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Jonopoly how easy is it to just create cli kt files? [07:52]
Bombe What is a ?cli kt? file? [07:52]
dreamreal Bombe: I assume kotlin source that's meant to be executed as if it were scripted [07:53]
Bombe You know what they say about assumptions. [07:53]
Jonopoly Bombe: Sorry, I meant like writing a .kt file then executing it [07:53]
Jonopoly within command line [07:53]
Bombe So, essentially you want to use Kotlin like e.g. Python? [07:54]
dreamreal Jonopoly: it's not difficult but it's not very bright [07:54]
Jonopoly yeah pretty much [07:54]
Jonopoly I just want it for some code testing [07:54]
Bombe Jonopoly, well, if you find out, let us know. :) [07:55]
Jonopoly haha oh T_T [07:55]
dreamreal Jonopoly: .... [07:57]
Jonopoly dreamreal: ..? [07:57]
dreamreal Jonopoly: If you're trying to sandbox, you're probably better off with an actual sandbox project [07:59]
Jonopoly dreamreal: Well when on pc i use android studio which is fine (obviously) [07:59]
Jonopoly but i'm at work so im ssh'd into computer at home (terminal only) and wanted to prepare some code [07:59]
Jonopoly so was hoping could write a kt file test it then pull into project if it works [08:00]
dreamreal Jonopoly: that doesn't change anything [08:00]
dreamreal you can, but a kotlin file without context isn't likely to be super-useful [08:00]
Jonopoly Bombe: not great but.. seems like a good start [08:01]
MassDebates [MassDebates!~MassDebat@unaffiliated/massdebates] has joined #kotlin [08:01]
dreamreal it's certainly doable. It's just not really worthwhile. [08:01]
Jonopoly well i'm running a headless linux server so i need to work terminal based [08:02]
dreamreal and... [08:03]
Jonopoly so just wanted executable files that do what i need then i can use them when on a windows pc [08:03]
dreamreal but... it's the jvm, you'd still have .class files [08:03]
Jonopoly kotlinc is what i'm looking for i believe [08:07]
dreamreal indeed. But what you're really looking for is still a sandbox project in which you run maven or gradle, and from which you can copy whatever you need (including references to dependencies...) [08:07]
Jonopoly Ah so you would suggest i create a project first [08:10]
Jonopoly then i can mess around with it via commandline [08:10]
dreamreal yes [08:15]
dreamreal a sandbox project. The console aspect is not really relevant. [08:15]
Jonopoly i know it's not great but following that tutorial on codexperia [08:33]
Jonopoly Can run kotlin from command line so i'm happy [08:33]
Jonopoly probably just basic code but it'll do for now [08:34]
dreamreal *nod* good deal! [08:34]
Jonopoly got my own little tiny compiler :3 [08:34]
dreamreal .. everyone has that compiler! [08:35]
Jonopoly but mine a little cuter [08:35]
Jonopoly dreamreal: [08:35]
Jonopoly Jonopoly's title: "Sep 11 12:34 PM - Codeshare" [08:35]
dreamreal if it doesn't use kitteh-speke I'mma be mad [08:36]
Jonopoly oh lord [08:36]
Jonopoly I am ready for mad! [08:36]
dreamreal haha [08:36]
dreamreal that url doesn't show me anything BTW [08:36]
Jonopoly doesn't it? >_> [08:37]
sbalmos i'm insulted. kotlin-doggo isn't a supported compilation target! [08:37]
dreamreal just the codeshare page [08:37]
Jonopoly is this better: [08:37]
Jonopoly Jonopoly's title: "export PATH=$PATH:/home/pi/.sdkman/candidates/kotlin/current/bin/ function kotlinr() { echo Compi... -" [08:37]
Jonopoly i like it because it's mine now [08:38]
dreamreal aye, but, uh.... [08:38]
dreamreal definitely needs kitteh speke [08:38]
Jonopoly i added //cat stuff [08:38]
dreamreal animated ascii of a hello kitty thing? [08:38]
dreamreal is not, BTW, being serious [08:39]
Jonopoly Meowing hello.kt Purrr [08:39]
sbalmos nyan cat bounces by as a compilation progress bar [08:39]
dreamreal yeah [08:39]
Jonopoly for every compile display a random cat fact [08:39]
sbalmos that's... not a big list [08:40]
dreamreal "cats will eat you when you die" the end [08:40]
dreamreal loves cats, has two [08:40]
Jonopoly something like cowsay [08:40]
Jonopoly but for cats [08:40]
Jonopoly trying to look for kotlin tutorials that aren't android based is a tough pickle [09:09]
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greggerz [greggerz!~greggerz@unaffiliated/greggerz] has joined #kotlin [09:45]
Diablo-D3 so, Im not an android developer [10:38]
Diablo-D3 is kotlin on android any better than pure java is? [10:38]
Diablo-D3 like, does android's java's incompleteness and difference effect kotlin apps that much? [10:39]
macroprep [macroprep!] has joined #kotlin [10:45]
yawkat no; there were just fewer alternatives to java. [10:46]
macroprep if i have two lists of different attributes would i need to make a new list to hold each list [10:51]
macroprep eg, left.type = 1; right.type = 2; [10:52]
dreamreal um... what? [10:55]
macroprep as im trying to make a parser combinator and im not sure how to implement storage of different parser types [10:56]
macroprep for example, A and B and C or D and E [10:56]
dreamreal I'm still not sure I understand the context well enough to answer [10:57]
macroprep where A, B, C, D, and E, are a seperate instance of Parser() [10:57]
macroprep dreamreal: val ps = Parser("ABC") { it.toStack() }; val A = ps.IsSequenceOnce("1"); val B = ps.IsSequenceOnce("2"); val C = ps.IsSequenceOnce("3"); val RESULT = A and B or C // A && (B || C), or, (A && B) || C [11:02]
macroprep "123" * [11:02]
macroprep Parser("123") * [11:02]
dreamreal sorry, meeting [11:02]
macroprep val list1 = A and B; val list2 = A or B; val lists = list1 and list2 // (A and B) and (A or B) [11:05]
Diablo-D3 [Diablo-D3!] has joined #kotlin [11:07]
macroprep [11:12]
macroprep how would i go about implementing that, as i can implement "and" and "or" as seperate lists, but im not sure how to combine them [11:15]
Diablo-D3 [Diablo-D3!] has joined #kotlin [11:18]
Jonopoly Diablo-D3: I'm not entirely sure if it's better, but kotlin seems to be doing very well [11:52]
Jonopoly and can do what java does [11:52]
Jonopoly O [11:52]
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Diablo-D3 yawkat: well, I guess its still better [01:58]
Diablo-D3 just not the better I was looking for [01:58]
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