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Nick Message Date
apetresc [apetresc!] has joined #java-talk [12:11]
puppy_za morning [01:23]
KekSi 'morning [01:42]
puppy_za hi KekSi [01:51]
puppy_za how's it ? [01:51]
KekSi don't really know yet.. weekend was weird.. [01:55]
KekSi made out with a girl on friday and then she grabbed a taxi and went home [01:55]
KekSi found me on facebook a day later to apologize saying she's actually married and that it was a mistake [01:56]
KekSi i'm definitely not a house wrecker.. she insisted she told me she was married before we started kissing but that's either a lie or i did not hear that [01:57]
KekSi whatever.. saturday went even more weird.. went with 2 ladies from the pub to a club and they were like heavily implying how this would go [01:58]
KekSi some really close contact dancing and touching and whatnot [01:58]
KekSi aaaaaaand then they both went home :o [01:58]
KekSi i mean.. i've never had a threesome and i don't know anyone who has but you don't dangle that as a possibility in front of someone and then when we're all grabbing our stuff to leave go the other way [02:00]
puppy_za interesting :p [02:01]
puppy_za well, maybe pubs and clubs are not a place to find a girlfriend any more :p [02:02]
KekSi ya.. dunno.. i'm still like a constantly horny teenager [02:02]
KekSi i'm not trying to find a girlfriend [02:03]
puppy_za oh [02:03]
KekSi the 2 ladies i've known for a couple of months or even years -- they always hang out at the same pub as i do [02:03]
puppy_za so they were teasing you? [02:03]
KekSi cooked dinner, watched a movie and played some mario kart with my ex yesterday [02:03]
KekSi yeah.. i mean.. one of them wants to fuck me for a couple of months already but it hasn't happened.. [02:04]
puppy_za you said no? [02:04]
puppy_za or the opportunity didn't present itself [02:04]
KekSi she's texted me several times but somehow we never got to that [02:05]
KekSi like drunk texting :E [02:05]
KekSi meanwhile i have this fwb thing with the greek girl (who was out of town for the weekend) [02:05]
puppy_za I need a chart for this :p [02:06]
puppy_za can't keep up [02:07]
KekSi same [02:08]
dodobrain its always difficult to keep a track of KekSi 's relationships [02:09]
dodobrain is it a directed graph? [02:09]
KekSi it's just weird.. had i known the one from friday was married i would've hit on her friend instead (who's single) [02:09]
KekSi no, i think it branches out and contains some recursion [02:10]
dodobrain well, now you know who to talk to come next friday! [02:10]
KekSi the greek girl, most likely -- go buy groceries and lock ourselves in for the weekend.. [02:11]
puppy_za it's probably an acyclic direct graph. [02:12]
puppy_za directed [02:12]
puppy_za p [02:12]
KekSi it's a mess. [02:12]
puppy_za the greek PHD girl? [02:12]
KekSi yes! [02:12]
puppy_za I need some "Previously on KekSi's life" reminders :p [02:14]
puppy_za hi dodobrain [02:14]
db we could run ML on KekSi's messages and try to predict what's going to happen next weekend [02:17]
KekSi i think the most positive thing i can say about my weekend is that my ex is doing quite well [02:18]
KekSi so i'm very happy for her [02:18]
KekSi after months of being depressed since the breakup she's finally glowing again [02:18]
KekSi db: and i have no doubt the predictions would be better than what's actually going to happen [02:19]
db and vice versa ;) [02:20]
puppy_za well, his social circle is open so I don't know how predictable it will be [02:20]
TomTom [TomTom!uid45892@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [02:23]
KekSi yeah.. it's quite open.. and while i may start friday nights with the same people in the same places by ~10pm i'm usually already hanging out with new people i know by sight or just randomly chatted up [02:24]
puppy_za so what happened to your friends while you hang out with new people? :p [02:35]
puppy_za you have ... wingmen? [02:35]
puppy_za when I go out with friends, I usually stick to friends [02:36]
puppy_za maybe I was the wing-man [02:36]
KekSi dunno, i'm very much an extrovert and it's usually not a problem integrating new people into a group [03:01]
KekSi i also still smoke and most my friends don't so i meet a ton of new people in the smoking area of the pub (which is on the way to the toilet so you get lots of people passing by) [03:02]
puppy_za this brings back the memory of my old clubing days [03:31]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined #java-talk [03:40]
jink [03:46]
jink jink's title: "John Feminella on Twitter: "One of my clients is responsible for several of the world's top 100 pension funds. They had a nightly batch job that computed the required contributions, made from projections 20 years into the future. It crash..." [03:46]
Faux D [03:47]
Faux Wrote something the other day that uses microseconds since the epoch in a u64, so the year 586534 problem. [03:48]
sonOfRa Faux: not your problem! [03:49]
sonOfRa Writing 2038 code on the other hand, will be our problem [03:49]
sonOfRa And I fear it's going to be much much worse than y2k because IoT [03:49]
Faux Internet of Planes. [03:50]
sonOfRa Millions of *literally* unpatchable devices because the vendor has long gone bankrupt, but are still running [03:50]
Faux What's the Go epoch? [03:50]
sonOfRa No idea. I don't really know any Go, apart from ABORIGINAL SYLLABICS BLOCK [03:50]
Faux I think they use nanosecs since the epoch, so the year 2564 problem. [03:51]
sonOfRa And I really dislike a lot of decisions Go has made (like generics lol), but also carrying semantic information in capitalization [03:51]
Faux You say that like IntelliJ won't scream at you if you write class A { void A() {} } [03:52]
sonOfRa yes but [03:52]
puppy_za it keep us employed until robot takes over [03:53]
sonOfRa That's *tooling*. I think enforcing it, without additional keywords, is just hella weird [03:53]
sonOfRa That will still compile just fine, if you try to access something non-capitalized from somewhere else in Go, that's a compile error because it's not public! [03:53]
Faux I think Rust requires generic type params are upper case, or something like that. [03:53]
sonOfRa hm [03:53]
Faux But it's just a compile error to not do that, not semantically different (arguably). [03:54]
Faux That one is a warning, I think there's one where the case is required. [03:54]
ensamvarg [ensamvarg!~ensamvarg@] has joined #java-talk [03:55]
sonOfRa D [04:18]
sonOfRa gitlab maven repo happily accepts you pushing non-snapshot versions multiple times [04:18]
sonOfRa happened by accident, I had "mvn deploy" active on tags and master for the ci configuration, so it uploaded version 0.1.0 once for that commit being on master, and once for the 0.1.0 tag [04:19]
Faux It's okay, your lockfiles will save you. [04:22]
sonOfRa This is unfortunate, it's actually not that easy to tell either mvn or gitlab ci to prevent this from happening [04:35]
Lengsdorfer [Lengsdorfer!~Lengsdorf@unaffiliated/lengsdorfer] has joined #java-talk [04:36]
KidBeta [KidBeta!~Kidbeta@hpavc/kidbeta] has joined #java-talk [05:36]
Faux Would love to run some software on some hardware we control so it's not just random noise when it's shit slow. [05:47]
Faux waits for travis to load. [05:47]
yottabyte [yottabyte!uid195082@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [09:07]
kamoricks [kamoricks!a7dc942d@Syncleus/dev/freeone3000] has joined #java-talk [09:51]
kamoricks Twitter is unusable today. News continues to suck. I guess I'll have to find another source of random time-wastage while at work. [09:51]
Faux [09:52]
kamoricks oh my, it's like imgur but without the bullshit. that's amazing. [09:54]
Faux Hi, I build bad websites badly, but at least they're autism approved and generally work. [09:55]
sonOfRa I wonder what imgur's new business plans are [09:57]
sonOfRa They started [bleep]ing comments [09:58]
sonOfRa At first I thought the [bleep] was a new meme, but apparently, fuck shit et al. are not suitable for general internet use on a website that makes sex jokes [09:58]
kamoricks They need to keep all-ages approval on the app store. [10:12]
kamoricks Otherwise they'll miss out on that sweet revenue earned by advertising to 8-year-olds [10:13]
Faux s/advertising/selling in-app purchases/ [10:13]
kamoricks Imgur app has no IAP [10:14]
Faux Excluding the hookers, right? [10:14]
kamoricks I don't know what you mean. [10:14]
Faux I don't, either. [10:18]
kamoricks There's an article on HN about "how did the British officers survive the scorching heat of india". And there's a passing mention of ... the people who *live in india*. [10:22]
kamoricks Colonialism is alive and well. [10:23]
surial kamoricks: Colonization of africa in particular, and to a large extent india, was an expensive endeavour (those people don't whip themselves!), because the colonists kept dying in droves. Until they found 'the fever tree' (yeah, the brand of tonic and ginger ale is referring to this) in south america of all places. A tree high in quinine count, which is medicine. against malaria. THAT is why all of a sudden colonialism [10:36]
surial exploded as it did. For that matter, the french tried digging the panama canal and failed; the americans succeeded soon after. Exact same reason. Malaria management. [10:36]
surial (the murcans did it with netting, the brits did it with gin&tonic). [10:36]
Matthijs Colonialism only took off because countries didn't want the others to have more land than they did. It was very unprofitable initially. [10:37]
acuzio morning ladies [10:38]
surial malaria isn't particularly (or wasn't) widespread in south america. But there was some, which meant that the locals did know the sap of the fever tree helped a lot. A disease existing both in the americas and eurasia is really fucking rare in the first place. Had malaria not made it to the americas (and bone analysis seems to indicate it got there possibly via the peloponnesian chain relatively recently), it is unlikely [10:38]
surial europeans would have figured out quinine is a malaria cure, and colonization probably wouldn't have happened, or if it did, at a much smaller scale. Just interesting, how much disease and management of it shaped history. [10:38]
acuzio wonders why we are talking about Malaria today [10:39]
surial @Matthijs: yeah, and that. There was this whole economic theory about how country wealth is solely attributable to exporting everything and importing nothing, which required having colonies. The theory was that if only you get to that utopia, wealth just appears out of thin air. Obvious, OBVIOUS fucking horseshit and yet, everybody did it. Possibly that was merely a convenient excuse for grandstanding (probably), but, still. [10:39]
surial also weird. [10:39]
surial acuzio: <kamoricks> There's an article on HN about "how did the British officers survive the scorching heat of india". And there's a passing mention of ... the people who *live in india*. [10:39]
acuzio fun fact : India as a country only came about because of the Brits [10:40]
surial Matthijs: though, I do believe the drive to colonize twisted into straight, unabashed cold war principles (we gotta do it because all the other countries are doing it. As in Dr. Strangelove: We can't afford a mineshaft gap). Ditching that tired economic principle, well before colonizatization ended. [10:41]
Matthijs Yes, it started out as basically an arms race [10:42]
Matthijs They were all spoiled children screaming at each other how they were better. [10:42]
gurrkiin almost sounds like you guys are praising colonialism [10:42]
Matthijs Nothing much changed, actually :) [10:42]
acuzio Another fun fact : The Indian cricket team (male) has been declared as the best looking team. [10:42]
acuzio I havent seen all the rest of the cricket teams but the Indian Cricket Team is no slouch clearly , they all are identikit though (no i dont intend racism here). I mean they all have sharp beards,clean haircuts and are of course quite fit. She fancies one of them as well [10:44]
acuzio Apologies , my intellect doesnt go much beyond superficial concerns [10:45]
Faux kamoricks: Oh, new suggestion of something to do if you're bored at work. Rile up a_____ or s_____. [10:45]
acuzio Faux: I am in London for the next 4 hours [10:45]
yottabyte who is kelly sommers? she went on a tirade about C# and CLR and .NET yesterday, saying things like .NET was having its Java moment (what does that mean?) [10:46]
acuzio well , Rust is what we talk about here yottabyte [10:46]
yottabyte but C++ coroutines [10:47]
Faux We have coroutines now! [10:48]
yottabyte here's her twitter: [10:49]
acuzio and they work - mostly [10:49]
yottabyte yottabyte's title: "Kelly Sommers (@kellabyte) | Twitter" [10:49]
yottabyte you can scroll to see what she was tweeting [10:49]
acuzio who the fuck is Kelly Sommers ? [10:49]
acuzio ANd why should we care ? [10:49]
yottabyte I'm just curious what she's trying to say. You brought up Rust yourself [10:49]
yottabyte does Rust avoid problems that Java and C# have? [10:49]
Faux Yes. [10:49]
yottabyte I don't know enough about .NET and the CLR and C# to comment [10:49]
yottabyte but do other languages like Common Lisp avoid those problems as well? [10:50]
acuzio yottabyte: We have a world renowned Rust expert here aka Faux [10:50]
surial yottabyte: I think if you ask 'does language X avoid problems that language Y has', unless X == Y, the answer is 'yes'. [10:50]
Faux common-lisp avoids the problems I'm thinking of (data races) by not having parallelism, I'm not sure if that counts. [10:50]
acuzio Common Lisp (and other versions of Lisp) simply circumvent the problem by not sharing data and not doing parallelism . We simply create more versions of the same and have CopyOnWrite , you can do that in <insert language of choice> except in other languages it might not be idiomatic [10:52]
sonOfRa Faux: why would you want to rile *me* up?!?! [10:55]
sonOfRa ) [10:55]
Faux _____ [10:55]
Faux _____ you. [10:55]
Faux Hey sonOfRa I wrote some RSA code yesterday and didn't use a constant time bignum library because one doesn't exist and I don't understand Tatham's algorithm for doing it. [10:56]
sonOfRa Literally doesn't matter [10:56]
sonOfRa timing attacks are fun but in reality, noone is going to target you :D [10:56]
sonOfRa What does matter is that you're not vulnerable to bleichenbacher [10:57]
acuzio are you guys just making this up ? [10:58]
yottabyte for example: [10:58]
yottabyte yottabyte's title: "Kelly Sommers on Twitter: "I would walk in and out of so many .NET interviews where all I got asked repeatedly was about Martin Fowler patterns and do I do TDD and DI and IOC"" [10:58]
Faux No, acuzio. [10:58]
sonOfRa acuzio: the RSA stuff? [10:58]
sonOfRa No. [10:58]
yottabyte is Java in the same boat as .NET? [10:58]
sonOfRa This is actual real cryptographic implementation voodoo that will technically break your RSA implementation if you do it yourself [10:58]
acuzio sonOfRa: TIL [10:59]
Faux yottabyte: Yup! [10:59]
sonOfRa Proper cryptographic implementations are *really fucking hard* [10:59]
sonOfRa Especially if you're doing it for embedded devices, which are much much more susceptible to timing attacks [10:59]
yottabyte Faux: tell me more [11:01]
acuzio yes yottabyte , knowing some patterns is useful irrespective of the language people use and .NET and C# developers are particularly bad at this because they fucking relying on their desktop tooling and the defacto wizards that come with it ; so everything for them is literally "Works On My Machine" . This is particularly problematic because then it means most if not all C#/.Net projects are beholden to [11:01]
Faux No, because you haven't stated an objection or complaint. [11:02]
acuzio the developer's whims and fancies. This is a little less in the Java community (arguably its another extreme) as the Java world has the concept of "making code reusable" and following common best practices while developing applications [11:02]
sonOfRa hm, mattermost are also looking for people to work for them remotely. Anyon with experience with them as an employer? [11:02]
acuzio sonOfRa: one of my mate has worked/is working for them - can ask if you are serious ? [11:03]
sonOfRa Yes, I'm currently looking for a new gig, and their positions are all available as remote, which is good for me, because I need remote, or near where I live currently, can't really move for the next 2-3 years [11:03]
yottabyte I see [11:04]
acuzio okie will do sonOfRa [11:04]
yottabyte Faux: I just want to understand if it's dying or something. Is all of the cool stuff happening in other languages? She seems to be alluding to it being boring and all the same [11:06]
Faux sonOfRa: It's actually EDH, not RSA, you have to know the shared secret in order to attempt a multiplication, and it's a prime multiplication on entirely ephemeral data. And yes, it took me 7 minutes to work that out, even though I've implemented it. (C4 in ) [11:06]
Faux Faux's title: "spiped/ at master Tarsnap/spiped GitHub" [11:06]
sonOfRa acuzio: thanks! [11:06]
tang^ [tang^!~tang^@] has joined #java-talk [11:11]
kamoricks I don't know why she's wasting her time at small shops when she does .net instead of just working for the company that made it. [11:12]
kamoricks (It's not really important to MSFT what the open source community uses. We don't make money from the open source community. We use .net core internally so we all can run linux on our servers like sane people and still use our old .net code mostly) [11:17]
Faux s/linux/kooooooberneeeeeets/ [11:18]
kamoricks k8s works for windows [11:18]
Faux Can I launch 30 pods in 200ms? [11:18]
kamoricks nope [11:18]
kamoricks but you also can't do that with linux if you're using azure which we have to. [11:19]
Faux <3 [11:19]
Faux Really? Even if you have the nodes in place already? [11:19]
Faux Oh, you mean, linux-on-azure, not linux-on-k8s-on-linux-on-azure. [11:19]
kamoricks you can't create a k8s node over an existing VM on azure. [11:21]
Faux sudo snap install microk8s --fuck-security [11:22]
kamoricks We can skip the entire string of "what really?" "yes" "why not?" "because there's no provided mechanism for doing so" all the way down. [11:22]
kamoricks basically if you're doing k8s on azure you go through a separate portal with a separate workflow and separate commands. and you can do windows or linux and they both take 20 minutes to launch. [11:22]
kamoricks I personally want Windows Server to go the way of OSX Server. [11:24]
kamoricks But the only way forward on that seems to be 1) rewrite all of our stuff as UWP app 2) make UWP work on dotnetcore 3) make dotnetcore work on linux [11:24]
tang^ I missed the start of that conversation [11:25]
tang^ who is the 'she' you referred to, kamoricks? [11:26]
kamoricks @kellabyte on twitter. It was a bit tounge-in-cheek; she's a distributed systems expert working on large-scale projects, and wrote a twitter rant against dotnetcore's assumed goals [11:26]
kamoricks ie, that they're the same goals as Go or Python or Ruby, to provide a stable language and cultivate an open-source community [11:26]
tang^ right. I know her [11:27]
tang^ well, of her [11:27]
tang^ didn't she do a project once that took down an entire AWS region? [11:27]
tang^ compiling a new freebsd kernel as one does [11:30]
yottabyte big if true, haha [11:56]
zhora [zhora!] has joined #java-talk [12:08]