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forester [forester!~forester@] has joined #netbeans [01:02]
forester Hi. I have asked about difference between NB 8.2 and NB 12. sfisque did answer a little. So I have to ask a question clearer. Is UI the same? Not for navigating, but about something new. Because I suggest from previous versions there is no difference at all, except newer Java version. [01:07]
forester I am not native english. [01:07]
forester The reason for question is a small internet traffic. So I have to think what to download and what do not. [01:11]
forester And I just learn Java a little, so I do not need new features. Java 11 and NB 8.2 is on PC. [01:11]
forester And NB 8.2 use java 8. There are both on my PC. [01:14]
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