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LunarJetman I am looking forward to implementing Kotlin. [01:07]
Addax good deal [01:07]
na_th_an same [01:09]
LunarJetman na_th_an: what language you implementing it in? [01:13]
na_th_an I guess I thought you were talking about implementing something in kotlin, not re-implementing kotlin itself? [01:14]
Addax uh... you're trying to *implement* kotlin, as in write a compiler/backend/whatever? [01:14]
na_th_an are you reimplementing kotlin? [01:14]
LunarJetman implementing not reimplementing :D [01:14]
na_th_an kotlin has been implemented [01:14]
na_th_an it works [01:14]
Addax kotlin's already there [01:14]
LunarJetman and I will also implement it :) [01:14]
cheeser ffs. s/he means writing code in kotlin. [01:14]
LunarJetman cheeser: no [01:14]
na_th_an idk if they do [01:14]
rruizt [rruizt!] has joined #kotlin [01:15]
cheeser twitches [01:15]
Addax shrugs at cheeser [01:15]
Diablo-D3 what sort of implementing? [01:15]
cheeser goes back to sniffing paint fumes [01:15]
Diablo-D3 are we writing a self-hosting j^Wkvm? [01:15]
LunarJetman I am creating an implementation of Kotlin that targets my own VM and JIT [01:15]
kelvie okay maybe I'm dumb, but is there any way to cleanly use 'fold' on a file? [01:15]
kelvie I want to fold over chunks of bytes of a file [01:15]
Addax LunarJetman: good luck! sounds... like a lot of work [01:15]
LunarJetman Addax: not at all actaully. [01:16]
na_th_an if your VM and JIT supports LLVM bytecode then your job is already done [01:16]
kelvie I don't think I can get anything out of a File or FileInputStream that represents say an Iterable [01:16]
LunarJetman no it does not support LLVM bytecode. [01:16]
Addax LunarJetman: good deal [01:16]
LunarJetman I am not actually writing any code to implement Kotlin so it shouldn't take me long to implement it. [01:17]
na_th_an what's your VM called? [01:17]
cheeser hiphopvm :) [01:17]
LunarJetman all I have to write is a schema file describing Kotlin and the job is done [01:18]
cheeser ebnf? [01:18]
LunarJetman no [01:18]
cheeser because that'd be the logical answer. :D [01:18]
LunarJetman not at all. NIH applies here. [01:18]
cheeser ha! own it! [01:18]
cheeser i approve. disapprovingly approve of course. *tsk* *tsk* and all that. [01:18]
LunarJetman I am actually creating a universal compiler that can compile any programming language and Kotlin will be one of the lanugage I support when I release v1.0 of it. [01:19]
Dejan LunarJetman, sounds interesting [01:20]
LunarJetman [01:20]
LunarJetman LunarJetman's title: "neos Universal Compiler and Bytecode JIT" [01:20]
cheeser truffle! [01:20]
LunarJetman not quite the same as truffle [01:20]
OtakuSenpai [OtakuSenpai!~OtakuSenp@unaffiliated/neel] has joined #kotlin [01:20]
Dejan LunarJetman, I may get interested in helping with D (programming language) support [01:22]
LunarJetman Dejan, I will keep you informed on progress then :D [01:22]
Dejan I am, however, sceptical whenever I read "universal" [01:22]
cheeser i love the idea of D. a shame it's never really taken off. [01:22]
Dejan cheeser, if it works for Mercedes, few fintech companies, etc, it works for me too [01:23]
Dejan (i work for a fintech company as well) [01:23]
cheeser Dejan: i'm sure it's used. it's just not as common as I could've wished. [01:23]
Dejan anyhow, time to go home ;) [01:24]
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dyl [dyl!] has joined #kotlin [06:22]
dyl Hello all, I'm wondering if anyone would be able to help me with a gradle/kotlin/annotation processor issue. [06:22]
dyl I'm not incredibly familiar with any of the three, so I'm having some issue localizing the problem. [06:23]
dyl I have a kaptTest project(:core) dependency in my test subproject (figured I needed to split into two projects, perhaps), however it seems the annotation processor (which currently does nothing except throw an exception) isn't doing anything. [06:23]
dyl Tests compile and run perfectly well, as if the processor doesn't exist... [06:24]
dyl [06:27]
dyl I'm completely lost as to why it's... just not doing anything. [06:28]
dyl I would expect building the tests to fail. [06:28]
dyl Oh, I have the annotations listed in my META-INF/services/javax.annotation.processing.Processor file as well :/. [06:38]
henbruas [henbruas!~henbruas@unaffiliated/henbruas] has joined #kotlin [06:57]
dyl Nevermind, somehow fixed it! [07:36]
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