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lemonsnicks [lemonsnicks!] has joined #java [12:13]
dodobrain [dodobrain!~dodobrain@user/dodobrain] has joined #java [12:34]
dodobrain hi all, what frameworks should i be looking at for generating a rest api ? [12:38]
yawkat openapi? [12:39]
dodobrain its been a while and i remember working with dropwizard last time around. is that still considered a "good" option? [12:39]
cheeser for building a microservice? or just REST API in general? [12:40]
dodobrain just a rest api [12:41]
yawkat web frameworks [12:41]
yawkat Popular web frameworks: Dropwizard, Struts 2, Spring Boot, Stripes, Wicket, and Spark. Ask me about each for more info. Ask me about 'other web frameworks' for exotic choices that are not recommended. [12:41]
cheeser if you use quarkus, you can get the full stack and openapi support for server and client support. [12:41]
dodobrain thanks cheeser, yawkat [12:41]
cheeser there are other options, of course, but they all suck. :) [12:41]
dodobrain oooh, i'll have a look at quarkus [12:41]
yawkat Now I have to suggest micronaut too! [12:41]
dodobrain haha [12:41]
cheeser yawkat: you don't. ;) [12:42]
dodobrain so micronaut and quarkus would be the ones to look at? [12:42]
yawkat p [12:42]
cheeser and spring-boot. [12:42]
yawkat Sure, and dropwizard and spring [12:42]
cheeser in order of popularity: spring-boot, quarkus, micronaut. [12:42]
dodobrain now i wonder why i used dropwizard in my last java work :) [12:43]
cheeser instituitional comfort. [12:43]
dodobrain haha [12:43]
cheeser DW is good but rather dated these days. [12:43]
cheeser use what you know, right? [12:43]
yawkat Dropwizard is a nice minimalistic framework but quarkus and Micronaut are more developed nowadays [12:44]
cheeser yeah. i'm not sure how active the DW project is [12:44]
dodobrain not really, use whats most supported and documented and actively developed is what i go for nowdays [12:44]
cheeser goes to check. [12:44]
cheeser last commit 8h ago :) [12:45]
yawkat dodobrain: (fwiw, cheeser and I work on quarkus and micronaut respectively, so we're a bit biased) [12:45]
Tenchi[m] yeah DW is still being developed ? [12:45]
cheeser nods. [12:45]
dodobrain now that you've revealed your hands, i know where to poke :p [12:45]
cheeser the bot is still on 0.7 somethi8ng. :) [12:45]
cheeser dodobrain: i'm presenting on quarkus at KCDC on friday [12:46]
cheeser D [12:46]
dodobrain its been a while since i did java dev [12:46]
cheeser oh, fuck. i should go to bed. 6am comes early. [12:46]
cheeser le fuck. making good progress on my other talk for friday. :) [12:47]
cheeser mv cheeser /dev/bed [12:47]
lemonsnicks [lemonsnicks!] has joined #java [12:49]
eson123 [eson123!~eson123@] has joined #java [12:59]
qu4nt1n [qu4nt1n!~qu4nt1n@] has joined #java [12:59]
eson123 anyone here uses IntelliJ ? i am trying to check for how much time does it take to finish a group of statements, of course i can still use some functions to get the time at first and then minus it to get the answer but usually it will just result in 0 miliseconds and it's a bit lengthy to my codes, not sure if there is any standard utility that can measure for me in IntelliJ [01:00]
jetchisel [jetchisel!jetchisel@user/jetchisel] has joined #java [01:00]
leduyquang753 Search for "profiler". [01:01]
ernimril eson123, if you want to do it with code use System.nanoTime, or use a profiler, but know that profilers tend to change the code you run so they are not fully reliable either [01:02]
_ht [_ht!] has joined #java [01:02]
eson123 hm ok thk for that [01:02]
ernimril jmh [01:04]
ernimril JMH is a micro benchmarking harness written in Java for the JVM, see [01:04]
ernimril eson123, ^^^ [01:04]
mbaxter [mbaxter!] has joined #java [01:13]
eson123 yea System.nanoTime seems to be the easiest answer so far [01:14]
pioto [pioto!~pioto@user/pioto] has joined #java [01:17]
lucifer what are trying to do? System.nanoTime misrepresents stuff many times because java has JIT compiled. [01:17]
eson123 just wanna know the best way to measure time for a specific section of codes, the more accurate the better, it's just my current codes right now is not something too vital but probably in the future i will face scalability problem and it could be helpful :P [01:18]
lucifer jmh and profilers [01:18]
eson123 ok then [01:20]
upsala [upsala!~zcb@] has joined #java [01:21]
AlanMD [AlanMD!~AlanMD@] has joined #java [01:50]
TechTest [TechTest!] has joined #java [02:01]
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vim_fans [vim_fans!~pi@user/vim-fans/x-3284168] has joined #java [03:29]
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dob1_ [dob1_!~dob1@user/dob1] has joined #java [03:30]
sa02irc [sa02irc!] has joined #java [03:34]
tilerendering [tilerendering!~IceChat95@2001:4bc9:812:8c0a:b084:105e:10b2:61f] has joined #java [03:42]
tilerendering for one of my clients, I m required to develop under Windows ... :/ [03:43]
[twisti] *FOR* or *UNDER* ? [03:44]
mitch0 [mitch0!] has joined #java [03:44]
[twisti] frankly with tools like eclipse or IDEA, development doesnt differ all THAT much between windows and linux, and if you have any control over the machine, WSL2 under windows will let you use all your *nix cli stuff like grep, find, bash scripting etc [03:45]
qu4nt1n [qu4nt1n!~qu4nt1n@] has joined #java [03:50]
tilerendering unless youre used to do some devopsi kind of stuff too :) [03:55]
jetchisel [jetchisel!jetchisel@user/jetchisel] has joined #java [04:00]
Zapek install WSL2 then you have everything [04:01]
AMcBain [AMcBain!~AMcBain@user/amcbain] has joined #java [04:02]
Maldivia wsl2 is great on Windows; you have access to SDKMan for all your java tools etc, you can run basically anything that runs on Linux, including devops things [04:12]
[twisti] and you have relatively transparent access to the windows filesystem, which a regular VM only has via cifs or similar [04:17]
tilerendering hm. well the "2" in it suggests to me that it has been updated ;) Last time I tried WSL, it was very rudimentary. Have there been majhor improvements since 2016 or was it 2017? [04:22]
Maldivia [twisti]: the wsl2 access to windows filesystem is transparant, but also slow as hell :( [04:22]
Maldivia tilerendering: yes [04:22]
Maldivia tilerendering: in essence, it's a VM that's just better integrated than your normal virtualbox etc [04:23]
tilerendering well.. unless they task me with building their CI pipeline, it might be sufficient. But they will, very probably. Then, working under windows becomes adventurous, with running linux docker containers and the like [04:26]
Maldivia tilerendering: the docker installation for windows has built in support for wsl2, meaning you can use docker from wsl2 [04:27]
tilerendering Maldivia: are you a linux user too? [04:27]
Maldivia I'm a Windows, macOS, FreeBSD and Linux user, depending on the situation and needs [04:29]
vim_fans [vim_fans!~pi@user/vim-fans/x-3284168] has joined #java [04:30]
launchd [launchd!examknow@bitbot/launchd] has joined #java [04:38]
[twisti] Maldivia: wsl2 has improved a lot, and its orders of magnitudes faster than cifs [04:58]
sizeof_void34 [sizeof_void34!~Thunderbi@] has joined #java [04:58]
Maldivia [twisti]: yes, but compared to wsl1, it's unbearably slow [05:01]
Maldivia (the windows file system access, that is) [05:01]
jetchisel [jetchisel!jetchisel@user/jetchisel] has joined #java [05:01]
Maldivia and likewise windows accessing the wsl2 file system [05:02]
[twisti] yeah its right smack im the middle of those [05:04]
[twisti] wsl2 is definitely not perfect, i run into so much trouble due to missing dbus, but imo it still by far outweights the utility of a VM [05:04]
[twisti] as well as cygwin or similar [05:04]
Maldivia I completely agree [05:07]
Maldivia Ohh, and VS Code integration with wsl is really great [05:07]
Maldivia anyway "how is this java" :D [05:08]
ravish0007 [ravish0007!] has joined #java [05:08]
momomo [momomo!~momomo@user/momomo] has joined #java [05:11]
[twisti] quite [05:11]
vim_fans_ [vim_fans_!~pi@user/vim-fans/x-3284168] has joined #java [05:12]
Markow [Markow!~Markow@] has joined #java [05:55]
gizmore [gizmore!] has joined #java [06:02]
gizmore hello and good day. what is a good and free profiler for java16? [06:03]
Maldivia visualvm [06:03]
Maldivia VisualVM is a visual tool that integrates several existing JDK software tools and lightweight memory and CPU profiling capabilities. For download and more information see (also bundled with OracleJDK 8). Simple guide on profiling @ [06:03]
jeukku [jeukku!~jeukku@user/jeukku] has joined #java [06:08]
llorllale [llorllale!~llorllale@2607:9880:3a18:69:b171:e915:3b5e:e085] has joined #java [06:13]
vim_fans_ parted the channel: WeeChat 1.9.1 [06:21]
Maldivia jfr [06:24]
Maldivia Java Flight Recorder (JFR) is a tool for collecting diagnostic and profiling data about a running Java application: [06:25]
Maldivia Maldivia's title: "Java Platform, Standard Edition Java Flight Recorder Runtime Guide - Contents" [06:25]
gizmore thank you very much :) [06:32]
Maldivia jmc is <reply>JDK Mission Control is production time profiling and diagnostics tool for the JVM, including a JDK Flight Recorder analyzer, plugins for taking heap dumps etc. For more information and ways to download see [06:35]
Maldivia OK, Maldivia. [06:35]
sbeex [sbeex!~sbeex@] has joined #java [06:49]
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computeiro [computeiro!~Wender@] has joined #java [08:55]
odinsbane If java got rid of type erasure, it might break some outdated code, but just imagine what it would do to stack overflow. [09:10]
lucifer what would it do to stack overflow? [09:12]
dmlloyd overflow it probably [09:15]
dmlloyd "why is my outdated code broken" [09:15]
upsala [upsala!~zcb@] has joined #java [09:23]
upsala [upsala!~zcb@] has joined #java [09:30]
GreenResponse [GreenResponse!] has joined #java [09:30]
sbalmos my applet doesn't work [09:39]
sbalmos or more likely, this applet from this vendor I need to work doesn't work [09:40]
Maldivia "have you tried with internet explorer 6" [09:41]
rustyshackleford [rustyshackleford!] has joined #java [09:43]
sbalmos The vendor's support forum says it only works with Netscape Navigator [09:53]
daoudr_ [daoudr_!~daoudr@] has joined #java [09:56]
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wender [wender!~Wender@] has joined #java [10:15]
earthy sbalmos: get a new vendor. applets are unsupported. :) [10:16]
computeiro [computeiro!~Wender@] has joined #java [10:20]
jamezp [jamezp!~jamezp@redhat/jboss/jamezp] has joined #java [10:24]
dmlloyd <wolfcastle> That's the joke [10:30]
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jmartin hello [12:43]
Peste_Bubonica [Peste_Bubonica!~Peste_Bub@user/peste-bubonica/x-0568126] has joined #java [01:20]
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dragonmaster ehlo [01:33]
magyar [magyar!~magyar@user/magyar] has joined #java [01:33]
magyar hi, I have a jks "PrivateKeyEntry" type chain key that has within an expired intermediary cert, how can I delete/replace the intermediary certificate? [01:34]
magyar I've imported the new pem cert with the new intermediary and the "PrivateKeyEntry" cert now has both, the old and new [01:35]
Betal [Betal!~Betal@user/betal] has joined #java [02:08]
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chris64 [chris64!~chris@user/chris64] has joined #java [03:25]
freeone3000 you need to remove the old cert by name from the keystore. keytool can do this with keytool remove. alternatively, if you want a new keystore with only the new cert in it, you can do that. [03:41]
jeukku [jeukku!~jeukku@user/jeukku] has joined #java [03:51]
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masber [masber!~masber@] has joined #java [05:31]
cliluw [cliluw!~cliluw@] has joined #java [05:35]
masber hi, I have a question in regards ExeccutionService. My goal is to create a rest api which returns a response before the execution has ended. For that I am using ExecutionService to run the execution in the background. My code does not work, which means the code inside the `@Override public Response call()` block does not gets executed. Why? [05:37]
masber [05:37]
masber masber's title: "dpaste/g0dO (Python)" [05:37]
masber [masber!~masber@] has joined #java [05:41]
ernimril masber, too little information to say. What error/stack trace do you get? The submit looks like it ought to work, but you have obviously cut out a large part of the code so who can say what you are trying to run? [05:43]
masber the part missing is irrelevant because it does not gets executed and that the issue I am having [05:45]
masber the code inside Callable does not gets executed [05:46]
masber I could put in there System.out.println("hi"); which won't run [05:46]
masber when I call the endpoint it gets inside the POST method, then goes to return Response and the method ends [05:47]
wedr [wedr!] has joined #java [05:51]
masber so you are saying that the code seems ok because I am putting the Executors.newCachedThreadPool() as static hence the Callable code should be executed even if the method invoking it ends? [05:52]
ernimril masber, you are calling f.cancel so then the submit may or may not run [05:53]
imode [imode!~imode@user/imode] has joined #java [07:04]
imode what's the "modern" GUI library for java these days? [07:04]
imode JavaFX? [07:06]
ferdna [ferdna!~ferdna@user/ferdna] has joined #java [07:48]
db [db!] has joined #java [07:53]
Tenchi[m] yeah... yes [07:54]
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nb-ben I wonder how works [08:23]
nb-ben how do they cause the thread to self-interrupt? [08:23]
csd [csd!] has joined #java [08:29]
csd I am running into a weird problem where depending on what machine the code is run on, NumberFormat either outputs NBSP or spaces when formatting foreign (e.g. fr-FR locale) currencies. I've ruled out differing implementations of the JRE as being the cause. I've also verified that the machine the code is running on doesn't have a non-standard [08:39]
csd (non-US) locale/language set, AFAICT. Does anyone have any thoughts what could be causing this? [08:39]
nb-ben have you tried specifying the Locale to it? [08:40]
csd Yes I call NumberFormat.getCurrencyLocale(Locale.forLanguageTag("fr-fr")) [08:40]
csd getCurrenyInstance* [08:40]
csd so it's aware of the locale, and the locale is identical on both machines [08:40]
jinsun [jinsun!~quassel@user/jinsun] has joined #java [08:57]
wodencafe [wodencafe!] has joined #java [09:21]
csd digging deeper, for the one machine `DecimalFormatSymbols.getGroupingSeparator()` is space and for the other it's NBSP. it's like the french locale isn't behaving properly for some reason [09:23]
leduyquang753 [leduyquang753!~leduyquan@user/leduyquang753] has joined #java [09:48]
junktext [junktext!~junktext@] has joined #java [10:04]
cheeser don't rely on the default locale [10:16]
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