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LyndsySimon Basic question - I'm trying to set up Exposed in a Ktor project. So far, so good - I got Exposed declared as a dependency in `build.gradle`, though IntelliJ didn't pick it up until I closed it, ran `gradle build` in console, then re-opened. I also couldn't find an easy to to find the current version of the Exposed library, so that took a while. Now I'm trying to figure out how to add PostgreSQL so I can actually [12:38]
LyndsySimon connect to my database. Is there not an easy way to add dependencies? If I were in Python, I'd do something like `pipenv install psycopg2-bin`, which would not only install the lib into my environment but automatically include it in my `Pipfile`. I wouldn't have to worry about versions, since that command would install the most recent version and pin it. Is there anything analogous to that for Kotlin? [12:38]
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jenia35 Hello [03:46]
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jenia35 I'm passing in a few Int parameters to a function `f(age, height, weight : Int, person : Person)`... something like that [03:47]
jenia35 this function sets the age and height and weight variables which are used in the calling function [03:47]
jenia35 but I get `cannot reassign val` [03:47]
m00n hey all, quick question: if I have a class but only want a single instance of the object across places that use it, should I have it as a val within a companion object? [03:48]
jenia35 \yes [03:48]
m00n jenia35: was that to me? [03:48]
jenia35 yup[ [03:49]
jenia35 not super pro in Kotlin but from what I know, that's exactly how you use it [03:49]
jenia35 regarding my original question. What I;m trying to do is fairly simple. How do I achieve that in Kotlon? [03:50]
m00n jenia35: you need to declar them as vars not vals [03:50]
m00n whatever youre trying to reassign [03:50]
jenia35 in the calling function they are vars [03:51]
jenia35 still it complains [03:51]
m00n can you post a snippet? [03:51]
m00n paste* [03:51]
jenia35 sure [03:51]
jenia35 fun f() { [03:51]
jenia35 one set [03:51]
m00n to a paste site please [03:51]
jenia35 m00n, something like this: [03:53]
m00n yeah its being passed as a val [04:05]
m00n i think [04:06]
m00n and its not in scope either, i dont think it would work like you want it to even if you changed g's signature to g(var x: Int), which i think would fix your error [04:07]
m00n oh no that only works for classes my bad, kotlin is always pass by value and params are always immutable vals [04:08]
m00n jenia35: [04:08]
cheeser show us [04:19]
cheeser jenia35, Paste the code (and any errors) in a pastebin where we can see it. See ~pastebin for options. Also see ~testcase for good examples as to how to help us help you quickly diagnose and solve problems. [04:19]
jenia35 cheeser, I fixed it by using Pair<Int, Int>... [04:19]
jenia35 next time I'll use pastebin [04:19]
jenia35 a online compiler and code runner? [04:20]
cheeser [04:21]
cheeser [04:21]
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