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alzgh hello, I'm wondering if there is a difference in case of integer overflow in Java between debug and release compile or if this even such a difference in compiling methods. I'm looking at how Rust does overflow checks in Debug and no check in Release compiles. That's where I come from. Thanks. [12:48]
db there is no such distinction in java. [12:57]
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alzgh does java do runtime bound checks for simple arrays or does it overflow and continue? db [01:35]
db it does bound checks [01:36]
alzgh thanks [01:37]
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sonOfRa alzgh: array access is safe (and will fail with an exception). However, integer overflow is generally unchecked and will just happen. Java numeric types are all signed two's complement (except char which is unsigned). Since java8 methods exist for overflow-safe arithmetic: [02:54]
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lehinsun Hi. Is it possible for java junior to find a remote job? [05:41]
mitch0 nope [05:51]
mitch0 *boggle* [05:51]
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yawkat We have interns that work remote. But I guess it depends on how junior you are. [06:03]
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dreamreal [07:29]
dreamreal dreamreal's title: "JetBrains Fleet: The Next-Generation IDE by JetBrains" [07:29]
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glowdemon2 Hi [08:21]
glowdemon2 [08:21]
glowdemon2 I'm trying to test if my Set is sorted according to the LocalDate, I created a loop, but unfortunately I forgot I can't access the var dateToCompare in my lambda [08:22]
glowdemon2 Is there any way around this, or maybe a better way to test if my Set is ordered? [08:22]
dreamreal put it in a final array. or use a loop instead of a lambda. [08:22]
glowdemon2 Sorry I mean sorted by the way [08:22]
glowdemon2 Ok thanks I'll try that [08:23]
dreamreal final LocalDate[] dateToCompare={DATE_NOW...} // then access dateToCompare[0] from within the lambda [08:23]
sonOfRa Or just use a classic foreach loop rather than a lambda foreach [08:24]
dreamreal I'd use a loop, myself, but eh [08:24]
dreamreal not my problem to consider [08:24]
sonOfRa for(Map.Entry<LocalDate, Long> entry : yourMap) {final var date = entry.getKey(); final var duration = entry.getValue();...} [08:26]
glowdemon2 Yes thanks I'm glad intellij has a built in function to switch lambda to a classic foreach [08:26]
glowdemon2 Its a bit uglier, but at least it works :) [08:27]
dreamreal works but ugly > pretty but doesn't work [08:28]
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mwnaylor ?Make it work, make it right, make it fast????Kent Beck [09:58]
dreamreal Is that the quote from beck? I prefer "make it work, make it pretty, make it fast" from suffering-oriented programming [10:00]
dreamreal suffering [10:00]
dreamreal Suffering-oriented programming: make it work, make it pretty, make it fast - in that order. [10:00]
cheeser that's "my" quote, too! [10:00]
cheeser but it's hardly a unique observation. [10:00]
mwnaylor Must be, I searched for "code it code it correctly make it fast"; the first link gave me that quote. [10:01]
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wedr Java JUnit test case fails on a remote build server, but it all passes locally. Need advice on troubleshooting JUnits. [10:48]
wedr I don't even know how this is possible. [10:49]
lithium [lithium!~lithium@user/lithium] has joined #java [10:50]
ron something is different [10:50]
tbcr [tbcr!~tbcr@user/tbcr] has joined #java [10:50]
wedr Yeah, but how do you go and identify what is different when such a thing happens? [10:51]
karm [karm!~karm@] has joined #java [10:52]
cheeser i'd start with the failure conditions. [10:52]
sa02irc [sa02irc!] has joined #java [10:53]
wedr Hmmm, I can work backwards from there. Now, it's a waiting game, to wait every night to see if the JUnit test case passes on the remote build server. [10:53]
cheeser why does it take that long? do you not use CI? [10:54]
cheeser because that's the first thing i'd fix. [10:54]
wedr I'm not DevOps. I'm not sure how the legacy systems are built up with CI [10:54]
cheeser if your "build server" only runs nightly, that's not CI just a nightly build. [10:55]
wedr Then I guess we don't have CI set up [10:56]
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zikani03 parted the channel: [11:14]
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mark_infinite Hello! I'm new to java and I'd like to ask: When is it suitable to try-catch an exception? For e.g. the well known ArithmeticException is thrown when you divide by zero. Why not make a simple comparison of the denominator with zero? if(denom == 0) { //print sth ... } [12:42]
dreamreal mark_infinite: why not do the comparison? I mean, it really depends on how often the code is likely to encounter something like that [12:43]
dreamreal and different exceptions apply in different ways: that exception is unchecked so you don't HAVE to handle it if you don't want [12:43]
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ChaiTRex [ChaiTRex!~ChaiTRex@user/chaitrex] has joined #java [12:45]
mark_infinite dreamreal: I purposefully gave an example where the Exception is not needed. But the question is, when is it neede? [12:47]
mark_infinite dreamreal: you mean, if I have multiple comparisons like that across the code, then it's more practical to lead back to the on class that calls them, and let it handle it? All in all, more easy to debug and maintain, I guess? [12:48]
dreamreal That's a difficult question to ask, because the answer is "when it's needed." Checked exceptions are needed because the compiler checks them; unchecked exceptions, you'd trap if and only if you can actually anticipate handling them sanely. [12:49]
dreamreal Flow questions like that are impossible for me to answer for you. [12:49]
mark_infinite I think I answered my question, through my realisaztion x'D [12:49]
dreamreal nod [12:49]
dreamreal in general, handle exceptions where you can and where you have to [12:50]
dreamreal if you think the denominator is going to be zero a lot, well, check it, otherwise, let the exception propagate [12:50]
mark_infinite Think about it. If you have n-methods where you divide by zero, then why write n-if(a == ) ? Where is more practical and shorter to anticipate it one level above? [12:50]
dreamreal sure, if the flow allows it [12:50]
dreamreal if you have a "one level above" that centralizes such things, go for it [12:51]
dreamreal if you have a lot of fan-in, that's a lot harder [12:51]
mark_infinite m-levels above, it doesn'tmatter [12:51]
mark_infinite the code seems to get shorter and easier to be maintained and debugged [12:51]
dreamreal but also such thgings get harder to handle cleanly the further you get from the source of the exception [12:52]
dreamreal there's no solid one way to do it [12:52]
mark_infinite I agree [12:52]
dreamreal do what works for you. Other people will disagree. Such is life. [12:52]
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Wafficus Hey there, can anyone help me figure out how to make a method to finish my project to update the position accordingly: [01:05]
Wafficus [01:05]
Wafficus I'm struggling with the ' button.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {' section [01:05]
Wafficus just need some final advice / push to fix the remaining issue to make it a method that actually changes the value on a 'public' level [01:06]
dreamreal I would say yes, but I think we've had other discussions where I felt you were not actually interested in doing things right [01:06]
dreamreal so no [01:06]
[twisti] Wafficus: start by using a gui system thats not 25 years out of date [01:07]
Wafficus Just need a final push for this, really [01:07]
Wafficus I know i'm dang close, just want to make it a public change [01:07]
[twisti] and really, you should probably follow a proper java tutorial instead of whatever youre using to learn [01:07]
Wafficus so yeah, is there any way to make that method public in that case? [01:07]
Wafficus right, wrong, I don't think it applies. Just trying to make a project, and not follow a tutorial series. Would appreciate some help on this thanks [01:08]
dreamreal [twisti]: ah, thank you, that's what it was [01:09]
[twisti] pretty much every single part of that project is wrong in some way [01:09]
djapo [djapo!~archangel@user/djapo] has joined #java [01:09]
dreamreal i suggested the tutorial, because Wafficus could find their answers there in the time they were asking in #java, and the response was "nah bruh I'd rather waste your time" [01:09]
Wafficus they got it to work in this site though: [01:10]
dreamreal and my response to THAT is "nah bruh I'm good" [01:10]
Wafficus so I know its close [01:10]
Wafficus right, no need to be a gatekeeper dreamreal [01:10]
[twisti] thats a terrible site and that is terrible advice [01:10]
dreamreal Wafficus: not a gatekeeper, I'm not telling anyone else not to waste their time with you [01:10]
Wafficus you kind of are... [01:10]
Wafficus but yeah [01:10]
dreamreal I'm just being explicit and open. If that is a problem for you, well, I apologize. I did try to help you, until I realized you were missing base knowledge the first bits of the tutorial would give you, and you turned out to resist actual help [01:11]
Wafficus If there's a better GUI article on that kind of thing, go ahead and link it, I just couldn't find it. The docs are just for anyone who's used it forever [01:11]
dreamreal tutorial [01:11]
dreamreal The Oracle tutorial for Java is probably your best starting point, at (skip the NetBeans bits). An updated version of it can be found at . Another option: - has a list of others as well. [01:11]
dreamreal there, linked [01:11]
[twisti] you probably want to learn javafx, which is what came after swing, which is what came 20 years ago after what youre using [01:12]
Wafficus not a single GUI project with 'java.awt' present on that page [01:12]
[twisti] thats because java.awt hasnt been used since the 90s [01:12]
[twisti] youre literally using windows 3.11 [01:12]
wodencafe [wodencafe!] has joined #java [01:13]
[twisti] and you havent really described your problem so far other than saying that you want a method to do x. well great, go write a method to do that, and ask if you have some concrete problem. nobody is going to just write the finished program for you [01:13]
dreamreal "don't be a gatekeeper, [twisti]" :D [01:13]
Wafficus Reminds me of old boomers on programming forums I used to have to deal with a while ago --> gatekeepers can be ignored I guess [01:14]
[twisti] dreamreal: sometimes it helps when people realize its not a particular person being mean, but i suspect theres not much hope here [01:14]
Wafficus I will check out Swing though, maybe that's a better approach [01:14]
dreamreal shrugs [01:14]
[twisti] you should check out javafx, like i said [01:15]
dreamreal Wafficus: the tutorial would have gotten you through this on the first day you asked, BTW [01:15]
[twisti] swing was essentially deprecated 10 years ago [01:15]
Wafficus I don't really care for the basics of Java, just want a simple project to follow along with, will find a Swing GUI todo list [01:15]
[twisti] yeah youre stuck with stuff youd easily cover in the first day of any decent recent tutorial [01:15]
dreamreal ... and herein is the issue, right in front again [01:15]
[twisti] if you learn swing, you will be back here tomorrow with the same problem [01:15]
dreamreal "I just want to do X, I don't want to bother doing the basics to figure it out" [01:16]
[twisti] its outdated, current tutorials will not help you with it [01:16]
lucifer "don't really care for the basics of Java" yet you are writing a project in java framework? [01:16]
dreamreal lucifer: I think it's homework, honestly [01:16]
[twisti] why are you picking an outdated technology ? are you going to be developing on windows xp ? [01:16]
Wafficus found one: [01:17]
Wafficus Wafficus's title: "To Do List App in JavaFX" [01:17]
lucifer yeah that's my guess too. [01:17]
Wafficus I'm fully aware that doing projects is 100x more helpful to me than doing some rando tutorial [01:17]
dreamreal the official java tutorial that teaches you java from the ground up and makes sure you have basic knowledge is not "some rando tutorial" [01:18]
Wafficus even better [01:18]
Wafficus Wafficus's title: "Getting Started with JavaFX: Hello World, JavaFX Style | JavaFX 2 Tutorials and Documentation" [01:18]
dreamreal and it actually makes sure you have the basic knowledge you need so that when you ask actual java coders for help, they're not speaking about things about which you have no understanding [01:18]
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Wafficus If I wanted to implement the project with JavaFX, I need to install JDK AND JRE? [01:30]
Wafficus Its not clear on this site [01:30]
Wafficus Wafficus's title: "JDK 7 and JRE 7 Installation Guide" [01:30]
junebug [junebug!] has joined #java [01:31]
Wafficus *Specifically for MacOS [01:31]
dreamreal wh... [01:31]
dreamreal sdkman [01:31]
dreamreal SDKMAN is a tool for managing parallel installations of JVMs and tools on Mac/Linux/Unix. See - you can run it on Windows if you have a working Bash installation, too. To install java, you'd use "sdk install java" if you're wondering. To install macOS/aarch64 binaries, edit ~/.sdkman/etc/config and set the rosetta2 option to false! [01:31]
dreamreal avoit anything older than 11 [01:31]
Wafficus interesting, cool didn't know about this [01:31]
Wafficus neat that you can containerize it, seems cool [01:31]
[twisti] these days i think you publish javafx apps by having the javafx dependency included in the project, by adding it to your maven or gradle config [01:32]
lucifer yup, they remove openjfx from openjdk in 11. [01:33]
lucifer lucifer's title: "Getting Started with JavaFX" [01:33]
hightower2 [hightower2!~hightower@] has joined #java [01:34]
Wafficus Ah neat, didn't know there was a project to keep it open source too [01:34]
Wafficus sweet, wrote this down. To be fair, I've only been exposed to 'maven' and 'gradle' through support work at my job, but haven't actually used these in much length other than their hello world projects [01:35]
Wafficus I hate maven's default 'dependency plugin' error though, so I might consider this in Gradle, will have to think [01:35]
Wafficus you're right, some projects directly include it as a dependency apparently: [01:36]
Wafficus Wafficus's title: "gradle-javafx-hello-world/build.gradle at master bmuschko/gradle-javafx-hello-world GitHub" [01:36]
Wafficus Sick: [01:38]
Wafficus [01:46]
Wafficus Wafficus's title: "Gradle - Plugin: org.openjfx.javafxplugin" [01:46]
Wafficus Sweet thanks for this [twisti] [01:46]
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wedr How is this even possible? I checkout to a new branch, made sure no git changes were, then run Maven test (1 failure). Next, I checkout parent branch, made sure no git changes were found, then run Maven test (all passes) [04:46]
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wedr The failure is on attempting to use Mockito to verify if an interface method was invoked 1 time. The failure result stated no invocations were detected. [04:47]
wedr Hmmm, rewriting, nvm [04:52]
cheeser something on that branch is clearly different [04:53]
wedr THe weird issue is, there were no git changes. I just literally did a `git checkout -b "Hello"` and the tests failed [04:57]
wedr I think it's a timing thing [04:57]
wedr I probably know how to fix it [04:57]
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Banditoz if I set Connection#setAutoCommit to false, and don't set it to true after calling commit, will it automatically go back to true when the connection is returned to the pool? HikariCP. If my question makes any sense [05:44]
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SenoraRaton How do I include "import org.javatuples.Triplet;" When I try and compile it says "not found" [05:45]
Banditoz do you have the library downloaded? [05:46]
DoofusCanadensis better yet? are you using a build tool to manage those downloads for you? [05:50]
SenoraRaton No, and no. [05:53]
SenoraRaton I'm installing Maven, and setting it up, as it looks like it will handle my dependencies better. [05:54]
Banditoz give maven or gradle a shot [05:54]
SenoraRaton If I'm doing kotlin development and android stuff should I use gradle instead? I saw the android IDE was using it. [05:54]
Banditoz yes, iirc [05:55]
SenoraRaton Thank you.;) [05:55]
DoofusCanadensis android is deffo focused on gradle... see #android-dev [05:59]