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stoned [stoned!] has joined #netbeans [01:09]
stoned Hello is there a way to save session in netbeans and open the same files again [01:09]
Sheilong [Sheilong!uid293653@gateway/web/] has joined #netbeans [03:55]
Cenbe stoned: NetBeans should do that automatically. [04:51]
stoned Ok [04:53]
sfisque stoned be warned, if netbeans does not shutdown gracefully (e.g. core dump, OS kills processes, etc.) it may revert to a previously cached "state". i deal a lot with that on windows when i have to reboot due to patches [05:08]
stoned Oh ok [05:08]
stoned I have turned off all but 9 plugins [05:08]
stoned [05:09]
stoned Now netbeans is fairly fast and speedy, responsive, etc. [05:09]
stoned I don't need any of those plugins, ever. [05:09]
sfisque state caching wont affect plugins. it only affects which tabs/windows are re-opened on start [05:09]
stoned There should be a barebones version of netbeans we should be able to install requried plugins on to keep things light/minimla [05:09]
Cenbe If it's still not saving state, I'd check the permissions on your userdir. [05:09]
stoned I just wanted to mention separate from the cache/session issue about my netbeans plugin reduction [05:10]
stoned It is. I just didn't know it did that without a plugin. Thank you! [05:10]
stoned Excellent IDE. I have used it for over 10 years or so, always keep coming back to it. I tried vscode, meh. [05:10]
Cenbe NetBeans rulez OK [05:10]
stoned Indeed [05:11]
sfisque aye. the only close competitor is idea and i do prefer netbeans, but idea does have a "couple" features i wish nb had [05:11]
stoned Did you saw my plugin list in screenshot? [05:11]
stoned I got it very minimal. [05:11]
stoned Would like to find out how to speed up and optimize netbeans, make it quick, snappy, faster etc. [05:11]
stoned Also, is there any DARK theme for java/netbeans I can use? [05:11]
stoned I couldn't find any for it the 11 version. I have no more 8.2 [05:12]
Cenbe Oh, isn't Darcula available for 11? [05:12]
stoned I didn't see it for 11 [05:12]
stoned [05:12]
stoned only versions 8 on most of them [05:13]
Cenbe Says in the comments that it works with NB11/JDK12. [05:13]
stoned Oh. I didn't read those [05:13]
stoned Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_211-b12) [05:14]
stoned That's my java version [05:14]
stoned URxvt*font: -misc-fixed-medium-r-semicondensed-*-13-*-*-*-*-*-*-* [05:19]
stoned I use this font in my terminal. [05:19]
stoned -misc-fixed-medium-r-semicondensed-*-13-*-*-*-*-*-*-* <- is it possible to use this font in Netbeans? [05:19]
stoned somehow? [05:19]
Cenbe All your installed fonts should show in Tools/Options/Fonts&Colors. I see all the crazy ones I use for presentations. [05:33]
Cenbe I don't code with that, of course... :) [05:34]
Cenbe And you can type in a font size that doesn't appear in the list e.g. 11. [05:35]
stoned I've enabled bitmap font fixed specifically in ubuntu 18.04 and updated font cache, the font appears in kde/chrome tc. [06:19]
stoned but not in netbeans [06:19]
stoned It should show up in netbeans as Fixed [Misc] [06:20]
stoned I also installed package xfonts-terminus, which shows the Terminus font everywhere I can select, but not in netbeans [06:20]
stoned my netbeans default options [06:22]
Cenbe Don't know, that sounds like a question for the mailing list (user list): [07:40]
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