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Nick Message Date
dimi1947 [dimi1947!~dimi1947@2a02:1388:8f:5258:c548:9874:c589:44b3] has joined #netbeans [03:24]
knutz_ [knutz_!] has joined #netbeans [03:35]
georgios [georgios!~george@unaffiliated/anaphaxeton] has joined #netbeans [04:45]
d10f4nt05 [d10f4nt05!~hz@unaffiliated/hattkunskapz] has joined #netbeans [06:45]
d10f4nt05 hi, having some issues with running netbeans projects in netbeans. [06:45]
d10f4nt05 i've basically followed this guide: [06:46]
d10f4nt05 d10f4nt05's title: "NetBeans IDE Java Quick Start Tutorial" [06:46]
d10f4nt05 but i get a "no main classes found" [06:46]
d10f4nt05 i have tried to not "create main class", and then typed one in [06:47]
d10f4nt05 with the same result [06:47]
d10f4nt05 if i go to the src file, i can get it to run if i exclude "packange AppName" [06:47]
d10f4nt05 *package [06:47]
dimi1947 [dimi1947!~dimi1947@] has joined #netbeans [06:51]
dimi1947 [dimi1947!~dimi1947@2a02:1388:8d:41eb:9c93:7e91:113a:cf40] has joined #netbeans [08:38]
Cenbe EOL: [10:08]
Cenbe Cenbe's title: "Heads-up: EOL on March 6th" [10:08]
georgios [georgios!~george@unaffiliated/anaphaxeton] has joined #netbeans [10:45]
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