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pi0 hey all [01:33]
pi0 pastebin [01:34]
pi0 Please paste your code and any errors online. For runnable classes, try . For general code and errors, use or [01:34]
pi0 can i have multiple class files on ideone? [01:34]
karstensrage testcase [01:37]
karstensrage karstensrage, sscce is a minimal independently runnable program, which demonstrates the problem; see for details and a HOWTO [01:37]
pi0 thank you, oh wow its a bit involved to setup [01:45]
pi0 i like the idea of self contained [01:46]
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sbeex morning [02:16]
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vim_fans_ hi,there. I stuck on a problem. Please help me out.any response would be appreciated. [03:53]
Maldivia vim_fans_: what happened when you tried? [03:54]
vim_fans_ Maldivia: I can not try it. Because the filed which to compared hasn't been added to table. My customer would add it later. I just want to coding first ,then test it when the field added. [03:56]
Maldivia vim_fans_: well, try in a small test setup then [03:56]
Maldivia this is an easy thing to test in a test database [03:56]
vim_fans_ Maldivia: thank you .... I should to try it by myself ..... :D [03:57]
Maldivia try [03:57]
Maldivia exceptions are a mechanism to return from a method indicating something extra-ordinary has occurred. They are used to handle errors of all sorts. Read all about it: and at the tutorial [03:57]
Maldivia dammit, wrong factoid :D [03:57]
vim_fans_ Maldivia: don't worry, I need to read it anyway . Exception subject.:P [03:58]
Maldivia we have a factoid in the bot about learning by trying :D [03:59]
Maldivia and I forgot the name if it [03:59]
Maldivia tias [04:00]
Maldivia Try it and see. You learn much more by experimentation than by asking without having even tried. [04:00]
Maldivia there you go! :D [04:00]
vim_fans_ Maldivia: how kind of you... thanks bro .. I learn something from you today:D very appreciated [04:01]
Maldivia vim_fans_: my gut-feeling says it should work (fixing the syntax error in your example), as I have used it myself; but again, might differ depending on what dialect you're using etc [04:02]
Maldivia so the only real answer is: try it and see [04:02]
vim_fans_ Maldivia: yeah I am going to try it now .And I would never ever ask question without try it ... This is more important then the correct answer. [04:03]
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vim_fans Maldivia: I tested it . It goes very well ...:D thanks bro [04:26]
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vim_fans Maldivia: hi, bro. are you still here ? I got a new problem, please help me out. [04:57]
vim_fans Maldivia: The problem got resolved when I delete while(rt.hasrows) ...puzzled [05:02]
Maldivia well, the code you pasted doesn't look like java, so [05:04]
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kubast2 parted the channel: [05:29]
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lucifer interesting [05:35]
lucifer lucifer's title: " The Destination for Java Developers" [05:35]
lucifer awesome they updated the tutorials too! [05:40]
odinsbane I've got a gui app that hangs from time to time. Is a good way to find out why? It's a pretty extensive app, and I am nearly certain I know the method that is hanging but I'm not sure how to debug. It doesn't always hang. Essentially, I would like to see where in the program it is blocknig the EDT. [05:46]
Maldivia odinsbane: if it's hanging send the signal to to to dump all threads [05:47]
odinsbane When I say hang, I just mean pauses for a couple of seconds. [05:49]
Maldivia that's going to be tough yeah [05:49]
Maldivia can you edit the program? [05:50]
Maldivia its your code? [05:50]
odinsbane Yes. [05:50]
Maldivia Add a scheduled timer that runs every second, if it hasn't received a ping from the EDT in that, dump stack traces [05:50]
yawkat could also be gc? [05:51]
Maldivia like scheduleAtFixedInteval(() -> SwingUtilies.invokeLater(() -> lastUpdate = System.currentTime(), 500, TimeUnit.MSEC)); scheduledAtFixedInterval(() -> if (System.currentTime() - lastUpdate) > 1000) Thread.dumpStackTraces(); [05:52]
Maldivia very naive approach to try to detect things that are causing the EDT to hang [05:52]
odinsbane It could be gc. Because the method seems to run fine, and then it doesn't. I'm doing some object thrashing. [05:52]
Maldivia well, add gc logging then [05:52]
odinsbane Alright, these are some good places to start. It used to not be an issue, but now that I'm using more resources... [05:55]
[twisti] wouldnt that just dump the current thread and not the EDT ? [06:01]
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Maldivia [twisti]: it's pseudo code, replace with getAllStackTraces() or whatnot [06:10]
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Maldivia ManagementFactory.getThreadMXBean().dumpAllThreads(true, true) might be even better [06:19]
Maldivia since that also contains locks etc [06:19]
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joeo if you haven't seen it. [06:24]
joeo joeo's title: " The Destination for Java Developers" [06:24]
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jsmooth I have ApplicationManager class meant to work with Hibernate, a couple of methods for adding new and updating applications. For the method signatures, does Hibernate require all data to be individual arguments or can they be arrays? [07:51]
Covrus I don't understand the question. [07:55]
jsmooth Don't worry, that can be determined in testing/debugging [08:03]
jsmooth I'm taking full example from Hibernate documentation and adapting it to work for my application [08:03]
jsmooth I know that's kind of cheating, but there isn't any rule against it [08:03]
jsmooth This project is a break from web development! [08:04]
jsmooth One thing...can I use JavaFX-CSS for to adjust layout when I'm not using FXML? [08:05]
Maldivia yes [08:07]
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tilerendering [tilerendering!~IceChat95@2001:4bc9:812:8c0a:8985:2c8:2e00:c195] has joined #java [08:40]
tilerendering hi [08:40]
jinsun__ [jinsun__!~quassel@user/jinsun] has joined #java [08:40]
tilerendering I m a bit puzzled concerning the N+1 problem narratives I find on the web. Often, eager loading is stated as a "solution" - but who guarantees that the N queries will be combined into just one? Noone, from my modest understanding, guarantees that. I think one can still have N+1 queries when using [08:41]
tilerendering eager loading [08:41]
Covrus you can. Are they causing you a problem? [08:44]
tilerendering No, I just dont want to teach any beginner java student bogus. And what I find on the net regarding this problem needs to be double and triple checked before teaching them wrong content. May I discuss some popular suggested solutions with you for their validity? [08:47]
tilerendering my current analysis: JOIN FETCH and use of EntityGraph can also result in the execution of N queries instead of 1. Am I correct? [08:49]
Covrus Then teach your beginner java student cost analysis. Sometimes there's a cost to doing things; N+1 is a burden but it's often better than the alternative. You can avoid it, but there tends to be more effort involved; if the benefit is worth the effort, do that. Otherwise you just put up with having the extra query. [08:49]
wedr [wedr!] has joined #java [08:50]
tilerendering well I ll teach them that for sure, but, .. am I correct assuming this: a general solution consists of using 2 queries, and intelligently combining them. one for gathering the N queries into 1, and another based on the values of the first one [08:51]
odinsbane What is a query? This is pretty far from java at the moment. [08:55]
tilerendering a JPA nativeQuery ;) or a JPQL query, or a predefined DSL query, .. [08:57]
tilerendering pardon for gathering those under the general term "query" [08:57]
tilerendering sometimes you just cant draw a net line between the Java and the RDBMS world, and in this case, I m talking RDBMS, yes, maybe I forgot to mention that [08:57]
sizeof_void35 [sizeof_void35!] has joined #java [09:00]
Maldivia well there are consultants out there making good money just optimizing peoples databases and queries [09:03]
sbalmos "You needed an index... Here's my bill" [09:09]
odinsbane "beginner java students" opimizing db queries. [09:10]
tilerendering well, they will end up not being beginners. [09:17]
tilerendering and they're not optimizing db queries, optimization here can be done at various levels. [09:17]
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tilerendering can anyone give me a beautiful example on how subqueries might help in N+1 problems? I had one, but I forgot about it :/ [10:06]
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lucifer LTS every 2 years ftw! [10:45]
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cheeser proposed [10:50]
whaley I would feel better if they tied it to the ubuntu release schedule and gave it a code name with alliteration. Java 18 - Ravishing Rhinocerous [11:00]
cheeser Tantalizing Tarmigan [11:02]
sbalmos Java 22.04 Traveling Tardigrade [11:03]
odinsbane Would LTS every 2 years be good? Isn't a nice aspect of LTS that there are only a couple of them at any given time? [11:10]
Maldivia hmm, don't know if like that proposal [11:10]
cheeser Maldivia: it's getting some push back on the JC list. and some support. [11:12]
cheeser NYC will hate it. [11:12]
wedr What do you do when running Maven tests in the terminal produces different results than when running JUnit tests inside the Eclipse IDE? [11:14]
sbalmos uninstall Eclipse [11:14]
cheeser sbalmos++ [11:14]
cheeser sbalmos has a karma level of 111, cheeser [11:14]
wedr I'm not going to uninstall Eclipse just for the sake of passing a single Maven unit out of 3000+ unit tests [11:15]
cheeser commitment. i approve. [11:15]
wedr This MockMvc is just downright confusing. [11:16]
cheeser well, there's your problem. [11:16]
wedr Hm? Is there something wrong with MockMvc? [11:16]
sonOfRa mock cheeser [11:16]
sonOfRa Don't be an idiot. [11:16]
cheeser yes [11:16]
sonOfRa that really ought to be "don't use mocks" [11:16]
wedr Uh... I didn't follow. When did the Java best practices changes from "use mocks for unit testing" to "don't use mocks"? [11:17]
wedr s/changes/changed [11:17]
cheeser quick follow up: when did the java best practices recommend using mocks to begin with? [11:18]
Maldivia cheeser: is the JC list public archived? [11:18]
cheeser Maldivia: it is not [11:18]
whaley wedr: the maven test result needs to be the canonical source of truth since (assuming your maven pom's are hermetic) those are reproduceable and eclipse is not. Without further knowledge of what's going on, I'd suggest 1) ignore the eclipse failure and move on with life 2) recreate your eclipse dev environment and try again, after double checking all of the versions match up [11:18]
cheeser thankfully :) [11:18]
Maldivia Dammit [11:19]
whaley version == dependency versions [11:19]
wedr whaley, ok [11:20]
wedr I was about ask when mocking XML requests, what should I do when the results return text/xml;charset=UTF-8, when charset=UTF-8 is discouraged since everything nowadays uses UTF-8 in XML/JSON/etc.? [11:21]
cheeser that almost made sense. i feel like there's a missing. [11:23]
wedr The fact that the results return was coming from old hardware, somehow, stupidly out in the fields / production environment where everything is hardcoded. [11:24]
wedr Even my lead senior dev is having headaches from this sudden info dump [11:24]
whaley weird shit happens in production [11:25]
cheeser because people are suddenly involved and they suck. [11:26]
sbalmos can't tell you how much, in the past 4 business days, I've said to the effect of "your unit tests are completely wrong" [11:27]
wedr Good news, it's just recently added to Spring Test. [11:29]
wedr wedr's title: "Support Charset for character encoding in MockMvc Issue #27231 spring-projects/spring-framework GitHub" [11:29]
wedr Bad news, I need to update Spring Maven dependency versions again... [11:30]
cheeser well that's easy enough! [11:30]
wedr We're on 5.3.9, and this is targeted for 5.3.10 [11:30]
sbalmos congrats [11:30]
cheeser pffft [11:30]
sbalmos don't mock [11:30]
cheeser that's my line! [11:30]
wedr we have a this long, bureaucratic way to notify that we're updating dependencies in my company [11:31]
wedr it's a PITA [11:31]
sbalmos congrats [11:31]
sbalmos start cranking out emails [11:31]
Maldivia mock mocks [11:31]
javabot points at mocks and laughs [11:31]
dmlloyd making a mockery of mock mocking [11:34]
sbalmos could create a mockumental situation [11:34]
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MockingMoniker I'm getting an "Unrecognized option" in Java when I add "-Xverbose:gc" and I'm using Oracle JVM. Is this a JRockit option? [11:53]
cheeser looks like it [11:53]
Maldivia It's not a current java version argument [11:54]
MockingMoniker OK, thanks. [11:55]
MockingMoniker I'll research on my own the correct argument. [11:55]
csd does Spring have any out-of-the-box way to prevent ensure that json strings won't have null bytes encoded in them, or would I need to write a custom validator (or use @Pattern) for that? [11:55]
lucifer MockingMoniker: maybe be helpful [11:56]
lucifer lucifer's title: "Unified Logging Of JVM Messages With The -Xlog Option // nipafx" [11:56]
MockingMoniker lucifer, thanks./ [11:57]
MockingMoniker I'll check it out. It probably is what I need. [11:57]
Maldivia csd: null bytes are not allowed in json [11:58]
cheeser nicolai is awesome [12:00]
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csd Maldivia: not if it's escaped as \u0000...then it's permitted [12:13]
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Maldivia Yes, but that's different, but a pattern should be easy to write [12:20]
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sniperwolf hello, i try to write test using java.xml.soap library, that calls soap endpoint and localhost using RQ in text form. Endpoints gets called, but RQ is not being mapped in correct way because method on endpoint is called with RequestObject == null [04:38]
sniperwolf anyone knows why it can be like that, and wants to help? [04:38]
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jsmooth Hmm. I guess the Configuration code lines are how hte app knows to use HIbernate [07:38]
Rainier [Rainier!~AMcBain@user/amcbain] has joined #java [07:45]
jsmooth What package has Array type? [07:45]
jsmooth java.util.Arrays is all I'm finding and it doesn't work. [07:49]
jsmooth Hmm. I just don't find how to make Array a valid type [07:52]
jsmooth I would think it'd be standard [07:52]
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kupi i like java17 [08:22]
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cheeser jsmooth: the Array type? [08:31]
BitsNBytes [BitsNBytes!] has joined #java [08:34]
jsmooth Stupid question. Java doesn't have Array type, just arrays of types [08:51]
jsmooth But now it doesn't see org.hibernate [08:51]
jsmooth Hibernate is installed as external library, maybe that's why [08:52]
jsmooth No, it should still be referenced [08:52]
jsmooth What does this mean? package org.hibernate is declared in the unnamed module, but module com.splyndidxyz.job.opening.tracker does not read it [09:02]
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cheeser it means you have modulepath enabled and so you need to declare that *your* module imports org.hibernate [09:43]
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vim_fans_ hi,there. I don't if it's okay to ask question related to Oracle. Please check it out if you don't mind . [10:44]
ron yeah, not really the place [10:50]
jsmooth Eclipse doesn't recongnize JAvaFX even with e(fx)clipse installed [10:57]
vdamewood vim_fans_: You might have better luck in #sql or ##programming [11:02]
jsmooth It has nothing to do with SQL [11:24]
jsmooth Oh whoops [11:24]
cheeser kinda offtopic [11:25]
cheeser vim_fans_, Anytime you start a statement with something like "this is kind of off topic," do us all a favor and stop. ask it somewhere else or just go to and search there. [11:25]
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