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yawkat with the new intellij, is it just me, or is it removing imports to java.util classes when optimizing imports? [11:18]
yawkat i have star imports disabled entirely [11:18]
Bombe squirrel, sortBy doesn?t return anything? (Well, it does but not in the way you?re thinking.) [11:22]
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squirrel Bombe: sortBy takes a block that returns something [12:51]
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Bombe squirrel, oh, I know what it does. [03:28]
Bombe squirrel, you, on the other hand, seem to be a bit unclear on what it does and how it related to the Comparable interface. [03:29]
squirrel you can keep telling me how i'm dumb and nitpicking my wording, but this doesn't get me anywhere and it doesn't get you anywhere [03:30]
Bombe squirrel, I sure hope that multiple people telling you ?that?s not a useful idea? would at least make you stop and wonder if maybe, just maybe those people might know what they are talking about, and which pieces to the puzzle you are missing. [03:33]
Bombe After that we could work on getting those pieces in order. [03:33]
Bombe But sure, you can also act like a 12-year old who was just told to clean up their room. [03:33]
Bombe Your choice. [03:33]
squirrel if you have anything constructive to say, feel free to not say it and keep insulting me instead [03:37]
Bombe Well, learning is optional, after all. \_(?)_/ [03:39]
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squirrel here's a working example [04:35]
squirrel squirrel's title: "Kotlin Playground: Edit, Run, Share Kotlin Code Online" [04:35]
squirrel and feel free to pretend that i didn't write that only because i had too much coffee [04:36]
shailangsa does anybody know if val recyclerView = findViewById<RecyclerView>( is the same as val recyclerView: RecyclerView = findViewById( ? [04:51]
cheeser shailangsa: exactly the same [04:51]
cheeser the first uses <RecyclerView> as the type hint where the second uses an explicit type so the hint isn't necessary. [04:52]
cheeser squirrel: what does all that get us exactly? [04:52]
squirrel cheeser: well, more simple code [04:53]
zutat should be using view binding anyway [04:57]
zutat D [04:57]
cheeser squirrel: simpler than ... ? [05:05]
squirrel cheeser: ...than implementing Comparable? [05:06]
cheeser <blink>uh...</blink> [05:07]
squirrel well if you have any simpler code in mind... [05:10]
cheeser comparable is pretty simple to implement. though it's generally advised to Comparators rather than implement Comparable. [05:17]
cheeser but if it gets you what you want, by all means go for it. it just feels like code golf to me, though. [05:17]
squirrel well i just wondered if kotlin has something like this. in my code i just decided i didn't need this at all. anyway, i don't suppose kotlin caches the the sortBy block return value (python does), so this would be extremely inefficient [05:22]
cheeser well, it's cached as a class file in the bytecode but each call to that function would instantiate a new instance. [05:25]
cheeser it's not like it's generating a new class on the fly each time. [05:26]
squirrel yeah [05:26]
squirrel i mean, the equivalent of sortBy() in python, if called on a list of 4 values, will call the lambda just 4 times. kotlin will call the block 10 times [05:31]
ricky_clarkson I imagine you can make/find a memoizing comparator. [05:57]
squirrel fact, [06:40]
squirrel squirrel's title: "Kotlin Playground: Edit, Run, Share Kotlin Code Online" [06:40]
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cheeser not sure what that delegation gets you there. [07:09]
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squirrel well, sorting? it works, doesn't it [07:15]
cheeser i dunno if it does or not but i assume it does [07:16]
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squirrel you can press the run button [07:18]
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