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relationalalgebr Hi, is Jakarta EE a superset of Java EE? [03:03]
ernimril relationalalgebr, no, it is the new name of it [03:06]
ernimril relationalalgebr, java ee was the oracle project, jakarta is the released + renamed open successor [03:07]
relationalalgebr Thank you. So if I learn Jakarta EE, will I be able to contribute to Java EE projects? [03:07]
ernimril relationalalgebr, sure, most of the things are the same, but note that the package names were changed in jakarta, so do not expect to just copy files between such projects a minor code change will be required [03:08]
relationalalgebr Oh ok I got it now. Is there anything like openjdk for Jakarta EE to get started quickly? I checked the website and there seems a couple of options like Eclipse GlassFish, Open Liberty etc... which one is the main one? [03:13]
ernimril relationalalgebr, just grab any tutorial you want. java/jakarta ee is huge so do not expect to learn all of it quickly. Start working on something that use it and try to learn along the way [03:14]
relationalalgebr Will sure do, thank you. Do you recommend any books/courses/guides in particular to get started? [03:16]
ernimril relationalalgebr, sadly not, I started with java ee so many years ago that no one of the tutorials I took is up to date :-) [03:16]
ernimril java ee [03:17]
ernimril Java EE (Enterprise Edition) is an extension to Java Standard Edition widely used for server and enterprise programming. It adds libraries to assist with the development of fault-tolerant, distributed, multi-tier software. More Info: [Oracle], [Wikipedia]. Ask me about ~javaee tutorial and ~JavaSE [03:17]
ernimril javaee tutorial [03:17]
ernimril [03:17]
ernimril that may work ^^ [03:17]
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relationalalgebr ernimril, thanks again! I got a job which will be in Java EE. They will provide training next month but I thought I will try to learn a bit early [03:27]
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celphi Anyoe have any suggestions of where to start learning java? [04:01]
celphi i have programming experience [04:02]
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Maldivia tutorial [04:17]
Maldivia The Oracle tutorial for Java is probably your best starting point, at . Skip the Netbeans bits. Another option: - has a list of others as well. [04:17]
Maldivia celphi: ^ [04:19]
celphi ty [04:19]
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mgd[m] The head first books :) [08:11]
dreamreal what about them? [08:24]
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rapid16 A little usnure of how to proceed. Getting data from DB as ResultSet, need to turn that into an array of arrays [09:25]
rapid16 Would prefer an array of objects, but really not sure how to do that [09:26]
rapid16 Data will be loaded into form fields [09:26]
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tete_ rapid16, whats the problem? write a converter [09:40]
rapid16 I was just hoping something would already exist [09:41]
rapid16 I guess the UI code could work with the ResultSet [09:41]
rapid16 I'm actually gonna use TableView instead of form fields [09:42]
rapid16 It may require some horizontal scrolling, but it'll work [09:42]
lucifer rapid16: yes they do exist, see ORM like hibernate, jooq so on [09:44]
rapid16 I'm looking into Hbernate now [09:45]
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cheeser jdbi [10:05]
cheeser cheeser, jdbi is a convenience library built on JDBC with a fluent API and another annotation-based one for creating DAOs. [10:05]
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