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yawkat [01:58]
yawkat yawkat's title: "OpenJDK 8u302 Released" [01:58]
yawkat name a more iconic duo: "enhance / improve" and security fixes [01:58]
yawkat also "better" [01:58]
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Tenchi "- JDK-8260960: Signs of jarsigner signing" [02:07]
Tenchi haha [02:07]
Tenchi say it outloud 5 times in a row [02:07]
Tenchi as fast as you can, cmon now [02:07]
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[twisti] yawkat: JDK-7106851 is cute [03:13]
[twisti] "Test should not use System.exit" - no, they probably shouldnt [03:13]
[twisti] D [03:13]
ernimril but then how are you going to test that System.exit works? [03:22]
ernimril -) [03:22]
ernimril !need that 100% test coverage!" [03:23]
yawkat ernimril: easy. use powermock to mock System.exit, then call System.exit, and confirm System.exit was called. [03:27]
yawkat flawless [03:27]
Maldivia ahh a security manager the disallows system exit, and verify you get a security error [03:32]
Maldivia add* [03:32]
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ricky_clarkson Clearly a SystemDisappearer interface is needed, with one implementation for tests, and another implementation for production, that actually calls System.exit [03:37]
ricky_clarkson the production code obviously does not need to be migrated away from calling this banal method. [03:37]
ricky_clarkson Alternatively, have your test start the production code as a separate process, and make sure it actually exits. That's probably what I'd really look for if I couldn't remove System.exit [03:38]
Maldivia perhaps also for good measures register a Signal handler [03:40]
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dreamreal morning [06:40]
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hackinghorn hehehe hii [07:30]
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gas51627 Hi [10:38]
dreamreal hi [10:39]
gas51627 Does the sentence on line 31 says exactly the same as the sentence on line 33 [10:40]
gas51627 [10:40]
dreamreal I'm not reading that to find out [10:40]
gas51627 Or am I not understanding something [10:40]
dreamreal "does this sentence on IMGUR say the same as this other sentence ON IMGUR" nah [10:41]
Geolykt knowing nothing about beans, no, not at all [10:42]
cheeser well, it's the same sentence so ... [10:42]
gas51627 Its javadoc of Autowired annotation [10:42]
gas51627 In spring [10:42]
cheeser gas51627: there's an actual question in there so why don't you ask *that* [10:42]
CodeGeek is this a question about english comprehension? [10:42]
dreamreal plenty of spring-aware people here, too [10:42]
gas51627 CodeGeek: i think so [10:43]
gas51627 I think sentence on line 33 repeats the first part of the sentence on line 31 [10:43]
gas51627 That's why I am asking myself maybe I am not understanding it correctly [10:44]
dreamreal gas51627: not enough of the content is included for context. [10:44]
dreamreal Again, this is not an unknown topic, if you have a question about spring. otherwise, post a URL to the actual javadoc. [10:45]
gas51627 dreamreal: let me post the link to the javadoc [10:45]
dreamreal It's talking about using TWO DIFFERENT ANNOTATIONS with each other. [10:45]
dreamreal But again, ask your java question, not your english question. [10:45]
gas51627 Ok, here is the source: [10:46]
gas51627 gas51627's title: "spring-framework/ at main spring-projects/spring-framework GitHub" [10:46]
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gas51627 Line numbering still holds [10:46]
dreamreal so if you're using autowiring, you have to tell SPring conclusively what and where to inject and what the requirements are about injection. That's what that javadoc is talking about. [10:47]
CodeGeek gas51627: is there a specific java issue you're encountering using this annotation? [10:47]
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gas51627 dreamreal: which two different annotations? I though it's talking about Autowired annotation only [10:48]
gas51627 CodeGeek: no I just try to understand the javadoc [10:48]
dreamreal It refers to @Inject as well [10:49]
gas51627 Yes but I thought that only the first sentence is talking about Inject [10:51]
CodeGeek gas51627: required attribute is optional. If you use it, you can only have one @Autowired annotation on one constructor method [10:51]
CodeGeek if you don't use it, you can have multiple @Autowired annotations on differentt constructor methods [10:52]
CodeGeek that is the difference [10:52]
gas51627 CodeGeek: yes. But do sentence 31 and 33 say the same thing? [10:52]
gas51627 That's the question [10:52]
gas51627 Or at least 33 saying the same thing that 31 said [10:53]
gas51627 dreamreal: Inject does not have attributes [10:53]
cheeser fuck. yes. goddamn. [10:53]
cheeser only one constructor can have required=true and in that case only one constructor can have @Autowired. [10:54]
gas51627 When you say: only one constructor may have required true, do you mean that only one constructor can have @Autowired(required=true)? [10:55]
CodeGeek they're just trying to get the point accross :) [10:55]
gas51627 CodeGeek: ah, ok [10:55]
CodeGeek and, yes, it sounds like they're saying the same thing [10:56]
CodeGeek or the end result is the same thing, anyway [10:56]
cheeser omg [10:56]
gas51627 CodeGeek: still it looks quite confusing, because they say "furthermore", which makes me think that they will tell some new information [10:56]
CodeGeek I mean, you can have @Autowired annotations on other methods [10:56]
gas51627 But they just repeat what they already said [10:56]
cheeser it is new. once you have required=true, you can only have one @Autowired ctor. [10:57]
cheeser you can likely have multiple @Autowired ctors unless one of them is required=true [10:57]
CodeGeek I would replace "furthermore" with "however" [10:59]
CodeGeek but I'm not a native English speaker, so [10:59]
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ron english is overrated [11:00]
aquahaze [aquahaze!~aquahaze@gateway/tor-sasl/aquahaze] has joined #java [11:01]
CodeGeek furthermore, I believe people that use furthermore are just trying to be snobish [11:01]
dreamreal I'm not sure the spring doc authors were native english speakers either [11:01]
cheeser however, it also the appropriate word to use upon occasion. [11:01]
CodeGeek ocassion [11:01]
cheeser we're not talking about shoes [11:02]
ron speak for yourself. [11:02]
gas51627 Thanks guys I think I got it [11:03]
cheeser [11:03]
gas51627 Basically what it says (31 and 33 together): you may have only one constructor Autowired required and if you do, then no other constructors may have Autowired. [11:04]
gas51627 Cool [11:04]
gas51627 Thanks a lot [11:04]
gas51627 Haha was quite hard to understand. But good that I asked the question, as I really missed some meaning [11:07]
gas51627 By the way, another thing. I noticed recently that if i create a completed exceptionally completable future and then call handle method then I get that exception. But if i put some stage before handle, then the exception will be wrapped in a CompletionException. It follows the doc, but a bit not handy. What are your thoughts on that? [11:17]
ernimril [ernimril!] has joined #java [11:18]
gas51627 Basically this thing: [11:24]
gas51627 Tool me recently by surprise when I was reshuffling stages and didnt expect this to happen [11:25]
Dizidentu [Dizidentu!] has joined #java [11:33]
hackinghorn hi, so in Spring Boot? does a controller and the Spring Application have to be in the same package? [11:34]
dreamreal no. [11:34]
hackinghorn ohh thxx [11:34]
hackinghorn so if I test, what package should the test be? the app or the controller? [11:35]
dreamreal whatever package you like [11:36]
hackinghorn ahih trueee [11:36]
brickfat [brickfat!~brickfat@user/brickfat] has joined #java [11:36]
cheeser tias [11:36]
cheeser Try it and see. You learn much more by experimentation than by asking without having even tried. [11:36]
CodeGeek assuming you want to test app logic, and assuming your app logic is on the controller, then use the controller's package? [11:36]
dreamreal do what makes sense. CodeGeek's suggestion is pretty logical, I'd probably do that if I was testing the controller, but... do what makes sense to you [11:37]
Null_A [Null_A!~null_a@2601:645:8700:2290:9d5c:9f84:452e:3ad] has joined #java [11:51]
hackinghorn my test always gives a null controller , no matter which package I put it in [12:00]
hackinghorn facing this problem for a few days, I'm still googling :D [12:00]
cheeser the package isn't the problem [12:00]
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dreamreal how are you trying to get the controller [12:04]
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hackinghorn just '@Autowired private XyzController controller;' [12:06]
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cheeser and did you tell junit/testng what to do with that @Autowired? [12:06]
hackinghorn dreamreal, my test looks like the guide, so I dont know how it happens [12:06]
cheeser or did you just slap it on and expecting magic? [12:07]
hackinghorn cheeser, yeahh I'm expecting magic , what should I do? [12:07]
dreamreal not expect magic [12:07]
cheeser there is no magic in software. just work you're not seeing. [12:07]
dreamreal you have to make sure your test either populates the object manually (which is not difficult) or uses a spring testing configuration (also not difficult) [12:07]
cheeser or in this case, doing. :) [12:07]
CodeGeek hackinghorn: plenty of examples on the net on how to run junit with Spring [12:09]
hackinghorn ahh I'm following this, I didnt even reach the Mock part [12:11]
hackinghorn hackinghorn's title: "Getting Started | Testing the Web Layer" [12:11]
cheeser eww. don't use mocks. [12:13]
CodeGeek mocks cheeser [12:13]
hackinghorn ahh thankss [12:14]
cheeser i have [12:16]
tang^ good on ya [12:16]
Byteflux If not mocks then what, stubs? [12:22]
cheeser my preference, yes. [12:22]
cheeser much less magic. mess less fragile. [12:22]
cheeser using guice, you'd just inject via a test-specific Module and be done [12:23]
Byteflux I take it not a fan of Mockito to build stubs either? :P [12:24]
upsala [upsala!~zcb@] has joined #java [12:24]
cheeser nope. [12:24]
Byteflux Since you mention injecting stubs, I assumed as much [12:24]
Byteflux That's fair. I like the more traditional approach too. [12:25]
Byteflux Mockito (or worse, PowerMockito) are too magical. [12:26]
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ezzieyguywuf [ezzieyguywuf!~Unknown@user/ezzieyguywuf] has joined #java [12:44]
ezzieyguywuf how might I count all the `true` values in an `boolean[] myData;`? I'd like to avoid a for-loop if possible and instead use the stream functionality [12:45]
Byteflux Is there a reason for wanting to avoid a for loop? [12:45]
ezzieyguywuf I'm trying to learn the functional programming capabilities of java [12:46]
ezzieyguywuf which seems to derive from streams [12:46]
dreamreal Stream.of(myData).filter(e).// follow with a "count of elements" [12:47]
ezzieyguywuf dreamreal: I'll try that out [12:47]
ezzieyguywuf I was trying to use `` but was recieving an error. if I change it to `Boolean[] myData;` then `` works. [12:48]
w0ng [w0ng!~w0ng@] has joined #java [12:48]
ezzieyguywuf what's the distinction betwoon `boolean[]` and `Boolean[]`? [12:48]
Byteflux I don't think Stream.of() will work for this? [12:48]
dreamreal the type of the array element [12:48]
dreamreal Byteflux: Might not, yeah [12:48]
dreamreal but it's easy to find the right mechanism [12:48]
Byteflux I believe that creates a Stream<boolean[]> [12:48]
yawkat if you use BitSet, you can just use .cardinality [12:49]
CodeGeek ezzieyguywuf: boolean is a primitive value, Boolean is an object [12:49]
Byteflux ezzieyguywuf: Java doesn't support primitives as generic type parameters, so a Stream<boolean> is not possible, it has to be a Stream<Boolean> [12:49]
ezzieyguywuf ah hah [12:49]
ezzieyguywuf wow when did java get templates? [12:50]
dreamreal it doesn't have them now [12:50]
lucifer those are generics not templates. since java 1.5. [12:50]
dreamreal it has generics [12:50]
ezzieyguywuf ah, generics [12:51]
ezzieyguywuf wow neato [12:51]
ezzieyguywuf guess I wasn't paying attention whenever I was learning java 10 or so years ago, lol [12:51]
ezzieyguywuf (or maybe I just never got to that chapter) [12:51]
dreamreal you must have REALLY not been paying attention because it's pretty broadly used [12:51]
ezzieyguywuf ? [12:52]
ezzieyguywuf I was very young [12:52]
ezzieyguywuf and taught myself OOP using the java docs [12:52]
ezzieyguywuf anywho you all got me sorted out, so thank you so much. [12:53]
Betal [Betal!~Beta@user/betal] has joined #java [12:54]
Byteflux If for whatever reason you can't convert your array to a boxed variant, you can also use IntStream to create a Stream<Boolean> [12:55]
Byteflux long count = IntStream.range(0, arr.length).mapToObj(idx -> arr[idx]).filter(bool -> bool).count(); // where 'arr' is your boolean[] [12:55]
Byteflux I guess Boolean::valueOf works too instead of bool -> bool [12:56]
dreamreal I'd use a more realistic sample project [12:56]
dreamreal counting booleans in an array is likely to be FAR more efficient in a loop [12:57]
Byteflux Yep, definitely a poor example of learning to use streams. [12:57]
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ezzieyguywuf yarg, I'm not allowed to use java.util anyway, just java.lang [01:00]
ezzieyguywuf so I'll have to do it imperitive [01:00]
dreamreal ... whut [01:00]
dreamreal then streams are out [01:00]
ezzieyguywuf I'm doing a coursera class on algorithms, and the assignments are in java with certain restrictions [01:00]
CodeGeek now it sounds like homework [01:01]
ezzieyguywuf yea streams are out [01:01]
ezzieyguywuf it's all good. [01:01]
CodeGeek well, that is a dumb restriction [01:01]
Byteflux Even so, counting the # of trues in a boolean array using streams is probably the worst way to go about it :P [01:02]
ezzieyguywuf CodeGeek: yea I know. but they have some automated grading bot that needs those things I guess [01:02]
ezzieyguywuf I could always just ignore the grading and implement it on my own - in which case I'd just use c++ [01:02]
ezzieyguywuf but the feedback from the grading bot is helpful [01:03]
ezzieyguywuf Byteflux: why is it the worst way? [01:03]
ezzieyguywuf it reads very cleanly :) [01:03]
dreamreal it allocates a lot of things under the hood for stream processing [01:03]
ezzieyguywuf ah i see [01:04]
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javabot [javabot!~javabot@about/java/javabot] has joined #java [02:41]
ezzieyguywuf is there a Set object in java.lang that I can use to store unique items? [02:55]
yawkat no [02:56]
yawkat homework [02:56]
yawkat We don't answer homework-style questions here. Homework assignments often intentionally ask you to produce bad code: You generally HAVE to use some mechanism even though it isn't the best tool for the job, and '.. just use this library that does all that in a very nice way!' is usually not acceptable. That makes them VERY frustrating questions. [02:56]
ezzieyguywuf hrm, Isee [02:57]
ezzieyguywuf ok then thank [02:58]
ezzieyguywuf is there a better place to ask such questions? [02:58]
ernimril ezzieyguywuf, look at the collections tutorial and see what you can find [02:58]
ernimril ezzieyguywuf, or look at the api [02:58]
ezzieyguywuf nods [03:00]
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svm_invictvs How does one apply an annotation to a whole package? [07:59]
PyR3X svm_invictvs: I put them in [08:01]
svm_invictvs I've never used [08:02]
svm_invictvs mindblown.gif [08:02]
PyR3X svm_invictvs: just put it at the same level as your package [08:02]
PyR3X @SomethingCool [08:02]
PyR3X package com.example.awesome [08:02]
PyR3X ; [08:03]
svm_invictvs Baeldung thinks I want to buy a van and live in it down by the river. [08:03]
svm_invictvs Well I made the last part up, but they are definitely trying to sell me a camper van [08:03]
PyR3X it's usually where I put SpotBugs annotations to exclude an entire class of findings for a package [08:04]
svm_invictvs Interesting [08:05]
svm_invictvs And it gets compiled I guess [08:05]
svm_invictvs Well it has to [08:05]
svm_invictvs If the annotation persists at runtime. [08:05]
Byteflux More importantly why do you not have uBlock Origin [08:09]
Byteflux I didn't even realize Baeldung has ads until you mentioned it, so I tried turning off my blocker to see. [08:10]
Tenchi hah [08:12]
cheeser PyR3X: oh now that's a clever idea... [08:26]
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Tabmow I'm reviewing some code which has a lot of Boolean's vs boolean's. I understand 1 is a primitive vs. an object but what and why would the need be to ever use Boolean over boolean? I'm having a hard time understanding... [08:47]
Byteflux You can use Boolean as a generic type but not boolean. [08:48]
hackinghorn why does my gradle shows the version of Spring is 2.4.4 -> 2.0.2 Release, I declared it as 2.4.4 [08:48]
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hackinghorn oh, I know now, nvm [08:54]
Tabmow Byteflux: right, but if using a boolean within an object, say the Object is Person and I'm checking whether they are enabled, enabled can exist as a boolean in that situation. [08:57]
Byteflux Sure. [08:58]
Byteflux Boolean can also be null, if for whatever reason that's useful [08:58]
Byteflux Of course boolean can't, it's either true or false. [08:59]
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Tabmow Gotya, thanks. [09:37]
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hackinghorn hi, is compile and implementation the same in gradle? [10:21]
cheeser i'll bet the gradle docs say [10:22]
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hackinghorn ahh thankss cheeser [11:40]
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