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Hanii [Hanii!~Hanii@2a00:23c5:c587:6d00:855d:7164:3ab5:4084] has joined #netbeans [01:52]
georgios certainly nothing in those. [02:31]
georgios that is why i am wondering [02:32]
georgios sfisque: loading time is notoriously slow and background operations take longer than one might like. i downloaded the source yesterday but i will be looking into it today [02:33]
georgios what are plugins written in? [02:33]
georgios js? [02:34]
lhochet [lhochet!~Thunderbi@2a01:e0a:e2:25f0:b433:873e:a9a2:3ad1] has joined #netbeans [04:07]
ge0rgios [ge0rgios!~george@unaffiliated/anaphaxeton] has joined #netbeans [05:26]
georgi0s [georgi0s!~george@unaffiliated/anaphaxeton] has joined #netbeans [05:29]
Cenbe js? seriously? [09:43]
sfisque georgios there is a little trick i use to fix that. if you open a large amount of projects or a project that is massive, the default memory allocator does not provide a good memory estimate. in that case, i recommend hardwiring Xms and Xmx in the NETBEANS_HOME/etc/netbeans.conf file. i run with 1536m and 768m and netbeans is pretty fluid. if you find those settings don't give you the speed you want, bump them up further [11:15]
sfisque i think plugins are written in PLI or ada [11:17]
sfisque JK [11:17]
sfisque we prefer them to be written in hand rolled java assembler [11:18]
sfisque or raw bytecode for the real programmers [11:19]
sfisque still kidding [11:19]
georgios you wish they where written in ada [11:48]
Cenbe Preferred way is to write them in Ada on a Commodore 64: [12:09]
Cenbe Write once, run nowhere. [12:09]
cpe_ [cpe_!~cpe@unaffiliated/cpe] has joined #netbeans [10:34]
sfisque nah, has to be done on a hand soldered s100 bus machine [11:04]
sfisque anything else is poser [11:04]