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cc0 hello, i would like to develop a simple executable linking to a native library in kotlin/native. i'm developping with CLion but i'm not getting any ide support (no autocompletion, etc.) i think this is because of my gradle configuration? i'm using "org.jetbrains.kotlin.platform.native", is this the right plugin or should i use another one? [07:15]
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cc0 i used the configuration template for new clion kotlin/native projects (uses "kotlin-multiplatform" and a settings.gradle file), and it worked :) [08:04]
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secretspecter o/ [11:25]
cheeser wave [11:27]
cheeser cheeser, what does that even *mean*? [11:27]
cheeser you suck [11:27]
cheeser A tool is only as good as its user. Tool. [11:27]
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secretspecter recently I made a frontend library for Kotlin that I'd just be curious what y'all think if you have a moment to check it out ( I spent the last year or so learning the language coming from JS, any feedback would be amazing! also lookin for kotlin gigs remote or in nyc, plz pm me if you have any leads! :) sorry for selfspam and hello new internet friends! [11:37]
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TimMc How do I make a kotlin.collections.Map.Entry? :-/ [08:46]
TimMc (I have an API that partially deals in bare Map.Entry objects.) [08:47]
TimMc Kotlin insists on using its own Map.Entry, and even throws a fuss if I declare a val as java.util.Map.Entry and try to assign a java.util.AbstractMap.SimpleImmutableEntry to it!) [08:51]
TimMc It's only a few lines to make my own. Is that what I'm supposed to do? [09:03]
dreamreal TimMc: um, you're trying to make a Map.Entry? [09:28]
TimMc yup [09:29]
TimMc so for now I just have [09:30]
dreamreal hold on, instantiating a Map.Entry is a pain even in Java [09:32]
TimMc Yeah, there is java.util.AbstractMap.SimpleImmutableEntry at least. :-) [09:32]
dreamreal I think what you'd have to do is kinda gross: [09:34]
dreamreal val entry : java.util.Map.Entry<String, String> = AbstractMap.SimpleImmutableEntry("foo", "bar") as java.util.Map.Entry<String, String> [09:35]
dreamreal but ... that mostly sounds like the API you're using is similarly gross [09:35]
TimMc Oh hmm, using "as", interesting [09:36]
TimMc I guess that just squashes the type mismatch. :-) [09:36]
dreamreal it's not an actual mismatch, it's just a kotlinism in place [09:37]
TimMc This API (that I'm getting ready for publication) models URL query strings as a sequence of key-value pairs. [09:38]
sbalmos ... [09:38]
dreamreal And it exposes use of Map.Entry somehow? [09:38]
TimMc In the original Java code, Map.Entry was the closest thing, and nicely compatible with code that wanted to deal in maps. [09:38]
dreamreal Don't do that. Make your own pair if you need to. [09:38]
dreamreal Map.Entry is a poor substitute for Pair<K, V> [09:38]
TimMc If I rewrite it in Kotlin, Pair seems fine, yeah. [09:39]
dreamreal that cast, BTW, works fine [09:39]
sbalmos sounds like a solved problem ultimately [09:39]
TimMc I have a bad habit of trying to change too much at once during a rewrite, and the whole sweater comes apart. [09:39]
dreamreal TimMc: even if you don't, write your own Java Pair. Or use Guava. Or something. [09:39]
TimMc So in this case I'm trying to stick with Map.Entry during the rewrite, and then I'll clean up the API afterwards. [09:39]
dreamreal or apache commons-lang, ImmutablePair [09:40]
TimMc So, what's wrong with Map.Entry? [09:40]
dreamreal don't use Map.Entry when what you're looking for isn't a Map.Entry... even if that's what it ends up being [09:40]
sbalmos why are you even building Entries dirdctly to begin with [09:40]
dreamreal It's not PUBLIC. [09:40]
TimMc Map.Entry isn't public? [09:40]
dreamreal It's an inner class of a Map. It's exposed because of archaic Java; that's no reason to use it. [09:40]
dreamreal It's an inner *interface* [09:40]
TimMc j.u.Map exposes an entries iterator. That seems reasonably public to me. It's also not gonna change any time soon. [09:41]
dreamreal just because it's an interface that acts like a Pair doesn't mean it's a Pair. Grow a pair and write a Pair. [09:41]
dreamreal It's... geez, okay, do it your way [09:41]
dreamreal You're not going to be convinced [09:41]
sbalmos still wondering what makes this query string lib unique and better over ones that already exist [09:42]
dreamreal you could even write the Pair in Kotlin and expose the methods for the Pair to Java clients without them knowing the difference [09:42]
TimMc sbalmos: Because most of them screw up basic stuff like: keys that don't have values; repeated keys; not having nice things like replaceAll(key) and replaceLast(key, value) [09:43]
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TimMc I can be convinced that Map.Entry is not what I want to expose in v1.0.0. You've probably already done so. :-) [09:44]
TimMc I'm just not going to do that during the rewrite. [09:44]
TimMc (Incidentally, it's a whole URL library, with the parser generated directly from RFCs using ANTLR, and wrapped up in a nice immutable interface.) [09:47]
TimMc (except I'm still working on the "nice" in some places) [09:47]
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