holding when you hold it [06:11]
sonOfRa Annoying when dragging windows across the screen, deadly in games when you're holding down the trigger in a gunfight and suddenly just stop firing [06:12]
Faux I know this sounds like insanity but mine literally only does that in some games. [06:18]
Faux In windows. [06:18]
Faux Dunno if that helps. [06:18]
sonOfRa Consistently in windows and osx [06:18]
Faux Probably not the same problem. [06:18]
sonOfRa I briefly considered buying replacement switches but then discarded that thought because I'm no good with electronics [06:18]
sonOfRa New mouse it is [06:18]
acuzio What mouse do you have ? [06:19]
sonOfRa Right now a logitech G700s [06:19]
acuzio Corsair Ironclaw (Wired) thats the one I have [06:20]
acuzio Does what it says on the tin.,fast and precise [06:21]
Faux sonOfRa: You can buy the board, which might be solder free. [06:22]
Faux I didn't check. [06:22]
sonOfRa Mouse is arriving today [06:22]
Faux Ah. [06:23]
acuzio which one have you bought btw sonOfRa ? [06:23]
sonOfRa An even MOAR GAMING model than before, Logitech G502 Hero [06:23]
Faux acuzio: Do they have free scroll? [06:23]
sonOfRa The most important feature of any mouse. [06:24]
Faux And >3 thumb buttons. -_- [06:24]
sonOfRa Yep [06:24]
sonOfRa I used to have the insane one [06:24]
sonOfRa [06:25]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: " Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, RGB Backlit, 20 Programmable Buttons : Video Games" [06:25]
acuzio I dont actually know what a "Free Scroll" is - [06:25]
sonOfRa acuzio: you press a button, and then the scroll wheel goes into free wheeling mode and you can spin it as fast as you can for fast scrolling [06:25]
acuzio sonOfRa: Well this one has it and it seems to work fine - I do use the mid-scroll button [06:26]
Faux The wheel doesn't "click", you can punch it and it spins for a minute. [06:26]
acuzio Yes this one does [06:26]
acuzio And oh Headline says "Turkey Farmer" he is the chairman of the British Turkey Farmer's association and the Largest supplier of Turkey in the Country (27% by last count). [06:27]
acuzio acuzio's title: "Turkey Farmer Warns 'Christmas Is Ruined' Because of Brexit - YouTube" [06:27]
acuzio And of course : I read something last night that was fucking depressing as fuck [06:28]
acuzio I will have to start filtering out news again [06:29]
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sonOfRa D [06:35]
sonOfRa German army has still not maanged to transition to digital radios [06:36]
sonOfRa So now they're paying really deep money to rebuild old 80s analog radios from scratch [06:36]
[twisti] jesus [06:47]
sonOfRa Tempted to have a brief look into work dashboards [06:50]
acuzio I love Analog Radios [07:17]
[twisti] acuzio's title: "Turkey Farmer Warns" [07:20]
[twisti] it took me clicking the link to realize that no, turkish people didn't have an unexpectedly deep insight into brexit dynamics [07:20]
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Pajus You are being recorded. [08:01]
Pajus o O [08:01]
Pajus seriously now? [08:01]
sonOfRa logs [08:02]
sonOfRa channel logs can be found at (Select the channel from the list on the left-hand side.) [08:02]
Pajus IRC Should be like Las vegas [08:04]
Pajus what happens in vegas stays in vegas [08:04]
Pajus > [08:05]
sonOfRa Also you can probably assume that all channels you are in are *at least* privately logged [08:05]
sonOfRa Simply due to the nature of how IRC bouncers work [08:05]
db What happens in the java-talk log, stays in the java-talk log [08:09]
[twisti] im definitely recording everything that happens here [08:30]
[twisti] in the cloud, even [08:31]
db We got everything; Samian's speed-fueled wank sessions, acuzio's adultery... [08:33]
acuzio db: my adultery... !!! - dude I am not adulterous ., i dont even look at women , unless I am drunk and/or high [08:37]
acuzio and even then its suspect if i actually look at them [08:40]
acuzio BTW , there are some movies that you can just start watching from anywhere and then finish it ... Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, That Kevin Spacey movie where is a crook (spoiler), Seven, ... fantastic [08:44]
acuzio In other news, fasten your seatbelts for 2022 and 2024., its going to be a wild ride. Full Blown Dictatorship ,anytime a Republican loses the election is invalidated. Its going to be ...... fantastic [08:46]
acuzio reboot time [08:49]
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acuzio ping [08:59]
acuzio [08:59]
freeone3000 "that Kevin Spacey movie where he's a crook" does he ever not? [09:01]
acuzio The one where he walks out and straightens his leg - the whole movie is like a rube's goldberg thing [09:04]
acuzio That movie could go either way ., its a bit of a cheat. Same thing with Basic Instinct ., if you dont seed the movie where the audience can go back and uncover the plot again after seeing the movie one time then its a cheat ; its not fair. Adaptation points this out beautifully [09:07]
acuzio "I See Dead People" movie does this well , the clues are around us all the time , post the reveal you go back and see it and its obvious. [09:08]
acuzio The other movie which you can see again and again is the one where he has short-term memory loss ., fantastic stuff that one . Matrix - 1 is also great . [09:09]
acuzio Some movies that you cant see again is that Dancing movie with Natalie Portman [09:11]
acuzio Or that Drum instructor movie where the instructor keeps shouting ; great movie ., cannot watch again [09:12]
db acuzio: so the log knows more than you do. [09:14]
acuzio the fuck does that mean db [09:15]
db Did I make you nervous? [09:16]
acuzio nervous ?? for what ? [09:16]
acuzio I dont quite know what you are talking about [09:16]
db I won't tell anyone! I don't even care. [09:17]
acuzio Does anyone understand what the fuck he is talking about ? [09:18]
acuzio dude db I dont quite know what you are on about mate [09:18]
db Why are you so nervous, there's nothing to worry about :-) [09:21]
db I mean as long as... Nevermind. Should be ok! [09:25]
whaley freeone3000: American Beauty [09:26]
whaley arguably Glengarry Glenross [09:27]
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whaley the best profanity laced monologue in the history of everything [09:38]
whaley whaley's title: "Glengarry Glen Ross (9/10) Movie CLIP - Where Did You Learn Your Trade? (1992) HD - YouTube" [09:38]
acuzio And Zodiac ., thats an absolute monster of a movie - fantastic ., [09:38]
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Bombe db++ [10:12]
Bombe db has a karma level of 12, Bombe [10:12]
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whaley David Fincher++ [10:37]
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acuzio In even more other news, no Petrol at local Shell , got the number from them , he suggests to come past midnight to get Petrol. [10:58]
acuzio #Winning [10:58]
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