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Pajus Hi guys im new to this shit... learning about creating apps and i just wondering [09:02]
Pajus should i work on android studio or intellij ? [09:03]
Pajus I mean what will be more used in future [09:03]
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Pajus I also looking for mentor :D [09:04]
Pajus if someone is bored and would like to support my progress [09:05]
Pajus would be greatz ---> PM :* [09:05]
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cheeser if youre building an android app then obviously Android Studio would be a better choice. [09:48]
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Pajus thanks for advice cheeser [10:51]
Pajus its not so obviosly for me [11:00]
Pajus since you can also create a android app with Intellij in in a similar way [11:01]
cheeser you can, of course, because Android Studio is based on Intellij. but AS is specifically configured to make android dev easier and more natural. [11:05]
Diablo-D3 btw, Ive used both, AS and IntelliJ + Android plugin [11:10]
Diablo-D3 AS seems to be saner setup out of the box [11:10]
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Bombe squirrel, [12:14]
Bombe Bombe's title: "Kotlin Playground: Edit, Run, Share Kotlin Code Online" [12:14]
Bombe I?m not sure how your code is more simple than this. [12:14]
Bombe I may very well be missing some requirement in which I would love to hear about it. [12:15]
Bombe +case [12:15]
squirrel you'd think that as i mentioned sortBy from get go i wanted something different that this wouldn't you [12:22]
Bombe Well, different you already have but I was under the impressions you wanted something simpler. [12:23]
Bombe Not sure how your construct with several additional classes plus nested generics lives up to that expectation. [12:23]
squirrel > something like sortBy but an interface [12:23]
Bombe That?s not a what, that?s a how. [12:24]
squirrel is that supposed to mean something? [12:26]
squirrel actually let's just drop this topic [12:26]
Bombe No, let?s not. I would really like to know what it is that you actually want to achieve. [12:26]
Bombe ?Something like sortBy but an interface? is not what you want, it?s how you want it, and that doesn?t make any sense. [12:27]
Bombe So I?m trying to find out what your underlying desire is. [12:27]
squirrel does it make sesne to you that you can do sort() on strings and integers and you don't use sortBy with them? [12:31]
Bombe Of course it does because those objects have a natural sort order, because they implement Comparable. [12:33]
squirrel right.. [12:33]
squirrel now if you remember that i named one of the classes `NaturalOrder`... [12:34]
Bombe Nope, wrong way around, you once again consider your solution to be an adequate description of the problem. [12:34]
drincruz_ [drincruz_!] has joined #kotlin [12:34]
squirrel there's no way that by now you still don't understand it [12:37]
squirrel as your curiosity must have been satisfied, we can finally drop the topic [12:38]
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Bombe You want a Comparable interface but it should be called ?NaturalOrder,? be less flexible than Comparable, it should force you to couple the comparison to the class itself, and it should require nested generics if there?s more than one component involved in a comparison? [12:47]
Bombe That?s the only thing I can think of that matches your proposed solution. [12:47]
Bombe But I still don?t understand why you want something like that. [12:48]
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