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Nick Message Date
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Stummi good morning [01:51]
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selckin can we ban horrible [02:10]
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apetresc [apetresc!~apetresc@2607:fea8:57a0:bb:52e5:49ff:fec9:2339] has joined #java-talk [02:17]
selckin watching this microsoft azure kube talk [02:20]
selckin and the guy keeps saying the devs hand it off to the devops team [02:20]
selckin [02:26]
selckin selckin's title: "Kubernetes Colorado - April Meetup - YouTube" [02:26]
selckin BIO: Currently a Cloud Economist [02:26]
selckin cloud economist, wow [02:26]
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sonOfRa good morning nerds [04:14]
jink Morning. [04:15]
Promethe1 Hello fellow nerd [04:23]
Faux Hi! [04:23]
PrometheanVigil Much better [04:24]
Faux Heh, I truncate nicks after the 't'. [04:24]
PrometheanVigil This song is life this morning! [04:25]
PrometheanVigil PrometheanVigil's title: "Be Here, a song by Duke Dumont on Spotify" [04:25]
sonOfRa Oh neat [04:33]
sonOfRa New Chip-Level exploit to root the Switch [04:33]
foddo I was talking to some of the people about that last week :-3 [04:35]
foddo S/about/behind/ [04:36]
foddo adjusts his hacker balaclava [04:36]
PrometheanVigil Really foddo? Watch Dogs? Really? [04:37]
sonOfRa foddo: the failoverflow people are awesome dudes [04:38]
sonOfRa They had a talk about some other, earlier switch exploits at 34c3 [04:38]
foddo PrometheanVigil: meirl [04:47]
PrometheanVigil That stock photo is a classic [04:54]
selckin i like the old way someone explained on HN, they required you to provide the nintento logo bit for bit to unlock/root, and the logo is protected by copyright against distribution [04:59]
foddo sonOfRa: the big news in that switch hack is that it?s a Tegra vuln. [05:37]
sonOfRa yep, nvidia dun goofd [05:37]
foddo Plenty of other vendors will be worried. [05:37]
foddo Right I need to go work out. [05:38]
foddo Well. First I need to get out of work and get to the guym [05:38]
sonOfRa Signed up for mfp, next week when we've moved in [05:38]
foddo Work? Bed. [05:46]
foddo Weird brain fart there. [05:46]
sonOfRa I was gonna ask why the fuck you'd be finishing up work at 6am [05:51]
foddo I do some work on the side ( ? ?? ?) [06:00]
foddo I wonder what research that HorribleGuy did on my nickname that made me think I was 17 [06:01]
jink [06:01]
foddo sonOfRa: the bootie 2016 bestof is so much better than 2017. [06:01]
sonOfRa Yes! [06:01]
sonOfRa I'm listening to the 2015 one now tho [06:02]
jink URL? [06:02]
sonOfRa [06:02]
jink Thanks. [06:03]
sonOfRa foddo: oh my god 2015 has disney in it [06:18]
foddo Haha. [06:34]
foddo I am loving the stranger things one on 2016 [06:34]
sonOfRa meh [06:38]
mohsen_1 [mohsen_1!uid289573@gateway/web/] has joined #java-talk [06:46]