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joydeep_taiga <squirrel "run into a funny issue. i want t"> create a java wrapper around it lol [03:17]
joydeep_taiga <squirrel "isn't my library"> ask the dev nicely [03:18]
joydeep_taiga <ricky_clarkson "Is there a common pattern for an"> you mark it internal and annotate with @PublicApi. Is the helper polymorphic? Provided by the [03:20]
joydeep_taiga > <> Is there a common pattern for an inline reified extension function that needs a helper method? It seems I need to make the helper public, which is understandable but can I discourage/prevent calls to it other than with @Deprecated? [03:20]
joydeep_taiga * you mark it internal and annotate with @PublicApi. Is the helper polymorphic? What provides it? [03:20]
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RedNifre How do functions inside functions work? Does the JVM bytecode support it, or are they just syntactic sugar and get inlined? [08:07]
noirx [noirx!~noirx@] has joined #kotlin [08:48]
noirx hi [08:48]
sxmx hello noirx [08:49]
noirx can someone suggest me a goog kotlin beginner free pdf book please [08:49]
noirx good [08:50]
dreamreal what makes a book "good"? [08:50]
noirx teach u good [08:50]
noirx u can learn good [08:51]
dreamreal um [08:51]
dreamreal is free, according to google and the site itself, no idea if it's "good" or not [08:51]
dreamreal "u can learn good" isn't a good sign [08:51]
noirx ok i ll check it thanks dreams [08:52]
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RedNifre Superman can learn you good. The Kotlin book might learn you well. [08:57]
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joydeep_taiga <RedNifre "How do functions inside function"> it generates a class iirc [09:42]
cheeser RedNifre: those methods are actually generated on the enclosing class and then delegated to: [10:19]
cheeser it creates an anonymous inner class to hold the method and invokes against that. [10:20]
cheeser if bytecode reading isn't your thing, i can break down what you're seeing there. [10:20]
bjonnh[m] RedNifre: sign me in for the super(wo)man academy [10:28]
bjonnh[m] wow that procyon online thing is super useful [10:29]
bjonnh[m] thanks cheeser [10:29]
cheeser yep [10:30]
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RedNifre Hm, what's the paste limit here? [12:22]
RedNifre Well, okay, here's the thing, is this code good Kotlin style and are these inner functions worth it, just to make the while loop more readable?: [12:25]
RedNifre That's the piece that prompted me to think about inner functions. [12:26]
RedNifre It's also a piece of code that would be called a lot quickly on an android phone, so it seems like inner functions are not worth it. (Why can't I mark them as inline? That would make them zero cost in that case) [12:31]
cheeser i like it actually. makes the code semantically readable and i only need to see what thingIsTooLarge() does if I care. [12:37]
squirrel i like this. the performance cost would probably be negligible [12:37]
cheeser makes it cosnumable in smaller pieces. [12:37]
cheeser squirrel: no more of a hit than having non-nested functions. [12:37]
squirrel this says inlined nested functions can be actually slower \_(?)_/ [12:39]
squirrel squirrel's title: "Nested Inline Functions - Any Negative Impacts? - #2 by darksnake - Support - Kotlin Discussions" [12:39]
cheeser those aren't inlined. they're just nested. [12:44]
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squirrel the linked comment is about inlined nested functions [01:00]
cheeser yes. and RedNifre's example doesn't use inline functions. [01:02]
cheeser and until a profiler says they're (too) slow, i wouldn't worry about it. [01:02]
squirrel well they were asking whether or not nested functions are inlined and whether it's "worth it" to use nested functions in code that's called "a lot quickly" [01:05]
cheeser \_(?)_/ [01:08]
cheeser it's a premature concern at best [01:08]
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ricky_clarkson joydeep_taiga: The helper is a simple function that takes a Class<T>. I'm providing it in the same file the extension method is in. [03:49]
ricky_clarkson The helper needs some package-private stuff from the Java code the extension function extends, so I don't believe inlining the helper into the inline function works [03:50]
ricky_clarkson as then callers won't be able to use it as their bytecode would be calling another package's private stuff. [03:51]
bjonnh[m] also the jvm may optimize things in ways you can't rally predict just looking at it like that. so profiling, with a real benchmarking harness ideally) is best [03:55]
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joydeep_taiga <ricky_clarkson "Taiga Joydeep: The helper is a s"> Make the method @PublicApi internal fun ... [05:09]
joydeep_taiga <bjonnh[m] "also the jvm may optimize things"> ( [05:09]
joydeep_taiga * --Make the method @PublicApi internal fun ...-- [05:10]
joydeep_taiga * ~~Make the method @PublicApi internal fun ...~~ [05:10]
cheeser don't paste here [05:11]
joydeep_taiga * Make the method @PublicApi internal fun ... [05:11]
joydeep_taiga <cheeser "don't paste here"> Who pasted? [05:12]
joydeep_taiga Oh [05:12]
joydeep_taiga This is bridged to IRC isn't it [05:12]
joydeep_taiga Sorry, i guess replies show up as pasting the original content [05:12]
cheeser i dunno but it's an awful lot of noise [05:12]
joydeep_taiga Sorry [05:13]
JorgenV [JorgenV!~Jorgen@] has joined #kotlin [05:36]
JorgenV Hi [05:36]
JorgenV So I am new at Android Development, and Kotlin was highly suggested [05:36]
JorgenV but my question is, can I use both Java and Kotlin at the same time? in the same project? [05:37]
JorgenV Can I call a Java method from a Kotlin method? and vice versa? [05:37]
Techcable [Techcable!] has joined #kotlin [05:41]
squirrel yes to all questions [05:42]
JorgenV ) thank you [05:44]
cheeser [cheeser!~cheeser@redhat/cheeser] has joined #kotlin [05:48]
ricky_clarkson JorgenV: You can find Java from Kotlin and Kotlin from Java documentation on the main kotlinlang site. [06:49]
ricky_clarkson joydeep_taiga: Are you using this channel through discord or something (no idea if that's a thing)? [06:50]
RedNifre Inlined nested functions being slower makes no sense to me, unless I'm missunderstanding what inlining means or if the comment doesn't apply to functions that are only used once. [06:59]
RedNifre But thanks for the insights, I'll use nested functions more frequently for naming complex pieces of code then. [06:59]
FuzzyBottom [FuzzyBottom!] has joined #kotlin [07:00]
FuzzyBottom This is something I am wondering about with whether or not I should learn coding. I am lousy at math, and on codewars, it seems that even level 7 involves a lot of math equations. Minus game programming, will this be an issue for someone like me? Thanks... [07:02]
FuzzyBottom A better question might be, should I look into learning web development over proper coding if the math would be an issue (HTML, CSS etc)? [07:09]
RedNifre I'm not sure, I think you still need to be somewhat good at logical thinking to be good at programming. I also think that this can be trained. [07:15]
RedNifre What do you mean by math? Juggling quarternions to render 3D graphics, or avoiding out of bounds exceptions? [07:16]
FuzzyBottom The logical thinking is not an issue. I have been into networking and the hardware side of computers for 27 years. I am thinking more along the lines of equations that the average person would look at and have their brain turn off. [07:17]
FuzzyBottom [07:18]
FuzzyBottom FuzzyBottom's title: "Going to the cinema | Codewars" [07:18]
FuzzyBottom here is an example. It's needing to know things that even after seeing the answer, I was needing to ask this question. [07:19]
ricky_clarkson FuzzyBottom: Programming doesn't involve a lot of maths unless you're writing code to do naturally mathematical things. [07:30]
ricky_clarkson Game programming can be fairly mathematical, depending on the engine you're using. Same for machine learning. [07:31]
ricky_clarkson most of it is logic, reasoning, not specifically numbers. [07:31]
ChrisLane [ChrisLane!] has joined #kotlin [07:33]
FuzzyBottom ricky: Okay, I just seem quite lost working at the codewars challenges when so many of them seem to be math based. I do appreciate the input. [07:35]
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