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Samian [Samian!~s@] has joined #java-talk [12:06]
fovid-19 You know what doesn?t have a computer in it? This fur blanket and Manhattan [12:08]
Faux I suspect Manhattan has quite a few computers in it, actually. [12:11]
AMcBain The joke I almost made but decided was too poor. :P [12:12]
AMcBain Ahhh. I now have the trigger keyword. Apparently GitLab doesn't close tickets when you just put "fixes #3" in the ticket. Only when you do "closed #3" [12:12]
Faux "closes" seems better than "closed". [12:13]
AMcBain Yeah. Maybe it takes both. [12:13]
AMcBain Bitbucket will close on "fixes" and "resolves" iirc. [12:13]
AMcBain At least it linked the commit as a bare minimum when I did that. [12:13]
Faux At work we raise PRs and sometimes we accidentally include issue tracker commands in those prs, like "@jon", or "closes #7", which causes no end of grief. [12:15]
Faux Where @jon emails john. [12:15]
AMcBain D [12:17]
AMcBain Our place will auto-link them by bot from the GitHub side (I don't know if it updates the other side) but only if you use #ticketid (it's not a number). If you paste in the full URL (it's a short domain) it doesn't catch it. [12:17]
fovid-19 Given I used to live in Manhattan I appreciate it. [12:18]
AMcBain I don't know if there's a way to transition statuses and I've not tried yet partly because of the pull request dev we do. [12:18]
Faux I mean, we raise tens of thousands of PRs across thousands of projects. So if one has @jon in, it's bad news for @jon. [12:18]
AMcBain hahaha [12:18]
fovid-19 I now live in .... the polar opposite of Manhattan. [12:18]
fovid-19 Landlocked, high altitude, sparsely populated [12:19]
AMcBain I tried to find a way to turn down notifications. In GMail they go to a folder where they get marked as read and archived (not inbox). Partly because GitHub was notifying me about a repo I was involved with but for something that I was not working on / didn't care about. [12:19]
fovid-19 It has tiers of following [12:19]
fovid-19 for that kind of thing [12:19]
Faux As of a week ago. [12:20]
AMcBain Ding! [12:20]
fovid-19 ?only notify me for direct mentions? [12:20]
fovid-19 nah [12:20]
fovid-19 uts been there at least a year. [12:20]
Faux AMcBain: Doesn't help @jon though. [12:20]
AMcBain D [12:20]
fovid-19 Oh. [12:20]
AMcBain Yeah but they added extra options for more control a week ago. [12:20]
Plazma Samian did you make progress on the python ++ torch for cpp [12:20]
AMcBain So you could tone it down, but it was sort of a everything, @you, nothing. A week ago they made it a bit more nuanced, iirc. [12:21]
fovid-19 cool [12:21]
fovid-19 I never needed anything past those three. I guess I?m either fortunate or lazy. [12:21]
Faux My notifications are comically useless; because microservices. [12:22]
Faux And because I use my personal account for work and they don't give two shits about mental health. [12:22]
fovid-19 Honestly I... don?t look at GitHub mails. [12:22]
fovid-19 I rely on the slack channels [12:23]
Faux I don't look at the mails. But I do try and use the notifications product inside the app. [12:23]
AMcBain Faux, yeaaaah that happened to me too. I got invited first by my personal email so even though I have a work email there's stuff I'd probably have to ask for all over again in permissions to fix that. [12:23]
fovid-19 The homepage is somewhat actually useful now, yes. [12:23]
Faux But I received 80 of those in the last working day. [12:24]
Faux And I am ~not working this week. [12:24]
AMcBain I'm doing my best not to pay attention since I had today off (and tomorrow). [12:24]
fovid-19 I had to work today. [12:25]
AMcBain I'm not sure that's how people at this company feel or not but when I take off I try to tune everything out best I can. If you want something it better be darn important. [12:25]
fovid-19 For like twenty minutes. [12:25]
AMcBain heh [12:25]
fovid-19 It was awful [12:25]
AMcBain Past job my group's boss would uninstall the Teams app while on vacation. [12:25]
Faux I'm not on holiday but on assignment. [12:25]
fovid-19 Assign. Deez. [12:28]
db [12:30]
AMcBain That's like the Futurama joke. "We renamed it Urectum, solving it once and for all!" :P [12:38]
puppy_za morning [01:33]
Faux Morning! [01:41]
puppy_za hi Faux [02:06]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined #java-talk [02:07]
TomTom [TomTom!uid45892@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [02:15]
AMcBain Black Friday sales for games, etc.: ehhhhh. Black Friday sales for Adafruit, Sparkfun, TinyCircuits...: OK wallet, I'm putting you on the other side of the room. [02:42]
puppy_za don't look at the ads then you won't be tempted [02:50]
AMcBain I have adblock. These were either emails or me checking their site for something and seeing the banner. :) [02:52]
AMcBain Also I'm partly joking, I have more self control and putting my wallet across the room doesn't actually stop me from buying stuff. [02:54]
AMcBain but I did find out today that if I really wanted to, for a 70˘/each discount I can buy a bulk lot of 300 micro:bits from Adafruit. :P [02:55]
AMcBain I think they may be trying to clear out inventory because there's apparently a v2 board coming with more features for a similar price. [02:56]
AMcBain s/similar/the same/ [02:56]
puppy_za I already bought stuff so I am content :p [03:14]
AMcBain Well I did buy something on the 25th, but it wasn't dev electronics. :) Otherwise I think I'm pretty well capable of abstaining. [03:16]
AMcBain If I got anything it'd probably end up getting gifted to others in the area. I did that with the micro:bit go boxes (some gave me something in return) I had earlier this year, since they weren't exactly selling in my vending machine and with the stay at home orders I figured they were more useful in the hands of kids. [03:17]
AMcBain I recorded the ones that actually sold, so it's all good. [03:18]
AMcBain I had 10-11? Still have two. [03:18]
AMcBain Two that are unopened. I have my own. :) [03:19]
AMcBain I much prefer the Circuit Playground Express, but the micro:bit is I think a bit more compelling/exciting for kids, and probably can easily deal with a bit younger range than the Express, even though both can be drag-and-drop programmed. [03:20]
AMcBain To answer two things: "Why?" Why not? People learning stuff is cool and I like programming/electronics. "But doesn't this cost you money?" Yes. And? [03:22]
sonOfRa morning [03:30]
AMcBain morning :) [03:30]
puppy_za morning sonOfRa [03:30]
MikeBux [MikeBux!] has joined #java-talk [04:04]
bourbon [bourbon!ragersynap@gateway/shell/] has joined #java-talk [04:06]
puppy_za did any one buy PS5? [04:25]
AMcBain A bunch of scalpers did. [04:26]
puppy_za my non-IT, average gamer friend asked if I would buy one. For the specs, it seems cheap [04:27]
puppy_za what I am wondering is if I can use it as a dev machine :p [04:27]
AMcBain I doubt it. Didn't they remove the Linux-boot option a while ago? [04:29]
puppy_za I don't know. I don't read up on consoles [04:29]
puppy_za also, my friends would be very disappointed if they find out about my intention [04:29]
KidBeta puppy_za: you can not [04:30]
puppy_za actually now I want to read up what I can do with PS5 [04:30]
mbooth Expensive door stop! [04:30]
KidBeta puppy_za: you can play games [04:30]
puppy_za mbooth: lol [04:31]
puppy_za I don't know. Games are cool but I like to see what's behind the curtain [04:31]
mbooth I keep reading it as PS/5 (like a PS/2 port but 3 better) [04:32]
puppy_za lol [04:34]
puppy_za if only kids remember those things [04:34]
sonOfRa <3 this angular app has a non-browser scrollbar [04:35]
sonOfRa Wanted to take a "full page screenshot" in chrome [04:35]
sonOfRa Since the scrollbar is part of the app, not of chrome, "full page" is... just the part of the page I'm seeing, including the app's scrollbar. [04:35]
mbooth web sites that dick with browser scrolling-- [04:35]
mbooth web sites that dick with browser scrolling has a karma level of -1, mbooth [04:35]
puppy_za that's what you get when designers think they are gods [04:36]
mbooth Down with that sort of thing. [04:36]
AMcBain Careful now [04:36]
[twisti] [04:36]
[twisti] jesus fucking christ [04:36]
puppy_za it's not even surprising anymore [04:37]
puppy_za our company monitors the network activities to prevent "unauthorised uses" of company resource [04:37]
puppy_za this is like, one step further [04:37]
AMcBain Mine has a Slack and a Discord and if you're online requires you to be in a voice channel at all times and created one for various "rooms" and a couple "virtual offices" even if you have nobody to talk to or any reason to be in a voice channel. If you're away you aren't supposed to just stop the voice, you're supposed to join the "Away" voice channel, but when I sign off for the day I drop the voice and only do the "Away" silliness when [04:39]
AMcBain it's during the work day. [04:39]
sonOfRa good lord [04:39]
AMcBain And muting yourself is OK, but we got told after this was implemented and several people did it (at various times) that deafening yourself is not OK. [04:39]
AMcBain It's like people don't understand that productivity was just fine before they started trying to watch people harder. [04:40]
puppy_za and I thought we agree that Stasi was bad... [04:40]
mbooth AMcBain: Wow, I have no words. I would not be okay with that [04:41]
puppy_za just tell us who you really work for, AMcBain :p [04:42]
AMcBain Nope. [04:42]
mbooth Must be USA, where they don't believe in employee rights [04:42]
mbooth I'd be looking for another job. [04:42]
puppy_za employees are just pawns [04:43]
AMcBain We have people all over. [04:43]
Maldivia AMcBain: deafening? so you don't hear anything, or? [04:43]
AMcBain Maldivia, yeah, basically. It's what Discord calls turning off your sound in the app so you're still joined, but you can't hear anything. [04:43]
Maldivia just point it to an audio output device that isn't connected to anything :D [04:44]
AMcBain It's a bit of an odd thing... why not just leave the voice channel? but maybe there's a purpose for temporarily muting all audio for something then resuming without showing that you've left. [04:44]
mbooth "Oh no, my speakers are busted, if you need me you'll just have to pick up a phone LIKE A FUCKING GROWN UP" [04:44]
AMcBain but Discord would do better to spend time making it so you can sign in to multiple accounts at the same time via the desktop app, for example. [04:44]
Maldivia AMcBain: browser profiles :D [04:45]
AMcBain mbooth, it's a small company so we do all our stand-ups, etc. online so that's not really an option. [04:45]
AMcBain Maldivia, yeah did you not read "desktop app"? I can certainly open another one in the browser as an app tab or use Firefox's containers to have two tabs open at once with different Discords, but that's annoying. [04:45]
mbooth AMcBain: My team is fully remote too and we manage [04:45]
mbooth AMcBain: We've been so for a decade [04:46]
mbooth That sort of always on monitoring is fucking unacceptible [04:46]
AMcBain Yeah and I can do a deafen via muting the app in Windows (with the mixer) but if someone then did try to talk to me they wouldn't know I wasn't listening and that's... probably not good. [04:46]
AMcBain I don't get what was wrong with just the green dots on Slack/Discord indicating you were likely at your desk. [04:46]
AMcBain Assuming they're kept open 100% of the time. [04:47]
Maldivia AMcBain: "ohh sorry, wasn't wearing my headphones when you were speaking" [04:47]
AMcBain I suppose so. It's not like anyone has (so far) joined me hanging out in our general voice channel and asked me to hop onto another one. [04:48]
mbooth AMcBain: I am expected to respond to pings same day, maybe also check email at least once per day. More than that is like, is there no trust at all? [04:48]
AMcBain Yeah. I respond to Slack. I'm not always 100% immediate about it, but I do see it and get to it, and usually don't take long unless I'm explicitly away from my desk (lunch or something else that's usually quick). [04:49]
AMcBain I don't get why that's not enough. If they need a voice chat, as occasionally that's faster than texting back and forth, ping me to set it up, even if it's "right now" or "as soon as you can." [04:49]
AMcBain mbooth, also, re: above, I've considered it, but it was a bit hard enough looking the first time when my last job dumped a bunch of us in early summer. It's always a send-out-a-lot-get-few-back thing. [04:50]
AMcBain Aside from this issue I don't hate the job. [04:51]
AMcBain I had three places that seemed promising, one was still interested when I accepted this offer. Really really interested, but don't know exactly how much. and another that was probably still a no but said no when I applied a bit of pressure for an answer because I had an offer to consider in hand. [04:51]
AMcBain 2020 has been all of weird, a shitshow, tiring, and more. Don't know what else to say about I guess. [04:56]
AMcBain I think with all the monitoring stuff, it's a factor of managers and bosses who ascribe to the "butts in seats" policy except with many people being remote they're trying to apply the same but "updated" for remote. The idea that if they can't see you at your desk in the office, you're not working. Since people would outright object to a webcam always on of your home desk, they have to create a virtual office, then require you to be "in" [04:58]
AMcBain int. [04:58]
AMcBain it* [04:58]
AMcBain (Well plus the practicality that it would be impossible or a waste of their time at least to watch a bunch of webcams to see who was really there.) [04:59]
mbooth But it sounds like they also don't care about personal privacy (always listening to your home) or commercial privacy (these days lots of couples are sharing the kitchen table for work meetings with diff companies)...? [04:59]
AMcBain I'm allowed to mute myself. [04:59]
AMcBain but I'd prefer not to be on a voice channel at all. [04:59]
mbooth AMcBain: I should thank you really, now in every interview I'm going to be asking, "How did you treat your staff during the pandemic?" [05:00]
AMcBain The previous software we used before Discord was intended to be a replica virtual office, except you weren't always "on" with your mic. However people could pull you into person-to-person/group conversations or one of the virtual rooms at any time. The default for the software (that I quickly changed) was a hot mic when they did that. [05:00]
AMcBain mbooth, sounds like it. [05:00]
AMcBain That software also had a virtual door you could close that turned meeting pulls into requests instead, but we were told too many people had their doors closed and we were supposed to open them. About half of those who previously did complied. [05:01]
AMcBain It's possible that dumping that software was a cost consideration, I don't know, but it could also be because Discord doesn't have "doors." [05:01]
AMcBain As long as nobody complained about your door status, it wasn't bad in practice I guess. Least worst, maybe. :) [05:03]
AMcBain Slack has voice capability but it's more of a "let's create a call" than "just join me here and now we can all hear each other." [05:04]
AMcBain Ah well, everything new teaches you something. Sometimes they're things you wish you didn't need to know. [05:04]
AMcBain Anyway, I think this is enough about me and I'm kinda going "Can I maybe find a way to make the conversation about something else so I don't have to be all intro/retrospective right now...?" [05:06]
mbooth Heh [05:14]
mbooth AMcBain: I appreciate the insight! I can't imagine any company getting away with that here [05:14]
AMcBain Yeah, I don't know. I'm sure other countries have better, or at least different, privacy rules, etc. [05:15]
mbooth AMcBain: Anyway, so how about that local sport team? [05:15]
AMcBain heh [05:15]
mbooth Did they get many sports points? [05:15]
AMcBain Supposedly the Seattle Sounders won their last game, I think. I only know because someone I'm Facebook friends with (local person) follows them. [05:16]
AMcBain Sounders = "soccer" (football) [05:16]
mbooth I don't follow the foot and ball, living in the city of the world's oldest football club is wasted on me :-) [05:20]
dodobrain [dodobrain!~dodobrain@unaffiliated/freakabcd] has joined #java-talk [05:20]
Samian hello [05:20]
Samian good 3:20 a.m. everyone [05:20]
Samian I enjoyed thanks giving talking to no one and coding all day [05:20]
Samian yessss [05:20]
dodobrain good 8:20 p.m. to you as well Samian [05:20]
AMcBain I don't either, but I do occasionally follow American Football and have a preferred tema. [05:20]
mbooth Samian: You know other timezones exist, right? [05:20]
AMcBain Well hello Mountain Time. ;) [05:20]
Samian mbooth yes, but I'm telling what time it is for me [05:21]
Samian that's right, mountain time [05:21]
Samian the best time [05:21]
Samian the time of Idaho, the best state ever [05:21]
dodobrain which mountain is it referring to? [05:21]
AMcBain The US, which thinks it's the center of the world. [05:21]
Samian Do you see this scenery? [05:22]
Samian you can't beat it [05:22]
AMcBain mbooth, for further distraction, I posted this earlier this month: If you want a look at our holiday degeneracy. [05:22]
AMcBain AMcBain's title: "Art McBain on Twitter: "OK, so, a local grocery has decided it's Christmas time. What do you get at Christmas even though there's no reason they can't be year round? Candy canes. But do they get the normal ones like other stores? Yes... an..." [05:22]
Samian The best: [05:22]
Samian home sweet home: [05:23]
AMcBain It's possible they're even gone by now, I don't know. All I know is sometimes I see them and sometimes I go a bit too late and they're already all gone. I've only ever bought any to take to someone else I know in Europe when I go there once a year (not this year, of course). [05:23]
AMcBain and yeah, the pixy stick ones are basically hard sugar surrounding granulated flavored sugar. [05:23]
Samian what are you guys coding? [05:24]
mbooth AMcBain: Uhuh, who knew you could have sugar-flavoured sugar? :-) [05:24]
AMcBain D [05:24]
Samian AMcBain are you in the mountains too? [05:24]
dodobrain hes at the unlucky peak [05:24]
Samian dodobrain so so funny [05:24]
dodobrain bows [05:25]
AMcBain Depends on what you consider a mountain. If you ask the locals, we have mountains. If you ask me, those are just large hills. [05:25]
dodobrain i didnt know i was funny :) [05:25]
Samian AMcBain which state? [05:25]
AMcBain If you're in Idaho, I'm to your west, but I'll leave it up to you to figure which one. [05:26]
AMcBain mbooth, if we can make it a candy we've probably tried. I found candy corn at Easter once. ^.- :| [05:26]
dodobrain i would have answered if i remembered where i saved the photo of the package he sent me any years ago [05:26]
AMcBain I did? Oh, well, cool. Hope you enjoyed whatever it was. [05:27]
Samian dodobrain don't be creepy dude [05:27]
dodobrain lawl.. i did enjoy it [05:27]
AMcBain I don't keep track of these things. I've sent more package than I probably should have around the world. :) [05:28]
dodobrain t was the single board game thingo [05:28]
dodobrain cant remember the name exactly.. from kickstarter / indiegogo / etc. [05:28]
Samian AMcBain from the looks of it, you do all the kind of coding I don't like, web dev stuff [05:28]
Samian hates web dev [05:28]
mbooth Samian: What do you work on? [05:28]
AMcBain It's what I turned into. I can do server-side stuff, but I'm not nearly as good at that (or I should say not well versed in the frameworks used) as people who focused on server-side. [05:29]
Samian mbooth I'm an AI engineer [05:29]
dodobrain man, i'm working with a bunch of weirdos who've written some dodgy react frontend app for their product's frontend [05:29]
AMcBain Two projects I got at my first job were a web project and another which was actually writing code that was technically run in an Applet. (Ew, yeah, I know.) [05:29]
Samian neural networks, keras, tensorflow, pytorch, pytorch c++, CUDA, CUDNN, python, OpenCV [05:29]
dodobrain i dont mind it at all, because the backend is worse! [05:29]
AMcBain haha [05:29]
Samian and Qt for front end UI [05:30]
AMcBain but one of those projects was relatively short and I moved on to other things and eventually did do some server-side stuff again but only for smallish projects. [05:30]
Samian I love Qt. It beats everything else [05:30]
AMcBain also does the server-side work for his personal projects because they can't work otherwise. [05:30]
dodobrain its really crazy: their frontend is "cleanly separated" from the backend in that the backend is not pushing out html or templated html [05:30]
dodobrain but it is using view urls that are overloaded to do multiple things [05:31]
Samian You can even use Qt for web dev: [05:31]
dodobrain which is completely bonkers [05:31]
KidBeta puppy_za: theres a lot out about the specs if thats what you want to know. [05:31]
AMcBain dodobrain, That sounds a bit odd but I'd have to see it I guess to really get it. Most things either render out templates or have something that just serves up the front end and the front-end hits various endpoints. [05:32]
mbooth Samian: I played with GTK/Broadway briefly, is it similar? [05:32]
dodobrain and i see the same kind of behaviour in their backend code as well. 1 example is the `addItemToFormset(...)` function. [05:32]
dodobrain guess what it does? [05:32]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [05:32]
Samian mbooth a bit different from GTK [05:32]
dodobrain it can add a new item, update an existing item *and* delete an item [05:32]
Samian latest Qt stuff uses QML [05:32]
dodobrain what THE POOP guys!"? [05:32]
AMcBain Didn't we learn from GWT? Don't adapt desktop UI frameworks for web stuff. :P [05:32]
mbooth Samian: I mean the "on the web" part [05:32]
Samian it's Qt's front end UI language [05:32]
mbooth Obviously GTK is different to Qt [05:32]
Samian mbooth no clue. I haven't used Qt for web dev [05:32]
Samian I just know it's there [05:33]
mbooth Oh [05:33]
AMcBain dodobrain, heh [05:33]
Samian I use Qt to make programs that run natively [05:33]
Samian x64 programs [05:33]
dodobrain AMcBain, i told them about this and the response was "well its a nice helper method" [05:33]
dodobrain i didnt bother speaking to them abou tthis particular method [05:33]
Samian Tesla and Mercedes both use Qt [05:33]
dodobrain afterwards [05:33]
AMcBain dodobrain, I'm helping style a project someone else started that's in django and all their pages seem to post back to themselves which I personally find to be against best practice, but given what the app does after the post (except on the login page) the problem(s) that can happen are subverted a bit. [05:34]
Samian Chrome uses GTK [05:34]
dodobrain AMcBain, tell me about it. [05:34]
Samian AMcBain what's your yearly income doing web dev? [05:34]
dodobrain its the accepted and idiomatic django way [05:34]
AMcBain dodobrain, yuck. [05:34]
dodobrain not too ridiculously yucky if you use it the recommended way [05:35]
dodobrain and better with django rest framework which gets rid of a lot of the stupidity and generates an api [05:36]
AMcBain Well the app redirects back to the listing pages or somewhere else on success, but in some cases I like going back to the page for the item you just created (the form) when it's not django or would rather post somewhere else then redirect back while finding a good way to ensure the errors/form data is preserved. [05:37]
AMcBain but it depends. [05:37]
dodobrain if you stick to the django recommended ways, you're good actually [05:38]
dodobrain only when the buffoons try to go "nah, we can do better than this" they muck it up badly [05:38]
AMcBain Yeah, the only situation I can think of that would result in odd issues is if you posted a new entity, then used that same page for editing existing entities too, and send success posts back to the same page. [05:39]
dodobrain the current backend code is unable to decide between whether to allow django forms to do the validations or doing all validations without involving django [05:39]
dodobrain so theres this half-arsed way of validation which i told them will cause problems in the past [05:39]
AMcBain because if the user reloaded the page you could, if done poorly, create duplicate entities with different IDs for the same data. [05:39]
dodobrain and lo and behold; they have made themselves visible! [05:39]
AMcBain heh [05:39]
AMcBain Yeah in my case since this app doesn't do the thing that would cause the error, since it only goes back to the same form page when submitting fails validation, I don't think it's worth it to poke the main dev about not being best practice, especially if it's just "how django goes." [05:41]
AMcBain I'm just better off sticking to the making it look pretty stuff and fixing actual bugs if I find them, like "if form.is_valid:" (should have been is_valid()) [05:42]
Raging_Hog [Raging_Hog!] has joined #java-talk [05:46]
mbooth Yep I'm bored. Just calculated the volume of 200 people so I could give a comedy answer to someone looking for an event venue. [05:58]
mbooth FTR if your guests average 70kg, then you need 14m^3 of space [05:58]
mbooth Only obstacle is getting them to agree to be blended to you can pour them into a venue of exactly that volume [05:59]
sonOfRa D [06:12]
puppy_za that sounds like a cannibal joke [06:14]
[twisti] looks like im the only one without corona in my family, so guess who gets to be the shopper for everyone now [06:18]
[twisti] i need a bigger car [06:19]
puppy_za but can't they just order from Amazon Prime? :p [06:28]
mbooth Or literally any supermarket because they all home deliver now [06:37]
dodobrain_ [dodobrain_!~dodobrain@unaffiliated/freakabcd] has joined #java-talk [06:37]
dodobrain seriously how stupid are these dell latitude laptops [06:38]
dodobrain my wallet happened to lightly touch the sleeping work laptop and the stupid thing woke up and connected [06:39]
dodobrain bah, ridiculous [06:39]
dodobrain all while the lid was closed [06:39]
mbooth Huh? Does it have accelerometers? [06:41]
sonOfRa mbooth: not in germany :( [06:42]
sonOfRa Rather, they do, but good luck getting any slots [06:42]
dodobrain mbooth, most likely yes.. but this is either the h/w being shitty or the stupid windows 10 being... itself? [06:49]
dodobrain i dont understand this h/w or wndowsland setting... detect bump == wake up? which moron wrote this routine? [06:49]
db sonOfRa: we'll get there as soon as all households have internet and mobile reception [06:50]
dodobrain this is my first windows machine in the last almost 20 years [06:50]
dodobrain not a good impression [06:51]
dodobrain i used to think that gnome and kde and the other wms/des were rather shitty in the past. [06:52]
dodobrain i'm baffeled to see the inconsistencies from prolly almost a decode ago in lunix now show up in wondows 10: teams is a purple poop that does not respect any windows colourscheme or window button layout, chrome does it own shitty thing with respect to colourschemes for the titlebar active/inactive states, i have no idea which shitty window is active without spending mental effort [06:53]
mbooth dodobrain: Good to know if you take it anywhere your battery will be dead by the time you get there ;-) [06:54]
dodobrain and the most shittiest of all: alt-tab switcher *not* bring the alt-tabbed (but combo unreleased) window to toplevel/front so i know which window i will focusing: it shows the shitty little thumbnails *on the primary screen only* (i have 3 screens and i'm constantly rotating my head! [06:55]
dodobrain mbooth, tell me about it: [06:55]
dodobrain i brought back the laptop to look at some stuff the next morning before i headed to the office [06:56]
dodobrain slept with laptop battery at 89% [06:56]
dodobrain woke up with laptop screen bios or whatever showing "laptop battery is 3%" [06:56]
dodobrain what the poop [06:56]
dodobrain i'm seriously considering just telling the workplace that i will buy a good linux laptop and donate it to the company so it becomes their asset and then they can allow me to use it for my work [06:58]
dodobrain or whatever suits their fancy [06:58]
dodobrain im sick on this windows shite [06:58]
AMcBain dodobrain, have you tried win+tab instead of alt+tab? [07:06]
AMcBain Dangit, my hack only works in dev mode on the first load. :( [07:12]
puppy_za I get so confused by windows and mac key combo, sometimes it takes less time for me just to use mouse and click on the menus [07:14]
dodobrain AMcBain, i have been using win-tab after i found out abou tit [07:33]
dodobrain its a slightly better way, but only very slightly [07:34]
dodobrain and i have multiple virtual desktops setup as well. (a) there is no keyboard shortcut to move windows between vdesktops; all of it must be done with the mouse (b) when i'm using multiple screens, when in the win-tab thumbnail mode, i cannot move windows between actual screens [07:35]
dodobrain its becoming seriously stupid. the notifications/taskbar are another bonkers thing: the notification icon (along with other useful taskbar icons next to the time) is on the taskbar shown only on the primary screen! [07:37]
dodobrain the whole thing is reminding me of the crap inconsistencies in old gnome/kde/other des|wms [07:39]
Plazma emacs uses GNU GTK [09:18]
sonOfRa Upstream service: "How about we FUCK YOUR SHIT RIGHT UP on a friday?" [09:32]
sonOfRa ) [09:32]
tang^ black friday disruptions for everybody [10:56]
fovid-19 Excuse me sir it?s African American Friday. [11:35]
Faux Deny Friday. [11:36]
Faux Makes more sense than Black Friday. [11:36]
tang^ well, yeah [11:36]
Plazma ebonics friday? [11:36]
Plazma hooked on ebonics 10 tape set [11:37]
tang^ I thought it was "we printed new higher price labels and now we have to mark them all down with black markers Friday" [11:37]
Plazma also did you just assume an american? [11:37]
mbooth I'm quite sad this "tradition" has leaked into Europe [11:38]
tang^ indeed [11:39]
tang^ and that it's now a week long day [11:39]
Faux A number of UK shops are refusing to play. [11:39]
Faux Probably because they can't afford it but eh. [11:39]
mbooth tang^: A week? [11:47]
mbooth Sat'day Sunday, shopping days / Monday Tuesday, shopping days / Wednesday Thursday, shopping days / Blackfri-day, where's my pay? Shoppin' all week for youuuu! [11:47]
tang^ yeah... most stores were offering deals all week long [11:48]
mbooth (Apologies to Mister Winkler and the Happy Days gang) [11:48]
mbooth I kept getting emails from some store I like they are reducing the price of items between 19-22 hours -- pfft as if I'm even at a computer after office hours [11:52]
Faux Good News Everybody, my code change which shouldn't really affect performance is a 100% slowdown! [12:03]
mbooth O(Faux) [12:09]
Faux To shreds, you say. [12:10]
acuzio morning ladies [12:19]
acuzio hey Faux I hear that the UK is going binge during the Xmas days [12:23]
Faux We were gonna do it anyway. We just decided not to try and arrest the entire country. [12:26]
Faux The Mergner Certner demands it anyway. [12:26]
acuzio fair point [12:27]
acuzio She and the Kid are flying over [12:27]
Faux Risky. [12:28]
acuzio Si [12:28]
acuzio Failing that I have to come back [12:28]
Faux Wife is being repeatedly fucked over by the health service because we have not yet reached the point of a society where it's possible to constraint solve "is more than X weeks after Y, and Z is working that day". [12:28]
Faux They've got it wrong three times in a row now. [12:28]
acuzio Whats happening ., is this to do with the Fauxlet ? [12:29]
Faux Yeah. A rare condition, very hard for the health service to understand. "Being born." I hear the incidence rate is dropping significantly as medical care gets better. [12:32]
KekSi [KekSi!] has joined #java-talk [01:33]
fovid-19 REI, a large outdoor equipment store here, explicitly closes on Black Friday. [01:39]
fovid-19 And runs an #optoutside ad campaign. [01:39]
KekS [KekS!] has joined #java-talk [01:40]
fovid-19 A number of retailers have joined them. Even closed their online stores. [01:40]
tang^ that is an excellent stance [01:55]
Faux acuzio: Wait, you're flying the kid? [01:57]
tang^ isn't he such a nice dad? [01:58]
MikeBux [MikeBux!] has joined #java-talk [02:03]
fovid-19 Yes, putting peoples lives in jeopardy for needless amusement. Very good dad. [02:14]
fovid-19 I was given enough thanksgiving leftovers to feed a small family. [02:14]
Maldivia [02:20]
Maldivia Maldivia's title: "Péter Szilágyi on Twitter: "This is the pinnacle highlight of why we're afraid of crpyto precompiles: The above code runs half the internet... It was written by Google's cryptographers... It was probably audited with infinite funding... ..." [02:20]
Raging_Frog [Raging_Frog!] has joined #java-talk [02:29]
puppy_za so with the smartest people and a lot of money, your program can still be wrong (and the fix is in comment) [02:39]
puppy_za that's so... reassuring [02:39]
tang^ note that the comment never changed, eh [02:40]
fovid-19 One of our principals calls comments ?future lies? [02:41]
puppy_za in this case, the comment was right though [02:42]
puppy_za can sleep better in the night now [02:42]
sonOfRa oh man, I hadn't realized dilbert guy had gone all the way off the deep end [02:59]
tang^ he gone all the way off the deep end [03:02]
sonOfRa Like, I've read that he's said some dumb shit in support of trump, but this... is an interesting way of looking at things [03:03]
sonOfRa sonOfRa's title: "Scott Adams on Twitter: "Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof. Democrats make the extraordinary claim that despite sky-high motivation and plenty of opportunity, they did NOT try to steal the election. Anything is POSSIBLE, but ..." [03:03]
Faux I need assistance to interpret that, yeah. [03:37]
sonOfRa Faux: well if you accuse someone of doing something [03:50]
sonOfRa Then that person has to conclusively prove they didn't do it [03:50]
sonOfRa That's how it works [03:50]
puppy_za such a mental gymnastic [04:14]
puppy_za he is saying, Dems need to prove they didn't steal the election. [04:14]
Faux He's not allowed to be that nuts. He has to be saying that extrodinary proof is insanity and nobody would claim that. PROVE ME WRONG. HIS CLAIM IS TOO EXTRODINARY [04:15]
puppy_za I am just glad I don't watch Dilbert any more [04:16]
Faux He's probably less nuts that Rowling and I'm going to watch the shit out of those films again. [04:16]
puppy_za watch/read [04:16]
puppy_za you really want to bring Rowling into this? :p [04:17]
Faux As an example of Literally Hitler, yes. [04:17]
puppy_za I do not support her transphobic stand at all. I also happened to enjoy some of her Harry Potter stuff. But fortunately I am not a real fan so I can just continue my life without having any of it in my life. [04:18]
puppy_za at least it's still safe to buy LOTR merchandise these days [04:21]
Diablo-D3 [Diablo-D3!] has joined #java-talk [04:22]
db [db!uid18678@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [06:44]
fovid-19 You know what?s still good? Halo. [06:51]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined #java-talk [07:30]
tang^ huh, saw somebody on imgur just ask today "remember the first time you used [a warthog] to pwn somebody?" [08:31]
Faux yup [08:32]
fovid-19 It?s so much more satisfying to do in a ghost though. [09:44]
fovid-19 Lotta people coming back to the halo series with the Series launch and it being on game pass, tang^ [09:46]
Plazma [10:05]
Plazma Plazma's title: "This 98-inch Samsung TV is $50,000 off for Black Friday and yes that?s a comma not a period - The Verge" [10:05]
Plazma [Plazma!~Plazma@freenode/staff-emeritus/plazma] has joined #java-talk [10:16]
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